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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6978

Chapter 6978 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ueno M.; Jyonoshita Y.; Nagakura S.; Suzuki S.; Itoh H.; Wakayama Y.; Ohsawa S.; Tsushima Y.; Koyama N., 1991: Absorption of dextro alpha tocopherol solubilized in micellar solutions of various bile salts by rat small intestine

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977001

Karpukhin A.I.; Shuvaeva L.V.; Vadkerti K., 1989: Absorption of different complex iron compounds by spring wheat

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977003

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977004

Roennau K.; Guth D.; Engelhardt W.V., 1989: Absorption of dissociated and undissociated short chain fatty acids across the colonic epithelium of guinea pig

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977006

Ekman I.; Mansson W.; Nyberg L., 1989: Absorption of drugs from continent cecal reservoir for urine

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977008

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977009

Nielsen S.; Nexo E.; Christensen E.I., 1989: Absorption of epidermal growth factor and insulin in rabbit renal proximal tubules

Van Vleck L.D., 1990: Absorption of equations for non parents for an animal model with maternal effects and genetic groups

Peter A.T.; Bosu W.T.K.; Gilbert R.O., 1990: Absorption of escherichia coli endotoxin lipopolysaccharide from the uteri of postpartum dairy cows

Murthy S.V.K., 1988: Absorption of fertilizer phosphorus by italian lemon and seedless lime as influenced by citrus rootstocks

Dalecki D.; Carstensen E.L.; Parker K.J.; Bacon D.R., 1991: Absorption of finite amplitude focused ultrasound

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977015

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977016

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977017

Perchugov G.Ya; Pavlova O.I., 1990: Absorption of formaldehyde and phenol from air by water suspension of activated sludge

Shivankar V.J.; Kavadia V.S., 1990: Absorption of heptachlor in potato sweet potato and onion from pre harvest side dressing and its dissipation by post harvest processings

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977022

Nakada, Y.; Ikuta, Y.; Awata, N., 1989: Absorption of human calcitonin through the rat's gingiva

Golander C G.; Hlady V.; Caldwell K.; Andrade J.D., 1990: Absorption of human lysozyme and adsorbate enzyme activity as quantified by means of total internal reflection fluorescence iodine 125 labelling and esca

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977026

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977027

Mahe S.; Tome D.; Dumontier A.M.; Desjeux J.F., 1989: Absorption of intact morphiceptin by dfp treated rabbit ileum

Ital Collab Preterm Delivery, 1991: Absorption of intramuscular vitamin e in premature babies

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977031

Simpson R.J.; Raja K.B.; Peruzzi M.; Cremonesi P., 1991: Absorption of iron from iron succinyl protein complexes by mouse small intestine

Morrison L.M.M.; Davis J.; Sumner D., 1989: Absorption of irrigating fluid during laser photocoagulation of the endometrium in the treatment of menorrhagia

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977034

Gaillard, C.; Lemoine, R.; Delrot, S., 1990: Absorption of l valine by plasma membrane vesicles purified from sugar beet beta vulgaris l. leaves

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977037

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977038

Foot J.S.; Kilsby C.G., 1989: Absorption of light by aerosol particles an intercomparison of techniques and spectral observations

Kelsey S.M.; Hider R.C.; Bloor J.R.; Blake D.R.; Gutteridge C.N.; Newland A.C., 1991: Absorption of low and therapeutic doses of ferric maltol a novel ferric iron compound in iron deficient subjects using a single dose iron absorption test

Solomon R.; Yosef E.; Miron J.; Dror Y.; Ben Ghedalia D., 1991: Absorption of macro and micro elements by sheep from barley and barley plus sulphur dioxide treated straw rations

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977042

Urano T.; Iwasaki A.; Himeno S I.; Naganuma A.; Imura N., 1990: Absorption of methylmercury compounds from rat intestine

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977044

Kimzey L.M.; Grimes G.J.Jr; Gumowski J.; Nelson L.M.; Merriam G.R., 1991: Absorption of micronized progesterone from a nonliquefying vaginal cream

Emets B.G.; Noks P.P.; Margishvili G.Sh; Belyakov E.B.; Kononenko A.A., 1991: Absorption of millimeter emission by bacterial photosynthetic reaction centers

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977048

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977049

Hayes A.W., 1988: Absorption of nicotine from a cigarette that does not burn tobacco

Clarkson D.T.; Jones L.H.P.; Purves J.V., 1992: Absorption of nitrate and ammonium ions by lolium perenne from flowing solution cultures at low root temperatures

Barrett J.F.R.; Whittaker P.G.; Williams J.G.; Lind T., 1992: Absorption of non haem iron in normal women measured by the incorporation of two stable isotopes into erythrocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977053

Hara H.; Ando Y I.; Kiriyama S., 1992: Absorption of oligo l sulfur 35 methionine after feeding of a low casein or a low soybean protein isolate diet in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977055

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977056

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977057

Hargrove J.T.; Maxson W.S.; Wentz A.C., 1989: Absorption of oral progesterone is influenced by vehicle and particle size

Regoeczi E.; Zaimi O.; Chindemi P.A.; Charlwood P.A., 1989: Absorption of plasma proteins from peritoneal cavity of normal rats

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977061

Gronda D.; Cacciabue L.; Mezzogori C.; Rossin M.; Ronchi E., 1991: Absorption of regular insulin mixed with different slow release formulations

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977063

Haenel G.; Weidert D.; Busen R., 1990: Absorption of solar radiation in an urban atmosphere

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977067

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977068

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977069

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977071

Marquez-Ruiz, G.; Perez-Camino, M. C.; Ruiz-Gutierrez, V.; Dobarganes, M. C., 1991: Absorption of thermoxidized fats i. reproducibility and accuracy of the previous analytical techniques used for the evaluation of non absorbed lipids

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977074

Chevychelov A.P., 1990: Absorption of trace elements by lichens in southern yakutia russian sfsr ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977076

Lehtinen R.; Kuusilehto A., 1990: Absorption of uva light by latex and vinyl gloves

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977078

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977079

Bardos L.; Galne F.M.; Szente L., 1989: Absorption of vitamin a from beta cyclodextrin inclusion complex

Durst L.; Kirchgessner M.; Roth Maier D.A., 1989: Absorption of vitamin b 6 in the hind gut of pigs 2nd communication to the investigations on the vitamin b 6 metabolism in the hind gut of pigs

Leiper J.B.; Maughan R.J. , 1989: Absorption of water and solute from glucose electrolyte solutions in the human jejunum effect of citrate or betaine

Nordgaard I.; Rumessen J.J.; Nielsen S.A.D.; Gudmand Hoyer E., 1992: Absorption of wheat starch in patients resected for left sided colonic cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977084

Bushelev S.N., 1988: Absorption on receptors molecular statistical model of the dose effect relationship

Garrigues, T. M.; Collado, E. F.; Fabra-Campos, S.; Perez-Buendia, M. D.; Martin-Villodre, A.; Pla-Delfina, J. M., 1989: Absorption partition relationships for true homologous series of xenobiotics as a possible approach to study mechanisms of surfactants in absorption iii. aromatic amines and cationic surfactants

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977087

Matsunaga T.; Tanabe H.; Mochizuki T.; Okabe K.; Arizono H.; Taneda M.; Sato H.; Ishii S.; Sato J.; Et Al, 1992: Absorption plasma concentration and excretion after single administration of carbon 14 racemic 3 benzylmethylamino 2 2 dimethylpropylmethyl 4 2 fluoro 5 nitrophenyl 1 4 dihydro 2 6 dimethyl 3 5 pyridinedicarboxylate hydrochloride in rats and dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977089

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977090

Pontalti R.; Cristoforetti L.; Valdagni R.; Antolini R., 1990: Absorption rate density ard computation in microwave hyperthermia by the finite difference time domain method

Haucke G.; Czerney P.; Igney C.; Hartmann H., 1989: Absorption spectra and fluorescence behavior of benzopyrylium compounds

Alebic Juretic A.; Guesten H.; Zetzsch C., 1991: Absorption spectra of hexachlorobenzene adsorbed on silicon dioxide powders

Merbs S.L.; Nathans J., 1992: Absorption spectra of human cone pigments

Zijlstra W.G.; Buursma A.; Meeuwsen Van Der Roest W.P., 1991: Absorption spectra of human fetal and adult oxyhemoglobin deoxyhemoglobin carboxyhemoglobin and methemoglobin

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977096

Anderson R.F.; Patel K.B.; Stratford M.R.L., 1990: Absorption spectra of the hydroxycyclohexadienyl radicals of substrates for phenol hydroxylase

Megumi T.; Nishikawa R.; Fujita S.; Saito M.; Ito T., 1991: Absorption spectra of viral components of sendai virus in the wavelength region from 130 to 320 nm

Andersson P.O.; Gillbro T.; Ferguson L.; Cogdell R.J., 1991: Absorption spectral shifts of carotenoids related to medium polarizability

Krainev A.G.; Shimizu T.; Ishigooka M.; Hiroya K.; Hatano M.; Fujii Kuriyama Y., 1991: Absorption spectral study of cytochrome p450d phenyl isocyanide complexes effects of mutations at the putative distal site on the conformational stability

Kaisheva E.; Ivanova V.; Shopova M., 1990: Absorption spectroscopy study of metal free tetrasulfophythalocyanine monomer dimer equilibrium

Gualtieri P.; Barsanti L.; Passarelli V., 1989: Absorption spectrum of a single isolated paraflagellar swelling of euglena gracilis

Lakshman M.R.; Asher K.A.; Attlesey M.G.; Satchithanandam S.; Mychkovsky I.; Coutlakis P.J., 1989: Absorption storage and distribution of beta carotene in normal and beta carotene fed rats roles of parenchymal and stellate cells

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977104

Hylander E.; Rannem T.; Hegnhoj J.; Kirkegaard P.; Thale M.; Jarnum S., 1991: Absorption studies after ileal j pouch anastomosis for ulcerative colitis a prospective study

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977106

Bires, J. K.; Vrzgula, L.; Benuska, N. M.; Kral, L., 1991: Absorption study of zinc injectable zindep inj. a. u. v. biotika

Miska W.; Schill W B., 1991: Absorption study with porcine pancreatic kallikrein in man

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977109

Nieuw Amerongen A.V.; Oderkerk C.H.; Veerman E.C.I., 1991: Absorption to hydroxyapatite of partially deglycosylated human salivary mucins in competition with phosvitin and phytate

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977111

Vencill W.K.; Hatzios K.K.; Wilson H.P., 1990: Absorption translocation and metabolism of carbon 14 labeled clomazone in soybean glycine max and three amaranthus weed species

Kumagai H.; Kiyohara C.; Komiyama S.; Guo Y.; Hirose S.; Ichikawa Y.; Endo J.; Ikari H., 1991: Absorption translocation and metabolism of polycarbamate a dithiocarbamate fungicide in kidney bean seedlings

Gaillardon, P.; Guichaoua, J. C.; Gasquez, J.; Scalla, R., 1989: Absorption translocation and metabolism of pyridate in a tolerant crop zea mays and two susceptible weeds polygonum lapathifolium l. and chenopodium album l

Hashimoto Y.; Sugimoto S.; Soeda Y.; Sano S.; Nakata A.; Hashimoto S., 1990: Absorption translocation and metabolism of the fungicide triflumizole in cucumber plants

Singh M.; Mersie W., 1989: Absorption translocation and metabolism of thuringiensin in potato

Soni P.S.; Thind B.S., 1989: Absorption translocation and persistence of streptocycline and agrimycin 100 in maize plants

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977125

Misselwitz J., 1991: Absorptive and renal hypercalciuria causes of nephrocalcinosis in childhood

Hara H.; Kiriyama S., 1991: Absorptive behavior of oligo l methionine and dietary proteins in a casein or soybean protein diet porto venous differences in amino acid concentrations in unrestrained rats

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977128

Terasaki T.; Hirai K I.; Sato H.; Kang Y.S.; Tsuji A., 1989: Absorptive mediated endocytosis of a dynorphin like analgesic peptide e 2078 into the blood brain barrier

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977130

Morales V., 1988: Absorptive metabolic and bacterial nutritional alterations after ileoanal anastomosis with endorectal reservoir

Ginzburg V.S.; Dadamukhamedov A.A., 1990: Absorptive status of nutrients in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

Knupfer G., 1991: Abstaining for fetal health the fiction that even light drinking is dangerous

Mcneill A.D.; Owen L.A.; Belcher M.; Sutherland G.; Fleming S., 1990: Abstinence from smoking and expired air carbon monoxide levels lactose intolerance as a possible source of error

Hernandez J.T.; Smith F.J., 1990: Abstinence protection and decision making experimental trials on prototypic aids programs

Amodeo M.; Kurtz N.; Cutter H.S.G., 1992: Abstinence reasons for not drinking and life satisfaction

Purcell A.T., 1992: Abstract and specific physical attributes and the experience of landscape

Bigsby P., 1990: Abstract letter identities and developmental dyslexia

Hartmann Schroeder G.; Hartmann G., 1991: Abstract part 16 the polychaetes of the subtropical tropical east coast australia between maclean new south wales gladstone queensland as well as from heron island great barrier reef

Koedinger K.R.; Anderson J.R., 1990: Abstract planning and perceptual chunks elements of expertise in geometry

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977141

Sun J.J.; Fritz J.S., 1991: Abstraction of basic compounds by sulfonated polymeric resins in capillary gas chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977143

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977144

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977145

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977146

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977147

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977148

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977149

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977150

Lagerlof J.; Andren O., 1991: Abundance and activity of collembola protura and diplura insecta apterygota in four cropping systems

Habte M.; El Swaify S.A., 1991: Abundance and activity of indigenous rhizobial populations in an oxisol subjected to simulated erosion

Hendrickson O.Q., 1991: Abundance and activity of nitrogen fixing bacteria in decaying wood

Andren O., 1988: Abundance and activity of soil mites acari under four cropping systems

Romanowski, J., 1988: Abundance and activity of the domestic cat felis silvestris f catus l. in the suburban zone

Clarke C.; Roff J.C., 1990: Abundance and biomass of herbivorous zooplankton off kingston jamaica with estimates of their annual production

Coyle K.O.; Paul A.J., 1990: Abundance and biomass of meroplankton during the spring bloom in an alaskan usa bay

Brunner J.F., 1988: Abundance and composition of predators on young apple malus domestica borkhausen within sagebrush and riparian species pools in north central washington usa

Papinska K., 1990: Abundance and composition of rotifers in vistula river

Holopainen, J. K.; Rikala, R., 1990: Abundance and control of lygus rugulipennis heteroptera miridae on scots pine pinus sylvestris l. nursery stock

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977162

Poulsen A.D.; Balslev H., 1991: Abundance and cover of ground herbs in an amazonian rain forest

Kopeszki V., 1991: Abundance and decomposition rate of the mesofauna collembola as criteria of the soil diagnosis in vienna beech woods

Wagener S.; Schulz S.; Hanselmann K., 1990: Abundance and distribution of anaerobic protozoa and their contribution to methane production in lake cadagno switzerland

Foerster L.A., 1988: Abundance and distribution of calosoma granulatum perty 1830 coleoptera carabidae in soybean cultivars sown at different dates

Taylor R.D., 1987: Abundance and distribution of elephants in matusadona national park zimbabwe

Mel'nikov Yu I., 1988: Abundance and distribution of gulls in the selenga river delta southern baikal ussr

Andriguetto J.M.Jr; Haimovici M., 1991: Abundance and distribution of loligo sanpaulensis brakoniecki 1984 cephalopoda loliginidae in southern brazil

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977172

Richard P.R., 1991: Abundance and distribution of narwhals monodon monoceros in northern hudson bay canada

Beamesderfer R.C.; Rieman B.E., 1991: Abundance and distribution of northern squawfish walleyes and smallmouth bass in john day reservoir columbia river usa

Dall P.C., 1988: Abundance and distribution of oligochaeta in the exposed littoral zone of lake esrom denmark

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977176

Twery M.J.; Mason G.N.; Wargo P.M.; Gottschalk K.W., 1990: Abundance and distribution of rhizomorphs of armillaria spp in defoliated mixed oak stands in western maryland usa

Shuntov V.N., 1988: Abundance and distribution of sea birds in the eastern part of the ussr far east economic zone in autumn

Shuntov, V. P., 1988: Abundance and distribution of sea birds in the eastern part of the ussr far east economic zone in autumn 1. sea birds in the west of the bering sea

Buck K.R.; Garrison D.L.; Hopkins T.L., 1992: Abundance and distribution of tintinnid ciliates in an ice edge zone during the austral autumn

Buxton C.D.; Smale M.J., 1989: Abundance and distribution patterns of three temperate marine reef fish teleostei sparidae in exploited and unexploited areas off the southern cape coast

Bayly I.A.E., 1990: Abundance and drift of the larval micro caddis oxyethira albiceps mclachlan in the waikato river near lake taupo new zealand

Gavito M.E.; Varela L., 1990: Abundance and effectiveness of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in a corn field in the state of morrelos mexico

Gowing M.M., 1989: Abundance and feeding ecology of antarctic phaeodarian radiolarians

Gowing M.M.; Garrison D.L., 1992: Abundance and feeding ecology of larger protozooplankton in the ice edge zone of the weddell and scotia seas during the austral winter

Matsakis S.; Conover R.J., 1991: Abundance and feeding of medusae and their potential impact as predators on other zooplankton in bedford basin nova scotia canada during spring

Pratt J.R.; Chappell J.D., 1989: Abundance and feeding of microheterotrophic flagellates from a eutrophic lake

Telleria J.L.; Santos T.; Alcantara M., 1991: Abundance and food searching intensity of wood mice apodemus sylvaticus in fragmented forests

Beamish R.J.; Levings C.D., 1991: Abundance and freshwater migrations of the anadromous parasitic lamprey lampetra tridentata in a tributary of the fraser river british columbia canada

Naganuma T.; Seki H.; Hotta H., 1991: Abundance and growth characteristics of the bacterioplankton inside and outside the hydrothermal vent plumes in the north fiji basin

Collazo J.A.; Boulon R.Jr; Tallevast T.L., 1992: Abundance and growth patterns of chelonia mydas in culebra puerto rico

Naganuma T.; Otsuki A.; Seki H., 1989: Abundance and growth rate of bacterioplankton community in hydrothermal vent plumes of the north fiji basin south pacific ocean

Tzilkowski W.M., 1988: Abundance and habitat use by towhees and catbirds in a ruffed grouse habitat management study area

Wiles G.J.; Rodda G.H.; Fritts T.H.; Taisacan E.M., 1990: Abundance and habitat use of reptiles on rota mariana islands north pacific ocean

Brown M.W., 1990: Abundance and identification of the leafmining guild on apple in the mid atlantic states usa

Ehrhardt N.M.; Die D.J.; Restrepo V.R., 1990: Abundance and impact of fishing on a stone crab menippe mercenaria population in everglades national park florida usa

Selochnik N.N.; Kondrashova N.K., 1991: Abundance and pathogenicity of armillaria mellea in oak groves of the tellerman forest

Hesthagen, T.; Berger, H. M.; Larsen, B. M.; Nost, T.; Sevaldrud, I. H., 1992: Abundance and population structure of perch perca fluviatilis l. in some acidic norwegian lakes

Fuji A.; Watanabe H.; Ogura K.; Noda T.; Goshima S., 1991: Abundance and productivity of microphytobenthos on a rocky shore in southern hokkaido

Korsos Z., 1991: Abundance and seasonal activity of millipedes in a dolomitic grassland community diplopoda

Salman, S. D.; Ali, M. H.; Al-Adhub, A. H. Y., 1990: Abundance and seasonal migrations of the penaeid shrimp metapenaeus affinis h. milne edwards within iraqi waters

Pompa L.; Prieto A.S.; Manrique R., 1989: Abundance and spatial distribution pattern in a population of the urchin echinometra lucunter l in gulf of cariaco venezuela

Costello M.J., 1992: Abundance and spatial overlap of gobies gobiidae in lough hyne ireland

Barria De Cao M.S., 1992: Abundance and species composition of tintinnina ciliophora in bahia blanca estuary argentina

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977208

Gope R.; Gope M.L., 1992: Abundance and state of phosphorylation of the retinoblastoma susceptibility gene product in human colon cancer

Hutchinson G.W., 1988: Abundance and survival of infective larvae of the cattle nematodes cooperia punctata haemonchus placei and oesophagostomum radiatum from fecal pats in a wet tropical climate

Pihl L., 1989: Abundance biomass and production of juvenile flatfish in southeastern kattegat sweden

Basedow T.; Braun C.; Luehr A.; Naumann J.; Norgall T.; Yanes G.Y., 1991: Abundance biomass and species number of epigeal predatory arthropods in fields of winter wheat and beets at different levels of intensity differences and their reasons results of a study at three intensity levels in hesse germany 1985 1988

Putt M., 1990: Abundance chlorophyll content and photosynthetic rates of ciliates in the nordic seas during summer

Vargas R.I.; Stark J.D.; Nishida T., 1989: Abundance distribution and dispersion indices of the oriental fruit fly and melon fly diptera tephritidae on kauai hawaiian islands usa

Zavala Garcia F., 1988: Abundance distribution areas and spawning season of lupinoblennius nicholsi pisces blenniidae in lagoon terminos campeche mexico

Cunha M.M., 1988: Abundance diversity and community structure of the fish population in the ria de aveiro portugal

Allen L.G.; Bouvier L.S.; Jensen R.E., 1992: Abundance diversity and seasonality of cryptic fishes and their contribution to a temperate reef fish assemblage off santa catalina island california

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977223

Pol J.; Munoz L.; Moreno S.; Rodriguez A., 1990: Abundance evolution of the pelagic big fishes in the north west of cuba

Tyus H.M.; Nikirk N.J., 1990: Abundance growth and diet of channel catfish ictalurus punctatus in the green and yampa rivers colorado and utah usa

Bjornn T.C., 1988: Abundance growth and interactions of juvenile steelhead relative to time of emergence

Ardisson, P. L.; Bourget, E., 1991: Abundance growth and production estimation of the blue mussel mytilus edulis on moored navigation buoys in the estuary and northwestern gulf of st. lawrence

Rainer S.F.; Wadley V.A., 1991: Abundance growth and production of the bivalve solemya sp a food source for juvenile rock lobsters in a seagrass community in western australia

Hefti D.; Tomka I., 1990: Abundance growth and production of three mayfly species ephemeroptera insecta from the swiss prealps

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977231

Tschaplinski P.J.; Hyatt K.D., 1990: Abundance migration timing and biological characteristics of sockeye salmon oncorhynchus nerka returning to henderson lake vancouver island british columbia canada during 1988

Park M O.; Moon C H., 1992: Abundance of a unicellular chroococcoid picoplankton in the nakdong river estuary korea

Vergara P.A.; Buschmann A.H.; Kuschel F.A., 1990: Abundance of amphipods in the exposed shore of pucatrihue chile

Stoecker D.K.; Taniguchi A.; Michaels A.E., 1989: Abundance of autotrophic mixotrophic and heterotrophic planktonic ciliates in shelf and slope waters

Mullin K.D.; Lohoefener R.R.; Hoggard W.; Roden C.L.; Rogers C.M., 1990: Abundance of bottlenose dolphins tursiops truncatus in the coastal gulf of mexico

Sandlant G.R.; Moller H., 1989: Abundance of common and german wasps hymenoptera vespidae in the honeydew beech forests of new zealand in 1987

Velazquez Gonzalez N., 1988: Abundance of diabrotica balteata coleoptera chrysomelidae on soybean experimental fields in summer at holguin province cuba

Togashi K.; Hirata Y.; Ando K.; Matsunaga T.; Kawakami M.; Marumo F., 1990: Abundance of endothelin 3 in human cerebrospinal fluid

Matsumoto H.; Suzuki N.; Onda H.; Fujino M., 1989: Abundance of endothelin 3 in rat intestine pituitary gland and brain

Abou Seedo F.S., 1992: Abundance of fish caught by stake traps hadra in the intertidal zone in doha kuwait bay

Chapman A.R.O., 1989: Abundance of fucus spiralis and ephemeral seaweeds in a high eulittoral zone effects of grazers canopy and substratum type

Mccormick C.C.; Salati L.M.; Goodridge A.G., 1991: Abundance of hepatic metallothionein messenger rna is increased by protein synthesis inhibitors evidence for transcriptional activation and post transcriptional regulation

Krishna K.M.; Upadhyay O.P., 1990: Abundance of jurassic bivalves during marine transgressive regressive cyclic events

Dodson, J. J.; Dauvin, J. C.; Ingram, R. G.; D'anglejan, B., 1989: Abundance of larval rainbow smelt osmerus mordax in relation to the maximum turbidity zone and associated macroplanktonic fauna of the middle st. lawrence estuary canada

Geinrikh A.K., 1990: Abundance of mass species of oceanic copepods in the bering sea

Morris S.M.Jr; Kepka D.M.; Sweeney W.E.Jr; Avner E.D., 1989: Abundance of messenger rna species encoding urea cycle enzymes in fetal and neonatal mouse liver

Seshadri V., 1988: Abundance of natural enemies of cotton insects under intercropping system

Nakata K., 1990: Abundance of nauplii and protein synthesis activity of adult female copepods in the kuroshio front during the japanese sardine spawning season

Longhurst A.R.; Wooster W.S., 1990: Abundance of oil sardine sardinella longiceps and upwelling on the southwest coast of india

Fitt G.P.; Daly J.C., 1990: Abundance of overwintering pupae and the spring generation of helicoverpa spp lepidoptera noctuidae in northern new south wales australia implications for pest management

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977252

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977253

Garcia F.Z., 1988: Abundance of some species of anchovies from terminos lagoon mexico estimated by means of eggs caught

Kelso J.R.M.; Noltie D.B., 1990: Abundance of spawning pacific salmon in two lake superior streams usa canada 1981 1987

Orford M.; Mazurkiewicz D.; Milligan G.; Saggerson D., 1991: Abundance of the alpha subunits of g i1 g i2 and g o in synaptosomal membranes from several regions of the rat brain is increased in hypothyroidism

Ferrari S.; Tagliafico E.; Manfredini R.; Grande A.; Rossi E.; Zucchini P.; Torelli G.; Torelli U., 1992: Abundance of the primary transcript and its processed product of growth related genes in normal and leukemic cells during proliferation and differentiation

Raghukumar S.; Raghukumar C.; Rajendran A., 1990: Abundance of thraustochytrid fungi in the arabian sea

Ben Shahar R., 1991: Abundance of trees and grasses in a woodland savanna in relation to environmental factors

Hara S.; Terauchi K.; Koike I., 1991: Abundance of viruses in marine waters assessment by epifluorescence and transmission electron microscopy

Flatz U., 1988: Abundance seasonal dynamics and diversity of ground spiders in montane meadows near innsbruck north tyrol austria

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Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977525

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977526

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977527

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977528

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Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977531

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977532

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Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977566

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977567

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Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977569

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977570

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977571

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977572

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Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977574

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977575

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977576

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Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977583

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977584

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Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977591

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Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977615

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Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977620

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Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977627

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977628

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Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977630

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Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977634

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977635

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Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977644

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977645

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Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977674

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Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977677

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977678

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Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977680

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Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977682

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Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977689

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977690

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977691

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977692

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977693

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Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977698

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Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977712

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Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977720

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Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977724

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Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977735

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Fathalla M.F., 1988: Acceptability of injectable contraceptives in assiut egypt

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977752

Shackelford S.D.; Reagan J.O.; Haydon K.D.; Lyon C.E.; Miller M.F., 1991: Acceptability of low fat frankfurters as influenced by the feeding of elevated levels of monosaturated fats to growing finishing swine

Singh K.; Viegas O.A.C.; Ratnam S.S., 1992: Acceptability of norplant 2 rods as a method of family planning

Singh K.; Viegas O.A.C.; Fong Y.F.; Ratnam S.S., 1992: Acceptability of norplant implants for fertility regulation in singapore

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977757

Babu K.E.; Goyal G.K., 1989: Acceptability of packaging systems for processed cheese a sensory analysis

Kelley M.L.; Grace N.; Elliott S.N., 1990: Acceptability of positive and punitive discipline methods comparisons among abusive potentially abusive and nonabusive parents

Norumu W.W.; Baqar M.R.; Board P., 1991: Acceptability of soymilk to young papua new guineans

Archambault F.; Durand G.; Faivre J.; Voilquin J.P.; Archambault P.; Riou F.; Ageorges P.; Archambault M.L.; Delville J.M.; Et Al, 1989: Acceptability of the hemoccult test in general medical practice pilot study results

Jivasak Apimas S., 1991: Acceptability of the vaginal sheath femshield in thai couples

Patnaik S.K., 1989: Acceptability of the village health guides scheme by the community

Upreti P., 1991: Acceptability of using rice salt oral rehydration solution rsors in rural community of nepal

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977766

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977767

Bourland G.; Lundervold D.A., 1989: Acceptability ratings for interventions on problematic behavior of older adults

Boerner D.; Metz K.; Eberhardt R., 1989: Acceptability safety and efficacy of picumast dihydrochloride on long term use in patients with perennial bronchial asthma

Fandino G.; Skelley G.C.; Handlin D.L., 1989: Acceptability shrinkage and microbial growth of vacuum packaged pork comparing intact packages leaking packages and roasts sprayed with sodium hypochlorite

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977772

Nottrodt J.W.; Manley P., 1989: Acceptable loads and locomotor patterns selected in different carriage methods

Seigel D.G.; Podgar M.J.; Remaley N.A., 1992: Acceptable values of kappa for comparison of two groups

Gallagher S., 1991: Acceptable weights and physiological cost of performing combined manual handling tasks in restricted postures

Gallagher S.; Hamrick C.A., 1992: Acceptable workloads for three common mining materials

Dijkerman H.J., 1991: Acceptance and suitability of yponomeuta spp as hosts for trieces tricarinatus and triclistus yponomeutae

Lovshin L.L.; Rushing J.H., 1989: Acceptance by largemouth bass fingerlings of pelleted feeds with a gustatory additive

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977781

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977782

De Silva N.; Samarasinghe D., 1990: Acceptance of a psychiatric screening questionnaire by general practice attenders

Brandenburg H.; Jahoda M.G.J.; Los F.J.; Wladimiroff J.W., 1991: Acceptance of chorionic villus sampling in the southwest region of the netherlands a 5 year evaluation

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977785

Rauscher H.; Popp W.; Wanke T.; Zwick H., 1991: Acceptance of cpap therapy for sleep apnea

Hoecker M., 1989: Acceptance of dental care for elderly and old people

Melamed S.; Groswasser Z.; Stern M.J., 1992: Acceptance of disability work involvement and subjective rehabilitation status of traumatic brain injured tbi patients

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977789

Bhaumik U.; Chatterjee J.G.; Mondal S.K., 1989: Acceptance of exotic carps in aquaculture by fish farmers of west bengal

He Y G.; Ross J.; Callanan D.; Niederkorn J.Y., 1991: Acceptance of h y disparate corneal grafts despite concomitant immunization of the recipient

Decombaz J.; Gmunder B.; Daget N.; Munoz Box R.; Howald H., 1992: Acceptance of isotonic and hypotonic rehydrating beverages by athletes during training

Grant L.; Evans A.N., 1992: Acceptance of labels for behavioral response reduction procedures and the users of those procedures

Weseloh G.; Muehlbayer P.; Hofmann G., 1990: Acceptance of long term physiotherapeutic exercise programs for the prevention of arthrotic processes in the hip and knee joints

Molyneaux C.V.; Larsen J.D., 1992: Acceptance of misleading information by children and adults

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977798

Richter E J. , 1989: Acceptance of ptfe in subcutaneous connective tissue

Gitzinger I., 1990: Acceptance of test presentation on a personal computer by clinical subjects

Ivanov O.Ch, 1989: Acceptance of the mutations in related proteins in evolution

De Wals P.; Vienne A.; Lemaire G.; Tamigniau P.; Demolin A.; Hecquet P.; Le Polain M.; Deridder J.; Tamigniau L.; Et Al, 1989: Acceptance of vaccination against influenza

Kirsten K.; Topp W., 1991: Acceptance of willow species for the development of the winter moth operophtera brumata lepidoptera geometridae

Mellenberg D.E.; Dahl R.A.; Blackwell C.R., 1990: Acceptance testing of an automated scanning water phantom

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977805

Maclachlan G.; Levy B.; Farkas V., 1992: Acceptor requirements for gdp fucose xyloglucan 1 2 alpha l fucosyltransferase activity solubilized from pea epicotyl membranes

Mollicone R.; Gibaud A.; Francois A.; Ratcliff M.; Oriol R., 1990: Acceptor specificity and tissue distribution of three human alpha 3 fucosyltransferases

Horowitz P.M., 1988: Acceptor substrate potentiated inactivation of bovine liver rhodanese

Barsalou L.W., 1990: Access and inference in categorization

Lewis M.A.; Houston I.B.; Postlethwaite R.J., 1990: Access for peritoneal dialysis in neonates and infants

Witkin J.W., 1990: Access of lhrh neurons to the vasculature in the rat

Connolly T.; Collins P.; Gilmore R., 1989: Access of proteinase k to partially translocated nascent polypeptides in intact and detergent solubilized membranes

Molgaard C.P.; Yucel E.K.; Geller S.C.; Knox T.A.; Waltman A.C., 1992: Access site thrombosis after placement of inferior vena cava filters with 12 14 f delivery sheaths

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977814

Sarkar G.; Sommer S.S., 1989: Access to a messenger rna sequence or its protein product is not limited by tissue or species specificity

Kirkman Liff B.; Kronenfeld J.J., 1992: Access to cancer screening services for women

St Peter R.F.; Newacheck P.W.; Halfon N., 1992: Access to care for poor children separate and unequal?

Hemmingsen R., 1988: Access to case records from a psychiatric ward experience from the first year of free access

Walkup R.D.; Guan L.; Kim S.W.; Kim Y.S., 1992: Access to cis 2 5 disubstituted iodovinyltetrahydrofurans via the cyclization of gamma silyloxyallenes using n iodosuccinimide

Rinaman L.; Levitt P., 1991: Access to gastric tissue promotes the survival of axotomized neurons in the dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus in neonatal rats

Stewart M.J., 1990: Access to health care for economically disadvantaged canadians a model

Fosu G.B., 1989: Access to health care in urban areas of developing societies

Kelly Novick K., 1990: Access to infancy different ways of remembering

Salvatierra O.Jr, 1988: Access to kidney transplantation has the usa eliminated income and racial differences

Cornelius L.J., 1991: Access to medical care for black americans with an episode of illness

Blendon R.J.; Aiken L.H.; Freeman H.E.; Corey C.R., 1989: Access to medical care for black and white americans a matter of continuing concern

Akin B.V.; Rucker L.; Hubbell F.A.; Cygan R.W.; Waitzkin H., 1989: Access to medical care in a medically indigent population

Nesbitt T.S.; Connell F.A.; Hart L.G.; Rosenblatt R.A., 1990: Access to obstetric care in rural areas effect on birth outcomes

Hohlen, M. M.; Manheim, L. M.; Fleming, G. V.; Davidson, S. M.; Yudkowsky, B. K.; Werner, S. M.; Wheatley, G. M., 1990: Access to office based physicians under capitation reimbursement and medicaid case management findings from the children's medicaid program

Duclos O.; Dureault A.; Depezay J.C., 1992: Access to polyhydroxylated cycloheptane derivatives through stereoselective nitrile oxide intramolecular cycloaddition synthesis of an analogue of calystegine b 2

Svendsen A M.B.; Toftegaard L., 1989: Access to psychiatric and child psychiatric case records in the copenhagen county hospital nordvang denmark in 1987

Leroy B.; Schou C., 1989: Access to the case records in departments for child and adolescent psychiatry

Franck-Neumann, M.; Miesch, M.; Lacroix, E.; Metz, B.; Kern, J. M., 1992: Access to the linear triquinane skeleton via bicyclo 2.1.0 pentane derivatives total synthesis of a triquinane racemic hirsutene

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977835

Soulie J.; Ta C.; Lallemand J Y., 1992: Access to unsaturated chiral epoxides i bisallylic chiral epoxides application to the synthesis of lepidopteran pheromones

Van Der Helm P.A.; Leeuwenberg E.L.J., 1991: Accessibility a criterion for regularity and hierarchy in visual pattern codes

De Rave S.; Van Deuresen Ketelaars M J.; Loosveld O.J.L.; Goldschmidt H.M.J., 1992: Accessibility and function of human thyroid epithelial cells in monolayer culture

Pansera F., 1990: Accessibility and possibility of elimination of breast epithelium the theoretical possibility of preventing breast carcinoma through destruction of the epithelium of origin

Hacques M F.; Muller S.; De Murcia G.; Van Regenmortel M.H.V.; Marion C., 1990: Accessibility and structural role of histone domains in chromatin biophysical and immunochemical studies of progressive digestion with immobilized proteases

De Jong P.C.M.; Prevoo M.L.L.; Zielhuis G.A.; Roeleveld N.; Gabreels F., 1991: Accessibility and validity of data on medical drug use during pregnancy collected from various sources

Nauchitel' V.V.; Bairamov Sh K., 1991: Accessibility for water molecules and relative stability of a dna and b dna molecules

Venkov C., 1988: Accessibility of an epitope common to all histone h3 variants in folded and unfolded chromatin as studied by a monoclonal antibody

Matsuyama Y.; Uetake M.; Kakiuchi M.; Uetake T.; Yanagisawa S.; Kondo S., 1990: Accessibility of b mode ultrasonic measurement of subcutaneous fat thickness to the 22 sites needed for clothing design

Bettelheim F.A.; Bove A.; Dolan R., 1991: Accessibility of crystallins to hydrogen chloride gas

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977846

Benes J., 1991: Accessibility of forests in the hilly country

Paques M.; Teppema J.S.; Beuvery E.C.; Abdillahi H.; Poolman J.T.; Verkleij A.J., 1989: Accessibility of gonococcal and meningococcal surface antigens immunogold labeling for quantitative electron microscopy

Banchev T.B.; Srebreva L.N.; Zlatanova J.S., 1990: Accessibility of histone h10 and its structural domains to antibody binding in extended and folded chromatin

Grytten J., 1992: Accessibility of norwegian dental services according to family income from 1977 to 1989

Kadykov V.A., 1988: Accessibility of nuclear wheat chromatin to micrococcal nuclease

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977853

Yusupov M.M.; Spirina T.N., 1990: Accessibility of ribosomal proteins to trypsin in thermus thermophilus ribosomes

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977855

Werner P.K.; Lieberman D.M.; Reithmeier R.A.F., 1989: Accessibility of the n ethylmaleimide unreactive sulfhydryl of human erythrocyte band 3

Lapuk V.A.; Tchukhrova A.I.; Katiashvili N.M.; Shmakova F.V.; Kaverzneva E.D.; Timofeev V.P., 1990: Accessibility of tryptophan residues in immunoglobulin m as an index of its conformational changeability

Lapuk V.A.; Chukhrova A.I.; Khatiashvili N.M.; Shmakova F.V.; Kaverzneva E.D.; Timofeev V.P., 1989: Accessibility of tryptophan residues in immunoglobulin m as an indicator of its conformational variability

Dairkee S.H.; Puett L.; Counelis A.M.; Hackett A.J., 1991: Accessibility to intracellular antigens within nutritionally deprived human mammary epithelial cells

Mack D.; Kluxen B.; Kruppa J., 1989: Accessibility to proteases of the cytoplasmic g protein domain of vesicular stomatitis virus is increased during intracellular transport

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977861

Davis G.; Gibbons R.J., 1990: Accessible sialic acid content of oral epithelial cells from healthy and gingivitis subjects

Honeck R.P.; Firment M., 1989: Accessing abstract categories

Fagioli I.; Cipolli C.; Tuozzi G., 1989: Accessing previous mental sleep experience in rem and nrem sleep

Flude B.M., 1988: Accessing stored information about familiar people

Levelt W.J.M., 1992: Accessing words in speech production stages processes and representations

Manu V.T.; Kipton H.; Powell J.; Banks L.; Sheat A.; Widdowson J.P., 1990: Accession of sulfate sulfur from tongan rainfall

Kukkonen, I.; Isoviita, P., 1988: Accessions to the botanical museum university of helsinki helsingfors finland 1.1. 31.12.1987

Kukkonen, I.; Isoviita, P.; Harmaja, H., 1990: Accessions to the botanical museum university of helsinki helsingfors finland 1.1. 31.12.1989

Karppinen E., 1988: Accessions to the zoological museum university of helsinki helsingfors finland in 1987

Forsten A.; Jansson A.; Koli L., 1990: Accessions to the zoological museum university of helsinki helsingfors finland in 1989

Jara C.; An L.; Cone D., 1991: Accessorius peruensis new genus new species monogenea gyrodactylidae from lebiasina bimaculata characidae in peru

Rozynska K.E.; Spickett G.P.; Millrain M.; Edwards A.; Bryant A.; Webster A.D.B.; Farrant J., 1989: Accessory and t cell defects in acquired and inherited hypogammaglobulinemia

Koizumi M.; Horiguchi M., 1990: Accessory arteries supplying the human transverse colon

Sealy W.C.; Kopelman H.E.; Murphy D.A., 1992: Accessory atrioventricular node and bundle a cause of antidromic reentry tachycardia

Kanematsu M.; Imaeda T.; Seki M.; Goto H.; Doi H.; Shimokawa K., 1992: Accessory bile duct draining into the stomach case report and review

Beetke E.; Bening B.; Knoefel H., 1990: Accessory canals in the bifurcation and trifurcation of the first permanent molar

Stanicic T.; Sutalo J.; Tudja M., 1992: Accessory canals in the region of ramification of multirooted teeth

Sasaki T.; Shibata S.; Hirabayashi Y.; Sekiguchi Y.; Yoshinaga K., 1989: Accessory cell activity of monocytes in anti dna antibody production in systemic lupus erythematosus

Pamphilon D.H.; Alnaqdy A.A.; Wallington T.B., 1992: Accessory cell damage and loss of overall white cell viability inhibit lymphocyte responses after ultraviolet b irradiation but without evidence of in vitro suppression

Thorsby E., 1988: Accessory cell dependent t cell activation via ti cd3 involvement of cd2 lfa 3 interactions

Kuhweide R.; Van Damme J.; Lorre K.; Baroja M.L.; Tsudo M.; Ceuppens J.L., 1990: Accessory cell derived helper signals in human t cell activation with phytohemagglutinin induction of interleukin 2 responsiveness by interleukin 6 and production of interleukin 2 by interleukin 1

Ruppert J.; Peters H., 1991: Accessory cell function during monocyte macrophage differentiation relation to interleukin 1 il 1 beta production and release

Clerici M.; Stocks N.I.; Zajac R.A.; Boswell R.N.; Shearer G.M., 1990: Accessory cell function in asymptomatic human immunodeficiency virus infected patients

Noyes B.E.; Paradis I.L.; Dauber J.H., 1991: Accessory cell function of blood monocytes and alveolar macrophages after human lung transplantation

Turk J.L., 1988: Accessory cell function of dendritic cells from lymph nodes containing mycobacterium leprae induced granulomas

Ohtsuka M.; Yoshizawa Y.; Sato T.; Yano H.; Mukai R.; Hasegawa S.; Moore V.L., 1989: Accessory cell function of human alveolar macrophages in antigen induced t lymphocyte proliferation

Ferrone S., 1988: Accessory cell function of human melanoma cells in mitogen induced t cell proliferation

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977889

Evavold B.D.; Quintans J., 1989: Accessory cell function of th2 clones

Ladefoged J.; Langhoff E., 1990: Accessory cell functions in mononuclear cell cultures from uremic patients

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977892

Kotb M.; Majumdar G.; Tomai M.; Beachey E.H., 1990: Accessory cell independent stimulation of human t cells by streptococcal m protein superantigen

Pisam M.; Prunet P.; Rambourg A., 1989: Accessory cells in the gill epithelium of the freshwater rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977895

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977896

Kuznetsov V.A.; Antonov O.S.; Korzhenkov A.A., 1989: Accessory chorda in the left cardiac ventricle

Deodikar G.B., 1988: Accessory chromosomes in triticum timopheevii var viticulosum zhuk

Kozera, W.; Roszko, A., 1988: Accessory effect of insecticide ambush 25 ec on pea plant pisum sativum l. part i. effect on plant yield

Kozera, W.; Roszko, A.; Rozek, S., 1988: Accessory effect of insecticide ambush 25 ec on pea plants pisum sativum l. part ii. effect on variation of morphological features

Jiang Z., 1988: Accessory effect of mouse b lymphocytes in con a response

Roszko, A.; Kozera, W., 1988: Accessory effect of the insecticide ambush 25 ec on pea plant pisum sativum l. part v. effect on viability of seeds

Veran M., 1988: Accessory elements of the hyoid arch in fossil and living teleostome fishes acanthodians and osteichthyans

Munk O., 1992: Accessory escal gland aeg in some deep sea anglerfishes

Vink A.; Uyttenhove C.; Wauters P.; Van Snick J., 1990: Accessory factors involved in murine t cell activation distinct roles of interleukin 6 interleukin 1 and tumor necrosis factor

Westphal J.R.; Tax W.J.M.; Willems H.W.; Koene R.A.P.; Ruiter D.J.; De Waal R.M.W., 1992: Accessory function of endothelial cells in anti cd3 induced t cell proliferation synergism with monocytes

Yamada M.; Kakimoto K.; Shinbori T.; Ushio Y.; Onoue K., 1992: Accessory function of human glioma cells for the induction of cd3 mediated t cell proliferation a potential role of glial cells in t cell activation in the central nervous system

Salamon F.T.; Fayen J.D.; Leonard M.L.; Finegan C.K.; Rich E.A., 1992: Accessory function of human mononuclear phagocytes for lymphocyte responses to the superantigen staphylococcal enterotoxin b

Landry D.; Doyon L.; Poudrier J.; Lafontaine M.; Pelletier M.; Montplaisir S., 1990: Accessory function of human thymic dendritic cells in con a induced proliferation of autologous thymocyte subsets

Tosato G.; Miller J.; Marti G.; Pike S.E., 1990: Accessory function of interleukin 1 and interleukin 6 preferential costimulation of t4 positive lymphocytes

Gregory S.H.; Wing E.J., 1990: Accessory function of kupffer cells in the antigen specific blastogenic response of an l3t4 positive t lymphocyte clone to listeria monocytogenes

Lim S.M.L.; Li S.Q., 1991: Accessory heart graft as a surgical model in studies of transplantation immunology

Boothe R.G.; Quick M.W.; Joosse M.V.; Abbas M.A.; Anderson D.C., 1990: Accessory lateral rectus orbital geometry in normal and naturally strabismic monkeys

Yamamoto H.; Marubayashi T.; Soejima T.; Matsuoka S.; Matsukado Y.; Ushio Y., 1992: Accessory middle cerebral artery and duplication of middle cerebral artery terminology incidence vascular etiology and developmental significance

Jenski L.J., 1990: Accessory molecules and antigen requirements for young and aging cytotoxic lymphocytes

Shankar K.; Means K.M., 1990: Accessory nerve conduction in neck dissection subjects

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977917

Berry H.; Macdonald E.A.; Mrazek A.C., 1991: Accessory nerve palsy a review of 23 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977919

Bianchi, R.; Gioia, M., 1990: Accessory oculomotor nuclei of man 1. the nucleus of darkschewitsch a nissl and golgi study

Bianchi, R.; Gioia, M., 1991: Accessory oculomotor nuclei of man ii. the interstitial nucleus of cajal a nissl and golgi study

Taylor J.G.; Keverne E.B., 1991: Accessory olfactory learning

Baldo M.V.C.; Britto L.R.G., 1990: Accessory optic pretectal interactions in the pigeon

Carty H., 1992: Accessory ossicles at the lateral malleolus a review of the incidence

Ogden J.A.; Lee J., 1990: Accessory ossification patterns and injuries of the malleoli

Goldberg J.A.; Georgiade G.S., 1990: Accessory parotid glands as a site of metastases from outside the head and neck case report

Peters J.H.; Boerner T.; Ruppert J., 1990: Accessory phenotype and function of macrophages induced by cyclic amp

O'donnell M., 1992: Accessory protein function in the dna polymerase iii holoenzyme from escherichia coli

Ledbetter J.A.; Schieven G.L.; Kuebelbeck V.M.; Uckun F.M., 1991: Accessory receptors regulate coupling of the t cell receptor complex to tyrosine kinase activation and mobilization of cytoplasmic calcium in t lineage acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Subramoniam T., 1987: Accessory reproductive glands and the formation of spermatophore in a scorpion heterometrus fulvipes arachnida scorpionida

Kocsis G.S.; Marcsik A., 1989: Accessory root formation on a lower medial incisor

Renauld J C.; Vink A.; Van Snick J., 1989: Accessory signals in murine cytolytic t cell responses dual requirement of il 1 and il 6

Odum N.; Ryder L.P.; Georgsen J.; Jakobsen B.K.; Geisler C.; Moller J.; Morling N.; Dickmeiss E.; Svejgaard A., 1990: Accessory signals in t t cell interactions between antigen and alloantigen specific human memory t cells generated in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977935

Dejarnette J.M.; Saacke R.G.; Bame J.; Vogler C.J., 1992: Accessory sperm their importance to fertility and embryo quality and attempts to alter their numbers in artificially inseminated cattle

Santamaria G.; Vilana R.; Salvado E.; Clavero J.A.; Ayuso M.C.; Luburich P., 1992: Accessory spleen sonographic and ct features

Brizzi, R.; Delfino, G.; Calloni, C., 1988: Accessory structures in the genital apparatus of salamandrina terdigitata amphibia salamandridae ii. structural and ultrastructural specializations in the male cloacal region

Delfino, G.; Brizzi, R.; Borrelli, G., 1988: Accessory structures in the genital apparatus of salamandrina terdigitata amphibia salamandridae iii. cytochemical study of the male abdominal gland using ruthenium red staining

Brizzi, R.; Calloni, C.; Delfino, G., 1990: Accessory structures in the genital apparatus of salamandrina terdigitata amphibia salamandridae iv. male cloacal glands. a study under light and scanning electron microscopes

Horie M., 1992: Accessory upper lateral cutaneous nerve of the arm cutaneous branch of the suprascapular nerve and unusual suprascapular nerves

Eagle C.J.; Davies J.M.; Reason J., 1992: Accident analysis of large scale technological disasters applied to an anaesthetic complication

O'halloran S.M.; Heaf D.P., 1989: Accident and emergency department attendance by asthmatic children

Farrimond T., 1989: Accident and illness rates for younger and older workers when employment is based on medical examination

Pekkarinen A.; Soini S.; Hassi J.; Laapio H., 1992: Accident and risk evaluation on finnish antarctic expeditions

Campbell I.B., 1990: Accident compensation and occupational health and safety the new zealand experience

Walls C.B., 1988: Accident consultations in one month in a semirural town

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977948

Jansson B.; Eriksson C G., 1990: Accident involvement and attitudes towards hazards and countermeasures in a swedish rural population

Dahlback O., 1991: Accident proneness and risk taking

Persson I.; Larsson T.J., 1991: Accident related permanent disabilities of young workers in sweden 1984 85

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977952

Luscher T.F.; Spinas G.A.; Staub J.J.; Buehler F.R., 1989: Accidental adrenal tumors clinical significance and practical management

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977954

Destro M.W.B.; Speranzini M.B.; Puls S.D.M.; Oliveira S.F.D.; Speranzini M.D.M., 1992: Accidental burns caused by spot lights in the operating room

Garland J.S.; Smith D.S.; Rice T.B.; Siker D., 1989: Accidental cocaine intoxication in a nine month old infant presentation and treatment

Moonpar M.; Faulkner K.D.B., 1991: Accidental damage to teeth adjacent to crown prepared abutment teeth

Copeland A.R., 1989: Accidental death due to falls at work

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977959

Berg Schlosser V., 1988: Accidental diagnosis of a large retroperitoneal lipoma in a case of traumatic renal rupture

Rousseau T.; Chretien Y.; Dufour B., 1991: Accidental diagnosis of cancers of the renal parenchyma in adults

Bak B.; Juhl M.; Mikkelsen M.; Lauridsen F.; Pilegaard J.; Rock N.D., 1989: Accidental explosions in denmark during processing of containers for inflammable fluids

Holm L., 1988: Accidental explosions while employing rotating ceramic grinding stones

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977964

Monna T.; Tanaka T.; Kurai O.; Kondo K.; Habu D.; Oka H.; Kuroki T.; Kobayashi K., 1991: Accidental exposure to hepatitis b virus and preventive studies for the occurrence of acute hepatitis b in osaka city university hospital

Aviles A.; Vargas L., 1991: Accidental extravasation by cytotoxic agents

Dossing K.V.; Riis J.T.; Schlanbusch K.C.; Poulstrup A., 1989: Accidental falls in homes for the elderly

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977968

Martin J.R.; Sklar D.P.; Mcfeeley P., 1991: Accidental firearm fatalities among new mexico usa children

Brown A.M.S.; Wake M.J.C., 1990: Accidental full thickness burn of the ear lobe following division of the great auricular nerve at parotidectomy

Pennycook A.G.; Morrison W.G.; Ritchie D.A.W., 1991: Accidental golf club injuries

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977972

Pillgram Larsen J.; Svennevig J L.; Abdelnoor M.; Fjeld N.B.; Semb G.; Osterud A.; Skulberg A., 1991: Accidental hypothermia analysis of risk factors for mortality in 29 patients with body temperature 30 percent c and below

Tanaka M.; Tokudome S., 1991: Accidental hypothermia and death from cold in urban areas

Lichtenstein A.; Onuchic L.F.; Rocha A.D.S., 1990: Accidental hypothermia glycemic hematologic and amylase changes

Thomas D.R., 1988: Accidental hypothermia in the sunbelt deep south usa

Bolgiano E.; Sykes L.; Barish R.A.; Zickler R.; Eastridge B., 1992: Accidental hypothermia with cardiac arrest recovery following rewarming by cardiopulmonary bypass

Trabelsi M.; Loukhil M.; Boukthir S.; Hammami A.; Bennaceur B., 1990: Accidental ingestion of caustic substances in tunisian children study of a series of 125 cases

Jacobson B.J.; Rock A.R.; Cohn M.S.; Litovitz T., 1989: Accidental ingestions of oral prescription drugs a multicenter survey

Lindblad B.E.; Terkelsen C.J.; Lindblad L.N.; Terkelsen C.J., 1990: Accidental injuries to children in their homes an epidemiological investigation

Dudin A.A.; Rambaud Cousson A.; Thalji A.; Jubeh I.I.; Ahmad H.M.; Libdeh B.A., 1991: Accidental kerosene ingestion a 3 year prospective study

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977982

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977983

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977984

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977985

Kim I.S.; Gratwohl A.; Stebler C.; Hausmann H.; Tichelli A.; Stern A.; Speck B., 1989: Accidental overdose of multiple chemotherapeutic agents

Jalil A.; Molla M.A.R., 1992: Accidental overexposure to iridium 192 source in industrial radiography a follow up study

Sommerfeldt, K.; Vogt, H., 1990: Accidental poisoning in children 30 years experience from a children's hospital

Kumar V., 1991: Accidental poisoning in southwest maharashtra india

Lindblad B.E.; Terkelsen C.J., 1989: Accidental poisoning in the house

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977992

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977993

Copeland A.R., 1989: Accidental railway related fatalities the metro dade county florida usa experience 1980 1984

Contreras Balderas A.J.; Garcia Salas J.A., 1989: Accidental record of sterna fuscata new record in nuevo leon mexico

Lange A.; Johansen A.S., 1989: Accidental strangulation in a pram again

Jumbelic M.I.; Chambliss M., 1990: Accidental toddler drowning in 5 gallon buckets

Selling W.; Rockemann M., 1990: Accidental unilateral epidural anesthesia

Section 7, Chapter 6978, Accession 006977999

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