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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6984

Chapter 6984 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Manam S.; Storer R.D.; Prahalada S.; Leander K.R.; Kraynak A.R.; Ledwith B.J.; Van Zwieten M.J.; Bradley M.O.; Nichols W.W., 1992: Activation of the ha ki and n ras genes in chemically induced liver tumors from cd 1 mice

Benjamin I.J.; Kroger B.; Williams R.S., 1990: Activation of the heat shock transcription factor by hypoxia in mammalian cells

Giaccia A.J.; Auger E.A.; Koong A.; Terris D.J.; Minchinton A.I.; Hahn G.M.; Brown J.M., 1992: Activation of the heat shock transcription factor by hypoxia in normal and tumor cell lines in vivo and in vitro

Goldman Rakic P.S., 1988: Activation of the hippocampus and dentate gyrus by working memory a 2 deoxyglucose study of behaving rhesus monkeys

Squire L.R.; Ojemann J.G.; Miezin F.M.; Petersen S.E.; Videen T.O.; Raichle M.E., 1992: Activation of the hippocampus in normal humans a functional anatomical study of memory

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983005

Grant S.G.; Worton R.G., 1989: Activation of the hprt gene on the inactive x chromosome in transformed diploid female chinese hamster cells

Sehgal P.B., 1988: Activation of the human beta 2 interferon hepatocyte stimulating factor interleukin 6 promoter by cytokines viruses and second messenger agonists

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983008

Ramanathan V.D.; Parkash O.; Tyagi P.; Sengupta U.; Ramu G., 1990: Activation of the human complement system by phenolic glycolipid 1 of mycobacterium leprae

Cao S.X.; Mishoe H.; Elion J.; Berg P.E.; Schechter A.N., 1989: Activation of the human epsilon and beta globin promoters by sv 40 t antigen

Eisen L.P., 1988: Activation of the human glucocorticoid receptor evidence for a two step model

Rabson A.B., 1988: Activation of the human immunodeficiency virus long terminal repeat by herpes simplex virus type 1 is associated with induction of a nuclear factor that binds to the nf kappa b core enhancer sequence

Markovitz D.M.; Hannibal M.C.; Smith M.J.; Cossman R.; Nabel G.J., 1992: Activation of the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 enhancer is not dependent on nfat 1

Stellrecht K.A.; Sperber K.; Pogo B.G T., 1992: Activation of the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 long terminal repeat by vaccinia virus

Markovitz D.M.; Smith M.J.; Hilfinger J.; Hannibal M.C.; Petryniak B.; Nabel G.J., 1992: Activation of the human immunodeficiency virus type 2 enhancer is dependent on purine box and kappa b regulatory elements

Wenzel H.R.; Feldmann A.; Engelbrecht S.; Tschesche H., 1990: Activation of the human leukocyte proteinases elastase and cathepsin g by various surfactants

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983017

Mcdonald P.P.; Mccoll S.R.; Naccache P.H.; Borgeat P., 1992: Activation of the human neutrophil 5 lipoxygenase by leukotriene b 4

Radonovich M.; Jeang K T., 1989: Activation of the human t cell leukemia virus type i long terminal repeat by 12 o tetradecanoylphorbol 13 acetate and by tax p40x occurs through similar but functionally distinct target sequences

Sweep F.; Rijnkels C.; Hermus A., 1991: Activation of the hypothalamus pituitary adrenal axis by cytokines

Griswold D.E.; Connor J.R.; Dalton B.J.; Lee J.C.; Simon P.; Hillegass L.; Sieg D.J.; Hanna N., 1991: Activation of the il 1 gene in uv irradiated mouse skin association with inflammatory sequelae and pharmacologic intervention

Horton J.K.; Davies M.; Topley N.; Thomas D.; Williams J.D., 1990: Activation of the inflammatory response of neutrophils by tamm horsfall glycoprotein

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983023

Blyum I.A.; Pozur V.K.; Tsudzevich B.A.; Kucherenko N.E., 1990: Activation of the intensity of dna synthesis in murine immunocompetent cells by peptidoglycans of staphylococcus aureus and brevibacterium flavum cell walls

Birnbaum M.; Trink B.; Shainberg A.; Salzberg S., 1990: Activation of the interferon system during myogenesis in vitro

Sokolova T.M.; Bugaeva N.P.; Suetina I.A.; Ershov F.I.; Ketiladze E.S., 1989: Activation of the interferon system enzymes by recombinant alpha 2 interferon in patients with chronic hepatitis b

Toribio M.L.; De La Hera A.; Marcos M.A.R.; Marquez C.; Martinez A.C., 1989: Activation of the interleukin 2 pathway precedes cd3 t cell receptor expression in thymic development differential growth requirements of early and mature intrathymic subpopulations

Ballard D.W.; Boehnlein E.; Hoffman J.A.; Bogerd H.P.; Dixon E.P.; Franza B.R.; Greene W.C., 1989: Activation of the interleukin 2 receptor alpha gene regulatory role for dna protein interactions flanking the kappa b enhancer

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983029

Grant P.J.; Hampton K.K.; Davies J.A.; Mahmoud Alexandroni M.; Gaffney P.J.; Prentice C.R.M., 1990: Activation of the intrinsic fibrinolytic pathway with normal extrinsic responses in a patient undergoing gastric surgery

Sahlin M.; Sjoberg B M.; Backes G.; Loehr T.; Sanders Loehr J., 1990: Activation of the iron containing b2 protein of ribonucleotide reductase by hydrogen peroxide

Wirgin I.; Currie D.; Garte S.J., 1989: Activation of the k ras oncogene in liver tumors of hudson river tomcod

Kohmoto S.; Kodera Y.; Takahashi K.; Nishimura H.; Matsushima A.; Inada Y., 1991: Activation of the kallikrein kinin system in human plasma by a serine protease from mites

Prezoto B.C.; Hiraichi E.; Abdalla F.M.F.; Picarelli Z.P. , 1991: Activation of the kallikrein kinin system in plasma of some brazilian snakes

Manam S.; Storer R.D.; Prahalada S.; Leander K.R.; Kraynak A.R.; Hammermeister C.L.; Joslyn D.J.; Ledwith B.J.; Van Zweiten M.J.; Et Al, 1992: Activation of the ki ras gene in spontaneous and chemically induced lung tumors in cd 1 mice

You M.; Candrian U.; Maronpot R.R.; Stoner G.D.; Anderson M.W., 1989: Activation of the ki ras protooncogene in spontaneously occurring and chemically induced lung tumors of the strain a mouse

Cannon W.V.; Kreutzer R.; Kent H.M.; Morett E.; Buck M., 1990: Activation of the klebsiella pneumoniae nifu promoter identification of multiple and overlapping upstream nifa binding sites

Zhao A.Z.; Vansant G.; Bell J.; Humphreys T.; Maxson R., 1991: Activation of the l1 late h2b histone gene in blastula stage sea urchin embryos by an antennapedia class homeoprotein

Wood M.S.; Lory C.; Lessie T.G., 1990: Activation of the lac genes of tn951 by insertion sequences from pseudomonas cepacia

Meiklejohn A.L.; Gralla J.D., 1989: Activation of the lac promoter and its variants synergistic effects of catabolite activator protein and supercoiling in vitro

Kamau D.N.; Doores S.; Pruitt K.M., 1991: Activation of the lactoperoxidase system prior to pasteurization for shelf life extension of milk

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983042

Righi M.; Sassano M.; Valsasnini P.; Shammah S.; Ricciardi Castagnoli P., 1991: Activation of the m csf gene in mouse macrophages immortalized by retroviruses carrying a v myc oncogene

Peschke V.M.; Phillips R.L., 1991: Activation of the maize transposable element suppressor mutator spm in tissue culture

Mclaughlin B.; Cawston T.; Weiss J.B., 1991: Activation of the matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor complex by a low molecular weight angiogenic factor

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983046

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983047

Tsichlis P.N.; Shepherd B.M.; Bear S.E., 1989: Activation of the mlvi 1 mis1 pvt 1 locus in moloney murine leukemia virus induced t cell lymphomas

Yamaguchi M.; Hayashi Y.; Hirose F.; Shiroki K.; Matsukage A., 1992: Activation of the mouse dna polymerase beta gene promoter by adenovirus type 12 e1a proteins

Kelder B.; Chen H.; Kopchick J.J., 1989: Activation of the mouse metallothionein i promoter in transiently transfected avian cells

Yamaguchi M.; Hayashi Y.; Hirose F.; Matsuoka S.; Shiroki K.; Matsukage A., 1992: Activation of the mouse proliferating cell nuclear antigen gene promoter by adenovirus type 12 e1a proteins

Alexander L.M.; Williamson D.J.; Wood W.M.; Gordon D.F.; Ridgway E.C.; Gutierrez Hartmann A., 1990: Activation of the murine tsh beta subunit promoter by gh 4 rat pituitary cell free extracts

Pamula F.; Wheldrake J.F., 1990: Activation of the nadh dependent glutamate dehydrogenase during morphogenesis of dictyostelium discoideum

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983054

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983055

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983056

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983057

Sistonen L.; Holtta E.; Lehvaslaiho H.; Lehtola L.; Alitalo K., 1989: Activation of the neu tyrosine kinase induces the fos jun transcription factor complex the glucose transporter and ornithine decarboxylase

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983059

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983060

Ensign S.A.; Campbell M.J.; Ludden P.W., 1990: Activation of the nickel deficient carbon monoxide dehydrogenase from rhodospirillum rubrum kinetic characterization and reductant requirement

Osmani A.H.; O'donnell K.; Pu R.T.; Osmani S.A., 1991: Activation of the nima protein kinase plays a unique role during mitosis that cannot be bypassed by absence of the bime checkpoint

Racine R.J.; Moore K.A.; Wicks S., 1991: Activation of the nmda receptor a correlate in the dentate gyrus field potential and its relationship to long term potentiation and kindling

Ooms J.J.J.; Versluis W.; Vredenberg W.J., 1991: Activation of the non electrochromic component in the 518 nm absorbance change by photosystem i

Devauges V.; Sara S.J., 1990: Activation of the noradrenergic system facilitates an attentional shift in the rat

Mizuno T., 1988: Activation of the omp c gene by the omp r protein in escherichia coli the cis acting upstream sequence can function in both orientations with respect to the canonical promoter

Maeda S.; Takayanagi K.; Nishimura Y.; Maruyama T.; Sato K.; Mizuno T., 1991: Activation of the osmoregulated omp c gene by the omp r protein in escherichia coli a study involving synthetic omp r binding sequences

Takayanagi K.; Mizuno T., 1992: Activation of the osmoregulated ompf and ompc genes by the ompr protein in escherichia coli a study involving chimeric promoters

Gaub M P.; Bellard M.; Scheuer I.; Chambon P.; Sassone Corsi P., 1990: Activation of the ovalbumin gene by the estrogen receptor involves the fos jun complex

Marraccino R.L.; Firpo E.J.; Roberts J.M., 1992: Activation of the p34 cdc2 protein kinase at the start of s phase in the human cell cycle

Pitler T.A.; Alger B.E., 1990: Activation of the pharmacologically defined m 3 muscarinic receptor depolarizes hippocampal pyramidal cells

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983072

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983073

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983074

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983075

Chambers J.E.; Munson J.R.; Chamber H.W., 1989: Activation of the phosphorothionate insecticide parathion by rat brain in situ

Arai M.; Widmaier E.P., 1991: Activation of the pituitary adrenocortical axis in day old rats by insulin induced hypoglycemia

Ryves W.J.; Evans A.T.; Olivier A.R.; Parker P.J.; Evans F.J., 1991: Activation of the pkc isotypes alpha beta 1 gamma delta and epsilon by phorbol esters of different biological activities

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983079

Zhang B X.; Zhao H.; Loessberg P.; Muallem S., 1992: Activation of the plasma membrane calcium pump during agonist stimulation of pancreatic acini

Sigler K.; Hofer M., 1991: Activation of the plasma membrane proton atpase of saccharomyces cerevisiae by addition of hydrogen peroxide

Petti L.; Nilson L.A.; Dimaio D., 1991: Activation of the platelet derived growth factor receptor by the bovine papillomavirus e5 transforming protein

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983083

Cartwright C.A.; Meisler A.I.; Eckhart W., 1990: Activation of the pp60 c src protein kinase is an early event in colonic carcinogenesis

Matsui T.; Sugawa M.; Johshita H.; Takuwa Y.; Asano T., 1991: Activation of the protein kinase c mediated contractile system in canine basilar artery undergoing chronic vasospasm

Nebes V.L.; Jones E.W., 1991: Activation of the proteinase b precursor of the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae by autocatalysis and by an internal sequence

O'brien M.C.; Fukui Y.; Hanafusa H., 1990: Activation of the proto oncogene p60 c src by point mutations in the sh2 domain

Turina P.; Rumberg B.; Melandri B.A.; Graber P., 1992: Activation of the proton atp synthase in the photosynthetic bacterium rhodobacter capsulatus

Bakels R.H.A.; Van Walraven H.S.; Scholts M.J.C.; Krab K.; Kraayenhof R., 1991: Activation of the proton atp synthases of a thermophilic cyanobacterium and chloroplasts a comparative study

Abril M A.; Buck M.; Ramos J.L., 1991: Activation of the pseudomonas tol plasmid upper pathway operon identification of binding sites for the positive regulator xylr and for integration host factor protein

Wedegaertner P.B.; Gill G.N., 1989: Activation of the purified protein tyrosine kinase domain of the epidermal growth factor receptor

Hennings H.; Robinson V.A.; Yuspa S.H.; Welty D.J.; Greenhalgh D.G., 1991: Activation of the ras h a gene in urethane initiated papillomas induced by protocols with high and low frequencies of malignant conversion

Hynes N.E., 1988: Activation of the receptor kinase domain of the trk oncogene by recombination with two different cellular sequences

Gonzalez C. , 1988: Activation of the release of dopamine in the carotid body by veratridine evidence for the presence of voltage dependent sodium channels in type i cells

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983096

Ojo Amaize E.A.; Rubalcava B.; Avery T.L.; Cottam H.B.; Matsumoto S.S.; Jolley W.B.; Robins R.K., 1990: Activation of the respiratory burst in murine phagocytes by certain guanine ribonucleosides modified at the 7 and 8 positions possible involvement of a pertussis toxin sensitive g protein

Ishizaka Y.; Ochiai M.; Tahira T.; Sugimura T.; Nagao M., 1989: Activation of the ret ii oncogene without a sequence encoding a transmembrane domain and transforming activity of two ret ii oncogene products differing in carboxyl termini due to alternative splicing

Bilinkis, A. A., 1990: Activation of the ribbed newt's pleurodeles waltlii oocytes matured in vivo and in vitro

Valdivia H.H.; Fuentes O.; El Hayek R.; Morrissette J.; Coronado R., 1991: Activation of the ryanodine receptor calcium release channel of sarcoplasmic reticulum by a novel scorpion venom

Kim S J.; Denhez F.; Kim K.Y.; Holt J.T.; Sporn M.B.; Roberts A.B., 1989: Activation of the second promoter of the transforming growth factor beta 1 gene by transforming growth factor beta 1 and phorbol ester occurs through the same target sequences

Summers T.R.; Summers C.H.; Desan P.H.; Smock T.K., 1991: Activation of the serotonergic system in chick spinal cord during hatching

Hori Y.; Kaibuchi K.; Fukumoto Y.; Oku N.; Takai Y., 1990: Activation of the serum response and tpa response elements by expression of the v abl protein comparison of the mode of action of the v abl protein with those of protein kinase c cyclic amp dependent protein kinase and the activated c raf protein

Kaibuchi K.; Fukumoto Y.; Oku N.; Hori Y.; Yamamoto T.; Toyoshima K.; Takai Y., 1989: Activation of the serum response element and 12 o tetradecanoylphorbol 13 acetate response element by the activated c raf 1 protein in a manner independent of protein kinase c

Leighton J.K.; Dueland S.; Straka M.S.; Trawick J.; Davis R.A., 1991: Activation of the silent endogenous cholesterol 7 alpha hydroxylase gene in rat hepatoma cells a new complementation group having resistance to 25 hydroxycholesterol

Prie D.; Ronco P.M.; Baudouin B.; Geniteau Legendre M.; Antoine M.; Piedagnel R.; Estrade S.; Lelongt B.; Verroust P.J.; Et Al, 1991: Activation of the simian virus 40 sv 40 genome abrogates sensitivity to avp in a rabbit collecting tubule cell line by repressing membrane expression of avp receptors

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983107

Sachs G., 1988: Activation of the sodium hydrogen and chloride bicarbonate exchange by stimulation of acid secretion in the parietal cell

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983109

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983110

Church J.G.; Mills G.B.; Buick R.N., 1989: Activation of the sodium proton antiport is not required for epidermal growth factor dependent gene expression growth inhibition or proliferation in human breast cancer cells

Costa Casnellie M.R.; Cragoe E.J.Jr; Segel G.B.; Lichtman M.A., 1989: Activation of the sodium proton exchanger by phorbol ester and osmotic shock is dependent on the degree of neutrophilic maturation

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983113

Tets V.V.; Shafkhid M.G., 1990: Activation of the sos response of escherichia cells with antibiotics

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983115

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983116

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983117

Macho L.; Kvetnansky R.; Fickova M., 1989: Activation of the sympathoadrenal system in rats during hypokinesia

Howard, E. A.; Winsor, B. A.; De-Vos, G.; Zambryski, P., 1989: Activation of the t dna transfer process in agrobacterium results in the generation of a t strand protein complex tight association of vir d2 with the 5' ends of t strands

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983120

Farrell N.; Kelland L.R.; Roberts J.D.; Van Beusichem M., 1992: Activation of the trans geometry in platinum antitumor complexes a survey of the cytotoxicity of trans complexes containing planar ligands in murine l1210 and human tumor panels and studies on their mechanism of action

Curran T., 1988: Activation of the transforming potential of the human fos proto oncogene requires message stabilization and results in increased amounts of partially modified fos protein

Kaube H.; Hoskin K.L.; Goadsby P.J., 1992: Activation of the trigeminovascular system by mechanical distension of the superior sagittal sinus in the cat

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983124

Gao J.; Gussin G.N., 1991: Activation of the trpba promoter of pseudomonas aeruginosa by trpi protein in vitro

Renik N.L.; Kidgotko O.V.; Shuppe N.G., 1991: Activation of the ty element cycle by reverse transcriptase of human immunodeficiency virus in the saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast

Hernandez N., 1988: Activation of the u2 small nuclear rna promoter by the octamer motif defines a new class of rna polymerase ii enhancer elements

Reddy M.K.; Bauer W.R., 1989: Activation of the vaccinia virus nicking joining enzyme by trypsinization

Barbaric S.; Fascher K D.; Hoerz W., 1992: Activation of the weakly regulated pho8 promoter in saccharomyces cerevisiae chromatin transition and binding sites for the positive regulatory protein pho4

Bhat R.V.; Worley P.F.; Cole A.J.; Baraban J.M., 1992: Activation of the zinc finger encoding gene krox 20 in adult rat brain comparison with zif268

Mueller T.H.; Swandulla D.; Lux H.D., 1989: Activation of three types of membrane currents by various divalent cations in identified molluscan pacemaker neurons

Compton M.M.; Johnson L.R.; Gibbs P.S., 1991: Activation of thymocyte dna degradation by endogenous glucocorticoids

Miyazaki K.; Umenishi F.; Funahashi K.; Koshikawa N.; Yasumitsu H.; Umeda M., 1992: Activation of timp 2 progelatinase a complex by stromelysin

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983134

Klempnauer K H.; Arnold H.; Biedenkapp H., 1989: Activation of transcription by v myb evidence for two different mechanisms

David M.; Larner A.C., 1992: Activation of transcription factors by interferon alpha in a cell free system

Ivanov V.I.; Kabishev A.A.; Gorodetskii S.V.; Gribanovskii V.A., 1990: Activation of transcription factors nf1 in a bovine mammary gland during lactation

Zanger U.M.; Lund J.; Simpson E.R.; Waterman M.R., 1991: Activation of transcription in cell free extracts by a novel cyclic amp responsive sequence from the bovine cyp17 gene

Manteifel' V.M.; Andreichuk T.N.; Karu T.I.; Chelidze P.V.; Zelenin A.V., 1990: Activation of transcription in lymphocytes under the action of helium neon laser irradiation

Champion Arnaud P.; Gesnel M C.; Foulkes N.; Ronsin C.; Sassone Corsi P.; Breathnach R., 1991: Activation of transcription via ap 1 or creb regulatory sites is blocked by protein tyrosine phosphatases

Chao S.; Bu C H.; Cheung W.Y., 1990: Activation of troponin c by cadmium and lead

Kodama H.; Yamada F.; Murai T.; Nakanishi Y.; Mikami T.; Izawa H., 1989: Activation of trout macrophages and production of crp after immunization with vibrio anguillarum

Flesch I.E.A.; Kaufmann S.H.E., 1990: Activation of tuberculostatic macrophage functions by gamma interferon interleukin 4 and tumor necrosis factor

Manzanares J.; Lookingland K.J.; Lavigne S.D.; Moore K.E., 1991: Activation of tuberohypophysial dopamine neurons following intracerebroventricular administration of the selective kappa opioid receptor antagonist norbinaltorphimine

Manzanares J.; Toney T.W.; Lookingland K.J.; Moore K.E., 1991: Activation of tuberoinfundibular and tuberohypophysial dopamine neurons following intracerebroventricular administration of bombesin

Lindley S.E.; Lookingland K.J.; Moore K.E., 1990: Activation of tuberoinfundibular but not tuberohypophysial dopaminergic neurons following intracerebroventricular administration of alpha msh

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983147

Shapira H.; Lupu Meiri M.; Gershengorn M.C.; Oron Y., 1990: Activation of two different receptors mobilizes calcium from distinct stores in xenopus oocytes

Shane B.S.; Looney A.L., 1989: Activation of two environmental mixtures by plant s9

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983150

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983151

Villa Moruzzi E., 1992: Activation of type 1 protein phosphatase by cdc2 kinase

Kuno T.; Shuntoh H.; Takeda T.; Ito A.; Sakaue M.; Hirai M.; Ando H.; Tanaka C., 1989: Activation of type i cyclic amp dependent protein kinases is impaired by a point mutation in cyclic amp binding sites

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983154

Fossom L.H.; Sterling C.; Tank A.W., 1991: Activation of tyrosine hydroxylase by nicotine in rat adrenal gland

Mcwhirter J.R.; Wang J.Y.J., 1991: Activation of tyrosine kinase and microfilament binding functions of c abl by bcr sequences in bcr abl fusion proteins

Tsygankov A.Y.; Broeker B.M.; Fargnoli J.; Ledbetter J.A.; Bolen J.B., 1992: Activation of tyrosine kinase p60f y n following t cell antigen receptor cross linking

Samelson L.E.; Fletcher M.C.; Ledbetter J.A.; June C.H., 1990: Activation of tyrosine phosphorylation in human t cells via the cd2 pathway regulation of the cd45 tyrosine phosphatase

Haebler H J.; Jaenig W.; Koltzenburg M., 1990: Activation of unmyelinated afferent fibers by mechanical stimuli and inflammation of the urinary bladder in the cat

Rider V.; Peterson C.J., 1991: Activation of uteroglobin gene expression by progesterone is modulated by uterine specific promoter binding proteins

Hasegawa A., 1988: Activation of vagal depressor and bradycardia reflexes by prostaglandin i 2 in the anesthetized dogs

Florman H.M.; Corron M.E.; Kim T.H D.; Babcock D.F., 1992: Activation of voltage dependent calcium channels of mammalian sperm is required for zona pellucida induced acrosomal exocytosis

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983163

Marsh J.W.; Chipman J.K.; Livingstone D.R., 1992: Activation of xenobiotics to reactive and mutagenic products by the marine invertebrates mytilus edulis carcinus maenas and asterias rubens

Zhang S.C.; Masui Y., 1992: Activation of xenopus laevis eggs in the absence of intracellular calcium activity by the protein phosphorylation inhibitor 6 dimethylaminopurine 6 dmap

Chasman D.I.; Leatherwood J.; Carey M.; Ptashne M.; Kornberg R.D., 1989: Activation of yeast polymerase ii transcription by herpesvirus vp16 and gal4 derivatives in vitro

Lue N.F.; Buchman A.R.; Kornberg R.D., 1989: Activation of yeast rna polymerase ii transcription by a thymidine rich upstream element in vitro

Torres A.P.R.; Eymard S.; Panek A.D., 1991: Activation of yeast trehalase by heat shock

Chatfield M.D.; Walda K.N.; Magde D., 1990: Activation parameters for ligand escape from myoglobin proteins at room temperature

Jackson D.Y.; Liang M.N.; Bartlett P.A.; Schultz P.G., 1992: Activation parameters for stereochemistry of an antibody catalyzed claisen rearrangement

Spencer D.B.; Dewey T.G., 1990: Activation parameters for the halorhodopsin photocycle a phase lifetime spectroscopic study of the 520 and 640 nanometer intermediates

Marques H.M., 1991: Activation parameters for the reaction of aquocobalamin vitamin b 12a with small anionic and neutral ligands

Schwartz O.; Arenzana Seisdedos F.; Heard J M.; Danos O., 1992: Activation pathways and human immunodeficiency virus type 1 replication are not altered in cd4 positive t cells expressing the nef protein

Fox D.A.; Millard J.A.; Kan L.; Zeldes W.S.; Davis W.; Higgs J.; Emmrich F.; Kinne R.W., 1990: Activation pathways of synovial t lymphocytes expression and function of the um4d4 cdw60 antigen

Feld G.K.; Shahandeh Rad F., 1992: Activation patterns in experimental canine atrial flutter produced by right atrial crush injury

Kadish A.; Balke C.W.; Levine J.F.; Moore E.N.; Spear J.F., 1989: Activation patterns in healed experimental myocardial infarction

Husak W.S.; Cohen M.J.; Schandler S.L., 1991: Activation peaking during the acquisition of a motor task under high and low contextual interference conditions

Spector N.L.; Freedman A.S.; Freeman G.; Segil J.; Whitman J.F.; Welch W.J.; Nadler L.M., 1989: Activation primes human b lymphocytes to respond to heat shock

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983179

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983180

Farber D.A.; Dubrovinskaya N.V., 1989: Activation processes and emotions in child ontogeny

Gel'fgat E.L.; Konenkov V.I.; Krainov A.V., 1990: Activation processes in the t immunity system of individuals living in different regions of the country ussr

Mahi Brown C.A.; Tung K.S.K., 1989: Activation requirements of donor t cells and host t cell recruitment in adoptive transfer of murine experimental autoimmune orchitis eao

Lynch F.; Shevach E.M., 1992: Activation requirements of newborn thymic gamma delta t cells

Abildskov J.A., 1988: Activation sequence at the onset of arrhythmias induced by localized myocardial warming and programmed premature stimulation in dogs

Szamel M.; Rehermann B.; Krebs B.; Kurrle R.; Resch K., 1989: Activation signals in human lymphocytes incorporation of polyunsaturated fatty acids into plasma membrane phospholipids regulates il 2 synthesis via sustained activation of protein kinase c

Szamel M.; Kracht M.; Krebs B.; Huebner U.; Resch K., 1990: Activation signals in human lymphocytes interleukin 2 synthesis and expression of high affinity interleukin 2 receptors require differential signalling for the activation of protein kinase c

Aprile J.A.; Russo M.; Pepe M.S.; Loughran T.P.Jr, 1991: Activation signals leading to proliferation of normal and leukemic cd3 positive large granular lymphocytes

Richter F.; Wicher C.; Schmidt D.; Leichsenring A.; Haschke W., 1992: Activation state of the cortex could be changed by reinforcement of low amplitude visual evoked potentials in rabbits

Eichelberger M.; Allan W.; Carding S.R.; Bottomly K.; Doherty P.C., 1991: Activation status of the cd4 negative 8 negative gamma delta t cells recovered from mice with influenza pneumonia

Balny C.; Travers F., 1989: Activation thermodynamics of the binding of carbon monoxide to horseradish peroxidase role of pressure temperature and solvent

Pieper C.F.; Blue R.; Pacifico A., 1991: Activation time detection algorithms used in computerized intraoperative cardiac mapping a comparison with manually determined activation times

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983193

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983194

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983195

Krishtalik L.I., 1989: Activationless electron transfer in the reaction center of photosynthesis

Louis A.I.; Fluharty A.L., 1991: Activator dependent hydrolysis of myelin cerebroside sulfate by arylsulfatase a

Heltzel A.; Lee I.W.; Totis P.A.; Summers A.O., 1990: Activator dependent preinduction binding of sigma 70 rna polymerase at the metal regulated mer promoter

Buck M.; Cannon W., 1992: Activator independent formation of a closed complex between sigma 54 holoenzyme and nifh and nifu promoters of klebsiella pneumoniae

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983201

Fuerst W.; Sandhoff K., 1992: Activator proteins and topology of lysosomal sphingolipid catabolism

Ito M.; Ikegami Y.; Yamagata T., 1991: Activator proteins for glycosphingolipid hydrolysis by endoglycoceramidases elucidation of biological functions of cell surface glycosphingolipids in situ by endoglycoceramidases made possible using these activator proteins

Astrup H.N., 1987: Activator proteins for lipoprotein lipase from bovine plasma a partial amino acid sequence analyses

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983205

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983206

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983207

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983208

Gessani S.; Di Marzio P.; Baglioni C., 1989: Activators of protein kinase c enhance accumulation of interferon beta messenger rna in murine cell lines

Browning M.D.; Dudek E.M., 1992: Activators of protein kinase c increase the phosphorylation of the synapsins at sites phosphorylated by camp dependent and calcium calmodulin dependent protein kinases in the rat hippocampal slice

Hurley T.R.; Luo K.; Sefton B.M., 1989: Activators of protein kinase c induce dissociation of cd4 but not cd8 from p56l c k

Turtle J.R., 1988: Activators of protein kinase c stimulate insulin secretion from the human fetal pancreas

Bement W.M.; Capco D.G., 1989: Activators of protein kinase c trigger cortical granule exocytosis cortical contraction and cleavage furrow formation in xenopus laevis oocytes and eggs

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983220

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983229

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983243

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983247

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983260

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983261

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983264

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983265

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983266

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983271

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983281

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983282

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983288

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983296

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983300

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983307

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983308

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983309

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983310

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983313

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983315

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983316

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983321

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983326

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983333

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983335

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983341

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983345

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983361

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983363

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983366

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983367

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983368

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983369

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Ishikawa T., 1988: Active proliferation of mouse hepatocytes in primary culture under defined conditions as compared to rat hepatocytes

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983380

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983382

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983389

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983404

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983409

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983412

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983415

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Fausnaugh J.; Shatkin A.J., 1990: Active site localization in a viral messenger rna capping enzyme

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983419

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983420

Sheikh S.; Katiyar S.S., 1992: Active site mapping studies of malate dehydrogenase identification of essential amino acid residues by o phthalaldehyde

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983423

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983428

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Lin, J. J.; Phillips, A. M.; Hearst, J. E.; Sancar, A., 1992: Active site of abc excinuclease ii. binding bending and catalysis mutants of uvrb reveals a direct role in 3' and an indirect role in 5' incision

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Li Y.F.; Sancar A., 1990: Active site of escherichia coli dna photolyase mutations at trp277 alter the selectivity of the enzyme without affecting the quantum yield of photorepair

Distefano M.D.; Moore M.J.; Walsh C.T., 1990: Active site of mercuric reductase resides at the subunit interface and requires cys 135 and cys 140 from one subunit and cys 558 and cys 559 from the adjacent subunit evidence from in vivo and in vitro heterodimer formation

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983435

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983436

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Bock, P. E., 1992: Active site selective labeling of blood coagulation proteinases with fluorescence probes by the use of thioester peptide chloromethyl ketones i. specificity of thrombin labeling

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983440

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Ahmed S.A.; Claiborne A., 1992: Active site structural comparison of streptococcal nadh peroxidase and nadh oxidase reconstitution with artificial flavins

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983446

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983450

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983451

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983730

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983740

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983806

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983825

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983843

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983844

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983852

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983860

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983861

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983868

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Stickler D.; Hewett P., 1991: Activity of antiseptics against biofilms of mixed bacterial species growing on silicone surfaces

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983885

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983886

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983887

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983911

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983912

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983926

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983927

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983928

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983929

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983930

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983934

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983935

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983947

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983948

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983949

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983950

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983952

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983953

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983954

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983955

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983956

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983968

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983969

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983978

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983985

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983988

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983989

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Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983995

Section 7, Chapter 6984, Accession 006983996

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