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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6985

Chapter 6985 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Colin M.E.; Ducos De Lahitte J.; Larribau E.; Boue T., 1989: Activity of essential oils of labiaceae of ascosphaera apis and treatment of an apiary

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984001

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984002

Rodriguez Fernandez C.; Berasategui J.; Villafafila A., 1992: Activity of exocellular lipase from pseudomonas fluorescens in raw milk

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984004

Fukushima K.; Fukushima J., 1991: Activity of eye movement related neurons in and near the interstitial nucleus of cajal during sinusoidal vertical linear acceleration and optokinetic stimuli

Fukushima K.; Fukushima J., 1990: Activity of eye movement related neurons in the region of the interstitial nucleus of cajal during sleep

Verini M.A.; Ungheri D., 1989: Activity of fce 20696 a new synthetic immunomodulator in models of viral and bacterial pathology

Lyons E.T.; Drudge J.H.; Tolliver S.C., 1989: Activity of fenbendazole and oxfendazole against experimental infections of trichostrongylus axei in dairy calves

Hart E.R.; Petty D.G.; Hall R.B.; Herms D.A.; Hanna R.D.; Kean J.N., 1991: Activity of fenusa dohrnii hymenoptera tenthredinidae on alnus in the northcentral usa

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984010

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984011

Padeiskaya E.N.; Mnatsakanyan V.E., 1991: Activity of fluoroquinolones on a model of purulent meningoencephalitis caused by pseudomonas aeruginosa in mice

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984013

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984016

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984017

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984018

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984019

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984020

Sa Miranda M.C.; Aerts J.M.F.G.; Pinto R.; Fontes A.; De Lacerda L.W.; Van Weely S.; Barranger J.; Tager J.M., 1990: Activity of glucocerebrosidase in extracts of different cell types from type 1 gaucher disease patients

Korzhov V.I.; Serdyuk T.M., 1991: Activity of glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase in patients with chronic inflammatory diseases of the lungs

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984023

Kolomoets M.Yu, 1992: Activity of glutathione dependent enzyme and superoxide dismutase in peptic ulcer

Planas Bohne F.; Elizalde M., 1992: Activity of glutathione s transferase in rat liver and kidneys after administration of lead or cadmium

Bannasch P., 1988: Activity of glycogen synthase and phosphorylase and glucose 6 phosphate content in renal clear cell carcinomas

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984027

Elbers J.R.J.; Van Unnik J.A.M.; Rijksen G.; Roholl P.J.M.; Van Oirschot B.A.; Staal G.E.J., 1990: Activity of glycolytic enzymes and glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase in lipoblastic and neurogenic proliferations

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984029

Pampulha M.E.; Loureiro Dias M.C., 1990: Activity of glycolytic enzymes of saccharomyces cerevisiae in the presence of acetic acid

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984031

Bany J.; Gnatowski B.; Golinska Z., 1990: Activity of granulocytes in mice infected with trichinella spiralis

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984033

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984034

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984035

Zwaagstra J.C.; Ghiasi H.; Slanina S.M.; Nesburn A.B.; Wheatley S.C.; Lillycrop K.; Wood J.; Latchman D.S.; Patel K.; Wechsler S.L., 1990: Activity of herpes simplex virus type 1 latency associated transcript lat promoter in neuron derived cells evidence for neuron specificity and for a large lat transcript

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984037

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984038

Azmitia E.C.; Lama P.; Segal M.; Whitaker Azmitia P.M.; Murphy R.B.; Zhou F.C., 1991: Activity of hippocampal extract on development of tritiated 5 ht high affinity uptake in dissociated microcultures

Miyashita Y.; Rolls E.T.; Cahusac P.M.B.; Niki H.; Feigenbaum J.D., 1989: Activity of hippocampal formation neurons in the monkey related to a conditional spatial response task

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984041

Cooper C.E.; White A.R.; Slocombe B., 1991: Activity of human extravascular temocillin concentrations simulated in an in vitro kinetic model against beta lactamase producing gram negative bacilli

Zhong R K.; Dong Y H.; Lu D P., 1989: Activity of human placental gamma globulin in blocking immune functions in vitro and in abrogating the xenogeneic local graft versus host reaction

Rebuelta-Lizabe, M.; Ayuga-Tellez, C., 1988: Activity of hypericum caprifolium infusion on the c.n.s

Osaka T.; Yoshimatsu H.; Kannan H.; Yamashita H., 1989: Activity of hypothalamic neurons in conscious rats decreased by hyperbaric environment

Massolo, F.; Cellini, M.; Sardelli, S.; Rota, C.; Monzani, A.; Petraglia, F.; Genazzani, A. R., 1988: Activity of hypothalamus pituitary adrenal axis in children with hodgkin's disease

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984048

Teyke T.; Weiss K.R.; Kupfermann I., 1991: Activity of identified cerebral neuron correlates with food induced arousal in aplysia

Ardel J.L.; Butler C.K.; Smith F.M.; Hopkins D.A.; Armour J.A., 1991: Activity of in vivo atrial and ventricular neurons in chronically decentralized canine hearts

Armour J.A., 1988: Activity of in vivo canine cardiac plexus neurons

Armour J.A.; Hopkins D.A., 1990: Activity of in vivo canine ventricular neurons

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984054

Garcia Sastre A.; Villar E.; Manuguerra J.C.; Hannoun C.; Cabezas J.A., 1991: Activity of influenza c virus o acetylesterase with o acetyl containing compounds

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984056

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984057

Suetina I.A.; Sokolova T.M.; Belostotskaya O.I.; Lavrukhina L.A.; Ershov F.I., 1990: Activity of interferon dependent enzymes in patients with urticaria accompanied by multiple viral infections

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984059

Shefchyk S.; Mccrea D.; Kriellaars D.; Fortier P.; Jordan L., 1990: Activity of interneurons within the l4 spinal segment of the cat during brainstem evoked fictive locomotion

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984061

Van Der Auwra P.; Prinz G.; Petrikkos G., 1991: Activity of intracellular antibiotics

Boutin C.; Viallat J.R.; Van Zandwijk N.; Douillard J.T.; Paillard J.C.; Guerin J.C.; Mignot P.; Migueres J.; Varlet F.; Et Al, 1991: Activity of intrapleural recombinant gamma interferon in malignant mesothelioma

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984064

Eisenhauer E.A.; Pritchard K.I.; Perrault D.J.; Verma S.; Pater J.L., 1990: Activity of intravenous menogaril in patients with previously untreated metastatic breast cancer a national cancer institute of canada clinical trials group study

Falke L.C.; Misler S., 1989: Activity of ion channels during volume regulation by clonal n1e115 neuroblastoma cells

Kotera Y.; Inoue M.; Mitsuhashi S., 1990: Activity of kb 5246 against outer membrane mutants of escherichia coli and salmonella typhimurium

Ko I.J.; Houh W., 1990: Activity of keratinolytic proteinase of trichophyton mentagrophytes

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984069

Kaliman P.A.; Nikitchenko I.V., 1989: Activity of key enzymes of heme metabolism and content of certain hemoproteins in the liver of uneven aged rats

Terek O.I.; Kalinovich N.A., 1990: Activity of key enzymes of nitrogen metabolism in maize seedlings under the action of growth stimulators

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984073

Weathersbee A.A.IIi; Meisch M.V.; Inman A.; Dame D.A., 1991: Activity of lambda cyhalothrin applied as an ultralow volume ground treatment against anopheles quadrimaculatus adults

Muenz H.; Claas B., 1991: Activity of lateral line efferents in the axolotl ambystoma mexicanum

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984076

Butovich I.A.; Mogilevits T.V.; Kukhar' V.P., 1989: Activity of lipoxygenase incorporated into the reversed micelles of aerosol ot in octane

Perrault G.; Morel E.; Zivkovic B.; Sanger D.J., 1992: Activity of litoxetine and other serotonin uptake inhibitors in the tail suspension test in mice

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984079

Kawamura M., 1988: Activity of low density lipoprotein receptors as estimated from concentrations of apolipoprotein b and c ii in serum

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984081

Ivanova T.N.; Polyakova E.D.; Ivanov A.I., 1990: Activity of lysosomal enzymes in isolated perfused rat heart under conditions of reversible ischemia and post ischemic reperfusion combined with dibutyryl cyclic amp and isoproterenol administration

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984083

Vasil'ev A.V.; Vorobeichik T.A.; Gutkin D.V.; Tutel'yan V.A., 1990: Activity of lysosomal proteinases in mouse macrophages spleen and thymus during the development of immune response

Vasil'ev A.V.; Vorobeichik T.A.; Pletsityi K.D.; Tutel'yan V.A., 1989: Activity of lysosomal proteinases in the liver spleen thymus tissues and in peritoneal macrophages after the immunization of mice with thymus dependent and thymus independent antigens

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984086

Perova N.V., 1988: Activity of main enzymatic reactions responsible for lipoprotein metabolism in blood plasma of patients with ischemic heart disease

Yang G.; Isenhour D.J.; Espelie K.E., 1991: Activity of maize leaf cuticular lipids in resistance to leaf feeding by the fall armyworm

Abramova N.B.; Bueverova E.I.; Neifakh A.A., 1989: Activity of mammalian mitochondria injected into fish embryos

Parvez H.; Cohen W.R.; Dietrich J.; Casimiri V.; Kiuchi Y.; Slimani M.; Parvez S.; Minami M.; Yoshioka M., 1990: Activity of maternal and fetal enzymes of catecholamine synthesis and metabolism during fasting in late pregnancy

Prochazka R.; Motlik J.; Fulka J., 1989: Activity of maturation promoting factor in pig oocytes after microinjection and serial transfer of maturing cytoplasm

Siegel J.M.; Nienhuis R.; Fahringer H.M.; Chiu C.; Dement W.C.; Mignot E.; Lufkin R., 1992: Activity of medial mesopontine units during cataplexy and sleep waking states in the narcoleptic dog

Touitou Y.; Bogdan A.; Auzeby A.; Touitou C., 1989: Activity of melatonin and other pineal indoles on the in vitro synthesis of cortisol cortisone and adrenal androgens

Huyghe B.G.; Klinman J.P., 1991: Activity of membranous dopamine beta monooxygenase within chromaffin granule ghosts interaction with ascorbate

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984095

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984096

Borzenko B.G., 1990: Activity of metabolic enzymes of adenosine and thymidine in blood of oncological patients of different age

Lutsyuk N.B., 1988: Activity of metabolic enzymes of xenobiotics in varying supply of the rat body with vitamin b 1

Gramoll S., 1988: Activity of metathoracic interneurons during stridulation in the acridid grasshopper omocestus viridulus l

Ip C.; Ganther H.E., 1990: Activity of methylated forms of selenium in cancer prevention

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984101

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984102

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984103

Van Ballenberghe V.; Miquelle D.G., 1990: Activity of moose during spring and summer in interior alaska usa

Grahn D.A.; Heller H.C., 1989: Activity of most rostral ventromedial medulla neurons reflect eeg emg pattern changes

Koelbin R.; Brueckner B.; Blechschmidt D.; Fischer W., 1990: Activity of mutagens in the fungus gibberella fujikuroi

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984107

Stosik M., 1990: Activity of myeloperoxidase in carp neutrophilic granulocytes in the course of natural bacterial infection

Morazzoni P.; Magistretti M.J., 1990: Activity of myrtocyan an anthocyanoside complex from vaccinium myrtillus vma on platelet aggregation and adhesiveness

Gauthier R.; Agoumi A.; Gourai M., 1989: Activity of myrtus communis extracts against pediculus humanus capitis

Thompson R.D.; Secunda S.; Daly J.W.; Olsson R.A., 1991: Activity of n 6 substituted 2 chloroadenosines at a 1 and a 2 adenosine receptors

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984112

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984113

Potapov P.P., 1989: Activity of nadp dependent cytoplasmic dehydrogenases in rat liver and adipose tissue during the recovery period after hypokinesia

Zlochevskaya L.L.; Kindzel'skii L.P.; Shabaeva M.M.; Tsyganok T.V., 1990: Activity of natural killer cells and the number of large granule containing blood lymphocytes in patients with malignant lymphomas

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984116

Ketiladze E.S., 1988: Activity of natural killers in patients with influenza

Singh, R. P.; Devakumar, C.; Dhingra, S., 1988: Activity of neem azadirachta indica a. juss seed kernel extracts against the mustard aphid lipaphis erysimi

Davydova N.A.; Belakovskii M.S.; Ushakov A.S., 1989: Activity of neurohumoral regulation systems and its correction in an arid area

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984120

Marlinskii V.V., 1991: Activity of neurons of the lateral vestibular nucleus evoked by tiltings about a longitudinal axis during locomotion in guinea pig

Medvedev S.V.; Abdullaev Ya G., 1989: Activity of neurons of the thalamus and striopallidar complex of human brain in reflection of visual perception constancy

Ali A., 1991: Activity of new formulation of methoprene against midges diptera chironomidae in experimental ponds

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984124

Hoppe J.E.; Eichhorn A., 1989: Activity of new macrolides against bordetella pertussis and bordetella parapertussis

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984126

Juliano C.; Piu L.; Zanetti S., 1991: Activity of nine antiseptic vaginal douches

Jonas O.A.; Pereyra M.C.; Cabeza C.; Goldberg A.D.; Ledent J.F., 1990: Activity of nitrate reductase and acid phosphatase in leaves of wheat after a period of cessation of watering

Vavilova T.P.; Petrovich Yu A., 1991: Activity of nitrate reductase in mixed saliva

Vorobets' N.M., 1989: Activity of nitrogen metabolism enzymes in the embryo axis of bean under swelling

Hong, Z.; Gasic, O.; Popovic, M.; Lukic, V.; Saric, M.; Saric, Z.; Govedarica, M., 1990: Activity of nitrogenase and nitrogen assimilation enzymes in sugar beet beta vulgaris l. inoculated with azotobacter chroococcum

Gasic O.; Hong Z.; Popovic M.; Lukic V.; Saric M.; Saric Z., 1990: Activity of nitrogenase and nitrogen assimilation enzymes in wheat inoculated with azotobacter chroococcum

Kleflin, A.; Zobundzija, M.; Martincic, T.; Sladic, Z., 1988: Activity of non specific esterases in the pig's fetal fluids in the first half of gravidity

Ilyasova M.V., 1988: Activity of nonspecific esterase alkaline and acid phosphatases in the intestine of vobla rutilus rutilus caspicus in early ontogenetic stages

Babu P.V., 1988: Activity of nr gdh and gs in relation to phosphorus fertilization and growth stages in chickpea

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984136

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984137

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984138

Roehn G.; Schlenker M.; Paschen W., 1992: Activity of ornithine decarboxylase and s adenosylmethionine decarboxylase in transient cerebral ischemia relationship to the duration of vascular occlusion

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984140

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984142

Ueki S., 1988: Activity of pbg deaminase and outbreak of acute intermittent porphyria aip in three generations of a family line

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984144

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984145

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984146

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984147

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984149

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984150

Cheng G.W.; Breen P.J., 1991: Activity of phenylalanine ammonia lyase pal and concentrations of anthocyanins and phenolics in developing strawberry fruit

Minnebaev M.M.; Mukhutdinova F.I.; Popova L.G., 1991: Activity of phosphatases in lymph in fever reaction

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984153

Muratova U.Z.; Bornikov V.T.; Abdukayumova A.Kh; Saatov T.S., 1991: Activity of phospholipase a 2 in human platelet isolation and purification of the enzyme

Costello J.; Franson R.C.; Landwehr K.; Landwehr D.M., 1990: Activity of phospholipase a 2 in plasma increases in uremia

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984156

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984157

Naber J.D.; Van Rensen J.J.S., 1991: Activity of photosystem ii herbicides is related with their residence times at the d1 protein

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984159

Yoshida H.; Satoh K.; Imaizumi T A., 1992: Activity of platelet activating factor acetylhydrolase exists in red cell membrane

Imaizumi T A.; Satoh K.; Yoshida H.; Kawamura Y.; Hiramoto M.; Koyanagi M.; Takamatsu S.; Takamatsu M., 1990: Activity of platelet activating factor paf acetylhydrolase in plasma from healthy habitual cigarette smokers

Stosik M., 1991: Activity of polymorphonuclear leukocytes during the natural bacterial infection in carps

Claesson R.; Granlund Edstedt M.; Persson S.; Carlsson J., 1989: Activity of polymorphonuclear leukocytes in the presence of sulfide

Klyachko N.L.; Bocharova M.A., 1989: Activity of polysome translation in cell free systems as influenced by low temperatures

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984165

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984166

Escudero M.; De La Cruz R.R., 1989: Activity of premotor vestibular neurons in the alert cat

Kimura M.; Aosaki T.; Hu Y.; Ishida A.; Watanabe K., 1992: Activity of primate putamen neurons is selective to the mode of voluntary movement visually guided self initiated or memory guided

Butlin M.; Quincy R., 1991: Activity of promoter mutants of the yeast ribosomal rna gene with and without the enhancer

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984170

Postnov Y.V., 1988: Activity of protein kinase c in erythrocytes in primary hypertension

Grozdova I.D.; Klimov N.P.; Mamaeva E.G.; Krekhnov B.V.; Sveshnikova E.V.; Ivashkin V.T.; Vasil'ev V.Yu; Severin E.S., 1989: Activity of protein kinases and amp content in gastric mucosal membrane in nontumorous diseases

Redpath N.T.; Proud C.G., 1990: Activity of protein phosphatases against initiation factor 2 and elongation factor 2

Jablonowski Z.; Zoltowska K.; Piechocki D.; Dziekonska Rynko J.; Lukaszewicz Babecka J., 1990: Activity of proteolytic amylolytic and lipolytic enzymes of stomach duodenum and ileum and pancreas in postnatal development of piglets

Varbanets V.F., 1990: Activity of proteolytic enzymes and their inhibitors in large intestine tumors

Turakhia M.H.; Characklis W.G., 1989: Activity of pseudomonas aeruginosa in biofilms effect of calcium

Day C.E., 1991: Activity of psyllium hydrophilic colloid for reducing serum cholesterol in sea quail fed a diet supplemented with cholesterol

Kobayashi T.; Nitta K.; Takahashi R.; Kurashima K.; Robertson B.; Suzuki Y., 1991: Activity of pulmonary surfactant after blocking the associated proteins sp a and sp b

Krausslinch H G.; Ingraham R.H.; Skoog M.T.; Wimmer E.; Pallai P.V.; Carter C.A., 1989: Activity of purified biosynthetic proteinase of human immunodeficiency virus on natural substrates and synthetic peptides

Tisljar U.; De Camargo A.C.M.; Da Costa C.A.; Barrett A.J., 1989: Activity of pz peptidase and endo oligopeptidase are due to the same enzyme

Yu C.H.; Kim H.S.; Jeon T.I.; Kim S.K., 1991: Activity of quinolones and virulence to isolated aerobic bacteria from the intraabdominal abscess

Begleiter A.; Leith M.K., 1990: Activity of quinone alkylating agents in quinone resistant cells

Krasnov I.B., 1988: Activity of rat liver dehydrogenases after 30 day exposure to hypergravity

Mosialou E.; Morgenstern R., 1989: Activity of rat liver microsomal glutathione transferase toward products of lipid peroxidation and studies of the effect of inhibitors on glutathione dependent protection against lipid peroxidation

Basnak'yan A.G.; Bubnov N.V.; Kirsanova I.D.; Votrin I.I., 1989: Activity of rat liver nuclear endonucleases and topoisomerases in diethylnitrosamine induced tumors

Meier E.; Kunz G.; Haller O.; Arnheiter H., 1990: Activity of rat mx proteins against a rhabdovirus

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984187

Better M.; Bernhard S.L.; Lei S P.; Fishwild D.M.; Carroll S.F., 1992: Activity of recombinant mitogillin and mitogillin immunoconjugates

Bajanowski T.; Baumann A.; Brinkmann B., 1990: Activity of red cell phosphoglucomutase

Grelot L.; Barillot J.C.; Bianchi A.L., 1990: Activity of respiratory related oropharyngeal and laryngeal motoneurons during fictive vomiting in the decerebrate cat

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984191

Pepperberg D.R.; Anderson S.M.; Crouch R., 1989: Activity of rhodopsin in vitamin a deprived rats light dependent binding of g protein

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984194

Pangalis G.A., 1988: Activity of rnase h in cells of chronic b lymphocytic leukaemia correlation with clinical stage

Leclercq R.; Nantas L.; Soussy C J.; Duval J., 1992: Activity of rp 59500 a new parenteral semisynthetic streptogramin against staphylococci with various mechanisms of resistance to macrolide lincosamide streptogramin antibiotics

Li S.B.; Yang Z.H.; Feng J.S.; Fong C.K.Y.; Lucia H.L.; Hsiung G.D., 1990: Activity of s 1 3 hydroxy 2 phosphonylmethoxypropylcytosine hpmpc against guinea pig cytomegalovirus infection in cultured cells and in guinea pigs

Granata Q.; Amato A.; Salvati R.; Barberis F., 1991: Activity of salmon calcitonin in senile osteoporosis

Zigdon Arad T.; Bdolah A.; Kochva E.; Wollberg Z., 1992: Activity of sarafotoxin endothelin peptides in the heart and brain of lower vertebrates

Schikora G., 1988: Activity of selected enzymes in soil subjected to the action of trivalent chromium compounds

Rysinska J.; Stepkowska H.; Kolataj A., 1991: Activity of selected glycolytic enzymes and aminotransferases in the liver kidneys and mld of pigs during transport

Glavin G.B., 1989: Activity of selective dopamine da 1 and da 2 agonists and antagonists on experimental gastric lesions and gastric acid secretion

Ragimov Ch R., 1988: Activity of serine proteases in the blood plasma during the healing of simulated aseptic and infected wounds

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984204

Orlova A.V., 1988: Activity of serum serine proteases and lymphocytes in patients with diabetes mellitus and a possibility of using protease blockers in multimodality therapy

Fernandez Teruel A.; Boix F.; Escorihuela R.M.; Guix T.; Tobena A., 1989: Activity of several gabaergic agents on the behavioral despair test in rats

Gallo G.J.; Gruda M.C.; Manuppello J.R.; Alwine J.C., 1990: Activity of simian dna binding factors is altered in the presence of sv 40 early proteins characterization of factors binding to elements involved in activation of the sv 40 late promoter

Garzelli C.; Bazzichi A., 1991: Activity of soluble factors produced by epstein barr virus transformed human b lymphocytes on different cell lines

Stickler D.; Dolman J.; Rolfe S.; Chawla J., 1991: Activity of some antiseptics against urinary tract pathogens growing as biofilms on silicone surfaces

Minnebaev M.M.; Mukhutdinova F.I., 1990: Activity of some carbohydrate metabolism enzymes in the lymph in fever reaction

Sitnikova M.Yu, 1991: Activity of some components of the kinin system in the blood of renal veins in vasorenal arterial hypertension

Martinez Fernandez A.R., 1988: Activity of some conventional anthelmintics against caenorhabditis elegans

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984213

Sindelka Z.; Hornova J.; Ondrujova E.; Fassmann A.; Tomaskova L., 1989: Activity of some enzymes in the pulp of old people

Burzynski M., 1990: Activity of some enzymes involved in nitrate assimilation in cucumber seedlings treated with lead or cadmium

Drozdovskaya G.V.; Putilina V.E., 1990: Activity of some enzymes of antioxidant defense in the brains of rats with induced hyperthyroidism

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984217

Lichnovsky V.; Lojda Z.; Bocek M., 1989: Activity of some hydrolases in the human kidneys during embryonic and fetal development

Nabih I.; El Ansary A., 1991: Activity of some hydrolytic enzymes in tissue homogenates and hemolymph of fresh water snails intermediate hosts in schistosomiasis

Saleh Y.; Naguib M.I.; Shehata N.E., 1990: Activity of some intracellular enzymes of three virulent erwinia sp in presence of some heavy metal salts

Hategan D.; Balaita C., 1989: Activity of some lysosomal enzymes and postnatal ontogenetic development of epileptic reactivity in rabbit brain

Sulowicz W.; Lisiewicz J.; Kosiniak Kamysz A., 1991: Activity of some lysosomal enzymes in peritoneal lymphocytes from patients with terminal renal failure treated by intermittent peritoneal dialysis

Sulowicz W., 1990: Activity of some lysosomal enzymes in peritoneal macrophages of patients with end stage renal failure treated by intermittent peritoneal dialysis

Statsenko I.Yu, 1988: Activity of some mitochondrial enzymes in patients with acute hepatitis b

Kozaric Z.; Zobundzija M., 1989: Activity of some oxidative enzymes in the mouse kidney in ammonium chloride induced acidosis

Lokshina L.A.; Preobrazhenskaya M.E.; Samojlova R.S.; Bylinkina V.S.; Ushakova N.A.; Gureeva T.A.; Golubeva N.V., 1991: Activity of some proteinases and glycosidases in human leukemic lymphoid cells at various stages of differentiation

Sindelka Z.; Hornova J., 1990: Activity of some pulpal enzymes in root resorption

Potapov P.P., 1990: Activity of some rat liver oxidases and transaminases during readaptation after 15 to 30 day hypokinesia

Clapp C.H., 1988: Activity of soybean lipoxygenase in the absence of lipid hydroperoxide

Maggi C.A.; Patacchini R.; Feng D.M.; Folkers K., 1991: Activity of spantide i and ii at various tachykinin receptors and nk 2 tachykinin receptor subtypes

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984232

Richards W.G.; Ricciardi T.N.; Moore J.W., 1991: Activity of spinal trigeminal pars oralis and adjacent reticular formation units during differential conditioning of the rabbit nictitating membrane response

Binder P., 1988: Activity of staphylococcal epidermolytic toxin a in vitro on human epidermal cells in culture

Oshida T.; Onta T.; Nakanishi N.; Matsushita T.; Yamaguchi T., 1990: Activity of sub minimal inhibitory concentrations of aspoxicillin in prolonging the postantibiotic effect against staphylococcus aureus

Mcgee P.A.; Smith S.E., 1990: Activity of succinate dehydrogenase in vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi after enzymic digestion from roots of allium porrum

Murphy J.B.; Rutter M.R.; Hammer M.F., 1992: Activity of sucrose synthase and soluble acid invertase following germination of pinus edulis seeds

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984238

Cwalina, B.; Wilczok, T.; Weglarz, L.; Dzierzewicz, Z., 1990: Activity of sulfite oxidase thiosulfate oxidase and rhodanese in thiobacillus ferrooxidans during covellite and chalcopyrite leaching

Cwalina B.; Weglarz L.; Dzierzewicz Z.; Wilczok T., 1990: Activity of sulphite oxidase thiosulphate oxidase and rhodanese in thiobacillus ferrooxidans during sphalerite leaching

Krolak M., 1987: Activity of swine immunoglobulins against brucella abortus in rose bengal plate test rbpt

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984242

Frankel A.D.; Biancalana S.; Hudson D., 1989: Activity of synthetic peptides from the tat protein of human immunodeficiency virus type 1

Jeyapaul J.; Reddy M.R.; Khan S.A., 1990: Activity of synthetic tat peptides in human immunodeficiency virus type 1 long terminal repeat promoted transcription in a cell free system

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984245

Brenneman T.B.; Murphy A.P., 1991: Activity of tebuconazole on cercosporidium personatum a foliar pathogen of peanut

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984247

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984248

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984249

Luebbert H.; Meyfeld B., 1989: Activity of the 17 beta hsd in the serum of pregnant women during prostaglandin abortion

Hoogerbrugge P.M., 1988: Activity of the adenosine deaminase promoter in transgenic mice

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984253

Reynolds K.; Mezey E.; Zimmer A., 1991: Activity of the beta retinoic acid receptor promoter in transgenic mice

Schulz S.; Mentz P.; Timmel H.; Giessler C., 1989: Activity of the biosynthesis of prostacyclin pgi 2 in various differentiated tumors and the adjoining tissue

Abdullaev R.A.; Emirbekov E.Z., 1991: Activity of the brain and liver arginase at hypothermia

Howell B.W.; Lagace M.; Shore G.C., 1989: Activity of the carbamyl phosphate synthetase i promoter in liver nuclear extracts is dependent on a cis acting c ebp recognition element

Rasulov M.M.; Voronkov M.G., 1990: Activity of the cells of brain limbic structures in a conflict situation

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Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984474

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Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984766

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984767

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Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984771

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984772

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Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984774

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984775

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Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984782

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984783

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Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984788

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984789

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984790

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Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984803

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984804

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984805

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984806

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984807

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984808

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984809

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Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984834

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984835

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984836

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Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984864

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984865

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Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984899

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Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984906

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Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984912

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984913

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Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984917

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Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984925

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Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984929

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Otero Losada M.; Rubio M.C., 1989: Acute changes in 5 ht metabolism after s adenosyl l methionine administration

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Mathew R.J.; Wilson W.H.; Tant S.R., 1989: Acute changes in cerebral blood flow associated with marijuana smoking

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Hurst A.M.; Hunter M., 1990: Acute changes in channel density of amphibian diluting segment

Kujacic M.; Svensson K.; Lofberg L.; Carlsson A., 1990: Acute changes in dopamine levels in rat adrenal glands after administration of dopamine receptor agonists and antagonists

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984939

Cooper K.E., 1988: Acute changes in forearm venous volume and tone using radionuclide plethysmography

Carlson E.B.; Cowley M.J.; Wolfgang T.C.; Vetrovec G.W., 1989: Acute changes in global and regional rest left ventricular function after successful coronary angioplasty comparative results in stable and unstable angina

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984942

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Lamon Fava S.; Mcnamara J.R.; Farber H.W.; Hill N.S.; Schaefer E.J., 1989: Acute changes in lipid lipoprotein apolipoprotein and low density lipoprotein particle size after an endurance triathlon

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984945

Anderson J.W.; Sarda I.R.; Jennings D.B., 1990: Acute changes in osmolality and renin and respiratory control of arterial carbon dioxide partial pressure and hydrogen ion concentration

De Buitleir M.; Kou W.H.; Schmaltz S.; Morady F., 1990: Acute changes in pacing threshold and r wave or p wave amplitude during permanent pacemaker implantation

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984948

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Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984951

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Lundbeck F.; Stewart F.A., 1989: Acute changes in the bladder reservoir function after irradiation alone or in combination with chemotherapy a matter of mouse strain

Brinker T.; Seifert V.; Stolke D., 1990: Acute changes in the dynamics of the cerebrospinal fluid system during experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage

Apostolov I.; Minkov N.; Koycheva M.; Isterkov M.; Abadjyev M.; Ondeva V.; Trendafilova T., 1991: Acute changes of serum markers for tissue damage after eswl of kidney stones

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Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984957

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984958

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984959

Wallace T.M.; Hart W.R., 1991: Acute chlamydial salpingitis with ascites and adnexal mass simulating a malignant neoplasm

Foong W.C., 1986: Acute cholangitis in singapore

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De La Fuente Perucho A., 1988: Acute cholecystitis results of a policy of early surgery

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Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984974

Devenport L.; Thomas T.; Knehans A.; Sundstrom A., 1990: Acute chronic and interactive effects of type i and ii corticosteroid receptor stimulation and feeding and weight gain

Lemen R.J., 1988: Acute cigarette smoke exposure alters lung eicosanoid and inflammatory cell concentrations in rabbits

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Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984978

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Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984980

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Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984990

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Coetzee A.; Fourie P., 1992: Acute colloid administration increases ischemia in the myocardium supplied by a stenotic coronary artery

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Krige J.E.J.; Hudson D.A.; Kottler R.E., 1989: Acute colonic pseudo obstruction current diagnosis and management

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984996

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984997

Williams A.S.; Hoyt C.S., 1989: Acute comitant esotropia in children with brain tumors

Section 7, Chapter 6985, Accession 006984999

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