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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6983

Chapter 6983 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hey J.A.; Del Prado M.; Chapman R.W., 1990: Activation of a novel medullary pathway elicits a vagal cholinergic bronchoconstriction in guinea pigs

Richmond J.E.; Funte L.R.; Smith W.L.; Price D.A.; Haydon P.G., 1991: Activation of a peptidergic synapse locally modulates postsynaptic calcium influx

Snaar Jagalska B.E.; Van Es S.; Kesbeke F.; Van Haastert P.J.M., 1991: Activation of a pertussis toxin sensitive guanine nucleotide binding regulatory protein during desensitization of dictyostelium discoideum cells to chemotactic signals

Choudhury G.G.; Sylvia V.L.; Sakaguchi A.Y., 1991: Activation of a phosphatidylcholine specific phospholipase c by colony stimulating factor 1 receptor requires tyrosine phosphorylation and a guanine nucleotide binding protein

Kalsner S., 1992: Activation of a relaxation cascade in isolated coronary arteries by brief electrical pulses

Neale P.J.; Melis A., 1990: Activation of a reserve pool of photosystem ii in chlamydomonas reinhardtii counteracts photoinhibition

Comolli R.; Alberti P.; Giribaldi G., 1989: Activation of a ribosomal s6 protein kinase in rapidly emerging diethylnitrosamine induced gamma glutamyl transpeptidase positive hyperplastic liver lesions of the rat

Hoshi M.; Nishida E.; Inagaki M.; Gotoh Y.; Sakai H., 1990: Activation of a serine threonine kinase that phosphorylates microtubule associated protein 1b in vitro by growth factors and phorbol esters in quiescent rat fibroblastic cells

Oriowo M.A.; Ruffolo R.R.Jr, 1992: Activation of a single alpha 1 adrenoceptor subtype in rat aorta mobilizes intracellular and extracellular pools of calcium

Randazzo P.A.; Northup J.K.; Kahn R.A., 1991: Activation of a small gtp binding protein by nucleoside diphosphate kinase

Kaufman G.D.; Anderson J.H.; Beitz A., 1991: Activation of a specific vestibulo olivary pathway by centripetal acceleration rat

Kizaki H.; Tadakuma T.; Odaka C.; Muramatsu J.; Ishimura Y., 1989: Activation of a suicide process of thymocytes through dna fragmentation by calcium ionophores and phorbol esters

Goedecke W.; Vielmetter W.; Pfeiffer P., 1992: Activation of a system for the joining of nonhomologous dna ends during xenopus egg maturation

Latham K.E.; Solter D.; Schultz R.M., 1991: Activation of a two cell stage specific gene following transfer of heterologous nuclei into enucleated mouse embryos

Lee C.A.; Thummel K.E.; Kalhorn T.F.; Nelson S.D.; Slattery J.T., 1991: Activation of acetaminophen reactive metabolite formation by methylxanthines and known cytochrome p 450 activators

Lundie L.L.; Ferry J.G. , 1989: Activation of acetate by methanosarcina thermophila purification and characterization of phosphotransacetylase

Cho S W.; Kim G Yi, 1991: Activation of acid ribonuclease from bovine brain by aluminum

Murakami N.; Watanabe T., 1989: Activation of acth release is mediated by the same molecule as the final mediator pge 2 of febrile response in rats

Matsumoto I.; Asada Y., 1990: Activation of action of lignification inducing factor by 2 chloroethylphosphonic acid in japanese radish root and cucumber leaf

Takahashi K.; Kawazoe Y.; Sakumi K.; Nakabeppu Y.; Sekiguchi M., 1988: Activation of ada protein as a transcriptional regulator by direct alkylation with methylating agents

Olianas M.C.; Onali P., 1990: Activation of adenosine a1 receptor by n 6 r phenylisopropyladenosine r pia inhibits forskolin stimulated tyrosine hydroxylase activity in rat striatal synaptosomes

Gubits R.M.; Wollack J.B.; Yu H.; Liu W K., 1990: Activation of adenosine receptors induces c fos but not c jun expression in neuron glia hybrids and fibroblasts

Womble M.D.; Wickelgren W.O., 1989: Activation of adenylate cyclase by forskolin prolongs calcium action potential duration in lamprey sensory neurons

Morishita T.; Yamaguchi A.; Fujita T.; Chiba T., 1990: Activation of adenylate cyclase by islet amyloid polypeptide with carboxyl terminal amide via calcitonin gene related peptide receptors on rat liver plasma membranes

Watson P.A.; Giger K.E.; Frankenfield C.M., 1991: Activation of adenylate cyclase during swelling of s49 cells in hypotonic medium is not involved in subsequent volume regulation

Karabashyan L.V.; Mkhitaryan A.G.; Arutyunyan D.L., 1991: Activation of adp ribose polymerase by dna fragments obtained by digestion with micrococcal nuclease and dnase i

Jaenig W., 1990: Activation of afferent fibers ending in an old neuroma by sympathetic stimulation in the rat

Albert D.J.; Dyson E.M.; Petrovic D.M.; Walsh M.L., 1988: Activation of aggression in female rats by normal males and by castrated males with testosterone implants

Fujinaga M.; Maze M.; Hoffman B.B.; Baden J.M., 1992: Activation of alpha 1 adrenergic receptors modulates the control of left right sidedness in rat embryos

Rump L.C.; Wolk V.; Ruff G.; Schollmeyer P., 1992: Activation of alpha 1 and alpha 2 adrenoceptors inhibits noradrenaline release in rabbit renal arteries effects of pertussis toxin and n ethylmaleimide

Hsu W.H.; Xiang H.; Rajan A.S.; Boyd A.E.IIi, 1991: Activation of alpha 2 adrenergic receptors decreases calcium ion influx to inhibit insulin secretion in a hamster beta cell line an action mediated by a gtp binding protein

Brasch H., 1989: Activation of alpha 2 adrenoceptors attenuates the inotropic effect of field stimulation atria

Gupta M.P.; Gupta M.; Stewart A.; Zak R., 1991: Activation of alpha myosin heavy chain gene expression by cyclic amp in cultured fetal rat heart myocytes

Kiley S.C.; Jaken S., 1990: Activation of alpha protein kinase c leads to association with detergent insoluble components of gh 4c 1 cells

Kubitschek H.E.; Pai S.R., 1989: Activation of amino acid transport during steady state growth of escherichia coli

Shimada T.; Guengerich F.P., 1991: Activation of amino alpha carboline 2 amino 1 methyl 6 phenylimidazo 4 5 b pyridine and a copper phthalocyanine cellulose extract of cigarette smoke condensate by cytochrome p 450 enzymes in rat and human liver microsomes

Supko D.E.; Uretsky N.J.; Wallace L.J., 1991: Activation of ampa kainic acid glutamate receptors in the zona incerta stimulates locomotor activity

Folco E.J.; Busconi L.; Martone C.B.; Trucco R.E.; Sanchez J.J., 1988: Activation of an alkaline proteinase from fish skeletal muscle by fatty acids and sds

Esteban C.; Geuskens M.; Uriel J., 1991: Activation of an alpha fetoprotein afp receptor autocrine loop in ht 29 human colon carcinoma cells

Willumsen N.J.; Boucher R.C., 1989: Activation of an apical chloride conductance by calcium ionophores in cystic fibrosis airway epithelia

Pandiella A.; Lehvaslaiho H.; Magni M.; Alitalo K.; Meldolesi J., 1989: Activation of an egfr neu chimeric receptor early intracellular signals and cell proliferation responses

Conklin, Kf, 1991: Activation of an endogenous retrovirus enhancer by insertion into a heterologous context

Berinstein N.; Levy S.; Levy R., 1989: Activation of an excluded immunoglobulin allele in a human b lymphoma cell lines

Oshima R.G.; Abrams L.; Kulesh D., 1990: Activation of an intron enhancer within the keratin 18 gene by expression of c fos and c jun in undifferentiated f9 embryonal carcinoma cells

Schechter J.; Ahmad N.; Weiner R., 1988: Activation of anterior pituitary folliculo stellate cells in the formation of estrogen induced prolactin secreting tumors

Wu D.W.; Duman J.G., 1991: Activation of antifreeze proteins from larvae of the beetle dendroides canadensis

Doelker I.; Voetsch W.; Anderer F.A., 1989: Activation of antitumor cytotoxicity of human blood mononuclear cells by a basic factor from dialyzable human leukocyte extract

Chedid M.; Yoza B.K.; Brooks J.W.; Mizel S.B., 1991: Activation of ap 1 by il 1 and phorbol esters in t cells role of protein kinase a and protein phosphatases

Bramham C.R.; Milgram N.W.; Srebro B., 1991: Activation of ap5 sensitive nmda receptors is not required to induce ltp of synaptic transmission in the lateral perforant path

Demarest J.R.; Loo D.D.F.; Sachs G., 1989: Activation of apical chloride channels in the gastric oxyntic cell

Menon K.P.; Lee N.L., 1990: Activation of ara operons by a truncated arac protein does not require inducer

Albrecht J.; Hilgier W.; Rafalowska U., 1990: Activation of arginine metabolism to glutamate in rat brain synaptosomes in thioacetamide induced hepatic encephalopathy an adaptative response

Ziegler K.; Buder R.; Winter J.; Fuchs G., 1989: Activation of aromatic acids and aerobic 2 aminobenzoate metabolism in a denitrifying pseudomonas strain

Murase S.; Takagi J.S.; Higashi Y.; Imaishi H.; Yumoto N.; Tokushige M., 1991: Activation of aspartase by site directed mutagenesis

Bever C.T.Jr; Snyder D.S.; Endres R.O.; Morgan K.D.; Postlethwaite A.; Whitaker J.N., 1989: Activation of astrocytic lysosomal proteinases by factors released by mononuclear leukocytes

Shimakata T.; Tsubokura K.; Kusaka T., 1989: Activation of atp and an undefined substance in the supernatant of mycolic acid synthesis in an in vitro system of bacterionema matruchotii

Standen N.B.; Pettit A.I.; Davies N.W.; Stanfield P.R., 1992: Activation of atp dependent potassium currents in intact skeletal muscle fibres by reduced intracellular ph

Ichikawa N.; Yoshida Y.; Hashimoto T.; Ogasawara N.; Yoshikawa H.; Imamoto F.; Tagawa K., 1990: Activation of atp hydrolysis by an uncoupler in mutant mitochondria lacking an intrinsic atpase inhibitor in yeast

Hiraoka M.; Fan Z., 1989: Activation of atp sensitive outward potassium current by nicorandil 2 nicotinamidoethyl nitrate in isolated ventricular myocytes

Sauviat M P.; Ecault E.; Faivre J F.; Findlay I., 1991: Activation of atp sensitive potassium channels by a potassium channel opener sr 44866 and the effect upon electrical and mechanical activity of frog skeletal muscle

Arena J.P.; Kass R.S., 1989: Activation of atp sensitive potassium channels in heart cells by pinacidil dependence on atp

Cohen N.M.; Lederer W.J.; Nichols C.G., 1992: Activation of atp sensitive potassium channels underlies contractile failure in single human cardiac myocytes during complete metabolic inhibition

Shimizu T.; Hosoya N.; Hisanaga S I.; Marchese Ragona S.P.; Pratt M.M., 1992: Activation of atpase activity of 14s dynein from tetrahymena cilia by microtubules

Bradley, M. K., 1990: Activation of atpase activity of sv 40 large t antigen by the covalent affinity analog of atp fluorosulfonylbenzoyl 5' adenosine

Kurachi Y.; Ito H.; Sugimoto T.; Katada T.; Ui M., 1989: Activation of atrial muscarinic potassium channels by low concentrations of beta gamma subunits of rat brain g protein

Kai C.; Szigeti R.; Aman P.; Klein E., 1988: Activation of b lymphocytes with human serum treated zymosan

Chellman G.J.; Lukas V.S.; Eugui E.M.; Altera K.P.; Almquist S.J.; Hilliard J.K., 1992: Activation of b virus herpesvirus simiae in chronically immunosuppressed cynomolgus monkeys

Utsumi R.; Brissette R.E.; Rampersaud A.; Forst S.A.; Oosawa K.; Inouye M., 1989: Activation of bacterial porin gene expression by a chimeric signal transducer in response to aspartate

Koplakova, V. V.; Nazarenko, E. A.; Trilinskaya, E. A.; Volkova, S. F., 1989: Activation of baker's yeast by milk product hydrolysates

Boatell L.L.; Lindefors N.; Ballarin M.; Ernfors P.; Mahy N.; Persson H., 1992: Activation of basal forebrain cholinergic neurons differentially regulates brain derived neurotrophic factor mrna expression in different projection areas

Futaki M.; Inokuchi K.; Dan K.; Nomura T., 1991: Activation of bcr abl fusion gene and ras oncogenes in chronic myelogenous leukemia

Benes M.J.; Adamkova K.; Turkova J., 1991: Activation of beaded cellulose with 2 4 6 trichlorotriazine

Wuerthwein G.; Rohdewald P., 1990: Activation of beclomethasone dipropionate by hydrolysis to beclomethasone 17 monopropionate

Rohdewald P.; Von Eiff M.; Wuerthwein G., 1990: Activation of beclomethasone dipropionate in bronchial secretion and receptor affinities and solubility of inhalative applied glucocorticoids

Abramovitch D.A.; Marsh D.; Powell G.L., 1990: Activation of beef heart cytochrome c oxidase by cardiolipin and analogues of cardiolipin

Byczkowski J.Z.; Kulkarni A.P., 1990: Activation of benzo a pyrene 7 8 dihydrodiol in rat uterus an in vitro study

Rump L.C.; Schuster M.J.; Schollmeyer P., 1992: Activation of beta 2 adrenoceptors by isoprenaline and adrenaline enhances noradrenaline release in cortical kidney slices of young spontaneously hypertensive rats

Adachi S.; Oka J I.; Nagao T.; Fukuda H., 1992: Activation of beta adrenergic receptor induces sodium dependent inward currents in acutely dissociated motoneurons of bullfrog spinal cord

Tachado S.D.; Akhtar R.A.; Abdel Latif A.A., 1989: Activation of beta adrenergic receptors causes stimulation of cyclic amp inhibition of inositol trisphosphate and relaxation of bovine iris sphincter smooth muscle biochemical and functional interactions between the cyclic amp and calcium signalling systems

Takahashi H.; Tsuda A.; Tatewaki W.; Wada K.; Niwano H.; Shibata A., 1989: Activation of blood coagulation and fibrinolysis in diabetes mellitus evaluation of plasma levels of thrombin antithrombin iii complex and plasmin alpha 2 plasmin inhibitor complex

Marongiu, F.; Conti, M.; Murtas, M. L.; Mameli, G.; Sorano, G. G.; Martino, E., 1991: Activation of blood coagulation and fibrinolysis in graves' disease

Shunto R.; Shirakami A.; Ohara A.; Toibana N.; Saito S., 1991: Activation of blood coagulation and fibrinolysis in vibration syndrome

Kyvik K.R.; Brattebo G.; Tysnes O B.; Oyen N.; Sandberg S.; Riise T.; Holmsen H.; Aarli J.A., 1992: Activation of blood platelets in workers exposed to organic solvents

Hauschildt S.; Hoffmann P.; Beuscher H.U.; Dufhues G.; Heinrich P.; Wiesmueller K H.; Jung G.; Bessler W.G., 1990: Activation of bone marrow derived mouse macrophages by bacterial lipopeptide cytokine production phagocytosis and ia expression

Clesham G.; Parsaee H.; Joseph S.; Mcewan J.R.; Macdermot J., 1992: Activation of bovine endothelial thromboxane receptors triggers release of prostacyclin but not edrf

Sethi M.S.; Tabel H.; Misra V., 1990: Activation of bovine monocytes and neutrophils by the bb fragment of complement factor b demonstration by the uptake of tritiated deoxyglucose

Chiang Y W.; Murata H.; Roth J.A., 1991: Activation of bovine neutrophils by recombinant bovine tumor necrosis factor alpha

Asaoka H.; Onuma M.; Kawamoto S.; Takahashi K.; Kawakami Y., 1991: Activation of bovine peripheral blood macrophages in theileria sergenti infected calves

Ishii M.; Matsuba T.; Takahashi K.; Kawakami Y.; Iwai H.; Onuma M., 1992: Activation of bovine peripheral blood monocyte and its suppressive effect on parasitemia in theileria sergenti infected calves

Devlin A.J.; Bhatti A.R.; Williams A.C.; Ramsden D.B., 1992: Activation of bovine plasma benzylamine oxidase bzao by 1 methyl 4 2 methylphenyl 1 2 3 6 tetrahydropyridine

Ong T.C.; Sothy S.P., 1990: Activation of bovine prothrombin as monitored by the clotting assay

Gehm B.D.; Pinke R.M.; Laquerre S.; Chafouleas J.G.; Schultz D.A.; Pepperl D.J.; Mcconnell D.G., 1991: Activation of bovine rod outer segment phosphatidylinositol 4 5 bisphosphate phospholipase c by calmodulin antagonists does not depend on calmodulin

Ghalayini A.J.; Anderson R.E., 1992: Activation of bovine rod outer segment phospholipase c by arrestin

Yang L.; Li R.; Mohr I.J.; Clark R.; Botchan M.R., 1991: Activation of bpv 1 replication in vitro by the transcription factor e2

Proctor K.G.; Stojanov I.; Bealer S.L., 1991: Activation of brain adenosine receptors evokes vasodilation in skin arterioles

Fulle S.; Mariggio M.A.; Fano G.; Salvatore A.M.; Mercanti D.; Petrelli C.; Calissano P., 1992: Activation of brain adenylate cyclase by s 100 protein via a possible interaction with g proteins

Matsushita A.; Kawasaki K.; Matsubara K.; Eigyo M.; Shindo H.; Takada S., 1988: Activation of brain function by s 135 a benzodiazepine receptor inverse agonist

Mastrianni J.A.; Palkovits M.; Kunos G., 1989: Activation of brainstem endorphinergic neurons causes cardiovascular depression and facilitates baroreflex bradycardia

Shimomura Y.; Suzuki T.; Saitoh S.; Tasaki Y.; Harris R.A.; Suzuki M., 1990: Activation of branched chain alpha keto acid dehydrogenase complex by exercise effect of high fat diet intake

Amir S.; De Blasio E., 1991: Activation of brown adipose tissue thermogenesis by chemical stimulation of the hypothalamic supraoptic nucleus

Amir S., 1990: Activation of brown adipose tissue thermogenesis by chemical stimulation of the posterior hypothalamus

Shimizu Y.; Saito M., 1991: Activation of brown adipose tissue thermogenesis in recovery from anesthetic hypothermia in rats

Maciver M.B.; Tanelian D.L., 1992: Activation of c fibers by metabolic perturbations associated with tourniquet ischemia

Maleeva N.E.; Bikbulatova L.S.; Ivolgina G.L.; Anokhin K.V.; Limborskaya S.A.; Kruglikov R.I., 1990: Activation of c fos oncogene in various cerebral structures of rats during conditioning and pseudoconditioning

Van Kranen H.J.; Vermeulen E.; Schoren L.; Bax J.; Woutersen R.A.; Van Iersel P.; Van Kreijl C.F.; Scherer E., 1991: Activation of c k ras is frequent in pancreatic carcinomas of syrian hamsters but is absent in pancreatic tumors of rats

Meltzer S.J.; Mane S.M.; Wood P.K.; Resau J.H.; Newkirk C.; Terzakis J.A.; Korelitz B.I.; Weinstein W.M.; Needleman S.W., 1990: Activation of c ki ras in human gastrointestinal dysplasias determined by direct sequencing of polymerase chain reaction products

Schaeffer B.K.; Zurlo J.; Longnecker D.S., 1990: Activation of c ki ras not detectable in adenomas or adenocarcinomas arising in rat pancreas

Gonda T.J.; Buckmaster C.; Ramsay R.G., 1989: Activation of c myb by carboxyl terminal truncation relationship to transformation of murine hemopoietic cells in vitro

Hsu T Y.; Moroy T.; Etiemble J.; Louise A.; Trepo C.; Tiollais P.; Buendia M A., 1988: Activation of c myc by woodchuck hepatitis virus insertion in hepatocellular carcinoma

Kitaura H.; Galli I.; Taira T.; Iguchi Ariga S.M.M.; Ariga H., 1991: Activation of c myc promoter by c myc protein in serum starved cells

Black D.L., 1992: Activation of c src neuron specific splicing by an unusual rna element in in vivo and in vitro

Kozel T.R.; Wilson M.A.; Farrell T.P.; Levitz S.M., 1989: Activation of c3 and binding to aspergillus fumigatus conidia and hyphae

Flebbe L.M.; Chapes S.K.; Morrison D.C., 1990: Activation of c3h hej macrophage tumoricidal activity and cytokine release by r chemotype lipopolysaccharide preparations differential effects of ifn gamma

Yasugawa S.; Fukunaga K.; Yamamoto H.; Miyakawa T.; Miyamoto E., 1988: Activation of calcium calmodulin dependent protein kinase ii by autophosphorylation specified substrates enhance the kinase activity

Fukunaga K.; Miyamoto E.; Soderling T.R., 1990: Activation of calcium calmodulin dependent protein kinase ii in cerebellar granule cells by n methyl d aspartate receptor activation

Kawahara K.; Matsuzaki K., 1992: Activation of calcium channel by shear stress in cultured renal distal tubule cells

Dolphin A.C.; Scott R.H., 1990: Activation of calcium channel currents in rat sensory neurons by large depolarizations effect of guanine nucleotides and levo baclofen

Matsumura K.; Aketa K., 1989: Activation of calcium channels during the acrosome reaction of sea urchin sperm is inhibited by inhibitors of chymotrypsin like proteases

Bull R.; Marengo J.J.; Suarez Isla B.A.; Donoso P.; Sutko J.L.; Hidalgo C., 1989: Activation of calcium channels in sarcoplasmic reticulum from frog muscle by nanomolar concentrations of ryanodine

Suzuki K.; Onoe K.; Takahira H., 1992: Activation of calcium dependent potassium channel and chloride conductance in canine pancreatic acinar cells through a cyclic amp pathway

Takemura H.; Hughes A.R.; Thastrup O.; Putney J.W.Jr, 1989: Activation of calcium entry by the tumor promoter thapsigargin in parotid acinar cells evidence that an intracellular calcium pool and not an inositol phosphate regulates calcium fluxes at the plasma membrane

Eilam Y.; Othman M., 1990: Activation of calcium influx by metabolic substrates in saccharomyces cerevisiae role of membrane potential and cellular atp levels

Laver D.R.; Walker N.A., 1991: Activation of calcium ion and block by divalent ions of the potassium ion channel in the membrane of cytoplasmic drops from chara australis

Bird G.S.J.; Rossier M.F.; Hughes A.R.; Shears S.B.; Armstrong D.L.; Putney J.W.Jr, 1991: Activation of calcium ion entry into acinar cells by a non phosphorylatable inositol trisphosphate

Foskett J.K.; Roifman C.M.; Wong D., 1991: Activation of calcium oscillations by thapsigargin in parotid acinar cells

Mozhaeva G.N.; Naumov A.P.; Kuryshev Yu A., 1989: Activation of calcium permeable channels in a 431 epidermoid cells with epidermal growth factor

Mozhaeva G.N.; Naumov A.P.; Kuryshev Yu A., 1989: Activation of calcium sensitive potassium channels in a 431 cells by epidermal growth factor and histamine

Sendai Y.; Aketa K., 1991: Activation of calcium transport system of sea urchin sperm by high external ph 220 kd membrane glycoprotein is involved in the regulation of the calcium entry

Petretski J.H.; Wolosker H.; De Meis L., 1989: Activation of calcium uptake and inhibition of reversal of the sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium pump by aromatic compounds

Kroener H., 1990: Activation of calcium uptake in rat liver mitochondria by aminoglucoside antibiotics

Zimmerman U J.P.; Schlaepfer W.W., 1988: Activation of calpain i and calpain ii a comparative study using terbium as a fluorescent probe for calcium binding sites

Wencel Drake J.D.; Okita J.R.; Annis D.S.; Kunicki T.J., 1991: Activation of calpain i and hydrolysis of calpain substrates actin binding protein glycoprotein ib and talin are not a function of thrombin induced platelet aggregation

Ishii H.; Suzuki Y.; Kuboki M.; Morikawa M.; Inoue M.; Kazama M., 1992: Activation of calpain i in thrombin stimulated platelets is regulated by the initial elevation of the cytosolic calcium concentration

Di Stefano J.F.; Kirchner M.; Dagehardt K.; Hagag N., 1990: Activation of cancer cell proteases and cytotoxicity by egf and pdgf growth factors

Eglezos A.; Lecci A.; Santicioli P.; Giuliani S.; Tramontana M.; Del Bianco E.; Maggi C.A., 1992: Activation of capsaicin sensitive primary afferents in the rat urinary bladder by compound 48 80 a direct action on sensory nerves?

Park P.; Ohno T.; Nishimura S.; Kohmoto K.; Otani H., 1989: Activation of carbohydrate containing golgi vesicles in susceptible leaf cells of japanese pear responding with ak toxin

Walther D.; Ritter W.; Kempe R.; Underutsch B., 1992: Activation of carbon dioxide at transition metal centres simulation of enzymatic carbon dioxide fixation and transfer reactions by electron rich diazadiene magnesium and manganese complexes

Hara A.; Oritani H.; Deyashiki Y.; Nakayama T.; Sawada H., 1992: Activation of carbonyl reductase from pig lung by fatty acids

Pozdnev V.F., 1989: Activation of carboxylic acids by pyrocarbonates application of di tert butylpyrocarbonate as condensing reagent in the synthesis of quinilyl 6 amide protected amino acids

Deutsch N.; Klitzner T.S.; Lamp S.T.; Weiss J.N., 1991: Activation of cardiac atp sensitive potassium current during hypoxia correlation with tissue atp levels

Hilf G.; Jakobs K.H., 1989: Activation of cardiac g proteins by muscarinic acetylcholine receptors regulation by magnesium and sodium ions

Minisi A.J.; Thames M.D., 1991: Activation of cardiac sympathetic afferents during coronary occlusion evidence for reflex activation of sympathetic nervous system during transmural myocardial ischemia in the dog

Mcdonald O.B.; Hannun Y.A.; Reynolds C.H.; Sahyoun N., 1991: Activation of casein kinase ii by sphingosine

Katsuura G.; Ibii N.; Matsushita A., 1992: Activation of cck a receptors induces elevation of plasma corticosterone in rats

Hendrich C.; Kuipers J.G.; Kolanus W.; Hammer M.; Schmidt R.E., 1991: Activation of cd16 positive effector cells by rheumatoid factor complex role of natural killer cells in rheumatoid arthritis

Zocchi M.R.; Poggi A., 1991: Activation of cd3 tcr negative human thymocytes via cd28 molecule

Matsuyama T.; Yamada A.; Kay J.; Yamada K.M.; Akiyama S.K.; Schlossman S.F.; Morimoto C., 1989: Activation of cd4 cells by fibronectin and anti cd3 antibody a synergistic effect mediated by the vla 5 fibronectin receptor complex

Krzystyniak K.; Brouland J P.; Panaya G.; Patriarca C.; Verdier F.; Descotes J.; Revillard J P., 1992: Activation of cd4 positive and cd8 positive lymphocyte subsets by streptozotocin in murine popliteal lymph node pln test

Fabry Z.; Waldschmidt M.M.; Van Dyk L.; Moore S.A.; Hart M.N., 1990: Activation of cd4 positive lymphocytes by syngeneic brain microvascular smooth muscle cells

Tuttle T.M.; Inge T.H.; Mccrady C.M.; Bethke K.P.; Bear H.D., 1992: Activation of cd8 positive murine t cells from tumor draining lymph nodes by phorbol dibutyrate plus calcium ionophore

Jin Z.; Yang S.Y., 1990: Activation of cd8 positive t cell by allogeneic class ii deficient b cell lines derived from patients with bare lymphocyte syndrome

Jungwirth A.; Ritter M.; Paulmichl M.; Lang F., 1991: Activation of cell membrane potassium conductance by mercury in cultured renal epithelioid mdck cells

Harrison S.A.; Clancy B.M.; Pessino A.; Czech M.P., 1992: Activation of cell surface glucose transporters measured by photoaffinity labeling of insulin sensitive 3t3 l1 adipocytes

Rees H.; Roberts M.H.T., 1989: Activation of cells in the anterior pretectal nucleus by dorsal column stimulation in the rat

Pimenov A.A.; Rakhmilevich A.L.; Deev V.V.; Kirillova I.V.; Migdal T.L.; Andronova T.M.; Fuks B.B., 1990: Activation of cellular immunity by means of glucosaminyl muramyl dipeptide in normal mice and those with tumoral growth

Boldogh I.; Abubaker S.; Fons M.P.; Deng C.Z.; Albrecht T., 1991: Activation of cellular oncogenes by clinical isolates and laboratory strains of human cytomegalovirus

Mastrianni J.A.; Abbott F.V.; Kunos G., 1989: Activation of central mu opioid receptors is involved in clonidine analgesia in rats

Nakamura H.; Moroji T.; Nohara S.; Nakamura H.; Okada A., 1992: Activation of cerebral dopaminergic systems by noise and whole body vibration

Puig-Domingo, M.; Guerrero, J. M.; Vaughan, M. K.; Littler, J. C.; Reiter, R. J., 1989: Activation of cerebrocortical type ii 5' deiodinase activity in syrian hamsters kept under short photoperiod and reduced ambient temperature

Hoffman G.E.; Mcdonald T.; Shedwick R.; Nathanielsz P.W., 1991: Activation of cfos in ovine fetal corticotropin releasing hormone neurons at the time of parturition

Atanaev T.B.; Kalinin V.V.; Sherstnev M.P.; Vladimirov Yu A., 1990: Activation of chemiluminescence accompanying lipid peroxidation in monolayer liposome suspension

Mckittrick N.H.; Smith G.R., 1989: Activation of chi recombinational hotspots by recbcd like enzymes from enteric bacteria

Foster K.W.; Saranak J.; Derguini F.; Zarrilli G.R.; Johnson R.; Okabe M.; Nakanishi K., 1989: Activation of chlamydomonas rhodopsin in vivo does not require isomerization of retinal

Forsyth G.W.; Gabriel S.E., 1989: Activation of chloride conductance in pig jejunal brush border vesicles

Matsuura H.; Ehara T., 1992: Activation of chloride current by purinergic stimulation in guinea pig heart cells

Karniski L.P., 1989: Activation of chloride hydroxide exchange by p chloromercuribenzoic acid in rabbit renal brush border membranes

Van Zyl J.M.; Basson K.; Kriegler A.; Van Der Walt B.J., 1990: Activation of chlorpromazine by the myeloperoxidase system of the human neutrophil

Moss J.; Vaughan M., 1991: Activation of cholera toxin and escherichia coli heat labile enterotoxins by adp ribosylation factors a family of 20 kda guanine nucleotide binding proteins

Elson C.O.; Solomon S., 1990: Activation of cholera toxin specific t cells in vitro

Penalva A.; Burguera B.; Casabiell X.; Tresguerres J.A.F.; Dieguez C.; Casanueva F.F., 1989: Activation of cholinergic neurotransmission by pyridostigmine reverses the inhibitory effect of hyperglycemia on growth hormone gh releasing hormone induced gh secretion in man does acute hyperglycemia act through hypothalamic release of somatostatin?

Corsello S.M.; Tofani A.; Della Casa S.; Sciuto R.; Rota C.A.; Colasanti S.; Bini A.; Barini A.; Barbarino A., 1992: Activation of cholinergic tone by pyridostigmine reverses the inhibitory effect of corticotropin releasing hormone on the growth hormone releasing hormone induced growth hormone secretion

Borges K.M.; Boswell J.S.; Liebross R.H.; Wetterhahn K.E., 1991: Activation of chromium vi by thiols results in chromium v formation chromium binding to dna and altered dna conformation

Mckenzie E.A.; Cridland N.A.; Knowland J., 1990: Activation of chromosomal vitellogenin genes in xenopus oocytes by pure estrogen receptor and independent activation of albumin genes

Dey C.S.; Brokaw C.J., 1991: Activation of ciona sperm motility phosphorylation of dynein polypeptides and effects of a tyrosine kinase inhibitor

Seong D.; Sims S.; Johnson E.; Lyding J.; Lopez A.; Garovoy M.; Talpaz M.; Kantarjian H.; Lopez Berestein G.; Et Al, 1991: Activation of class i hla expression by tnf alpha and gamma interferon is mediated through protein kinase c dependent pathway in cml cell lines

Zhou D X.; Taraboulos A.; Ou J H.; Benedict Yen T.S., 1990: Activation of class i major histocompatibility complex gene expression by hepatitis b virus

Meisterernst M.; Roy A.L.; Lieu H.M.; Roeder R.G., 1991: Activation of class ii gene transcription by regulatory factors is potentiated by a novel activity

Werfel T.; Uciechowski P.; Tetteroo P.A.T.; Kurrle R.; Deicher H.; Schmidt R.E., 1989: Activation of cloned human natural killer cells via fc gamma riii

Bailey N.C.; Fidanza V.; Mayer R.; Mazza G.; Fougereau M.; Bona C., 1989: Activation of clones producing self reactive antibodies by foreign antigen and antiidiotype antibody carrying the internal image of the antigen

Metz T.; Graf T.; Leutz A., 1991: Activation of cmgf chicken myelomonocytic growth factor expression is a critical step in avian myeloid leukemogenesis

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Goldstein L.; Brill S.R.; Freund E.V., 1990: Activation of taurine efflux in hypotonically stressed elasmobranch cells inhibition by stilbene disulfonates

Briggs C.A.; Pollock N.J.; Frail D.E.; Paxson C.L.; Rakowski R.F.; Kang C.H.; Kebabian J.W., 1991: Activation of the 5 ht 1c receptor expressed in xenopus oocytes by the benzazepines sch 23390 and skf 38393

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Pepe G.J.; Albrecht E.D., 1991: Activation of the baboon fetal pituitary adrenocortical axis at midgestation by estrogen adrenal delta 5 3 beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase and 17 alpha hydroxylase 17 20 lyase activity

Margolin W.; Howe M.M., 1990: Activation of the bacteriophage mu lys promoter by mu c protein requires the sigma 70 subunit of escherichia coli rna polymerase

Hermann G.E.; Mccann M.J.; Rogers R.C., 1990: Activation of the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis increases gastric motility in the rat

Hen R.; Axel R.; Obici S., 1989: Activation of the beta 2 adrenergic receptor promotes growth and differentiation in thyroid cells

Barbeito L.; Girault J.A.; Godeheu G.; Pittaluga A.; Glowinski J.; Cheramy A., 1989: Activation of the bilateral corticostriatal glutamatergic projection in infusion of gaba into thalamic motor nuclei in the cat an in vivo release study

Oreffo R.O.C.; Mundy G.R.; Seyedin S.M.; Bonewald L.F., 1989: Activation of the bone derived latent tgf beta complex by isolated osteoclasts

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Pizer E.S.; Baba T.W.; Humphries E.H., 1992: Activation of the c myb locus is insufficient for the rapid induction of disseminated avian b cell lymphoma

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Erdei L.; Matsumoto H., 1991: Activation of the calcium magnesium atpase by calcium egta in plasmalemma from the roots of cucumber

Rousseau E.; Ladine J.; Liu Q Y.; Meissner G., 1988: Activation of the calcium release channel of skeletal muscle sarcoplasmic reticulum by caffeine and related compounds

Malejka Giganti D.; Ritter C.L.; Decker R.W., 1992: Activation of the carcinogen n hydroxy n 2 fluorenylbenzamide via chemical and enzymatic oxidations comparison to oxidations of the structural analogue n hydroxy n 2 fluorenylacetamide

Shen W.K.; Tung R.T.; Kurachi Y., 1992: Activation of the cardiac atp sensitive potassium channel by er 001533 a newly synthesized vasorelaxant

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Buchanan M.J.; Imam S.H.; Eskue W.A.; Snell W.J., 1989: Activation of the cell wall degrading protease lysin during sexual signalling in chlamydomonas the enzyme is stored as an inactive higher relative molecular mass precursor in the periplasm

Bonham K.; Embry T.; Gibson D.; Jaffe D.R.; Roberts R.A.; Cress A.E.; Bowden G.T., 1989: Activation of the cellular harvey ras gene in mouse skin tumors initiated with urethane

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Mcgeer P.L.; Akiyama H.; Itagaki S.; Mcgeer E.G., 1989: Activation of the classical complement pathway in brain tissue of alzheimer patients

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Tijburg P.N.M.; Ryan J.; Stern D.M.; Wollitzky B.; Rimon S.; Rimon A.; Handley D.; Nawroth P.; Sixma J.J.; De Groot P.G., 1991: Activation of the coagulation mechanism on tumor necrosis factor stimulated cultured endothelial cells and their extracellular matrix the role of flow and factor ix ixa

Atkins P.C.; Kaplan A.P.; Von Allmen C.; Moskovitz A.; Zweiman B., 1992: Activation of the coagulation pathway during ongoing allergic cutaneous reactions in humans

Ishikawa M.; Hayashi M., 1992: Activation of the collagen binding of endogenous serum vitronectin by heating urea and glycosaminoglycans

Heidaran M.A.; Molloy C.J.; Pangelinan M.; Choudhury G.G.; Wang L M.; Fleming T.P.; Sakaguchi A.Y.; Pierce J.H., 1992: Activation of the colony stimulating factor 1 receptor leads to the rapid tyrosine phosphorylation of gtpase activating protein and activation of cellular p21r a s

Roxvall L.; Bengtson A.; Sennerby L.; Heideman M., 1991: Activation of the complement cascade by trypsin

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Silver P.J.; Lepore R.E.; Canniff P.C.; O'connor B.; Lemp B.; Harris A.L., 1990: Activation of the cyclic amp system by medorinone correlates with positive inotrophy or vasorelaxation

Furuse K.; Sakuma A., 1989: Activation of the cytokine network by muroctasin as a remedy for leukopenia and thrombopenia

Jones F.S.; Chalepakis G.; Gruss P.; Edelman G.M., 1992: Activation of the cytotactin promoter by the homeobox containing gene evx 1

Nemoto T.; Mason G.G.F.; Wilhelmsson A.; Cuthill S.; Hapgood J.; Gustafsson J A.; Poellinger L., 1990: Activation of the dioxin and glucocorticoid receptors to a dna binding state under cell free conditions

Li J.; Petryshyn R.A., 1991: Activation of the double stranded rna dependent eif 2 alpha kinase by cellular rna from 3t3 f442a cells

Shimizu T.; Marchese Ragona S.P.; Johnson K.A., 1989: Activation of the dynein atpase by cross linking to microtubules

Raychaudhuri P.; Bagchi S.; Neill S.D.; Nevins J.R., 1990: Activation of the e2f transcription factor in adenovirus infected cells involves e1a dependent stimulation of dna binding activity and induction of cooperative binding mediated by an e4 gene product

Chasan R.; Jin Y.; Anderson K.V., 1992: Activation of the easter zymogen is regulated by five other genes to define dorsal ventral polarity in the drosophila embryo

Koland J.G.; Cerione R.A., 1990: Activation of the egf receptor tyrosine kinase by divalent metal ions comparison of holoreceptor and isolated kinase domain properties

Fontanyi S., 1990: Activation of the endogenous fibrinolytic system by intra arterial heparin therapy in acute deep venous thromboses

Hufnagel A.; Elger C.E.; Durwen H.F.; Boeker D.K.; Entzian W., 1990: Activation of the epileptic focus by transcranial magnetic stimulation of the human brain

Hufnagel A.; Elger C.E.; Boeker D.K.; Linke D.B.; Kurthen M.; Solymosi L., 1990: Activation of the epileptic focus during intracarotid amobarbital test electrocorticographic registration via subdural electrodes

Kosk Kosicka D.; Bzdega T., 1988: Activation of the erythrocyte calcium atpase by either self association or interaction with calmodulin

Zon L.I.; Youssoufian H.; Mather C.; Lodish H.F.; Orkin S.H., 1991: Activation of the erythropoietin receptor promoter by transcription factor gata 1

Woolford J.; Mcauliffe A.; Rohrschneider L.R., 1988: Activation of the feline c fms proto oncogene multiple alterations are required to generate a fully transformed phenotype

Pidard D.; Frelinger A.L.; Bouillot C.; Nurden A.T., 1991: Activation of the fibrinogen receptor on human platelets exposed to alpha chymotrypsin relationship with a major proteolytic cleavage at the carboxy terminus of the membrane glycoprotein iib heavy chain

Vogt W.; Hesse D., 1992: Activation of the fifth component of human complement by oxygen derived free radicals and by methionine oxidizing agents a comparison

Vogt W.; Zimmermann B.; Hesse D.; Nolte R., 1992: Activation of the fifth component of human complement c5 without cleavage by methionine oxidizing agents

Mcmanus M.E.; Felton J.S.; Knize M.G.; Burgess W.M.; Roberts Thomson S.; Pond S.M.; Stupans I.; Veronese M.C., 1989: Activation of the food derived mutagen 2 amino 1 methyl 6 phenylimidazo 4 5 b pyridine by rabbit and human liver microsomes and purified forms of cytochrome p 450

Solomon D.H.; Raynal M C.; Tejwani G.A.; Cayre Y.E., 1988: Activation of the fructose 1 6 bisphosphatase gene by 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 during monocytic differentiation

Jegou S.; Tong Y.; Blasquez C.; Pelletier G.; Vaudry H., 1991: Activation of the gaba benzodiazepine receptor complex inhibits proopiomelanocortin gene expression in the rat arcuate nucleus

Luethy J.D.; Holbrook N.J., 1992: Activation of the gadd153 promoter by genotoxic agents a rapid and specific response to dna damage

Butusova I.A.; Yaremenko M.S.; Ivasivka S.V.; Il'ina T.A., 1988: Activation of the gastrin apparatus in rats by naftusya water and its separate components

Keller A.; Ott M O.; Lamande N.; Lucas M.; Gros F.; Buckingham M.; Lazar M., 1992: Activation of the gene encoding the glycolytic enzyme beta enolase during early myogenesis precedes an increased expression during fetal muscle development

Krawczyk Z.; Wisniewski J.; Mackiewicz M.; Biesiada E.; Chorazy M., 1989: Activation of the glucose regulated gene grp 78 in regenerating rat liver is nonspecific and is related to acute phase response

Siliprandi R.; Lipartiti M.; Fadda E.; Sautter J.; Manev H., 1992: Activation of the glutamate metabotropic receptor protects retina against n methyl d aspartate toxicity

Oliver M.W.; Larson J.; Lynch G., 1990: Activation of the glycine site associated with the nmda receptor is required for induction of ltp in neonatal hippocampus

Bashir Z.I.; Tam B.; Collingridge G.L., 1990: Activation of the glycine site in the nmda receptor is necessary for the induction of ltp

Nimer S.D.; Gasson J.C.; Hu K.; Smalberg I.; Williams J.L.; Chen I.S.Y.; Rosenblatt J.D., 1989: Activation of the gm csf promoter by htlv i and ii tax proteins

Falcinelli F.; Onorato M.; Falzetti F.; Ciurnelli R.; Gabert J.; Mannoni P.; Martelli M.F.; Tabilio A., 1991: Activation of the granulocyte monocyte colony stimulating factor gene in acute myeloid leukaemia cells is not related to gene rearrangement

Chen Q.; Yu K.; Holbrook N.J.; Stevens J.L., 1992: Activation of the growth arrest and dna damage inducible gene gadd 153 by nephrotoxic cysteine conjugates and dithiothreitol

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