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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6986

Chapter 6986 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985000

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985001

Lee M.J.; Rattner D.W.; Legemate D.A.; Saini S.; Dawson S.L.; Hahn P.F.; Warshaw A.L.; Mueller P.R., 1992: Acute complicated pancreatitis redefining the role of interventional radiology

Plante S.; Laarman G.; De Feyter P.J.; Samson M.; Rensing B.J.; Umans V.; Suryapranata H.; Van Den Brand M.; Serruys P.W., 1991: Acute complications of percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty for total occlusion

Schmutzhard E.; Aichner F.; Berek K.; Kofler M.; Lehner H.; Pfausler B.; Gerstenbrand F., 1989: Acute complications of pneumococcal meningoencephalitis

Stoichkova N., 1988: Acute condylomas and cancer of the vulva

Rockwood K., 1989: Acute confusion in elderly medical patients

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985007

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985008

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985009

Jonas R.B., 1989: Acute copper and cupric ion toxicity in an estuarine microbial community

Tallon J.M.; Montoya D.R., 1990: Acute cor pulmonale secondary to metastatic tumor to the heart a case report and literature review

De Feyter P.J.; Van Den Brand M.; Jaarman G.; Van Domburg R.; Serruys P.W.; Suryapranata H., 1991: Acute coronary artery occlusion during and after percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty frequency prediction clinical course management and follow up

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985013

Goodman S.G.; Holloway R.M.; Adelman A.G., 1992: Acute coronary thrombotic occlusion following exercise testing 6 weeks after percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985015

Himick B.A.; Eales J.G., 1990: Acute correlated changes in plasma t 4 and glucose in physically disturbed cannulated rainbow trout oncorhynchus mykiss

Wolf D.C.; Carlton W.W., 1990: Acute cortical tubular necrosis in the swiss icr mouse induced by 2 bromoethylamine hydrobromide

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985018

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985019

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985020

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985021

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985022

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985023

Mantovani P., 1988: Acute cytomegalovirus hepatitis in non transfused subjects

Hirano T.; Manabe T.; Ando K.; Tobe T., 1992: Acute cytotoxic effect of cyclosporin a on pancreatic acinar cells in rats protective effect of the synthetic protease inhibitor e3123

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985026

Klemm E.; Flach M., 1991: Acute deafness a clinical analysis with special reference to tympanoscopy

How J.; Vijayan A.; Wong T.M., 1990: Acute decompression sickness in compressed air workers exposed to pressures below 1 bar in the singapore mass rapid transit project

Sekimoto K.; Imai K.; Kato Y.; Takikawa H., 1990: Acute decrease in vitellogenin synthesis by deprivation of food and water in laying hens

Gupta S.; Govindarajan S.; Cassidy W.M.; Valinluck B.; Redeker A.G., 1991: Acute delta hepatitis serological diagnosis with particular reference to hepatitis delta virus rna

Nager B.J.; Lanska D.J.; Daroff R.B., 1989: Acute demyelination mimicking vascular hemicrania

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985032

Feinberg, I.; Floyd, T. C.; March, J. D., 1991: Acute deprivation of the terminal 3.5 hours of sleep does not increase delta 0 3 hz electroencephalograms in recovery sleep

Travis F.; Maloney T.; Means M.; March J.D.; Feinberg I., 1991: Acute deprivation of the terminal four hours of sleep does not increase delta 0 3 hz electroencephalograms a replication

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985035

Lambalk C.B.; Van Rees G.P.; Schoemaker J.; De Koning J.; Van Dieten J.A.M.J., 1989: Acute desensitization of pituitary fsh response to lhrh in ovariectomized rats further evidence that in the presence of ovarian proteins the lhrh dependent lh like component of fsh release becomes apparent

Wharton R.; D'agati V.; Magun A.M.; Whitlock R.; Kunis C.L.; Appel G.B., 1990: Acute deterioration of renal function associated with enteric hyperoxaluria

Yuksel B.; Greenough A., 1992: Acute deteriorations in neonatal chronic lung disease

Walsh R.A., 1988: Acute determinants of the hangout interval in the pulmonary circulation

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985040

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985041

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985042

Van Vugt A.B.; Schoots F.J., 1989: Acute diaphragmatic rupture due to blunt trauma a retrospective analysis

Bretagne S.R.; Barge J.; Boussougant Y.; Hagiage M.; Devars Du Mayne J.F.; Cerf M., 1989: Acute diarrhea in adults living in a parisian district france clinical microbiological endoscopic and histological aspects a study of 52 patients

Levine M.M., 1988: Acute diarrhea in baltimore maryland usa children attending an outpatient clinic

Prasad B., 1991: Acute diarrhoea treatment with rice powder salt solution

Wood R.; Mills P.B.; Knobel G.J.; Hurlow W.E.; Stokol J.M., 1990: Acute dichromate poisoning after use of traditional purgatives a report of 7 cases

Santa Cruz G.; Dessy E.; Corrias A.; Puxeddu E.; Nurchi A.M.; Frau G., 1989: Acute diffuse histiocytosis x case report

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985049

Vainionpaa S.; Laasonen E.; Silvennoinen T.; Vasenius J.; Rokkanen P., 1990: Acute dislocation of the patella a prospective review of operative treatment

Salem B.I.; Selke K.; Gowda S.; Haikal M.; Coordes C.; Leidenfrost R., 1990: Acute dissecting aortic aneurysm community hospital experience in 20 cases

Walters N.A.; Thomson K.R., 1989: Acute dissection of the aorta which test?

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985054

Ninomiya S.; Kuwajima I.; Tazawa Y.; Yoshimura Y., 1990: Acute disseminated retinochoroidopathy associated with hemorrhage

Markova E.F.; Gasparyan A.A., 1989: Acute disseminated tuberculosis of the lungs under present conditions

Petersen D.W.; Powers J.F.; Aardema M.J.; Leboeuf R.A.; Smith L.A., 1989: Acute distribution and subchronic toxicological studies of succinate tartrates

Trolin G., 1988: Acute diuretic effects in conscious rats produced by some medicinal plants used in the state of sao paulo brazil

Tyau E.S.; Prystowsky J.B.; Joehl R.J.; Nahrwold D.L., 1991: Acute diverticulitis a complicated problem in the immunocompromised patient

Braga M.; Piemonti M.; Fontana M.G.; Cortili A.; Tonini G., 1991: Acute diverticulitis of the caecum and ascending colon

Kashtan H.; Rabau M.; Aladgem D.; Baratz M.; Eilat D.; Wiznitzer T., 1989: Acute diverticulitis of the caecum and right colon a review of 22 cases

Wilson S.E., 1988: Acute diverticulitis safety and value of contrast studies in predicting need for operation

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985064

Sachdev P.; Loneragan C., 1991: Acute drug induced akathisia is not associated with low serum iron status

Polunina T.E., 1989: Acute drug induced hepatitis

Konstantinidis G.; Roncevic N.; Konstantinidis N., 1991: Acute drug poisoning among children in voivodina

Hsu H.Y.; Chang M.H.; Wang T.H.; Hsu J.Y.; Wang C.Y.; Lin M.I.; Wu M.H., 1989: Acute duodenal ulcer

Andrejak M.; Masmoudi K.; Mizon J P., 1990: Acute dyskinetic reactions due to anti emetic drugs leading to hospitalizations

Singh H.; Levinson D.F.; Simpson G.M.; Lo E.S.; Friedman E., 1990: Acute dystonia during fixed dose neuroleptic treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985071

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985072

Mccann U.D.; Penetar D.M.; Belenky G., 1990: Acute dystonic reaction in normal humans caused by catecholamine depletion

Tel' L.Z.; Lysenkov S.P., 1989: Acute edema of the lungs in guinea pigs in affection of the medulla oblongata

Murayama K.M.; Drew J.B.; Nahrwold D.L.; Joehl R.J., 1990: Acute edematous pancreatitis impairs pancreatic secretion in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985076

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985077

Keller R.; Baltzer P.; Keller Wossidlo H.; Gamp R.; Ragaz A.; Schaub T., 1990: Acute effect of ambient ozone exposure on lung function in healthy smokers and nonsmokers

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985079

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985080

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985081

Kester D.B.; Saykin A.J.; Sperling M.R.; O'connor M.J.; Robinson L.J.; Gur R.C., 1991: Acute effect of anterior temporal lobectomy on musical processing

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985084

Mikiskova, H., 1988: Acute effect of carbon monoxide in the ecg picture ii. model experiments in animals

Yamaya M.; Zayasu K.; Sekizawa K.; Yamauchi K.; Shimura S.; Sasaki H.; Takishima T., 1989: Acute effect of cigarette smoke on cytoplasmic motility of alveolar macrophages in dogs

Adeoshun I.O.; Ali M.A., 1989: Acute effect of cigarette smoking on peak expiratory flow rate and ventilation in resting nigerian subjects

Yagil Y., 1990: Acute effect of cyclosporin on inner medullary blood flow in normal and postischemic rat kidney

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985089

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985090

Mazzocchi G.; Malendowicz L.K.; Meneghelli V.; Nussdorfer G.G., 1990: Acute effect of dynorphin on rat adrenocortical secretion in vivo

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985092

Assadi F.K., 1989: Acute effect of ethanol on renal electrolyte excretion in rats

Alexandrov Yu I.; Grinchenko Yu V.; Laukka S.; Jarvilehto T.; Maz V.N.; Sevetlajev I.A., 1990: Acute effect of ethanol on the pattern of behavioral specialization of neurons in the limbic cortex of the freely moving rabbit

Lee S.K.; Thirlby R.C.; Thompson W.; Walsh J.H.; Feldman M., 1990: Acute effect of experimental truncal vagotomy on serum gastrin concentrations

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985096

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985097

Shibamoto T.; Uematsu H.; Matsuda Y.; Fujita T.; Sawano F.; Saeki Y.; Hayashi T.; Koyama S., 1992: Acute effect of hypobaria and hypoxia on renal nerve activity in anaesthetized rabbits

Shimizu M.; Yohizu H.; Hatori N.; Haga Y.; Okuda E.; Uriuda Y.; Tanaka S., 1990: Acute effect of intraabdominal pressure on liver and systemic circulation

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985100

Caropreso A., 1988: Acute effect of intravenous magnesium sulfate on airway obstruction of asthmatic patients

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985102

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985103

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985104

Sakaki T.; Kleinert R.; Ascher P.W.; Auer L.M., 1991: Acute effect of neodymium yag laser on the cerebral cortical structure blood brain barrier and pial vessel behavior in the cat

Jorgensen L.; Lose G.; Alexander N., 1991: Acute effect of norfenefrine on the urethral pressure profile in females with genuine stress incontinence

Sliwinski P.; Hawrylkiewicz I.; Gorecka D.; Zielinski J., 1992: Acute effect of oxygen on pulmonary arterial pressure does not predict survival on long term oxygen therapy in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985108

Sekse, I.; Iversen, B. M.; Matre, R.; Ofstad, J., 1991: Acute effect of passive heymann nephritis on renal blood flow and glomerular filtration rate in the rat the effect of infusion of fab'2 fraction of anti fx1a antibody

Sekse I.; Iversen B.M.; Daha M.R.; Ofstad J., 1992: Acute effect of passive heymann nephritis on renal bloodflow and glomerular filtration rate in the rat role of the anaphylatoxin c5a and the alpha adrenergic nervous system

Yamashita T.; Inoue H.; Usui M.; Kuo T.; Saihara S.; Nozaki A.; Momomura S.; Serizawa T.; IIzuka M.; Sugimoto T., 1991: Acute effect of percutaneous transluminal mitral commissurotomy on qt interval possible role of afterload in contraction excitation feedback

Campo S.; Carson R.S.; Findlay J.K., 1992: Acute effect of pmsg on ovarian androgen binding sites in the intact immature female rat

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985113

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985114

Teff K.L.; Young S.N.; Marchand L.; Botez M.I., 1989: Acute effect of protein or carbohydrate breakfasts on human cerebrospinal fluid monoamine precursor and metabolite levels

Sanguanrungsirikul, S.; Chomdej, B.; Suwanprasert, K.; Wattanavaha, P., 1989: Acute effect of russell's viper vipera russelli siamensis venom on renal hemodynamics and autoregulation of blood flow in dogs

Cumming G., 1988: Acute effect of smoking on rebreathing carbon monoxide breath hold carbon monoxide and alveolar oxygen

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985118

Jeney, G.; Nemcsok, J.; Jeney, Z.; Olah, J., 1992: Acute effect of sublethal ammonia concentrations on common carp cyprinus carpio l. ii. effect of ammonia on blood plasma transaminases got gpt gldh enzyme activity and atp value

Murthy S.N.S.; Depace D.M.; Shah R.S.; Podell R., 1991: Acute effect of substance p in immunologic vasculitis in the rat colon

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985121

Zuccarello M.; Mandybur T.I.; Tew J.M.Jr; Tobler W.D., 1989: Acute effect of the neodymium yag laser on the cerebral arteriovenous malformation a histological study

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985123

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985124

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985125

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985126

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985127

Linder, R. E.; Hess, R. A.; Perreault, S. D.; Strader, L. F.; Barbee, R. R., 1988: Acute effects and long term sequelae of 1 3 dinitrobenzene on male reproduction in the rat i. sperm quality quantity and fertilizing ability

Hess, R. A.; Linder, R. E.; Strader, L. F.; Perreault, S. D., 1988: Acute effects and long term sequelae of 1 3 dinitrobenzene on male reproduction in the rat ii. quantitative and qualitative histopathology of the testis

Brouwer, R. M. L.; Wenting, G. J.; Schalekamp, M. A. D. H., 1990: Acute effects and mechanism of action of ketanserin in patients with primary raynaud's phenomenon

Ballarin M.; Reiriz J.; Ambrosio S.; Camps M.; Blesa R.; Mahy N., 1989: Acute effects of 1 methyl 1 4 phenylpyridinium ion mpp ion on purine metabolism in rat striatum studied in vivo using the microdialysis technique

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985132

Gual A., 1988: Acute effects of 1 methyl 4 phenyl 1 2 3 6 tetrahydropyridine mptp on catecholamines in heart adrenal gland retina and caudate nucleus of the cat

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985134

Ashley S.; Brooks S.G.; Wright H.; Gehani A.A.; Rees M.R., 1991: Acute effects of a copper vapor laser on atheroma

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985136

Rajshekhar V.; White L.M.; Harbaugh R.E., 1991: Acute effects of a pedicled omental graft on cold induced brain oedema in cats

Glenert U., 1991: Acute effects of a possible sialogogue anethole trithione in rat parotid glands

Fernandez Banars F.; Villa S.; Esteve M.; Roca M.; Cabre E.; Abad Lacruz A.; Martin Comin J.; Gassull M.A., 1991: Acute effects of abdominopelvic irradiation on the orocecal transit time its relation to clinical symptoms and bile salt and lactose malabsorption

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985141

Lee B.P.; Morton R.F.; Lee L Y., 1992: Acute effects of acrolein on breathing role of vagal bronchopulmonary afferents

Viala A., 1988: Acute effects of air pollution changes in schoolchildren the gardanne coal basin study

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985145

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985146

Kohno M.; Yokokawa K.; Yasunari K.; Murakawa K I.; Kurihara N.; Takeda T., 1991: Acute effects of alpha adrenoceptor and beta adrenoceptor blockade on plasma atrial natriuretic peptides during exercise in elderly patients with mild hypertension

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985148

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985149

Crofton K.M.; Boncek V.M.; Reiter L.W., 1989: Acute effects of amitraz on the acoustic startle response and motor activity

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985151

Hollmann W., 1988: Acute effects of an anabolic steroid on lipoproteins in body builders

Kent G.N.; Price R.I.; Gutteridge D.H.; Allen J.R.; Blakeman S.L.; Bhagat C.I.; St John A.; Barnes M.P.; Smith M.; Evans D.V., 1991: Acute effects of an oral calcium load in pregnancy and lactation findings on renal calcium conservation and biochemical indices of bone turnover

Nishizaki S.; Fukuma A.; Ogurusu C.; Hioka T.; Masaoka Y.; Tokioka M.; Mikouchi H.; Nishizaki Y., 1991: Acute effects of an orally active dopamine prodrug ta 870 on systemic hemodynamics and renal functions

Keil J.; Lehnfeld R.; Reinhardt H.W.; Mohnhaupt R.; Kaczmarczyk G., 1989: Acute effects of angiotensin ii on renal hemodynamics and excretion in conscious dogs

Weberg R.; Berstad K.; Berstad A., 1990: Acute effects of antacids on gastric juice components in duodenal ulcer patients

Kuehn Velten W.N.; Herzog A.G.; Mueller M.R., 1990: Acute effects of anticonvulsant drugs on gonadotropin stimulated and precursor supported androgen production in the rat testis

Hirose G.; Chujo T.; Kataoka S.; Kawada J.; Yoshioka A., 1990: Acute effects of anticonvulsants on brain stem auditory evoked potentials in rats

Birnstiel S.; Haas H.L., 1991: Acute effects of antidepressant drugs on long term potentiation ltp in rat hippocampal slices

Ooboshi H.; Sadoshima S.; Fujii K.; Yao H.; Ibayashi S.; Fujishima M., 1990: Acute effects of antihypertensive agents on cerebral blood flow in hypertensive rats

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985162

Banerjee M.R.; Newman J.H., 1990: Acute effects of atrial natriuretic peptide on lung mechanics and hemodynamics in awake sheep

Darmani N.A.; Sewell R.D.E.; Nicolls P.J., 1991: Acute effects of beclamide on brain regional monoamine concentrations their metabolites and radioligand binding studies

Liu C.Y.; Boyer J.L.; Mills S.E., 1989: Acute effects of beta adrenergic agonists on porcine adipocyte metabolism in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985166

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985167

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985168

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985169

Bell R.R.; Soliman M.R.I.; Early J.L.II, 1990: Acute effects of cadmium and selenium on glucose output from rat liver hepatocytes using various gluconeogenic precursors

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985171

Puri V.N., 1992: Acute effects of cadmium on the renin angiotensin system in rats

Saha H.; Pietila K.; Mustonen J.; Pasternack A.; Morsky P.; Seppala E.; Reinikainen P., 1991: Acute effects of calcium carbonate and citrate on secondary hyperparathyroidism in chronic renal failure

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985174

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985175

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985176

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985177

Kaieda R.; Todd M.M.; Cook L.N.; Warner D.S., 1989: Acute effects of changing plasma osmolality and colloid oncotic pressure on the formation of brain edema after cryogenic injury

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985179

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985180

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985181

Lee L Y.; Morton R.F.; Kou Y.R., 1990: Acute effects of cigarette smoke on breathing in rats vagal and nonvagal mechanisms

Kyriakides Z.S.; Kremastinos D.T.; Rentoukas E.; Mavrogheni S.; Kremastinos D.I.; Toutouzas P., 1992: Acute effects of cigarette smoking on left ventricular diastolic function

Van Adrichem L.N.A.; Hovius S.E.R.; Van Strik R.; Van Der Meulen J.C., 1992: Acute effects of cigarette smoking on microcirculation of the thumb

Malhotra R.; Sadhoo A.K.; Dhar G.L., 1992: Acute effects of cigarette smoking on some dynamic lung function tests

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985186

Lau C.E.; Imam A.; Ma F.; Falk J.L., 1991: Acute effects of cocaine on spontaneous and discriminative motor functions relations to route of administration and pharmacokinetics

Koch G.; Fransson L., 1991: Acute effects of combined alpha beta adrenoceptor blockade versus combined beta receptor and slow channel calcium blockade in ischemic heart disease complicated by hypertension hemodynamic and adrenergic responses

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985189

Southorn B.G.; Palmer R.M.; Garlick P.J., 1990: Acute effects of corticosterone on tissue protein synthesis and insulin sensitivity in rats in vivo

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985191

Jones T.L.Z.; Cushman S.W., 1989: Acute effects of cycloheximide on the translocation of glucose transporters in rat adipose cells

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985193

Taylor M.D.; De Ceballos M.L.; Jenner P.; Marsden C.D., 1991: Acute effects of d 1 and d 2 dopamine receptor agonist and antagonist drugs on basal ganglia methionine 5 enkephalin and leucine 5 enkephalin and neurotensin content in the rat

Brown E.J.Jr; Swinford R.D.; Gadde P.; Lillis O., 1991: Acute effects of delayed reperfusion on myocardial infarct shape and left ventricular volume a potential mechanism of additional benefits from thrombolytic therapy

Rodriguez De Fonseca F.; Fernandez Ruiz J.J.; Murphy L.L.; Cebeira M.; Steger R.W.; Bartke A.; Ramos J.A., 1992: Acute effects of delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol on dopaminergic activity in several rat brain areas

Schulze G.E.; Paule M.G., 1990: Acute effects of dextro amphetamine in a monkey operant behavioral test battery

Hoshino Y., 1988: Acute effects of dibutyryl cyclic amp on renal circulation in congestive heart failure

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985199

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985200

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985201

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985202

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985203

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985204

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985205

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985206

Lan, Q.; Yu, S., 1990: Acute effects of dph on synapse of rat's brainstem

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985209

Nemeth D.J.; Hocutt C.H., 1990: Acute effects of electromagnetic pulses emp on fish

Eyre J.A.; Flecknell P.A.; Kenyon B.R.; Koh T.H.H.G.; Miller S. , 1990: Acute effects of electromagnetic stimulation of the brain on cortical activity cortical blood flow blood pressure and heart rate in the cat an evaluation of safety

Gamberale F.; Olson B.A.; Eneroth P.; Lindh T.; Wennberg A., 1989: Acute effects of elf electromagnetic fields a field study of linesmen working with 400 kv power lines

Yokokawa K.; Kohno M.; Murakawa K I.; Yasunari K.; Horio T.; Inoue T.; Takeda T., 1989: Acute effects of endothelin on renal hemodynamics and blood pressure in anesthetized rats

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985214

Mikami K.; Sato S.; Watanabe T., 1990: Acute effects of ethanol on cultured myocardial cells an ultrastructural study

Kupari M.; Koskinen P.; Hynynen M.; Salmenpera M.; Ventila M., 1990: Acute effects of ethanol on left ventricular diastolic function

Volkow N.D.; Hitzemann R.; Wolf A.P.; Logan J.; Fowler J.S.; Christman D.; Dewey S.L.; Schlyer D.; Burr G.; Et Al, 1990: Acute effects of ethanol on regional brain glucose metabolism and transport

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985219

Kawahara J.; Sano H.; Fukuzaki H.; Saito K.; Hirouchi H., 1989: Acute effects of exposure to cold on blood pressure platelet function and sympathetic nervous activity in humans

Cooper C.B.; Harris N.D.; Howard P., 1991: Acute effects of external negative pressure ventilation in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease compared with normal subjects

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985223

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985224

Chen P H.; Chang M H.; Chuang Y H.; Liu Y C., 1989: Acute effects of fever fasting and aspirin on infant rat gastric mucosa

Di Mario C.; Iavernaro A.; Cucchini F., 1991: Acute effects of gallopamil on left ventricular systolic and diastolic function in patients with ischemic heart disease

Bhattacharya S.K.; Tripathi S.R.; Pradhan C.K.; Kashyap S.K., 1990: Acute effects of heat on neuropsychological changes and physiological responses under noise condition

Zuskin E.; Kanceljak B.; Witek T.J.Jr; Schachter E.N., 1989: Acute effects of herbal tea dust extracts on lung function

Mellow, A. M.; Sunderland, T.; Cohen, R. M.; Lawlor, B. A.; Hill, J. L.; Newhouse, P. A.; Cohen, M. R.; Murphy, D. L., 1989: Acute effects of high dose trh infusions in alzheimer's disease

Muraca M.; Baggio G.; Miconi L.; Vilei M.T.; Martini S.; Gabelli C.; Belluco C.; Lise M.; Crepaldi G., 1991: Acute effects of hmg coenzyme a reductase inhibitors on biliary lipids in patients with interrupted enterohepatic circulation

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985231

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985232

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985233

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985234

Duan J.; Karmazyn M., 1989: Acute effects of hypoxia and phosphate on two populations of heart mitochondria

Herold C.J.; Wetzel R.C.; Robotham J.L.; Herold S.M.; Zerhouni E.A., 1992: Acute effects of increased intravascular volume and hypoxia on the pulmonary circulation assessment with high resolution ct

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985237

Rebert C.S.; Matteucci M.J.; Pryor G.T., 1989: Acute effects of inhaled dichloromethane on the eeg and sensory evoked potentials of fischer 344 rats

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985239

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985240

Moxley R.T.IIi; Arner P.; Moss A.; Skottner A.; Fox M.; James D.; Livingston J.N., 1990: Acute effects of insulin like growth factor i and insulin on glucose metabolism in vivo

Jacob R.; Barrett E.; Plewe G.; Fagin K.D.; Sherwin R.S., 1989: Acute effects of insulin like growth factor i on glucose and amino acid metabolism in the awake fasted rat comparison with insulin

Vaartjes W.J.; De Haas C.G.M.; Houweling M., 1990: Acute effects of interleukin 1 alpha and 6 on intermediary metabolism in freshly isolated rat hepatocytes

Renzi P.M.; Du T.; Sapienza S.; Wang N.S.; Martin J.G., 1991: Acute effects of interleukin 2 on lung mechanics and airway responsiveness in rats

Santiago M.; Rollema H.; De Vries J.B.; Westerink B.H.C., 1991: Acute effects of intranigral application of mpp positive on nigral and bilateral striatal release of dopamine simultaneously recorded by microdialysis

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985246

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985247

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985249

Nolan J.; Sanderson A.; Taddei F.; Smith S.; Muir A.L., 1992: Acute effects of intravenous phosphodiesterase inhibition in chronic heart failure simultaneous pre and afterload reduction with a single agent

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985251

Hyodo A.; Heros R.C.; Tu Y K.; Ogilvy C.; Graichen R.; Lagree K.; Korosue K., 1989: Acute effects of isovolemic hemodilution with crystalloids in a canine model of focal cerebral ischemia

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985253

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985254

Thomas D.A.; Myers M.A.; Wichert B.; Schreier H.; Gonzalez Rothi R.J., 1991: Acute effects of liposome aerosol inhalation on pulmonary function in healthy human volunteers

Gottberg E.; Grondin L.; Reader T.A., 1989: Acute effects of lithium on catecholamines serotonin and their major metabolites in discrete brain regions

Reader T.A., 1988: Acute effects of lithium on dopaminergic responses iontophoretic studies in the rat visual cortex

Higashitani Y.; Kudo Y.; Ogura A.; Kato H., 1990: Acute effects of lithium on synaptic transmission in rat hippocampus studied in vitro

Staxrud L.E.; Kvernebo K.; Salerud E.G., 1991: Acute effects of local tissue trauma on skin perfusion evaluated with laser doppler flowmetry

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985260

Delattre J.Y.; Shapiro W.R.; Posner J.B., 1989: Acute effects of low dose cranial irradiation on regional capillary permeability in experimental brain tumors

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985262

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985263

Schulze G.E.; Mcmillan D.E.; Bailey J.R.; Scallet A.C.; Ali S.F.; Slikker W.Jr; Paule M.G., 1989: Acute effects of marijuana smoke on complex operant behavior in rhesus monkeys

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Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985309

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Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985318

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Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985334

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Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985407

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Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985466

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Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985475

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Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985487

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Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985496

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Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985498

Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985499

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Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985504

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Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985675

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Section 7, Chapter 6986, Accession 006985747

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