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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6982

Chapter 6982 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mittal K.R.; Higgins R.; Lariviere S., 1989:
Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serotype 8 isolates and their antigenic relationships with other actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serotypes

Sneath P.H.A.; Stevens M., 1990:
Actinobacillus rossii new species actinobacillus seminis new species revived name pasteurella bettii new species pasteurella lymphangitidis new species pasteurella mairi new species and pasteurella trehalosi new species

Peel, M.M.; Hornidge, K.A.; Luppino, M.; Stacpoole, A.M.; Weaver, R.E., 1991:
Actinobacillus spp. and related bacteria in infected wounds of humans bitten by horses and sheep

Elad D.; Tsur I.; Shlomovitz S.; Bargai U., 1991:
Actinobacillus suis like organism in a mare first report in israel and a brief review of the literature

Jiang C.; X.L.; Yang Y R.; Guo G Y.; M.J.; Liu Y., 1991:
Actinobispora of the order actinomycetales

Christensen W.K., 1990:
Actinocamax primus arkhangelsky belemnitellidae upper cretaceous biometry comparison and biostratigraphy

Richardson S.; Janovy J.Jr, 1990:
Actinocephalus carrilynnae new species apicomplexa eugregarinorida from the blue damselfly enallagma civile hagen

Potekhina N.V.; Terekhova L.P.; Naumova I.B., 1989:
Actinomadura cremea cell wall polymers

Mertz F.P.; Yao R.C., 1990:
Actinomadura fibrosa new species isolated from soil

Miyadoh S.; Anzai H.; Amano S.; Shomura T., 1989:
Actinomadura malachitica and microtetraspora viridis are synonyms and should be transferred as actinomadura viridis new combination

Terekhova L.P.; Galatenko O.A.; Preobrazhenskaya T.P.; Tolstykh I.V.; Ol'khovatova O.L.; Malkina N.D.; Rubtsova E.V., 1991:
Actinomadura spp as antibiotic producing organisms

Galatenko O.A.; Terekhova L.P.; Rudenskaya Y.A.; Evtushenko L.I.; Akimova V.N., 1989:
Actinomadura uncinata new species

Goebe L.; Matthes E M.; Kurtzmann M., 1990:
Actinomyces detection on the iud consequences?

Johnson J.L.; Moore L.V.H.; Kaneko B.; Moore W.E.C., 1990:
Actinomyces georgiae new species actinomyces gerencseriae new species designation of two genospecies of actinomyces naeslundii and inclusion of actinomyces naeslundii serotypes ii and iii and actinomyces viscosus serotype ii in actinomyces naeslundii genospecies 2

Guerin Faublee V.; Karray S.; Tilly B.; Richard Y., 1992:
Actinomyces pyogenes standard and api bacteriological studies of 103 strains isolated from ruminants

Ellen, R.P.; Buivids, I.A.; Simardone, J.R., 1989:
Actinomyces viscosus fibril antigens detected by immunogold electron microscopy

Sariaslani F.S.; Omer C.A., 1992:
Actinomycete cytochromes p 450 involved in oxidative metabolism biochemistry and molecular biology

Lawton P.; Whitaker A.; Odell D.; Stowell J.D., 1989:
Actinomycete morphology in shaken culture

Nakagaito Y.; Hasegawa T., 1991:
Actinomycete strains isolated from fallen leaves in mangrove areas

Evtushenko L.I.; Lysak L.V.; Dobrovol'skaya T.G.; Chernyakovskaya N.F.; Zgurskaya E.I.; Il'chenko V.Ya; Adanin V.M.; Kalakutskii L.V., 1991:
Actinomycetes containing diaminobutyric acid in the cell wall isolated from soil

A.G.unaim M.Y.; Diab A.; A.H.rtani H.M., 1989:
Actinomycetes forming spore vesicles sporangia in the desert soil of kuwait

Whitaker A., 1992:
Actinomycetes in submerged culture

Joseph K.; Kothandaraman R.; Mathew J., 1988:
Actinomycetes population of rubber growing soils and its antagonistic activity against phytophthora meadii mc rae

Singh, M.; Kaur, B., 1989:
Actinomycetic corneal ulcer

Mori M.; Michimata T.; Yamaguchi M.; Yamada M.; Iriuchijima T.; Kobayashi S., 1989:
Actinomycin d affects trh induced heterogeneous forms of glycosylated tsh in rat anterior pituitary

Yu, F.L.; Bender, W., 1990:
Actinomycin D binding in vitro: active chromatin preferred

Huang, Y.Q.; Rehfuss, R.P.; LaPlante, S.R.; Boudreau, E.; Borer, P.N.; Lane, M.J., 1988:
Actinomycin D induced DNase I cleavage enhancement caused by sequence specific propagation of an altered DNA structure

Bishop, K.D.; Borer, P.N.; Huang, Y.Q.; Lane, M.J., 1991:
Actinomycin D induced DNase I hypersensitivity and asymmetric structure transmission in a DNA hexadecamer

Segond N.; Delehaye M.C.; Jullienne A.; Taboulet J.; Minvielle S.; Milhaud G.; Moukhtar M.S., 1989:
Actinomycin d inhibits the rapid increase in translatable calcitonin messenger rna provoked by acute calcium stimulation

Martins R.H.G.; Heshiki Z.; Luchesi N.R.; Marques M.E.A., 1991:
Actinomycosis and botryomycosis of the tonsil

Schwitter J.; Rohner P.; Makek M.; Lareida J.; Wust J.; Greminger P.; Vogt M., 1991:
Actinomycosis clinical and therapeutic considerations based on two personal observations

Lavy, A.; Berkowitz, D.; Nitezky, S., 1990:
Actinomycosis imitating acute appendicitis

Rushrash, G.; Rasem, G.; Amar, M.; Rabinson, S., 1992:
Actinomycosis mimicking abdominal neoplasm

Kornas Dubejko A.; Siezieniewska Z.; Modzelewska I., 1988:
Actinomycosis of lymph nodes coexistent with toxoplasmosis in a boy aged 11 years

Brignall, I.D.; Gilhooly, M., 1989:
Actinomycosis of the tongue. A diagnostic dilemma

Serra D.E.; Alvarez E.; Cisella Y.; Amprino M.M.; Molina R., 1988:
Actinomycosis report of three cases with different anatomoclinical localization

Kriz J.; Cupr Z.; Belkov I.; Peresta K., 1989 :
Actinomycosis within the material of the first obstetrical and gynecological clinic in brno czechoslovakia

Lukacs L.; Kiss T.; Gobel G.; Fazekas Z.; Csanaky G., 1992:
Actinomycotic cases with abdominal localization

Bapat, K.C.; Pandit, A.A., 1991:
Actinomycotic mycetoma. Report of a case with diagnosis by fine needle aspiration

Yoshida M.; Matsubara K.; Kudo T.; Horikoshi K., 1991:
Actinopolyspora mortivallis new species a moderately halophilic actinomycete

Vavra N., 1988:
Actinopora complicata viskova and endelman cyclostomata a rare bryozoan from the helveticum paleocene of haunsberg northern salzburg austria

D.D.; Baker D.D., 1992:
Actinorhizal host specificity of chinese frankia strains

Brook A.J.; Williamson D.B., 1990:
Actinotaenium habeebense new combination irenee marie a rare drought resistant desmid

Arakawa O.; Ikeda T., 1989:
Action analysis of plural rats in an open field

Przylipiak, A.F.; Kiesel, L.; Karenberg, T.A.; Przylipiak, M.S.; Runnebaum, B., 1990:
Action and formation of inositol bisphosphate and inositol trisphosphate in rat anterior pituitary cells

Fuiwara Sakata M.; Muneoka Y.; Kobayashi M., 1991:
Action and immunoreactivity of neuropeptides in the buccal neuromuscular system of a prosobranch mollusc rapana thomasiana

Serrano M.; Romojaro F.; Casas J.L.; Del Rio J.A.; Acosta M., 1990:
Action and mechanism of alpha aminoisobutyric acid as a retardant of cut carnation senescence

Van Leeuwen C.; Buffart H., 1991:
Action at a distance evidence for network models from plausibility ratings of novel compounds

X.S.; E.A., 1991:
Action characterization of inverted membrane vesicles of temperature sensitive secy 100 in protein translocation

Rholes W.S.; Michas L.; Shroff J., 1989:
Action control as a vulnerability factor in dysphoria

Lee J.B.; Yoon M.; Kim C.; Hong S.S.; Ryu K., 1990:
Action mechanism of antiestrogens on uterine growth in immature rats

Kouji H.; Masuda T.; Matsunaka S., 1989:
Action mechanism of diphenyl ether herbicides stimulation of 5 aminolevulinic acid synthesizing system activities

Morishima Y.; Osabe H.; Goto Y., 1990:
Action mechanism of dlh 1777 a novel 4 pyridone 3 carboxamide herbicide peroxidizing activity and accumulation of porphyrins

Seguchi K.; Kurotaki M.; Sekido S.; Yamaguchi I., 1992:
Action mechanism of n cyanomethyl 2 chloroisonicotinamide in controlling rice blast disease

Vasilevskaya L.S.; Gil'metdinova V.T., 1990:
Action mechanism of oral glutamate doses on the gastric secretory function

Dubinina E.N.; Luk'yanov E.V.; Kozlov Y.V.; Baev A.A., 1988:
Action mechanism of shiga toxin

Vamvakides A., 1991:
Action mechanism of the adamantamines do their activity on the glutamatergic nmda receptors operate in the expression of their pharmacological profile?

Gorbunov N.V.; Erin A.N., 1991:
Action mechanism of the antioxidant carnosine

Ogino S.; Harada T.; Matsunaga T.; Tominaga Y., 1988:
Action mechanism of tranilast in secretory otitis media

Lee S.K.; Clark N.B.; Brown S.C., 1990:
Action of 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 and parathyroid hormone on calcium 45 uptake by the yolk sac membrane of chick embryos

Sparchez C.; Bercea V.; Soran V., 1988:
Action of 24 ec trifluron on the distribution of stomata in maize plantlets

Romanenko A.V.; Vovk A.I., 1988:
Action of 3 benzylthiazolium chloride derivatives on neuromuscular transmission

Molinengo L.; Oggero L.; Ghi P.; Orsetti M., 1991:
Action of a chronic disulfiram administration on memory decay and on central cholinergic and adrenergic systems

Haukanes B I.; Helland D.E.; Kleppe K., 1989:
Action of a mammalian ap endonuclease on dna of defined sequences

Fujii, M.; Okabayashi, Y.; Nakamura, T.; Tani, S.; Fujisawa, T.; Otsuki, M., 1990:
Action of a new cholinergic agonist, aclatonium napadisilate, on isolated rat pancreatic acini

Delorme P., 1989:
Action of a preventive treatment of vinburnine on cerebral tissue subjected to ischemia an ultrastructural study

Shapiro, J.A.; Leach, D., 1990:
Action of a transposable element in coding sequence fusions

Injac M.; Peric P., 1989:
Action of acaricide inhibitors of development on phytophagous acarids and occurrence of predators in the apple tree orchard

Hosli L.; Hosli E.; Briotta G.D.; Quadri L.; Heuss L., 1988:
Action of acetylcholine muscarine nicotine and antagonists on the membrane potential of astrocytes in cultured rat brainstem and spinal cord

Horváth, E.; Varga, B.; Stark, E., 1991:
Action of ACTH in the luteal ovary

Díaz Regueira, S.M.; Lamas, M.A.; Fernández Otero, M.P., 1991:
Action of actinomycin D on glycosidase levels in the small intestine of hamsters

Reviriego J.; Alonso M.J.; Ibanez C.; Marin J., 1990:
Action of adenosine and characterization of adenosine receptors in human placental vasculature

Feit C.; Roche M., 1988:
Action of adenosine on intestinal motility after experimental mesenteric ischemia in the dog

Minuth, W.W.; Struck, M.; Zwanzig, M.; Gross, P., 1989:
Action of aldosterone on citrate synthase in cultured renal collecting duct cells

Zwanzig, M.; Minuth, W.W.; Gross, P., 1990:
Action of aldosterone on cultured renal collecting duct cells during the latent period

Minuth, W.W.; Zwanzig, M.; Gross, P., 1989:
Action of aldosterone on protein expression in cultured collecting duct cells from neonatal rabbit kidney

Anastasia M.; Allevi P.; Ciuffreda P.; Fiecchi A.; Scala A., 1991:
Action of alkali on o benzylated aldoses a simple rationalization of some reactions occurring in alkaline media

Seneviratne H.D.; Biliaderis C.G., 1991:
Action of alpha amylases on amylose lipid complex superstructures

Kondo T.; Magee D.F.; Murphy R.F.; Naruse S.; Pap A., 1989:
Action of amino acids on stomach pancreas and gallbladder in dogs

L.P.tourel G.N.J.; Zhou J.J., 1990:
Action of amorphous silica dusts on the german cockroach blattella germanica linnaeus orthoptera blattidae

Koch R.; Antranikian G., 1990:
Action of amylolytic and pullulytic enzymes from various anaerobic thermophiles on linear and branched glucose polymers

Kumamoto E.; Shinnick Gallagher P., 1990:
Action of an irreversible acetylcholine esterase inhibitor soman on muscarinic hyperpolarization in cat bladder parasympathetic ganglia

Klimova K.N.; Pukhova Y.I.; Priezzheva L.S.; Makarskaya G.V.; Terskov I.A., 1990:
Action of antibodies on group specific substance of the erythrocyte aboh antigenic system

Psarropoulou C.; Haas H.L., 1989:
Action of anticonvulsants on hippocampal slices in magnesium free medium

Contreras C.M.; Alcala Herrera V.; Marvan M.L., 1989 :
Action of antidepressants on the septal nuclei of the rat

Elliott P., 1990:
Action of antiepileptic and anesthetic drugs on sodium and calcium spikes in mammalian non myelinated axons

Malva J.O.; Lopes M.C.F.; Vale M.G.P.; Carvalho A.P., 1990:
Action of antiestrogens on the calcium plus magnesium atpase and sodium ion calcium ion exchange of brain cortex membranes

Osipenko O.N., 1990:
Action of arginine vasopressin and its derivatives on brain neurons of helix pomatia

Schertling M.; Winsel K.; Mueller S.; Henning R.; Meiske W.; Slapke J., 1990:
Action of ascorbic acid on clinical course of infection related bronchial asthma and on reactive oxygen metabolites by bal cells

Senn N.; Jeanclos E.; Garay R., 1991:
Action of azelastine on intracellular calcium in cultured airway smooth muscle

Gol'dina O.A.; Moskvitina T.A.; Gankina E.M.; Kirkel' A.Z.; Kamyshanskaya N.S.; Lopatina K.I.; Sokolova T.V.; Zagorevskii V.A.; Val'dman A.V.; Gorkin V.Z., 1991:
Action of befol and its derivatives on monoamine oxidase from different sources

Kulcsar Gergely J., 1989:
Action of beta adrenoceptor blockers in liver function of rats

Gutnisky, A.; Gimeno, A.L., 1989:
Action of blood serum from rats with turpentine sterile inflammation on the development of CFU erythrocyte colonies. Possible role of erythropoietin

Zhang H.; Gaginella T.S.; Chen X.; Cornwell D.G., 1991:
Action of bradykinin at the cyclooxygenase step in prostanoid synthesis through the arachidonic acid cascade

Spindler, K.D.; Spindler-Barth, M.; Turberg, A.; Adam, G., 1992:
Action of brassinosteroids on the epithelial cell line from Chironomus tentans

Ktistakis N.T.; Linder M.E.; Roth M.G., 1992:
Action of brefeldin a blocked by activation of a pertussis toxin sensitive g protein

Fuller, R.W.; Choudry, N.B.; Eriksson, G., 1991:
Action of budesonide on asthmatic bronchial hyperresponsiveness. Effects on directly and indirectly acting bronchoconstrictors

Hawkes F.; Kihn Y., 1989:
Action of cadmium on mitochondria ctem and eels studies in two orthopteran insects during meiosis and spermiogenesis

Gandhi R.K.; Khanduja K., 1992:
Action of caffeine in altering the carcinogen activating and detoxifying enzymes in mice

Musk S.R.R.; Pillidge L.; Johnson R.T.; Downes C.S., 1990:
Action of caffeine on dna replication after uv irradiation in indian muntjac cells no connection with action on cell cycle delay

Beretta G.; Beretta G.L.; Migliorelli C., 1990:
Action of calcitonin on withdrawal symptoms and pain

Ucieklak A.; Dryl S., 1990:
Action of calcium channel blockers on potassium induced ciliary reversal in paramecium octaurelia strain 299s

Lee Y.; Kang B.G., 1989:
Action of calcium on ethylene biosynthesis induced by auxin and cytokinin in mungbean hypocotyl segments

Adjibadé, Y.; Hue, B.; Pelhate, M.; Anton, R., 1991 :
Action of calycanthine on nervous transmission in cockroach central nervous system

Gilberti G.; Villa A.; Rapuzzi G., 1988:
Action of capsaicin on nucleus tractus solitarii

Dos Santos E., 1991:
Action of captopril on acute adrenaline pulmonary edema

Ferri A., 1990:
Action of catalase on peroxoacetic acid kinetic studies

Comby F.; Jambut Absil A C.; Thomes J.C.; Lagorce J.F.; Claude J.; Buxeraud J.; Raby C., 1989:
Action of certain molecules on thyroid function and influence on weight gain in treated animals

Struchkov V.A.; Suslova O.A.; Lobachev V.M., 1988:
Action of chanerol on dna superhelical structure of s 37 cells

Green A.R.; Davies E.M.; Little H.J.; Whittington M.A.; Cross A.J., 1990:
Action of chlormethiazole in a model of ethanol withdrawal

Gutierrez Rosales F.; Garrido Fernandez J.; Gallardo Guerrero L.; Gandul Rojas B.; Minguez Mosquera M.I., 1992:
Action of chlorophylls on the stability of virgin olive oil

Pozo, M.J.; Salido, G.M.; Madrid, J.A., 1990:
Action of cholecystokinin on the dog sphincter of Oddi: influence of anti-cholinergic agents

Katiyar, S.K.; Ghoshal, S.; Gupta, A.K.; Das, S.R.; Pandey, V.C.; Sagar, P., 1988:
Action of cholesterol on virulence related biochemical functions of Entamoeba histolytica

Molinengo L.; Fundaro A.M.; Cassone M.C., 1988:
Action of chronic arecoline administration on mouse motility and on acetylcholine concentrations in the cns

Lewis R.J.; Hoy A.W.W.; Mcgiffin D.C., 1992:
Action of ciguatoxin on human atrial trabeculae

Galeano C.; Corcos J.; Carmel M.; Jubelin B., 1989:
Action of clonidine on micturitional reflexes in decerebrate cats

Bukharova I.K.; Revazova E.S.; Moroz L.V., 1990:
Action of cortifen on human tumor strains transplanted into nude mice and rats

Lee L.E.J.; Bols N.C., 1989:
Action of cortisol on the proliferation of rainbow trout fibroblasts

Pilsudski R.; Rougier O.; Tourneur Y., 1990:
Action of cromakalim on potassium membrane conductance in isolated heart myocytes of frog

Rashedi M.; Maraud R.; Audine M.; Piet M.; Castet M.C., 1991:
Action of crossed grafted embryonic testes between quail and chick embryos and the mechanism of female bird masculinization

Kobayashi S.; Nakashima K., 1991:
Action of cyclodextrin glucanotransferase on dimaltosyl alpha cyclodextrins and diglucosyl alpha cyclodextrins

Salminen L.; Uosukainen M.; Mattsson P.; Korpela T., 1990:
Action of cyclodextrins on germinating seeds and on micropropagated plants

Wastling, J.M.; Gerrard, D.; Walker, J.; Chappell, L.H., 1990:
Action of cyclosporin A on the tapeworm Hymenolepis diminuta in mice

Chappell L.H.; Wastling J.M.; Hurd H., 1989:
Action of cyclosporin a on the tapeworms hymenolepis microstoma hymenolepis diminuta and mesocestoides corti in vivo

Aitkhozhina N.A.; Ismagulova G.A., 1989:
Action of cytisine on the transport of messenger rna to the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells plants and animals

Molinengo L.; Orsetti M., 1988:
Action of dfp and of diacetylmonoxime on acetylcholine levels and on cholinesterase activity in the central nervous system

Gorneva G.A.; Bergol'ts V.V.; Mladenova I.P.; Smirnova Z.S.; Nikolaeva T.G.; Dobrynin Y.V., 1989:
Action of di 2 halogenoethylhydrazides of amino acids on dna synthesis in normal and tumor cells and on cell cycle kinetics in mice with melanoma b 16 F.; Truscello A.; Martinotti G.; B.; Magnani B.; Martinotti A., 1990:
Action of diazepam on the mitochondrial respiration

Backus K.H.; Pflimlin P.; Trube G., 1991:
Action of diazepam on the voltage dependent sodium current comparison with the effects of phenytoin carbamazepine lidocaine and flumazenil

Yamakawa J., 1991:
Action of dimethyl sulfoxide to endocochlear dc potential

Alder G.M.; Bashford C.L.; Pasternak C.A., 1990:
Action of diphtheria toxin does not depend on the induction of large stable pores across biological membranes

Balashov A.M.; Surkina I.D.; Gotovtseva E.P.; Petrichenko O.B.; Panchenko L.F., 1990:
Action of dipyridamole on opioid peptides and alpha interferon levels in blood

Mal'dov D.G., 1991:
Action of dithiothreitol treatment on protein pattern and phosphorylation in the nuclear matrix isolated from rat liver and zajdela hepatoma

Lebenka A.Yu, 1988:
Action of dna methylation on transformation efficiency in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Andreica V.; Georoceanu A.; Dumitrascu D.; Pascu O.; Draghici A., 1990:
Action of duodenogastric reflux on the gastric mucosa carbonic anhydrase

Noguchi N.; Yoshida Y.; Kaneda H.; Yamamoto Y.; Niki E., 1992:
Action of ebselen as an antioxidant against lipid peroxidation

Taylor C.; Cheetham N.W.H.; Slodki M.E.; Walker G.J., 1990:
Action of endo 1 6 alpha d glucanases on the soluble dextrans produced by three extracellular alpha d glucosyltransferases of streptococcus sobrinus

Rokitansky, A.M.; Losert, U.M.; Trubel, W.; Wieselthaler, G.; Krausler, S.; Shreiner, W.; Buxbaum, P.; Vierhapper, H.; Waldhäusl, W.K.; Wolner, E., 1990:
Action of endogenous atrial natriuretic peptide in calves with experimental acute central venous congestion and low cardiac output

Skalka M.; Cejkova M., 1990:
Action of endogenous chromatin bound nucleases in cell nuclei suppressed by adriamycin and other intercalators

Lopez, Y.; Fioramonti, J.; Bueno, L., 1991:
Action of endogenous prostaglandins on postprandial pyloric motility: a possible modulation by fats

You S.; Fan J.; Lin S.; Wang Z., 1988:
Action of enkephalin of anterior hypothalamus in the inhibitory effect of pressor reflex of carotid sinus during acute myocardial ischemia

Tsuda H.; Sawada T.; Nakakuma H.; Kawaguchi T.; Kawakita M.; Takatsuki K., 1990:
Action of erythropoietin epo in da 1er cells is independent of inositol lipid transduction

Popov L.A.; Zhitnikova A.Ya; Gurkovskaya A.V., 1991:
Action of estradiol in uterine tissue with impaired innervation

Stoll R.; Faucounau N.; Maraud R., 1990:
Action of estradiol on muellerian duct regression induced by treatment with norethindrone of female chick embryos

Zapevina V.V.; Polyakova L.A.; Nikolaeva S.A., 1990:
Action of ethacizine and its combination with digoxin and glutamic acid on hemodynamics and myocardial contractility in patients with impaired cardiac rhythm

Talanova V.V.; Titov A.F., 1989:
Action of exogenous hormones and protein synthesis inhibitors at low and high temperatures damaging tomato plants

Kostenko L.Kh; Filippov V.I.; Kuznetsov A.A.; Pluzyan M.A., 1988:
Action of ferrocolloid on some parameters of erythrocytes

Avalos A.; Vicente C., 1989:
Action of filipin on phytochrome modulated d usnic acid nad positive h oxido reductase activity in the lichen evernia prunastri

Norris, B.J.; Calabrese, R.L., 1990:
Action of FMRFamide on longitudinal muscle of the leech, Hirudo medicinalis

Hoffmeister S.A.H., 1989:
Action of foot activator on growth and differentiation of cells in hydra

Karpov L.M.; Polesya T.L., 1989:
Action of functionally bound vitamins and their coenzymic forms on the activity of 2 oxo acid dehydrogenases in mouse organs

Tankelyun O.V.; Polevoi V.V., 1989:
Action of fusicoccin on the atpase activity in the plasmalemma fraction isolated from maize coleoptiles

Garcia I.; Aisina R.B.; Ancheta O.; Pascual C., 1989:
Action of gastric juice on microencapsulated invertase

Mcgivern J.; Scholfield C.N., 1991:
Action of general anesthetics on unclamped calcium mediated currents in unmyelinated axons of rat olfactory cortex

Basalah M.O., 1989:
Action of gibberellic acid on germination of squash seeds

Puviani A.C.; Ottolenghi C.; Gavioli M.E.; Fabbri E.; Brighenti L., 1990:
Action of glucagon and glucagon like peptide on glycogen metabolism of trout isolated hepatocytes

Passaretti, S.; Franzoni, M.; Comin, U.; Donzelli, R.; Rocca, F.; Colombo, E.; Ferrara, A.; Dinelli, M.; Prada, A.; Curzio, M., 1991:
Action of glucomannans on complaints in patients affected with chronic constipation: a multicentric clinical evaluation

Tomita K.; Yano T.; Kitagata T.; Ando N.; Kumagai H.; Tochikura T., 1989:
Action of glutaminase in a model system of a soy sauce fermentation

Kean W.F.; Lock C.J.L.; Somers D.; Rischke J.; Nablo L.; Kassam Y.B.; Hogan M.G.; Buchanan W.W.; Howard Lock H.E., 1991:
Action of gold sodium thiomalate on experimental thrombosis in vivo

Jaroszewski J.W.; Kaplan O.; Cohen J.S., 1990:
Action of gossypol and rhodamine 123 on wild type and multidrug resistant mcf 7 human breast cancer cells phosphorus 31 nmr and toxicity studies

Beleslin D.B.; Terzic B.; Samardzic R.; Jovanovic Micic D., 1988:
Action of guanabenz on the peristaltic reflex and on rhythmic spontaneous movements of isolated ileum of the rabbit are the alpha 2 adrenoceptors a homogenous population

Authi, K.S.; Rao, G.H.R.; Evenden, B.J.; Crawford, N., 1988:
Action of guanosine 5' beta thiodiphosphate on thrombin induced activation and calcium mobilization in saponin permeabilized and intact human platelets

Matsuda Y.; Fujimura K., 1992:
Action of habenular efferents on ventral tegmental area neurons studied in vitro

Allard B.; Jacquemond V.; Lemtiri Chlieh F.; Pourrias B.; Rougier O., 1991:
Action of heptaminol hydrochloride on contractile properties in frog isolated twitch muscle fibre

Ravi K.; Teo K.K.; Kappagoda C.T., 1989:
Action of histamine on the rapidly adapting airway receptors in the dog

Chaleil D.; Regnault J.P.; Allain P.; Motta R.; Raynaud G.; Bouvet P., 1988:
Action of human methanogenic microbial flora on bismuth absorption and deposition in the rat

Chen S.; Zhang W.; Ying S.; L.X.; Sun L.; Zhang G., 1991:
Action of human plasma lipoproteins on platelet functions

Loring, S.H., 1992:
Action of human respiratory muscles inferred from finite element analysis of rib cage

Escalda A.; Carvalho L.S.; Laranjeira L.; Cruz J.M.; Carvalho J.S., 1988:
Action of hypothermy on hepatic portal circulation

Escalda A.; Alves N.; Escalda M.; Carvalho L.S.; Laranjeira L.; Carvalho J.S.; Cruz J.M., 1988:
Action of hypothermy on systemic circulation in the dog

Dobreva E.; Antonova T.; Veltscheva P., 1988:
Action of immobilized bacterial enzyme preparation syrenin from bacillus mesentericus on milk as substrate

Soltero I.; Fuenmayor I.; Colmenares A.; Arias F.; Pecora G., 1989:
Action of indapamide on lipid profiles a double blind crossover study

Kim H.J.; Lee J.S., 1989:
Action of inositol 1 4 5 trisphosphate in vitro transport of calcium in isolated tonoplast vesicles

Bynum E.D.Jr; Archer T.L.; Plapp F.W.Jr, 1990:
Action of insecticides to spider mites acari tetranychidae on corn in the texas high plains usa toxicity resistance and synergistic combinations

Epand R.M.; Stafford A.R.; Debanne M.T., 1991:
Action of insulin in rat adipocytes and membrane properties

Ninane, V.; Gorini, M.; Estenne, M., 1991:
Action of intercostal muscles on the lung in dogs

Polyakova A.M.; Lomazova K.D.; Kravchenko A.V.; Maleev V.V., 1989:
Action of interferon and reaferon on the functional activity of human thrombocytes

Tartakovskii I.S.; Marakusha B.I.; Kuznetsov V.V.; Nebozhina L.V.; Prozorovskii S.V., 1988:
Action of interferon preparations on legionella strains of different species and serotypes

Parkash P., 1991:
Action of intracerebroventricular morphine on eeg of thyroid regulating loci of canine brain

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Action of kynuramine in a dinoflagellate stimulation of bioluminescence in gonyaulax polyedra

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Action of laser light on the ocular development of chick embryos

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Action of levan fructotransferase of arthrobacter ureafaciens on levan and phlein

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Action of lh fsh and dibutyryl cyclic amp on the conversion of tritiated 19 hydroxyandrostenedione into estrogens by fetal and infantile rat ovaries in organ culture

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Action of light on frog pigment cells in culture

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Action of low doses of organophosphoric pesticides in rat part i. effect of oral administration of owadofos and nogos

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Action of magnesium salts on the toxic effects of calcium overload in isolated and perfused rat heart

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Action of mercurials on tritiated cyclic amp binding to the regulatory subunit ii of cyclic amp dependent protein kinase

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Action of methylene blue and hemoglobin in rabbit aorta in relation to the surface of drug entry

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Action of methylglyoxal bid guanyl hydrazone and related antiprotozoals on acanthamoeba culbertsoni

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Action of microbes antagonists on bacilli and corynebacteria on the breast skin of nursing women

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Action of monadenium lugardiae latex on guinea pig ileum

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Action of multi component sex pheromone on male behavior in two lepidopterous insects

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Action of mycosubtilin, an antifungal antibiotic of Bacillus subtilis, on the cell membrane of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Action of mycosubtilin on erythrocytes and artificial membranes

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Action of myelopid on the ultrastructure and dry mass of lung cells in rats that received endotoxin

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Action of n bromosuccinimide on cholesteryl acetate in dmso

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Action of native alpha and modified gamma thrombins on bovine fibrinogen amino terminal fragments

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Action of natural ribonucleotides on atp receptors in neurons of rat nodose ganglion

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Action of natural selection in lines of Drosophila selected for a new level of canalization

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Action of neuroactive chemicals on sex pheromone mediated behavior of the german cockroach blattella germanica l. orthoptera blattellidae

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Action of neurotropin on rat hypothalamic neurons in tissue slices

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Action of nicardipine on cerebral blood flow in subarachnoid hemorrhage in man

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Action of nicorandil on atp sensitive potassium channel in guinea pig ventricular myocytes

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Action of nicotinamide and oxythiamin on the lipogenic parameters of fatty tissues in mice with non insulin dependent diabetes and hyperinsulinemia

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Action of nicotine on accumbens dopamine and attenuation with repeated administration

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Action of nicotine on left ventricular diastolic function in patients with coronary heart disease

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Action of nimodipine on diabetes induced cataract in rats

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Action of nimodipine on sympathomimetic mydriatics in humans

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Action of nitroglycerin on the segmental function and some indices of the total left ventricular function

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Action of octylglucoside on non ionic monoalkyl amphiphile cholesterol vesicles study of the solubilization mechanism

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Action of omega conotoxin on calcium currents of rat pituitary gh3 cell line

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Action of ornithine alpha ketoglutarate on DNA synthesis by human fibroblasts

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Action of papain on ph water holding capacity and tenderness of culled hen muscles

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Action of peptidoleukotrienes on ion transport in rabbit distal colon in vitro

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Action of periodic light effect at a resonance biopotential vibration frequency on the growth and development of plants

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Action of pertussigen pertussis toxin on serum ige and on fc e receptors on lymphocytes

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Action of phage 52a on the energy processes of staphylococci

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Action of phorbol esters bryostatins and retinoic acid on cholesterol sulfate synthesis relation to the multistep process of differentiation in human epidermal keratinocytes

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Action of phosphonic amino acids on neuromuscular transmission in the blowfly

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Action of photoperiod and temperature on the ramification of bachelotia antillarum phaeophyceae ectocarpales

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Action of piracetam and clonidine on different mitochondrial populations from hippocampus

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Action of pirenzepine on parietal cells in regeneration morphologic and quantitative study

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Action of plasma and liver extract from adult mice on the mitotic activity of young mouse liver

Garcia A.L.; Echave Llanos J.M., 1990:
Action of plasma from adult mice on the mitotic activity of hepatocytes and littoral cells of young mice growing liver

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Action of polymeric prodrugs based on n 2 hydroxypropyl methacrylamide copolymers ii. body distribution and t cell accumulation of free and polymer bound iodine 125 daunomycin

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Action of polymeric prodrugs based on n 2 hydroxypropylmethacrylamide copolymers i. suppression of the antibody response and proliferation of mouse splenocytes in vitro

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Action of potassium fluoride on 5 benzenesulfonyl 5 10 dihydro 10 trimethylsilylindeno 1 2 b indole attempted synthesis of dibenzo b f 1 azapentalene

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Action of potassium on neurochemical transmission at the cardiac adrenergic neuroeffector junction with aging

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Action of procyanidolic oligomers on vascular permeability a study by quantitative morphology

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Action of propofol on resistance and capacitance vessels during cardiopulmonary bypass

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Action of propranolol on the atrial cardiomyocytes of rats submitted to cold stress

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Action of protein kinase a and c activators on germinal vesicle breakdown and one cell embryos in the mouse

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Action of pyrethroids on gaba a receptor function

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Action of pyrethroids on potassium stimulated calcium uptake by and tritiated nimodipine binding to rat brain synaptosomes

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Action of quinine sulfate on the chemosensory responses of the ciliate paramecium caudatum to inorganic cations

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Action of RecBCD enzyme on Holliday structures made by RecA

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Action of recombinant alpha interferon against experimental and spontaneous metastases in a murine model

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Action of rimantadine on the structure of influenza a virus hemagglutinin

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Action of schizandrin B, an antioxidant, on lipid peroxidation in primary cultured hepatocytes

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Action of sediments in the river seine paris area france on the short term development of cultures of the micro alga selenastrum capricornutum printz

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Action of serine carboxypeptidase from aspergillus saitoi on carboxyl terminal amidated peptides

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Action of serum with different levels of vitamin d 3 and its metabolites on calcium uptake by brush border membranes of the intestinal epithelium

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Action of several new antibiotics on multi resistant bacterial strains isolated in the urine of hospitalized patients

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Action of sodium aurothiomalate on erythrocyte membrane

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Action of sodium chloride and polyphosphates in meat processing responses of myofibrils to concentrated salt solutions

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Action of sodium diethyldithiocarbamate on the hill activity and chlorophyll fluorescence in anacystis nidulans iu 625

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Action of sodium pentobarbital anesthesia upon the contractile response of rat aortic smooth muscle

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Action of soil fauna on leaf litter pyrolysis technique application in a study of changes in hornbeam carpinus betulus leaves ingested by glomeris marginata

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Action of soman on gaba a receptor characteristics

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Action of somatostatin and ranitidine in acute hemorrhages of the upper digestive tract

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Action of some plant components on experimental tumors

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Action of sorbic acid on Staphylococcus metabolism: a microcalorimetric investigation

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Action of staphylococcal exfoliative toxins on epidermal cell cultures and organotypic skin

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Action of steroid sex hormones on the isolated rabbit heart

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Action of stobadine on respiratory and vascular smooth muscle in vivo: evidence for histamine receptor antagonist activity

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Action of substance p and a synthetic peptide as antagonists in the nucleus of the solitary tract

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Action of substances on reverse transcriptase and their possible use for antiretroviral treatment

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Action of synthetic atrial natriuretic factor on contractility and coronary perfusion in isolated working rat hearts

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Action of temperature on dna synthesis in sperm cells and spermatogenesis of helix aspersa in hibernation

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Action of the agricultural extension groups of north finistere france in the survey of agronomy pests and diseases of the vegetable crops for a quality product

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Action of the diaphragm during cough in tetraplegic subjects

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Action of the fungicide tecto 60 on the fungi of banana crown rot

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Action of the fungus helminthosporium sacchari in alkaloid accumulation in cell suspensions of catharanthus roseus g don

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Action of the inspiratory muscles of the rib cage during breathing in newborns

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Action of the intercostal muscles on the rib cage

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Action of the ionization treatment on the soft cheeses made from unpasteurized milk

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Action of tianeptine on focalization of attention in cat

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Action of tomicide on the synthesis of macromolecules in bacterial cells

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Action of toxic metabolites of the entomophilic fungus aschersonia aleyrodis webber on the greenhouse whitefly

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Action of transglutaminase on an 11s seed protein pea legumin influence of the substrate conformation

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Action of triton x 100 on the biochemical and functional properties of hake merluccius hubbsi myofibrils

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Action of trivalent and hexavalent chromium compounds on selected gram negative and gram positive bacteria

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Action of tropic hormones of adenohypophysis on behavioral reactions in rats during their intraventricular injection

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Action of tubocurarine on nonactive nicotinic acetylcholine receptors of sympathetic ganglion neurons of rat

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Action of tumor necrosis factor on the endothelium of microvessels and its role in morphological changes in internal organs

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Action of two distinct strains of trypanosoma cruzi in the mouse submandibular gland

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Action of ultrasound on deoxygenated aqueous solutions of d glucose

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Action of ultrasound on the functional state of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in molluscan neurons

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Action of urethane on dorsal lateral geniculate neurons

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Action of various isolates of verticillium lecanii zimm. viegas on zyginidia pullula boh. parasite of maize

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Action of vasoactive drugs in erectile impotence

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Action of wing articulations of caddis flies trichoptera in flight

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Action pattern and substrate specificity of a thermostable alpha amylase from bacillus apiarius cbml 152

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Action patterns of amylolytic enzymes as determined by the carbon 14 1 malto oligosaccharide mapping method

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Action potential duration alternans in dog Purkinje and ventricular muscle fibers. Further evidence in support of two different mechanisms

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Action potential duration and endocardial modulation of myocardial contraction in the ferret

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Action potential duration increases as body temperature decreases during hibernation

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Action potential of inactivated mammalian muscle fibers

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Action potential propagation in a thick strand of cardiac muscle

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Action potentials and membrane currents of isolated single smooth muscle cells of cat and rabbit colon

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Action potentials in a non spiking neuron graded responses and spikes in the different p fiber of the crab thoracic coxal muscle receptor organ

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Action potentials initiated by single channels opening in a small neuron (rat olfactory receptor)

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Action profiles of fast onset insulin analogues

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Action site of adrenergic blockers to suppress the development of tolerance to morphine analgesia

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Action sites of antiallergic drugs on human neutrophils

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Action spectra for inhibition of light of accumulation of bacteriochlorophyll and carotenoid during aerobic growth of photosynthetic bacteria

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Action spectra for photogravitropism of Phycomyces wild type and three behavioral mutants (L150, L152, and L154)

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Action spectra for photosynthetic adaptation in Scenedesmus obliquus : I. Chlorophyll biosynthesis under autotrophic conditions

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Action spectra for photosynthetic adaptation in Scenedesmus obliquus : II. Chlorophyll biosynthesis and cell growth under heterotrophic conditions

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Action spectra for phototaxis in zoospores of the brown alga pseudochorda gracilis

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Action spectra for step up photophobic response in blepharisma

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Action spectra for superoxide generation and uv and visible light photoavoidance in plasmodia of physarum polycephalum

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Action spectra for the generation of singlet oxygen from mitochondrial membranes from soybean glycine max hypocotyls

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Action spectra of photosystems 1 and 2 scaled by comparison of their sums with absorption spectra of photosynthetic plants

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Action spectra of phthalocyanines with respect to photosensitization of cells

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Action spectra of the antileukemic and antiviral activities of merocyanine 540

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Action spectrum of phaeoplast displacements from the dark to the low intensity arrangement in the brown alga dictyota dichotoma

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Action spectrum of photoactivated phthalocyanine als 2pc in tumor bearing mice

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Action spectrum of vascular specific injury using pulsed irradiation

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Action threshold for flower thrips on cowpea vigna unguiculata l. walp. in senegal

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Action threshold for the management of pod borer adisura atkinsoni moore lepidoptera noctuidae on field bean hyacinth bean lablab purpureus l. in india

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Action thresholds for the management of pod borer adisura atkinsoni moore on field bean lablab purpureus

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Action thresholds for turnip aphid and green peach aphid homoptera aphididae on cabbage chinese cabbage and leaf mustard

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Actions and interactions of calcium modulators and ethanol on rat atrial membrane potentials

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Actions and interactions of cinnarizine and phenylpropanolamine on human psychomotor performance

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Actions and interactions of dihydropyridines and ethanol on the rat sinus node

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Actions of 3 alpha 5 alpha tetrahydrodeoxycorticosterone on single neurons of the mesencephalic reticular formation in the rat

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Actions of a metabotropic glutamate receptor agonist in immature and adult rat cerebellum

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Actions of a phorbol ester on factors regulating contraction in rabbit mesenteric artery

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Actions of adenosine on nitro blue tetrazolium deposition and surface pH during intestinal reperfusion injury

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Actions of adenylyl compounds in the pedal disc of the cnidarian actinia equina

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Actions of anesthetics and avermectin on gaba a chloride channels in mammalian dorsal root ganglion neurons

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Actions of baclofen and phaclofen upon on ganglion and off ganglion cells in the cat retina

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Actions of benzodiazepines on the housefly 2. penetration and internal distribution following topical application on the dorsal thoracic surface

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Actions of benzodiazepines on the housefly 3. in vitro binding of tritiated ro 5 4864 responding to gaba receptor ligands

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Actions of bovine skin washings and sera on the motile zoospores of dermatophilus congolensis

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Actions of bradykinin and related peptides on rabbit celiac artery rings

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Actions of bufalin and cinobufotalin two bufadienolides respectively more active and less active than ouabain on ouabain binding and rubidium 86 uptake by human erythrocytes

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Actions of cadmium on basolateral plasma membrane proteins involved in calcium uptake by fish intestine

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Actions of calcium antagonists on two types of calcium channels in rat aorta smooth muscle cells in primary culture

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Actions of carbaryl on the ionic transport across the isolated skin of Rana esculenta

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Actions of cholinergic agonists and antagonists on the efferent synapse in the frog sacculus

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Actions of cocaine on rat dopaminergic neurons in vitro

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Actions of cocaine on rat nucleus accumbens neurons in vitro

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Actions of cromakalim on ionic currents recorded from single smooth muscle cells of the rat portal vein

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Actions of cytochalasins on the organization of actin filaments and microtubules in a neuronal growth cone

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Actions of decarbamoyloxysaxitoxin and decarbamoylneosaxitoxin on the frog skeletal muscle fiber

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Actions of dendrotoxin on potassium channels and neuromuscular transmission in drosophila melanogaster and its effects in synergy with potassium channel specific drugs and mutations

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Actions of desacetyl alpha msh on human adrenocortical cells

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Actions of dipyridamole on endogenous and exogenous noradrenaline in the dog mesenteric vein

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Actions of dopamine and dopaminergic drugs on cloned serotonin receptors expressed in Xenopus oocytes

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Actions of endothelin at the subfornical organ

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Actions of endothelin on isolated corpus cavernosum from rabbit and man

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Actions of enflurane, isoflurane, vecuronium, atracurium, and pancuronium on pulmonary resistance in dogs

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Actions of enflurane on synaptic transmission and postsynaptic neuronal excitability in the rat hippocampal dentate area

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Actions of ethanol on hypothalamic and pituitary hormones in prepubertal female rats

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Actions of excitatory amino acid antagonists on synaptic inputs to the rat medial vestibular nucleus an electrophysiological study in vitro

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Actions of excitatory amino acids on somatostatin release from cortical neurons in primary cultures

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Actions of extracellular matrix on Sertoli cell morphology and function

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Actions of GABAergic ligands on brisk ganglion cells in the cat retina

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Actions of general anesthetics on synaptic transmission and neuronal excitability in the central nervous system

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Actions of halothane, isoflurane, and enflurane on the regional action potential characteristics of canine Purkinje fibers

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Actions of the gaba b agonist levo baclofen on neurons in deep dorsal horn of the rat spinal cord in vitro

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Actions of the veterinary services of piedmont region italy concerning beekeeping

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Activated adherent large granular lymphocytes natural killer lgl nk cells change their migratory behavior

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Activated aluminum complex derived from solubilized antacids exhibits enhanced cytoprotective activity in the rat

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Activated and memory T lymphocytes in human milk

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Activated and unactivated platelet adhesion to monocytes and neutrophils

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Activated astrocytes, but not pyramidal cells, increase glucose utilization in rat hippocampal CA1 subfield after ischemia

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Activated but not resting t cells of thymocytes express colony stimulating factor 1 messenger rna without co expressing c fms messenger rna

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Activated c k ras and c n ras oncogenes in 3 methylcholanthrene induced balb c fibrosarcomas

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Activated carbon filters in air cleaning processes i. introduction and fundamental aspects

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Activated carbon from indigenous inferior woods part ii. activation temperature time and particle size influence

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Activated carbon from indigenous inferior woods part iv. adsorption of copper zinc and hexavalent chromium optimum contact time and adsorption behaviour

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Activated carbon process for treatment of wastewater containing copper ii and edta

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Activated carbons in minimizing water pollution

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Activated cd3 negative cd16 positive natural killer cells express a subset of the lymphokine genes induced in activated alpha beta positive and gamma delta positive t cells

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Activated cGMP phosphodiesterase of retinal rods. A complex with transducin alpha subunit

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Activated charcoal diminishes the lot difference of fetal bovine sera in erythroid colony formation of human bone marrow cells

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Activated charcoal in the treatment of hypercholesterolemia dose response relationships and comparison with cholestyramine

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Activated clotting times and activated partial thromboplastin times in patients undergoing coronary angioplasty who receive bolus doses of heparin

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Activated coagulation time and heparin concentration in the assessment of blood heparinization during cardiopulmonary bypass surgery

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Activated cytotoxic lymphocytes in systemic vasculitis

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Activated eosinophil infiltration and deposits of eosinophil cationic protein in renal allograft rejection

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Activated eosinophils in adult coeliac disease: evidence for a local release of major basic protein

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Activated eosinophils increase vascular permeability and resistance in isolated perfused rat lungs

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Activated ferrous chemiluminescence with rhodamine g of the blood plasma

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Activated fos oncogene in rat embryo fibroblasts transformed by ras and myc oncogenes

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Activated human blood monocytes trigger the antitumor activity of blood polymorphonuclear cells

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Activated human peripheral blood neutrophils produce epithelial injury and fibronectin breakdown in vitro

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Activated human polymorphonuclear leukocytes reduce rabbit papillary muscle function role of the cd18 glycoprotein adhesion complex

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Activated il 2r positive intraglomerular mononuclear cells in crescentic glomerulonephritis

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Activated insecticidal crystal proteins from bacillus thuringiensis serovars killed adult house flies

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Activated interstitial and intraepithelial thyroid lymphocytes in autoimmune thyroid disease

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Activated killer cell induction a new immunological monitoring system for renal allograft rejection

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Activated Langerhans cells release tumor necrosis factor

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Activated lck tyrosine protein kinase stimulates antigen independent interleukin 2 production in t cell

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Activated lymphocyte subsets in adult periodontitis

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Activated lymphocytes in the peripheral blood of patients with rheumatoid arthritis

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Activated macrophages use different cytolytic mechanisms to lyse a virally infected or a tumor target

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Activated monocytes and granulocytes, capillary nonperfusion, and neovascularization in diabetic retinopathy

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Activated mouse macrophages kill Entamoeba histolytica trophozoites by releasing reactive nitrogen intermediates

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Activated neutrophils aggravate endothelial dysfunction after reperfusion of the ischemic feline myocardium

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Activated neutrophils depress myocardial function in the perfused rabbit heart

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Activated neutrophils impair rabbit heart recovery after hypothermic global ischemia

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Activated neutrophils increase microvascular permeability in skeletal muscle: role of xanthine oxidase

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Activated neutrophils inhibit sodium potassium in canine renal basolateral membrane

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Activated oxygen as a possible factor of self inhibition of the fungus pyricularia oryzae spore germination

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Activated oxygen generation by a primaquine metabolite: inhibition by antioxidants derived from Chinese herbal remedies

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Activated partial thromboplastin time as determined by a chromogenic substrate parthochrom comparison with a conventional clotting method

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Activated partial thromboplastin time measurements in citrated canine plasma

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Activated partial thromboplastin time plasma heparin and fibrinogen on fibrintimer 10

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Activated partial thromboplastin time reagent sensitivity to the presence of the lupus anticoagulant

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Activated phosphoinositide 3 kinase associated with membrane skeleton in thrombin exposed platelets

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Activated protein kinase C directly phosphorylates the CD34 antigen on hematopoietic cells

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Activated pulmonary intravascular macrophages increase pulmonary microvascular permeability in sheep

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Activated ras alleles in human carcinoma of the prostate are rare

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Activated rat peritoneal mast cells can cause syngeneic brain demyelination in vitro

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Activated retinitis pigmentosa peripheral lymphocytes adhere to and alter cultured human retinal pigment epithelial cells

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Activated sludge response to a p chlorophenol transient

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Activated sludge settling part ii. settling theory and application to design and optimisation

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Activated sludge treatability of olive oil bearing wastewater

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Activated sludge treatment of small scale wastewater by a plunging liquid jet bioreactor with cross flow filtration

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Activated suppressor cell function in severely disabled patients with multiple sclerosis

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Activated T cells express a novel gene on chromosome 8 that is closely related to the murine ecotropic retroviral receptor

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Activated t cells transcribe an alternatively spliced messenger rna encoding a soluble form of qa 2 antigen

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Activated type I phosphatidylinositol kinase is associated with the epidermal growth factor (EGF) receptor following EGF stimulation

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Activating effect of adenosine on rat erythrocyte glycolysis

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Activating effect of light irradiation at various wavelength on the respiration in sperm of the echiuroid, Urechis unicinctus, in the presence of carbon monoxide

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Activating effect of mercaptobenzimidazole derivatives on peritoneal macrophages

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Activating mutations in p53 produce a common conformational effect. A monoclonal antibody specific for the mutant form

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Activating mutations in the amino and carboxyl terminal moieties of the g s alpha subunit have dominant phenotypes and distinguishable kinetics of adenylyl cyclase stimulation

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Activating of macrophages by polysaccharides from rhodotorula glutinis

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Activating point mutations of the gsp oncogene in human thyroid adenomas

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Activating regions of yeast transcription factors must have both acidic and hydrophobic amino acids

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Activating the immune system of females to prevent prenatal death caused by steroids

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Activation analysis for technetium 99 by the use of a neutron excitation reaction

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Activation analysis of selenium in biological samples through selenium 75 and selenium 77m

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Activation analysis present status in relation to other analytical techniques

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Activation and adaptation of transducer currents in turtle hair cells

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Activation and amoeboid mobility of the sea urchin eggs induced by cytochalasin

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Activation and binding volumes of the sarcoplasmic reticulum transport enzyme activated by calcium or strontium

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Activation and blockade of chloride channel in vascular smooth muscle cells

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Activation and blockade of the acetylcholine receptor ion channel by the agonists dextro anatoxin a the n methyl derivative and the enantiomer

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Activation and blocking of neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor reconstituted in Xenopus oocytes

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Activation and desensitization mechanisms of muscarinic current response in single pancreatic acinar cells of rats

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Activation and distribution of inflammatory cells in the mouse uterus during the preimplantation period

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Activation and distribution of rat parotid cyclic amp dependent protein kinase following beta adrenergic receptor stimulation in vitro

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Activation and expression of protooncogenes in human lung cancer

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Activation and induction by copper of copper zinc superoxide dismutase in saccharomyces cerevisiae presence of an inactive proenzyme in anaerobic yeast

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Activation and inhibition of atp sensitive potassium channels by fluorescein derivatives

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Activation and inhibition of human alcohol dehydrogenase by monoclonal antibodies

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Activation and inhibition of sodium potassium atpase of erythrocyte membranes by endogenous calcium dependent regulators calcium dependent action of ouabain on calcium atpase

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Activation and inhibition of sperm motility by kidney products in the turtle trachemys scripta

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Activation and maturation mechanisms of boar acrosin zymogen based on the deduced primary structure

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Activation and measurement of plasma prorenin in the rat

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Activation and membrane binding of carboxypeptidase E

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Activation and phenotyping of LAK generated by exposure to product of cells transformed by interleukin 2 cDNA

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Activation and release of enzymes and major basic protein from guinea pig eosinophil granulocytes induced by different inflammatory stimuli and other substances. A histochemical, biochemical, and electron microscopic study

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Activation and repression of transcription by the gap proteins hunchback and krueppel in cultured drosophila cells

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Activation and signaling status of human lamina propria T lymphocytes

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Activation and solubilization of the retinal cyclic gmp specific phosphodiesterase by limited proteolysis role of the carboxyl terminal domain of the beta subunit

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Activation and subsequent degradation of proacrosin is mediated by zona pellucida glycoproteins, negatively charged polysaccharides, and DNA

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Activation and substantia nigra pars reticulata neurons role in the initiation and behavioral expression of kindled seizures

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Activation and toxicity of bromobenzene in nasal tissues in mice

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Activation antigens in patients with sjogren's syndrome

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Activation by bacterial lipopolysaccharide causes changes in the cytosolic free calcium concentration in single peritoneal macrophages

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Activation by cathepsin G of latent gelatinase secreted from rat polymorphonuclear leukocytes

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Activation by cromakalim of pre synaptic and post synaptic atp sensitive potassium channels in substantia nigra

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Activation by curare of acetylcholine receptor channels in a murine skeletal muscle cell line

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Activation by extracellular nucleotides of chloride secretion in the airway epithelia of patients with cystic fibrosis

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Activation by intracellular calcium of a potassium channel in cardiac sarcoplasmic reticulum

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Activation by membrane stretch and depolarization of an epithelial monovalent cation channel from teleost intestine

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Activation by n ethylmaleimide of a chlorine ion dependent potassium ion flux in isolated trout hepatocytes

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Activation by nitric oxide of guanylate cyclase in endothelial from brain capillaries

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Activation by reduction of the resting form of cytochrome c oxidase tests of different models and evidence for the involvement of copper b

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Activation by saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids of the superoxide anion generating system in a cell free preparation from neutrophils

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Activation by serotonin of starfish eggs expressing the rat serotonin 1c receptor

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Activation by systemic GABA of vagal efferent transmission in the rat: correlation to its acid secretagogue action

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Activation by the protein bound polysaccharide psk krestin of cytotoxic lymphocytes that act on fresh autologous tumor cells and t24 human urinary bladder transitional carcinoma cell line in patients with urinary bladder cancer

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Activation in frog atrial trabeculae: dependence on temperature and length

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Activation in the region of parabrachial nucleus elicits neurogenically mediated coronary vasoconstriction

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Activation in vitro of RNA polymerase II and III directed transcription by baculovirus produced E1A protein

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Activation in vivo of the minimal replication origin beta of plasmid R6K requires a small target sequence essential for DNA looping

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Activation induced death by apoptosis in cd4 positive t cells from human immunodeficiency virus infected asymptomatic individuals

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Activation induces a rapid reorganization of spectrin in lymphocytes

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Activation kinetics of retinal cones and rods: response to intense flashes of light

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Activation mapping of reentry around an anatomic barrier in the canine atrium. Observations during entrainment and termination

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Activation mechanism of arachidonic acid in human neutrophil function

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Activation mechanism of rabbit skeletal muscle myosin light chain kinase 5' p fluorosulfonylbenzoyladenosine as a probe of the magnesium atp binding site of the calmodulin bound and calmodulin free enzyme

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Activation mechanisms of adherent human neutrophils

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Activation of 1 3 beta glucan synthase by calcium spermine and cellobiose localization of activator sites using inside out plasma membrane vesicles

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Activation of 5 lipoxygenase by lipophilic n alkyl containing acids is an allosteric process

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Activation of a bradykinin receptor in peripheral nerve and spinal cord in the neonatal rat in vitro

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Activation of a brain type sodium pump after glutamate excitation of cerebral neurons

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Activation of a caenorhabditis elegans antennapedia homologue in migrating cells controls their direction of migration

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Activation of a calcium magnesium dependent endonuclease as an early event in castration induced prostatic cell death

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Activation of a chloride dependent potassium flux by cyclic amp in pig red cells

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Activation of a cryptic crystal protein gene of bacillus thuringiensis ssp kurstaki by gene fusion and determination of the crystal protein insecticidal specificity

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Activation of a cytosolic serine protein kinase by epidermal growth factor

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Activation of a flavoprotein by proteolysis

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Activation of a heart chloride current during stimulation of protein kinase C

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Activation of a large conductance calcium dependent potassium channel by stimulation of glutamate phosphoinositide coupled receptors in cultured cerebellar granule cells

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Activation of a limulus coagulation factor g by 1 3 beta d glucans

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Activation of a mammalian origin of replication by chromosomal rearrangement

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Activation of a metal axial ligand bond in aluminum porphyrin by visible light

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Activation of a natural killer clone upon target cell binding via CD2

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Activation of a neuron generator of luciola mingrelica luminescence flashes under the effect of pulse x radiation

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Activation of a new proline transport system in Salmonella typhimurium

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