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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6982

Chapter 6982 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mittal K.R.; Higgins R.; Lariviere S., 1989: Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serotype 8 isolates and their antigenic relationships with other actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serotypes

Sneath P.H.A.; Stevens M., 1990: Actinobacillus rossii new species actinobacillus seminis new species revived name pasteurella bettii new species pasteurella lymphangitidis new species pasteurella mairi new species and pasteurella trehalosi new species

Peel M.M.; Hornidge K.A.; Luppino M.; Stacpoole A.M.; Weaver R.E., 1991: Actinobacillus spp and related bacteria in infected wounds of humans bitten by horses and sheep

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981003

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981004

Jiang C.; Xu L.; Yang Y R.; Guo G Y.; Ma J.; Liu Y., 1991: Actinobispora of the order actinomycetales

Christensen W.K., 1990: Actinocamax primus arkhangelsky belemnitellidae upper cretaceous biometry comparison and biostratigraphy

Richardson S.; Janovy J.Jr, 1990: Actinocephalus carrilynnae new species apicomplexa eugregarinorida from the blue damselfly enallagma civile hagen

Potekhina N.V.; Terekhova L.P.; Naumova I.B., 1989: Actinomadura cremea cell wall polymers

Mertz F.P.; Yao R.C., 1990: Actinomadura fibrosa new species isolated from soil

Miyadoh S.; Anzai H.; Amano S.; Shomura T., 1989: Actinomadura malachitica and microtetraspora viridis are synonyms and should be transferred as actinomadura viridis new combination

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981012

Galatenko O.A.; Terekhova L.P.; Rudenskaya Yu A.; Evtushenko L.I.; Akimova V.N., 1989: Actinomadura uncinata new species

Goebe L.; Matthes E M.; Kurtzmann M., 1990: Actinomyces detection on the iud consequences?

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981015

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981016

Guerin Faublee V.; Karray S.; Tilly B.; Richard Y., 1992: Actinomyces pyogenes standard and api bacteriological studies of 103 strains isolated from ruminants

Stromberg N.; Boren T., 1992: Actinomyces tissue specificity may depend on differences in receptor specificity for gal nac beta containing glycoconjugates

Ellen R.P.; Buivids I.A.; Simardone J.R., 1989: Actinomyces viscosus fibril antigens detected by immunogold electron microscopy

Sariaslani F.S.; Omer C.A., 1992: Actinomycete cytochromes p 450 involved in oxidative metabolism biochemistry and molecular biology

Lawton P.; Whitaker A.; Odell D.; Stowell J.D., 1989: Actinomycete morphology in shaken culture

Nakagaito Y.; Hasegawa T., 1991: Actinomycete strains isolated from fallen leaves in mangrove areas

Evtushenko L.I.; Lysak L.V.; Dobrovol'skaya T.G.; Chernyakovskaya N.F.; Zgurskaya E.I.; Il'chenko V.Ya; Adanin V.M.; Kalakutskii L.V., 1991: Actinomycetes containing diaminobutyric acid in the cell wall isolated from soil

Al Gounaim M.Y.; Diab A.; Al Hertani H.M., 1989: Actinomycetes forming spore vesicles sporangia in the desert soil of kuwait

Whitaker A., 1992: Actinomycetes in submerged culture

Mathew J., 1988: Actinomycetes population of rubber growing soils and its antagonistic activity against phytophthora meadii mc rae

Singh M.; Kaur B., 1989: Actinomycetic corneal ulcer

Mori M.; Michimata T.; Yamaguchi M.; Yamada M.; Iriuchijima T.; Kobayashi S., 1989: Actinomycin d affects trh induced heterogeneous forms of glycosylated tsh in rat anterior pituitary

Wadkins R.M.; Jovin T.M., 1991: Actinomycin d and 7 aminoactinomycin d binding to single stranded dna

Yu F L.; Bender W., 1990: Actinomycin d binding in vitro active chromatin preferred

Pedraza Chaverri J.; Hubermann A., 1991: Actinomycin d blocks the hepatic functional albumin mrna increase in aminonucleoside nephrotic rats

Lane M.J., 1988: Actinomycin d induced dnase i cleavage enhancement caused by sequence specific propagation of an altered dna structure

Bishop K.D.; Borer P.N.; Huang Y Q.; Lane M.J., 1991: Actinomycin d induced dnase i hypersensitivity and asymmetric structure transmission in a dna hexadecamer

Segond N.; Delehaye M.C.; Jullienne A.; Taboulet J.; Minvielle S.; Milhaud G.; Moukhtar M.S., 1989: Actinomycin d inhibits the rapid increase in translatable calcitonin messenger rna provoked by acute calcium stimulation

Patacchini R.; Astolfi M.; Brown M.C.S.; Maggi C.A., 1991: Actinomycin d is a competitive and selective antagonist at nk 2 tachykinin receptors

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981037

Wheeler H.R.; Rockett E.J.; Clark I.; Geczy C.L., 1991: Actinomycin d upregulates lipopolysaccharide induction of macrophage procoagulant expression and tumour necrosis factor alpha production

Martins R.H.G.; Heshiki Z.; Luchesi N.R.; Marques M.E.A., 1991: Actinomycosis and botryomycosis of the tonsil

Figures K.H.; Douglas C.W.I., 1991: Actinomycosis associated with a root treated tooth report of a case

Schwitter J.; Rohner P.; Makek M.; Lareida J.; Wust J.; Greminger P.; Vogt M., 1991: Actinomycosis clinical and therapeutic considerations based on two personal observations

Lavy A.; Berkowitz D.; Nitezky S., 1990: Actinomycosis imitating acute appendicitis

Ganem R.; Ganam R.; Amar M.; Rabinson S., 1992: Actinomycosis mimicking abdominal neoplasm

Modzelewska I., 1988: Actinomycosis of lymph nodes coexistent with toxoplasmosis in a boy aged 11 years

Tsuji D.H.; Fukuda H.; Kawasaki Y.; Kawaida M.; Ohira T., 1991: Actinomycosis of the larynx

Brignall I.D.; Gilhooly M., 1989: Actinomycosis of the tongue a diagnostic dilemma

Molina R., 1988: Actinomycosis report of three cases with different anatomoclinical localization

Kriz J.; Cupr Z.; Belkov I.; Peresta K., 1989: Actinomycosis within the material of the first obstetrical and gynecological clinic in brno czechoslovakia

Lukacs L.; Kiss T.; Gobel G.; Fazekas Z.; Csanaky G., 1992: Actinomycotic cases with abdominal localization

Bapat K.C.; Pandit A.A., 1991: Actinomycotic mycetoma report of a case with diagnosis by fine needle aspiration

Yoshida M.; Matsubara K.; Kudo T.; Horikoshi K., 1991: Actinopolyspora mortivallis new species a moderately halophilic actinomycete

Vavra N., 1988: Actinopora complicata viskova and endelman cyclostomata a rare bryozoan from the helveticum paleocene of haunsberg northern salzburg austria

Du D.; Baker D.D., 1992: Actinorhizal host specificity of chinese frankia strains

Brook A.J.; Williamson D.B., 1990: Actinotaenium habeebense new combination irenee marie a rare drought resistant desmid

Arakawa O.; Ikeda T., 1989: Action analysis of plural rats in an open field

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981058

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981059

Fuiwara Sakata M.; Muneoka Y.; Kobayashi M., 1991: Action and immunoreactivity of neuropeptides in the buccal neuromuscular system of a prosobranch mollusc rapana thomasiana

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981061

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981062

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981063

Van Leeuwen C.; Buffart H., 1991: Action at a distance evidence for network models from plausibility ratings of novel compounds

Surette M.G.; Lavoie B.D.; Chaconas G., 1989: Action at a distance in mu dna transposition an enhancer like element is the site of action of supercoiling relief activity by integration host factor ihf

Xu S.; Et Al, 1991: Action characterization of inverted membrane vesicles of temperature sensitive secy 100 in protein translocation

Rholes W.S.; Michas L.; Shroff J., 1989: Action control as a vulnerability factor in dysphoria

Koller D.; Ritter S.; Briggs W.R.; Schaefer E., 1990: Action dichroism in perception of vectorial photo excitation in the solar tracking leaf of lavatera cretica l

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981069

Lee J.B.; Yoon M.; Kim C.; Hong S.S.; Ryu K., 1990: Action mechanism of antiestrogens on uterine growth in immature rats

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981071

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981072

Seguchi K.; Kurotaki M.; Sekido S.; Yamaguchi I., 1992: Action mechanism of n cyanomethyl 2 chloroisonicotinamide in controlling rice blast disease

Vasilevskaya L.S.; Gil'metdinova V.T., 1990: Action mechanism of oral glutamate doses on the gastric secretory function

Baev A.A., 1988: Action mechanism of shiga toxin

Vamvakides A., 1991: Action mechanism of the adamantamines do their activity on the glutamatergic nmda receptors operate in the expression of their pharmacological profile?

Gorbunov N.V.; Erin A.N., 1991: Action mechanism of the antioxidant carnosine

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981078

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981079

Rastogi N.; Goh K.S., 1990: Action of 1 isonicotinyl 2 palmitoylhydrazine against the mycobacterium avium complex and enhancement of its activity by m fluorophenylalanine

Maylie J.; Hui C.S., 1991: Action of 2 3 butanedione monoxime on calcium signals in frog cut twitch fibers containing antipyrylazo iii

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981082

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981083

Soran V., 1988: Action of 24 ec trifluron on the distribution of stomata in maize plantlets

Vovk A.I., 1988: Action of 3 benzylthiazolium chloride derivatives on neuromuscular transmission

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981086

Huang P.; Plunkett W., 1991: Action of 9 beta d arabinofuranosyl 2 fluoroadenine on rna metabolism

Reid J.R.; Moore C.H.; Midwinter G.G.; Pritchard G.G., 1991: Action of a cell wall proteinase from lactococcus lactis ssp cremoris sk11 on bovine alpha s 1 casein

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981089

Pak Y.; Joo F.; Vigh L.; Katho A.; Thompson G.A.Jr, 1990: Action of a homogeneous hydrogenation catalyst on living tetrahymena mimbres cells

Haukanes B I.; Helland D.E.; Kleppe K., 1989: Action of a mammalian ap endonuclease on dna of defined sequences

Hilton S.; Buckley J.T., 1991: Action of a microbial lipase acyltransferase on phospholipid monolayers

Bottex C.; Martin A.; Fontanges R., 1990: Action of a mycotoxin diacetoxyscirpenol on the immune response of the mouse interaction with an immunomodulator om 89

Fujii M.; Okabayashi Y.; Nakamura T.; Tani S.; Fujisawa T.; Otsuki M., 1990: Action of a new cholinergic agonist aclatonium napadisilate on isolated rat pancreatic acini

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981096

Delorme P., 1989: Action of a preventive treatment of vinburnine on cerebral tissue subjected to ischemia an ultrastructural study

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981098

Osorio E.Castro V.R.; Van Kuiken B.A.; Vernon L.P., 1989: Action of a thionin isolated from nuts of pyrularia pubera on human erythrocytes

Shapiro J.A.; Leach D., 1990: Action of a transposable element in coding sequence fusions

Injac M.; Peric P., 1989: Action of acaricide inhibitors of development on phytophagous acarids and occurrence of predators in the apple tree orchard

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981102

Horvath E.; Varga B.; Stark E., 1991: Action of acth in the luteal ovary

Diaz Regueira S.M.; Lamas M.A.; Fernandez Otero M.P., 1991: Action of actinomycin d on glycosidase levels in the small intestine of hamsters

Maddrell S.H.P.; Overton J.A.; Ellar D.J.; Knowles B.H., 1989: Action of activated 27000 m r toxin from bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis on malpighian tubules of the insect rhodnius prolixus

Reviriego J.; Alonso M.J.; Ibanez C.; Marin J., 1990: Action of adenosine and characterization of adenosine receptors in human placental vasculature

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981107

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981108

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981109

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981110

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981111

Anastasia M.; Allevi P.; Ciuffreda P.; Fiecchi A.; Scala A., 1991: Action of alkali on o benzylated aldoses a simple rationalization of some reactions occurring in alkaline media

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981113

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981114

Seneviratne H.D.; Biliaderis C.G., 1991: Action of alpha amylases on amylose lipid complex superstructures

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981116

Haider S.S.; El Fakhri M., 1991: Action of alpha tocopherol on vanadium stimulated lipid peroxidation in rat brain

Kondo T.; Magee D.F.; Murphy R.F.; Naruse S.; Pap A., 1989: Action of amino acids on stomach pancreas and gallbladder in dogs

Le Patourel G.N.J.; Zhou J.J., 1990: Action of amorphous silica dusts on the german cockroach blattella germanica linnaeus orthoptera blattidae

Chauhan A.; Chauhan V.P.S.; Brockerhoff H.; Wisniewski H.M., 1991: Action of amyloid beta protein on protein kinase c activity

Koch R.; Antranikian G., 1990: Action of amylolytic and pullulytic enzymes from various anaerobic thermophiles on linear and branched glucose polymers

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981122

Whalen W.A.; Das A., 1990: Action of an rna site at a distance role of the nut genetic signal in transcription antitermination by phage lambda n gene product

Klimova K.N.; Pukhova Ya I.; Priezzheva L.S.; Makarskaya G.V.; Terskov I.A., 1990: Action of antibodies on group specific substance of the erythrocyte aboh antigenic system

Psarropoulou C.; Haas H.L., 1989: Action of anticonvulsants on hippocampal slices in magnesium free medium

Contreras C.M.; Alcala Herrera V.; Marvan M.L., 1989: Action of antidepressants on the septal nuclei of the rat

Elliott P., 1990: Action of antiepileptic and anesthetic drugs on sodium and calcium spikes in mammalian non myelinated axons

Malva J.O.; Lopes M.C.F.; Vale M.G.P.; Carvalho A.P., 1990: Action of antiestrogens on the calcium plus magnesium atpase and sodium ion calcium ion exchange of brain cortex membranes

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981131

Schertling M.; Winsel K.; Mueller S.; Henning R.; Meiske W.; Slapke J., 1990: Action of ascorbic acid on clinical course of infection related bronchial asthma and on reactive oxygen metabolites by bal cells

Neyses L.; Vetter H., 1989: Action of atrial natriuretic peptide and angiotensin ii on the myocardium studies in isolated rat ventricular cardiomyocytes

Okamura T.; Inoue S.; Toda N., 1989: Action of atrial natriuretic peptide anp on dog cerebral arteries evidence that neurogenic relaxation is not mediated by release of anp

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981135

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981136

Gol'dina O.A.; Moskvitina T.A.; Gankina E.M.; Kirkel' A.Z.; Kamyshanskaya N.S.; Lopatina K.I.; Sokolova T.V.; Zagorevskii V.A.; Val'dman A.V.; Gorkin V.Z., 1991: Action of befol and its derivatives on monoamine oxidase from different sources

Seidel H.J.; Barthel E.; Schaefer F.; Schad H.; Weber L., 1991: Action of benzene metabolites on murine hematopoietic colony forming cells in vitro

Kulcsar Gergely J., 1989: Action of beta adrenoceptor blockers in liver function of rats

Kaur H.; Halliwell B., 1990: Action of biologically relevant oxidizing species upon uric acid identification of uric acid oxidation products

Gentilhomme E.; Neveux Y.; Hua A.; Thiriot C.; Faure M.; Thivolet J., 1992: Action of bis beta chloroethyl sulphide bces on human epidermis reconstituted in culture morphological alterations and biochemical depletion of glutathione

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981142

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981143

Spindler K D.; Spindler Barth M.; Turbeg A.; Adam G., 1992: Action of brassinosteroids on the epithelial cell line from chironomus tentans

Ktistakis N.T.; Linder M.E.; Roth M.G., 1992: Action of brefeldin a blocked by activation of a pertussis toxin sensitive g protein

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981146

Hawkes F.; Kihn Y., 1989: Action of cadmium on mitochondria ctem and eels studies in two orthopteran insects during meiosis and spermiogenesis

Gandhi R.K.; Khanduja K., 1992: Action of caffeine in altering the carcinogen activating and detoxifying enzymes in mice

Musk S.R.R.; Pillidge L.; Johnson R.T.; Downes C.S., 1990: Action of caffeine on dna replication after uv irradiation in indian muntjac cells no connection with action on cell cycle delay

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981150

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981151

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981152

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981153

Lee Y.; Kang B.G., 1989: Action of calcium on ethylene biosynthesis induced by auxin and cytokinin in mungbean hypocotyl segments

Adjibade Y.; Hue B.; Pelhate M.; Anton R., 1991: Action of calycanthine on nervous transmission in cockroach central nervous system

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981156

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981157

Ferri A., 1990: Action of catalase on peroxoacetic acid kinetic studies

Comby F.; Jambut Absil A C.; Thomes J.C.; Lagorce J.F.; Claude J.; Buxeraud J.; Raby C., 1989: Action of certain molecules on thyroid function and influence on weight gain in treated animals

Lobachev V.M., 1988: Action of chanerol on dna superhelical structure of s 37 cells

Green A.R.; Davies E.M.; Little H.J.; Whittington M.A.; Cross A.J., 1990: Action of chlormethiazole in a model of ethanol withdrawal

Gutierrez Rosales F.; Garrido Fernandez J.; Gallardo Guerrero L.; Gandul Rojas B.; Minguez Mosquera M.I., 1992: Action of chlorophylls on the stability of virgin olive oil

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981163

Sagar P., 1988: Action of cholesterol on virulence related biochemical functions of entamoeba histolytica

Calzada L.; Wens M.A.; Salazar E.L., 1992: Action of cholinergic drugs on accumulation of tpmp on human spermatozoa

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981166

Juretzek U., 1988: Action of chronic peracetic acid wofasteril administration on the rabbit oral mucosa vaginal mucosa and skin

Lewis R.J.; Hoy A.W.W.; Mcgiffin D.C., 1992: Action of ciguatoxin on human atrial trabeculae

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981169

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981170

Bukharova I.K.; Revazova E.S.; Moroz L.V., 1990: Action of cortifen on human tumor strains transplanted into nude mice and rats

Lee L.E.J.; Bols N.C., 1989: Action of cortisol on the proliferation of rainbow trout fibroblasts

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981174

Rashedi M.; Maraud R.; Audine M.; Piet M.; Castet M.C., 1991: Action of crossed grafted embryonic testes between quail and chick embryos and the mechanism of female bird masculinization

Sugaya A., 1988: Action of cyclic amp on intracellular calcium concentration and bursting activity

Kobayashi S.; Nakashima K., 1991: Action of cyclodextrin glucanotransferase on dimaltosyl alpha cyclodextrins and diglucosyl alpha cyclodextrins

Salminen L.; Uosukainen M.; Mattsson P.; Korpela T., 1990: Action of cyclodextrins on germinating seeds and on micropropagated plants

Wastling J.M.; Gerrard D.; Walker J.; Chappell L.H., 1990: Action of cyclosporin a on the tapeworm hymenolepis diminuta in mice

Chappell L.H.; Wastling J.M.; Hurd H., 1989: Action of cyclosporin a on the tapeworms hymenolepis microstoma hymenolepis diminuta and mesocestoides corti in vivo

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981181

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981182

Becker S.; Prusak Sochaczewski E.; Zamponi G.; Beck Sickinger A.G.; Gordon R.D.; French R.J., 1992: Action of derivatives of mu conotoxin giiia on sodium channels single amino acid substitutions in the toxin separately affect association and dissociation rates

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981184

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981185

Gorneva G.A.; Bergol'ts V.V.; Mladenova I.P.; Smirnova Z.S.; Nikolaeva T.G.; Dobrynin Ya V., 1989: Action of di 2 halogenoethylhydrazides of amino acids on dna synthesis in normal and tumor cells and on cell cycle kinetics in mice with melanoma b 16

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981187

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981188

Yamakawa J., 1991: Action of dimethyl sulfoxide to endocochlear dc potential

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981190

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981191

Mal'dov D.G., 1991: Action of dithiothreitol treatment on protein pattern and phosphorylation in the nuclear matrix isolated from rat liver and zajdela hepatoma

Kishore P.; Shukla O.P., 1991: Action of dl alpha difluoromethyl ornithine on acanthamoeba culbertsoni

Lebenka A.Yu, 1988: Action of dna methylation on transformation efficiency in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Andreica V.; Georoceanu A.; Dumitrascu D.; Pascu O.; Draghici A., 1990: Action of duodenogastric reflux on the gastric mucosa carbonic anhydrase

Noguchi N.; Yoshida Y.; Kaneda H.; Yamamoto Y.; Niki E., 1992: Action of ebselen as an antioxidant against lipid peroxidation

Laguna J.C.; Nagi M.N.; Cook L.; Cinti D.L., 1989: Action of ebselen on rat hepatic microsomal enzyme catalyzed fatty acid chain elongation desaturation and drug biotransformation

Goff H.D.; Jordan W.K., 1989: Action of emulsifiers in promoting fat destabilization during the manufacture of ice cream

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981200

Fan J Q.; Yamamoto K.; Matsumoto Y.; Hirabayashi Y.; Kumagai H.; Tochikura T., 1990: Action of endo alpha n acetylgalactosaminidase from alcaligenes sp on amino acid o glycans comparison with the enzyme from diplococcus pneumoniae

Rokitansky A.M.; Losert U.M.; Trubel W.; Wieselthaler G.; Krausler S.; Shreiner W.; Buxbaum P.; Vierhapper H.; Waldhaeusl W.K.; Wolner E., 1990: Action of endogenous atrial natriuretic peptide in calves with experimental acute central venous congestion and low cardiac output

Skalka M.; Cejkova M., 1990: Action of endogenous chromatin bound nucleases in cell nuclei suppressed by adriamycin and other intercalators

Lopez Y.; Fioramonti J.; Bueno L., 1991: Action of endogenous prostaglandins on postprandial pyloric motility a possible modulation by fats

Martinez J.H.; Solano F.; Lozano J.A., 1989: Action of endogenous proteases on the distribution of tyrosinase isozymes in harding passey mouse melanoma

Hama H.; Sakurai T.; Kasuya Y.; Fujiki M.; Masaki T.; Goto K., 1992: Action of endothelin 1 on rat astrocytes through the et b receptor

Wang Z., 1988: Action of enkephalin of anterior hypothalamus in the inhibitory effect of pressor reflex of carotid sinus during acute myocardial ischemia

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981208

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981209

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981210

Price, A., 1992: Action of escherichia coli and human 5' 3' exonuclease functions at incised apurinic apyrimidinic sites in dna

Hitotsubashi S.; Akagi M.; Saitou A.; Yamanaka H.; Fujii Y.; Okamoto K., 1992: Action of escherichia coli heat stable enterotoxin ii on isolated sections of mouse ileum

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981213

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981214

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981215

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981216

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981218

Pluzyan M.A., 1988: Action of ferrocolloid on some parameters of erythrocytes

Avalos A.; Vicente C., 1989: Action of filipin on phytochrome modulated d usnic acid nad positive h oxido reductase activity in the lichen evernia prunastri

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981222

Hoffmeister S.A.H., 1989: Action of foot activator on growth and differentiation of cells in hydra

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981224

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981225

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981226

Zegota H.; Pietka M., 1992: Action of gamma irradiated patulin on saccharomyces cerevisiae

Garcia I.; Aisina R.B.; Ancheta O.; Pascual C., 1989: Action of gastric juice on microencapsulated invertase

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981229

Mcgivern J.; Scholfield C.N., 1991: Action of general anesthetics on unclamped calcium mediated currents in unmyelinated axons of rat olfactory cortex

Basalah M.O., 1989: Action of gibberellic acid on germination of squash seeds

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981232

Passaretti S.; Franzoni M.; Comin U.; Donzelli R.; Rocca F.; Colombo E.; Ferrara A.; Dinelli M.; Prada A.; Curzio M.; Tittobello A.; Et Al, 1991: Action of glucomannans on complaints in patients affected with chronic constipation a multicentric clinical evaluation

Tomita K.; Yano T.; Kitagata T.; Ando N.; Kumagai H.; Tochikura T., 1989: Action of glutaminase in a model system of a soy sauce fermentation

Kean W.F.; Lock C.J.L.; Somers D.; Rischke J.; Nablo L.; Kassam Y.B.; Hogan M.G.; Buchanan W.W.; Howard Lock H.E., 1991: Action of gold sodium thiomalate on experimental thrombosis in vivo

Jaroszewski J.W.; Kaplan O.; Cohen J.S., 1990: Action of gossypol and rhodamine 123 on wild type and multidrug resistant mcf 7 human breast cancer cells phosphorus 31 nmr and toxicity studies

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981237

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981238

Matsuda Y.; Fujimura K., 1992: Action of habenular efferents on ventral tegmental area neurons studied in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981240

Ravi K.; Teo K.K.; Kappagoda C.T., 1989: Action of histamine on the rapidly adapting airway receptors in the dog

Bouvet P., 1988: Action of human methanogenic microbial flora on bismuth absorption and deposition in the rat

Chen S.; Zhang W.; Ying S.; Li X.; Sun L.; Zhang G., 1991: Action of human plasma lipoproteins on platelet functions

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981244

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981245

Carvalho J.S., 1988: Action of hypothermy on hepatic portal circulation

Cruz J.M., 1988: Action of hypothermy on systemic circulation in the dog

Veltscheva P., 1988: Action of immobilized bacterial enzyme preparation syrenin from bacillus mesentericus on milk as substrate

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981249

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981250

Bynum E.D.Jr; Archer T.L.; Plapp F.W.Jr, 1990: Action of insecticides to spider mites acari tetranychidae on corn in the texas high plains usa toxicity resistance and synergistic combinations

Epand R.M.; Stafford A.R.; Debanne M.T., 1991: Action of insulin in rat adipocytes and membrane properties

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981254

Polyakova A.M.; Lomazova K.D.; Kravchenko A.V.; Maleev V.V., 1989: Action of interferon and reaferon on the functional activity of human thrombocytes

Prozorovskii S.V., 1988: Action of interferon preparations on legionella strains of different species and serotypes

Harbuz M.S.; Stephanou A.; Knight R.A.; Chover Gonzalez A.J.; Lightman S.L., 1992: Action of interleukin 2 and interleukin 4 on crf mrna in the hypothalamus and pomc mrna in the anterior pituitary

Mcniece I.; Andrews R.; Stewart M.; Clark S.; Boone T.; Quesenberry P., 1989: Action of interleukin 3 g csf and gm csf on highly enriched human hematopoietic progenitor cells synergistic interaction of gm csf plus g csf

Parkash P., 1991: Action of intracerebroventricular morphine on eeg of thyroid regulating loci of canine brain

Ghisolfi J.; Nguyen V.B.; Le Tallec J.Y.; Thouvenot J.P.; Carriere J.P.; Dalous A., 1989: Action of intracerebroventricular taurine in hyperthermic seizures

Varfolomeev S.D.; Kalyazin E.P.; Kalyuzhnyi S.V.; Sklyar V.I.; Kovalev G.V.; Chan Din Toai, 1989: Action of ionizing radiation as a factor intensifying methane or hydrogen production by biomass

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981262

Balzer I.; Hardeland R., 1989: Action of kynuramine in a dinoflagellate stimulation of bioluminescence in gonyaulax polyedra

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981265

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981266

Suderevskaya E.I., 1988: Action of l dopa and acidic amino aids on isolated spinal cord neurons of lamprey

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Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981582

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Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981664

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Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981681

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Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981759

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981760

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Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981770

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981771

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Gupta S.K.; Dhanasekaran N.; Heasley L.E.; Johnson G.L., 1991: Activating mutations in the amino and carboxyl terminal moieties of the g s alpha subunit have dominant phenotypes and distinguishable kinetics of adenylyl cyclase stimulation

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981782

Slavcheva E., 1988: Activating of macrophages by polysaccharides from rhodotorula glutinis

Higinbotham K.G.; Rice J.M.; Perantoni A.O., 1992: Activating point mutation in ki ras codon 63 in a chemically induced rat renal tumor

O'sullivan C.; Barton C.M.; Staddon S.L.; Brown C.L.; Lemoine N.R., 1991: Activating point mutations of the gsp oncogene in human thyroid adenomas

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981786

Ruden, Dm, 1992: Activating regions of yeast transcription factors must have both acidic and hydrophobic amino acids

Sokolovskaya I.I.; Ponomareva I.V.; Bronskaya A.V.; Radchenkov V.P., 1990: Activating the immune system of females to prevent prenatal death caused by steroids

Bredow S.; Suerig D.; Mueller J.; Kleinert H.; Benecke B J., 1990: Activating transcription factor atf regulates human 7s l rna transcription by rna polymerase iii in vivo and in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981790

Navarrete M.; Cabrera L.; Deschamps N.; Boscher N.; Revel G.; Meyer J.P.; Stampfler A., 1990: Activation analysis of selenium in biological samples through selenium 75 and selenium 77m

Vandecasteele C., 1991: Activation analysis present status in relation to other analytical techniques

Crawford A.C.; Evans M.G.; Fettiplace R., 1989: Activation and adaptation of transducer currents in turtle hair cells

Kuppner M.C.; Hamou M F.; De Tribolet N., 1990: Activation and adhesion molecule expression on lymphoid infiltrates in human glioblastomas

Churikov D.Yu, 1988: Activation and amoeboid mobility of the sea urchin eggs induced by cytochalasin

Kozel T.R.; Wilson M.A.; Pfrommer G.S.T.; Schlageter A.M., 1989: Activation and binding of opsonic fragments of c3 on encapsulated cryptococcus neoformans by using an alternative complement pathway reconstituted from six isolated proteins

Stephan S.; Hasselbach W., 1991: Activation and binding volumes of the sarcoplasmic reticulum transport enzyme activated by calcium or strontium

Section 7 , Chapter 6982, Accession 006981798

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981799

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981800

Sharma H.K.; Mittal V.K.; Sahota H.S., 1991: Activation and chemical analysis of drinking water from shallow aquifers

Heeb M.J.; Mosher D.; Griffin J.H., 1989: Activation and complexation of protein c and cleavage and decrease of protein s in plasma of patients with intravascular coagulation

Ashley R.H., 1989: Activation and conductance properties of ryanodine sensitive calcium channels from brain microsomal membranes incorporated into planar lipid bilayers

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981804

Kleefeld S.; Lohse D.; Mansy A.R.; Strotmann H., 1990: Activation and deactivation of the thiol modulated chloroplast proton atpase during atp hydrolysis

Neumann F J.; Waas W.; Diehm C.; Weiss T.; Haupt H M.; Zimmermann R.; Tillmanns H.; Kuebler W., 1990: Activation and decreased deformability of neutrophils after intermittent claudication

Forsyth C.S.; Chambers J.E., 1989: Activation and degradation of the phosphorothionate insecticides parathion and epn by rat brain

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981808

Maruyama Y., 1989: Activation and desensitization mechanisms of muscarinic current response in single pancreatic acinar cells of rats

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981810

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981811

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981812

Yakel J.L.; Shao X.M.; Jackson M.B., 1991: Activation and desensitization of the 5 ht 3 receptor in a rat glioma crossed with mouse neuroblastoma hybrid cell

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Eckert, K. G.; Eyer, P.; Sonnenbichler, J.; Zetl, I., 1990: Activation and detoxication of aminophenols ii. synthesis and structural elucidation of various thiol addition products of 1 4 benzoquinonimine and n acetyl 1 4 benzoquinonimine

Eckert, K. C.; Eyer, P.; Sonnenbichler, J.; Zetl, I., 1990: Activation and detoxication of aminophenols iii. synthesis and structural elucidation of various glutathione addition products to 1 4 benzoquinone

Shah A.B.; Combes R.D.; Rowland I.R., 1990: Activation and detoxification of 1 8 dinitropyrene by mammalian hepatic fractions in the salmonella mutagenicity assay

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981818

Mcmaster M.T.; Newton R.C.; Dey S.K.; Andrews G.K., 1992: Activation and distribution of inflammatory cells in the mouse uterus during the preimplantation period

Quissell D.O.; Deisher L.M.; Barzen K.A., 1989: Activation and distribution of rat parotid cyclic amp dependent protein kinase following beta adrenergic receptor stimulation in vitro

Mckinnon J.G.; Hoover S.K.; Inge T.H.; Bear H.D., 1990: Activation and expansion of cytotoxic t lymphocytes from tumor draining lymph nodes

Maleckar J.R.; Friddell C.S.; Sferruzza A.; Thurman G.B.; Lewko W.M.; West W.H.; Oldham R.K.; Yannelli J.R., 1989: Activation and expansion of tumor derived activated cells for therapeutic use

Nijhuis E.W.P.; V.D.Wiel Van Kemenade E.; Figdor C.G.; Van Lier R.A.W., 1990: Activation and expansion of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes by anti cd3 and anti cd28 monoclonal antibodies

Jing Z.; Et Al, 1989: Activation and expression of protooncogenes in human lung cancer

Yefenof E.; Algarra I.; Ramos O.F.; Klein E., 1991: Activation and fixation of c3 by human b cell lines is enhanced by interferon gamma and tumor necrosis factor alpha

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981826

Tuttle T.M.; Inge T.H.; Bethke K.P.; Mccrady C.W.; Pettit G.R.; Bear H.D., 1992: Activation and growth of murine tumor specific t cells which have in vivo activity with bryostatin 1

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Hoover S.K.; Frank J.L.; Mccrady C.; Mckinnon J.G.; Bear H.D., 1991: Activation and in vitro expansion of tumor reactive t lymphocytes from lymph nodes draining human primary breast cancers

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981830

Berndt N.; Rosen P., 1989: Activation and inactivation of glycogen phosphorylase isoenzymes purified from diabetic rat heart

Trinity P.M.; Filner P., 1991: Activation and inactivation of nadh nitrate reductase in tobacco xd cells

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981833

Mathers D.A., 1991: Activation and inactivation of the gaba a receptor insights from comparison of native and recombinant subunit assemblies

Galiazzo F.; Ciriolo M.R.; Carri M.T.; Civitareale P.; Marcocci L.; Marmocchi F.; Rotilio G., 1991: Activation and induction by copper of copper zinc superoxide dismutase in saccharomyces cerevisiae presence of an inactive proenzyme in anaerobic yeast

Galanaud P., 1988: Activation and infection of b cells by epstein barr virus role of calcium mobilization and of protein kinase c translocation

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981837

Rowlett R.S.; Gargiulo N.J.IIi; Santoli F.A.; Jackson J.M.; Corbett A.H., 1991: Activation and inhibition of bovine carbonic anhydrase iii by dianions

Voss R.; Matthias F.R.; Borkowski G.; Reitz D., 1990: Activation and inhibition of fibrinolysis in septic patients in an internal intensive care unit

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981840

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981841

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981842

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981843

Garstka W.R.; Gross M., 1990: Activation and inhibition of sperm motility by kidney products in the turtle trachemys scripta

Pappas P.W., 1991: Activation and inhibition of the brush border membrane bound alkaline phosphatase activity of hymenolepis diminuta cestoda by divalent cations

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981846

Baba T.; Kashiwabara S I.; Watanabe K.; Itoh H.; Michikawa Y.; Kimura K.; Takada M.; Fukamizu A.; Arai Y., 1989: Activation and maturation mechanisms of boar acrosin zymogen based on the deduced primary structure

Ioannou P.; Loh A.Y.; Osmond D.H., 1991: Activation and measurement of plasma prorenin in the rat

Fricker L.D., 1988: Activation and membrane binding of carboxypeptidase e

Sennerby L.; Thomsen P.; Ericson L.E.; Albrektsson T., 1989: Activation and migration of leukocytes and vascular leakage induced by serum opsonized zymosan particles in hamster cheek pouch

Haycock J.W.; Wakade A.R., 1992: Activation and multiple site phosphorylation of tyrosine hydroxylase in perfused rat adrenal glands

Casteels M.; Schepers L.; Parmentier G.; Eyssen H.J.; Mannaerts G.P., 1989: Activation and peroxisomal beta oxidation of fatty acids and bile acid intermediates in liver from bombina orientalis and from the rat

Bubenik J.; Zeuthen J.; Simova J.; Jandlova T.; Bubenikova D.; Radzikowski C., 1992: Activation and phenotyping of lak generated by exposure to product of cells transformed by interleukin 2 cdna

Katz H.R.; Benson A.C.; Austen K.F., 1989: Activation and phorbol ester stimulated phosphorylation of a plasma membrane glycoprotein antigen expressed on mouse il 3 dependent mast cells and serosal mast cells

Kilgour E.; Andersonl N.G.; Houslay M.D., 1989: Activation and phosphorylation of the dense vesicle high affinity cyclic amp phosphodiesterase by cyclic amp dependent protein kinase

Et Al, 1988: Activation and proliferation of normal resting human t lymphocytes in serum free culture role of il 4 and il 6

Sawada M.; Suzumura A.; Yamamoto H.; Marunouchi T., 1990: Activation and proliferation of the isolated microglia by colony stimulating factor 1 and possible involvement of protein kinase c

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981858

Hamilton J.A.; Veis N.; Bordun A M.; Vairo G.; Gonda T.J.; Philipps W.A., 1989: Activation and proliferation signals in murine macrophages relationships among c fos and c myc expression phosphoinositide hydrolysis superoxide formation and dna synthesis

Noguchi T.; Takahashi H., 1992: Activation and quantitative estimation of bacteriophage t4 late regulatory signal in cis and trans conditions

Kaur C.; Ling E.A., 1992: Activation and re expression of surface antigen in microglia following an epidural application of kainic acid in the rat brain

Popper H.; Knipping G.; Czarnetzki B.M.; Steiner R.; Helleis G.; Auer H., 1989: Activation and release of enzymes and major basic protein from guinea pig eosinophil granulocytes induced by different inflammatory stimuli and other substances a histochemical biochemical and electron microscopic study

Dhar V.; Skoultchi A.I.; Schildkraut C.L., 1989: Activation and repression of a beta globin gene in cell hybrids is accompanied by a shift in its temporal replication

Thayer M.J.; Weintraub H., 1990: Activation and repression of myogenesis in somatic cell hybrids evidence for trans negative regulation of myod in primary fibroblasts

Zuo P.; Stanojevic D.; Colgan J.; Han K.; Levine M.; Manley J.L., 1991: Activation and repression of transcription by the gap proteins hunchback and krueppel in cultured drosophila cells

Qiao L.; Schuermann G.; Betzler M.; Meuer S.C., 1991: Activation and signaling status of human lamina propria t lymphocytes

Kanoh H.; Kanaho Y.; Nozawa Y., 1991: Activation and solubilization by triton x 100 of membrane bound phospholipase d of rat brain

Catty P.; Deterre P., 1991: Activation and solubilization of the retinal cyclic gmp specific phosphodiesterase by limited proteolysis role of the carboxyl terminal domain of the beta subunit

Eberspaecher U.; Gerwien J.; Habenicht U F.; Schleuning W D.; Donner P., 1991: Activation and subsequent degradation of proacrosin is mediated by zona pellucida glycoproteins negatively charged polysaccharides and dna

Bonhaus D.W.; Russell R.D.; Mcnamara J.O., 1991: Activation and substantia nigra pars reticulata neurons role in the initiation and behavioral expression of kindled seizures

Takahashi N.; Hotta H.; Homma M., 1991: Activation and suppression of a cryptic promoter in the intron of the human melanoma associated me491 antigen gene

Brittebo E.B.; Eriksso C.; Brandt I., 1990: Activation and toxicity of bromobenzene in nasal tissues in mice

Calothy G., 1988: Activation and transduction of c mil sequences in chicken neuroretina cells induced to proliferate by infection with avian lymphomatosis virus

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981874

Pinson D.M.; Phillips T.A.; Pace J.L.; Mackay R.J.; Russell S.W., 1991: Activation associated marker proteins peptide mapping and their expression in macrophage cell lines

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981876

Yoshizawa H.; Sakai K.; Chang A.E.; Shu S., 1991: Activation by anti cd3 of tumor draining lymph node cells for specific adoptive immunotherapy

Prieto S.; Bouillaud F.; Ricquier D.; Rial E., 1992: Activation by atp of a proton conducting pathway in yeast mitochondria

Letari O.; Nicosia S.; Chiavaroli C.; Vacher P.; Schlegel W., 1991: Activation by bacterial lipopolysaccharide causes changes in the cytosolic free calcium concentration in single peritoneal macrophages

Sakata K.; Maeda T.; Nakagawa H., 1989: Activation by cathepsin g of latent gelatinase secreted from rat polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981881

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981882

Knowles M.R.; Clarke L.L.; Boucher R.C., 1991: Activation by extracellular nucleotides of chloride secretion in the airway epithelia of patients with cystic fibrosis

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981884

Jankovic D.L.; Gibert M.; Baran D.; Ohara J.; Paul W.E.; Theze J., 1989: Activation by il 2 but not il 4 up regulates the expression of the p55 subunit of the il 2 receptor on il 2 and il 4 dependent t cell lines

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981886

Chang W.; Loretz C.A., 1992: Activation by membrane stretch and depolarization of an epithelial monovalent cation channel from teleost intestine

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981888

Marsault R.; Frelin C., 1992: Activation by nitric oxide of guanylate cyclase in endothelial from brain capillaries

Kurahashi T., 1989: Activation by odorants of cation selective conductance in the olfactory receptor cell isolated from the newt

Boiocchi M., 1988: Activation by point mutation of ki ras gene occurring in transfected human normal dna

Grahn M.F., 1988: Activation by reduction of the resting form of cytochrome c oxidase tests of different models and evidence for the involvement of copper b

Simon S.A.; Labarca P.; Robb R., 1989: Activation by saccharides of a cation selective pathway on canine lingual epithelium

Kanegasaki S., 1988: Activation by saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids of the superoxide anion generating system in a cell free preparation from neutrophils

Shilling F.; Mandel G.; Jaffe L.A., 1990: Activation by serotonin of starfish eggs expressing the rat serotonin 1c receptor

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981896

Maeda H.; Saiki I.; Yamamoto N.; Takahashi T.; Sekiguchi S.; Kiso M.; Hasegawa A.; Azuma I., 1990: Activation by synthetic lipid a subunit analogues gla compounds of tumoricidal properties in human blood monocytes

Yamasaki K.; Goto Y., 1989: Activation by systemic gaba of vagal efferent transmission in the rat correlation to its acid secretagogue action

Mizutani Y.; Yoshida O., 1991: Activation by the protein bound polysaccharide psk krestin of cytotoxic lymphocytes that act on fresh autologous tumor cells and t24 human urinary bladder transitional carcinoma cell line in patients with urinary bladder cancer

Rodriguez Gil J.E.; Gomez Foix A.M.; Fillat C.; Bosch F.; Guinovart J.J., 1991: Activation by vanadate of glycolysis in hepatocytes from diabetic rats

Gussin G.N.; Olson C.; Igarashi K.; Ishihama A., 1992: Activation defects caused by mutations in escherichia coli rpoa are promoter specific

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981902

Purohit U.S.; Verma N.C.; Bhagwat A.S., 1991: Activation dependent changes in microenvironment of spinach ribulose 1 5 bisphosphate carboxylase oxygenase

Wayner E.A.; Kovach N.L., 1992: Activation dependent recognition by hematopoietic cells of the ldv sequence in the v region of fibronectin

Beckerle M.C.; Miller D.E.; Bertagnolli M.E.; Locke S.J., 1989: Activation dependent redistribution of the adhesion plaque protein talin in intact human platelets

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981906

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981907

Barrett J.; Birrer M.J.; Kato G.J.; Dosaka Akita H.; Dang C.V., 1992: Activation domains of l myc and c myc determine their transforming potencies in rat embryo cells

Workman J.L.; Taylor I.C.A.; Kingston R.E., 1991: Activation domains of stably bound gal4 derivatives alleviate repression of promoters by nucleosomes

Mercep M.; Weissman A.M.; Frank S.J.; Klausner R.D.; Ashwell J.D., 1989: Activation driven programmed cell death and t cell receptor zeta eta expression

Ucker, D. S.; Ashwell, J. D.; Nickas, G., 1989: Activation driven t cell death i. requirements for de novo transcription and translation and association with genome fragmentation

Tan L., 1988: Activation effect of bcg phenol extract on mice macrophage

Belenikina N.S.; Strakhovskaya M.G.; Fraikin G.Ya, 1990: Activation effect of uv laser radiation on yeast growth

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981914

Krishtalik L.I., 1989: Activation energy and analysis of possible ways of oxygen photosynthetic evolution

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981916

Krishtalik L.I., 1990: Activation energy of photosynthetic oxygen evolution an attempt at theoretical analysis

Whitesell R.R.; Regen D.M.; Beth A.H.; Pelletier D.K.; Abumrad N.A., 1989: Activation energy of the slowest step in the glucose carrier cycle break at 23 c and correlation with membrane lipid fluidity

Bendelac A.; Matzinger P.; Seder R.A.; Paul W.E.; Schwartz R.H., 1992: Activation events during thymic selection

Scott D.W., 1988: Activation events in hapten specific b cells from tolerant mice

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981922

Bach M.K.; Brashler J.R.; Stout B.K.; Johnson H.G.; Sanders M.E.; Lin A.H.; Gorman R.R.; Bienkowski M.J.; Ishizaka T., 1992: Activation human eosinophils by platelet derived growth factor

Reiser P.J.; Lindley B.D., 1990: Activation in frog atrial trabeculae dependence on temperature and length

Miller F.J.Jr; Marcus M.L.; Brody M.J.; Gutterman D.D., 1991: Activation in the region of parabrachial nucleus elicits neurogenically mediated coronary vasoconstriction

Patel G.; Jones N.C., 1990: Activation in vitro of rna polymerase ii and iii directed transcription by baculovirus produced e1a protein

Kelley W.L.; Bastia D., 1992: Activation in vivo of the minimal replication origin beta of plasmid r6k requires a small target sequence essential for dna looping

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981928

Fromme P.; Graeber P., 1990: Activation inactivation and uni site catalysis by the reconstituted atp synthase from chloroplasts

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981930

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981931

Shi Y.; Szalay M.G.; Paskar L.; Boyer M.; Singh B.; Green D.R., 1990: Activation induced cell death in t cell hybridomas is due to apoptosis morphologic aspects and dna fragmentation

Foxwell B.M.J.; Taylor Fishwick D.A.; Simon J.L.; Page T.H.; Londei M., 1992: Activation induced changes in expression and structure of the il 7 receptor on human t cells

Groux H.; Torpier G.; Monte D.; Mouton Y.; Capron A.; Ameisen J.C., 1992: Activation induced death by apoptosis in cd4 positive t cells from human immunodeficiency virus infected asymptomatic individuals

Cenciarelli C.; Hou D.; Hsu K C.; Rellahan B.L.; Wiest D.L.; Smith H.T.; Fried V.A.; Weissman A.M., 1992: Activation induced ubiquitination of the t cell antigen receptor

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981936

Sala F., 1991: Activation kinetics of calcium currents in bull frog sympathetic neurons

Hestrin S.; Korenbrot J.I., 1990: Activation kinetics of retinal cones and rods response to intense flashes of light

Kostyuk P.G.; Shuba Y.M.; Teslenko V.I., 1989: Activation kinetics of single high threshold calcium channels in the membrane of sensory neurons from mouse embryos

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981940

Boyden P.A.; Frame L.H.; Hoffman B.F., 1989: Activation mapping of reentry around an anatomic barrier in the canine atrium observations during entrainment and termination

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981942

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981943

Kawashima S., 1988: Activation mechanism of calcium activated neutral protease evidence for the existence of intramolecular and intermolecular autolyses

Ueno E.; Sakai H.; Kato Y.; Yamamoto K., 1989: Activation mechanism of erythrocyte cathepsin e evidence for the occurrence of the membrane associated active enzyme

Miyoshi S I.; Shinoda S., 1992: Activation mechanism of human hageman factor plasma kallikrein kinin system by vibrio vulnificus metalloprotease

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981947

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981948

Ginis I.; Tauber A.I., 1990: Activation mechanisms of adherent human neutrophils

Ong R.C.; Yoo T.J.; Chiang T.M., 1991: Activation mechanisms of platelet activating factor in u937 cells possible involvement of protein kinase c

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981951

Derian C.K.; Lewis D.F., 1992: Activation of 15 lipoxygenase by low density lipoprotein in vascular endothelial cells relationship to the oxidative modification of low density lipoprotein

Buonarati M.H.; Felton J.S., 1990: Activation of 2 amino 1 methyl 6 phenylimidazo 4 5 b pyridine phip to mutagenic metabolites

Schwartz, E. L.; Nilson, L. A., 1989: Activation of 2' 5' oligoadenylate synthetase activity on induction of hl 60 leukemia cell differentiation

Iba, M. M.; Thomas, P. E., 1988: Activation of 3 3' dichlorobenzidine in rat liver microsomes to mutagens involvement of cytochrome p 450d

Chen J.; Van Praag H.M.; Gardner E.L., 1991: Activation of 5 ht 3 receptor by 1 phenylbiguanide increases dopamine release in the rat nucleus accumbens

Hedlund P.; Von Euler G.; Fuxe K., 1991: Activation of 5 hydroxytryptamine 1a receptors increases the affinity of galanin receptors in di and telencephalic areas of the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981958

Butovich I.A.; Soloshonok V.A.; Solodenko V.A.; Kukhar' V.P., 1990: Activation of 5 lipoxygenase by lipophilic n alkyl containing acids is an allosteric process

Marchand M.J.; Maisin L.; Hue L.; Rousseau G.G., 1992: Activation of 6 phosphofructo 2 kinase by pp60v src is an indirect effect

Mays D.C.; Hilliard J.B.; Wong D.D.; Gerber N., 1989: Activation of 8 methoxypsoralen by cytochrome p 450 enzyme kinetics of covalent binding and influence of inhibitors and inducers of drug metabolism

Luecking C.H., 1988: Activation of a 1 adenosine receptors decreases the release of serotonin in the rabbit hippocampus but not in the caudate nucleus

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981964

Kroeger Koepke M.B.; Koepke S.R.; Hernandez L.; Michejda C.J., 1992: Activation of a beta hydroxyalkylnitrosamine to alkylating agents evidence for the involvement of a sulfotransferase

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981966

Inoue N.; Matsui H., 1990: Activation of a brain type sodium pump after glutamate excitation of cerebral neurons

Salser S.J.; Kenyon C., 1992: Activation of a caenorhabditis elegans antennapedia homologue in migrating cells controls their direction of migration

Isaacs J.T., 1988: Activation of a calcium magnesium dependent endonuclease as an early event in castration induced prostatic cell death

Ogata E., 1988: Activation of a calcium permeable cation channel by insulin like growth factor ii in balb c 3t3 cells

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981971

Huppe H.C.; Buchanan B.B., 1989: Activation of a chloroplast type of fructose bisphosphatase from chlamydomonas reinhardtii by light mediated agents

Dankocsik C.; Donovan W.P.; Jany C.S., 1990: Activation of a cryptic crystal protein gene of bacillus thuringiensis ssp kurstaki by gene fusion and determination of the crystal protein insecticidal specificity

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981974

Smith C.J.; Owen C.; Kirby L., 1992: Activation of a cryptic streptomycin resistance gene in the bacteroides erm transposon tn4551

Brune B.; Lapetina E.G., 1989: Activation of a cytosolic adp ribosyltransferase by nitric oxide generating agents

Cohen S., 1988: Activation of a cytosolic serine protein kinase by epidermal growth factor

Harsanyi K.; Mangel S.C., 1992: Activation of a d 2 receptor increases electrical coupling between retinal horizontal cells by inhibiting dopamine release

Kim Y.T.; Churchich J.E., 1989: Activation of a flavoprotein by proteolysis

Ward, C. R.; Storey, B. T.; Kopf, G. S., 1992: Activation of a g i protein in mouse sperm membranes by solubilized proteins of the zona pellucida the egg's extracellular matrix

Wilde M.W.; Ward C.R.; Kopf G.S., 1992: Activation of a g protein in mouse sperm by the zona pellucida an egg associated extracellular matrix

Walsh K.B., 1991: Activation of a heart chloride current during stimulation of protein kinase c

Reymann K.G.; Davies S.N.; Matthies H.; Kase H.; Collingridge G.L., 1990: Activation of a k 252b sensitive protein kinase is necessary for a post synaptic phase of long term potentiation in area ca1 of rat hippocampus

Kast R.; Fuerstenberger G.; Marks F., 1991: Activation of a keratinocyte phospholipase a 2 by bradykinin and 4 beta phorbol 12 myristate 13 acetate evidence for a receptor gtp binding protein versus a protein kinase c mediated mechanism

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981985

Zhao, A. Z.; Colin, A. M.; Bell, J.; Baker, M.; Char, B. R.; Maxson, R., 1990: Activation of a late h2b histone gene in blastula stage sea urchin embryos by an unusual enhancer element located 3' of the gene

Tanaka S.; Aketagawa J.; Takahashi S.; Shibata Y.; Tsumuraya Y.; Hashimoto Y., 1991: Activation of a limulus coagulation factor g by 1 3 beta d glucans

Leu T H.; Hamlin J.L., 1992: Activation of a mammalian origin of replication by chromosomal rearrangement

Singh T.J., 1990: Activation of a manganese dependent membrane protein kinase by serine and tyrosine phosphorylation

Noguchi, T.; Galland, F.; Batoz, M.; Mattei, M. G.; Birnbaum, D., 1988: Activation of a mcf.2 oncogene by deletion of amino terminal coding sequences

Hazen S.L.; Ford D.A.; Gross R.W., 1991: Activation of a membrane associated phospholipase a 2 during rabbit myocardial ischemia which is highly selective for plasmalogen substrate

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981992

Cahill A.L.; Perlman R.L., 1991: Activation of a microtubule associated protein 2 kinase by insulin like growth factor i in bovine chromaffin cells

Shapiro D.N.; Varani J.; Ginsburg I., 1989: Activation of a murine t cell hybridoma by cationized bacteria

Nakamura T.; Takahashi K.; Koyanagi M.; Yagita H.; Okumura K., 1991: Activation of a natural killer clone upon target cell binding via cd2

Bol'shakov V.Yu; Drobchenko E.A.; Landa S.B.; Peimer S.I., 1990: Activation of a neuron generator of luciola mingrelica luminescence flashes under the effect of pulse x radiation

Woodruff R.I.; Telfer W.H., 1990: Activation of a new physiological state at the onset of vitellogenesis in hyalophora follicles

Ekena K.; Liao M K.; Maloy S., 1990: Activation of a new proline transport system in salmonella typhimurium

Section 7, Chapter 6982, Accession 006981999

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