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Activity and isozyme spectrum of lactate dehydrogenase in tissues of rabbits during the prenatal and the early neonatal periods

Dragnev, D.; Bojchev, K.

Genetika i Selektsiya 22(4): 330-338


Accession: 006983703

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The enzyme activity of lactatedehydrogenase in different tissues of rabbit fetuses was investigated in the second half of pregnancy (15th, 20th and 26th day) and in new born rabbits. Highest and increasing with the advance of ontogenetic development total activity was observed in heart and liver tissues. At all stages lung and brain tissues had lowest activity. Particularly typical age changes of the isozyme fraction ratio in the direction toward the typical for aged animals spectrum were found in the heart and in the skeletal musculature. Differentiation of the isozyme spectrum in liver and lung was manifested by relatively unifrom distribution, and small fluctuations in prenatal development and by more significant changes in the new borns, while the processes of redistribution in the relative share of the individual variants in brain and kidney were of intermediary type.

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