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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6987

Chapter 6987 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Nissen N.I., 1988: Acute nonlymphocytic leukaemia anll in adults therapeutic criteria and their consequences

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986001

Weh H.J.; Kuse R.; Hossfeld D.K., 1990: Acute nonlymphocytic leukemia anll with isochromosome i 17q as the sole chromosomal anomaly a distinct entity

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986003

Ishihara T., 1988: Acute nonlymphocytic leukemia following lung cancer in a patient with a constitutional supernumerary chromosome

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986005

Sreekantaiah C.; Han T.; Baer M.R.; Sandberg A.A., 1989: Acute nonlymphocytic leukemia in a patient with a constitutional inversion 4

Latagliata R.; Sgadari C.; Pisani F.; Falconi M.; Spadea A.; Vegna M.L.; Petti M.C., 1989: Acute nonlymphocytic leukemia in the elderly results of a retrospective study

Yokota S.; Taniwaki M.; Okuda T.; Maekawa T.; Nishida K.; Misawa S.; Takino T.; Abe T.; Urata Y., 1989: Acute nonlymphocytic leukemia m2 with chromosome abnormality trisomy 4 developing eight years after radiation therapy for breast cancer

Kubota M.; Akiyama Y.; Tabata Y.; Yoshigi M.; Mikawa H., 1989: Acute nonlymphocytic leukemia with basophilic differentiation and translocation 9 11 p22 q23 in a child

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986010

Nakamura H.; Sadamori N.; Sasagawa I.; Itoyama T.; Tokunaga S.; Mine M.; Ichimaru M., 1991: Acute nonlymphocytic leukemia with normal karyotype is its in vivo drug susceptibility age dependent

Argyle J.C.; Benjamin D.R.; Lampkin B.; Hammond D., 1989: Acute nonlymphocytic leukemias of childhood inter observer variability and problems in the use of the fab classification

Zampa G.; Andriani A.; Beni A.; Patino N.; Rinaldi P., 1990: Acute nonlymphoid leukemia following cmf treatment as adjuvant therapy in positive node breast cancer case case report

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986014

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986015

Hur S R.; Huizenga B.A.; Major M., 1992: Acute normovolemic hemodilution combined with hypotensive anesthesia and other techniques to avoid homologous transfusion in spinal fusion surgery

Stehling L., 1989: Acute normovolemic hemodilution during surgery

Larsen J., 1988: Acute obstruction of a nasotracheal tube in a neonate

Chen S.; Chen L., 1990: Acute obstructive hydrocephalus after subarachnoid hemorrhage

Levine S.; Saltzman A., 1990: Acute obstructive parasternal lymphedema produced in rats without surgery

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986021

Levin D.C., 1988: Acute occlusion developing during or immediately after percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty nonsurgical treatment

Gaul G.; Hollman J.; Simpfendorfer C.; Franco I., 1989: Acute occlusion in multiple lesion coronary angioplasty frequency and management

Egan T., 1988: Acute occupational exposure to antineoplastic agents

Kipen H.M.; Gelperin K.; Tepper A.; Stanbury M., 1991: Acute occupational respiratory diseases in hospital discharge data

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986026

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986027

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986028

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986029

Robb S.A.; Mcshane M.A.; Wilson J.; Payan D., 1991: Acute onset spinal muscular atrophy in siblings

Tonkin J.C.; D'alecy L.G., 1990: Acute open chest complete heart block by transseptal electrocoagulation

Green A.; Smith J.; Redding M.; Akelman E., 1992: Acute open reduction and rigid internal fixation of proximal interphalangeal joint fracture dislocation

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986033

Pizzolato F.; Curato M.; Guido A.; Agostini M.; Parrozzani A.; Varotto N.; Campello E.; Sato G., 1991: Acute ophthalmic herpes zoster two therapeutic methods in comparison

Cohen C.A.; Tonkiss J.; Sparber S.B., 1991: Acute opiate withdrawal in rats undernourished during infancy impact of the undernutrition method

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986036

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986037

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986038

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986039

Potter N.T.; Bigazzi P.E., 1992: Acute optic neuritis associated with immunization with the cns myelin proteolipid protein

Horvat S., 1988: Acute optic neuritis problems of diagnosis and treatment

Frederiksen J.L.; Larsson H.B.W.; Ottovay E.; Stigsby B.; Olesen J., 1991: Acute optic neuritis with normal visual acuity comparison of symptoms and signs with psychophysiological electrophysiological and magnetic resonance imaging data

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986043

Rosenthal D.S.; Griffiths C.E.M.; Yuspa S.H.; Roop D.R.; Voorhees J.J., 1992: Acute or chronic topical retinoic acid treatment of human skin in vivo alters the expression of epidermal transglutaminase loricrin involucrin filaggrin and keratins 6 and 13 but not keratins 1 10 and 14

Blegvad S.; Lippert H.; Lund O.; Hansen O.K.; Christensen T., 1989: Acute or delayed surgical treatment of traumatic rupture of the descending aorta

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986046

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986047

Bergmann O.J.; Andersen P.L., 1990: Acute oral candidiasis during febrile episodes in immunocompromised patients with hematologic malignancies

Walter R.M.Jr; Aoki T.T.; Keen C.L., 1991: Acute oral manganese administration does not consistently affect glucose tolerance in non diabetic and type ii diabetic humans

Kello D., 1988: Acute oral manganese toxicity in relation to the type of exposure

Leighton F.A., 1989: Acute oral toxicity of dibenzothiophene for male cd 1 mice ld50 lesions and the effect of preinduction of mixed function oxidases

Whitford G.M.; Birdsong Whitford N.L.; Finidori C., 1990: Acute oral toxicity of sodium fluoride and monofluorophosphate separately or in combination in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986053

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986054

Faden H.; Grossi M., 1991: Acute osteomyelitis in children reassessment of etiologic agents and their clinical characteristics

Okitsu T.; Yoshida S.; Shoji F.; Taniguchi K., 1992: Acute otitis media accompanied by sensorineural hearing loss

IIno Y.; Sugita K.; Nakai A.; Ambe K.; Masuda T.; Toriyama M., 1991: Acute otitis media associated with sensorineural hearing loss

Fauskin G., 1991: Acute otitis media in early infancy recurrence and prophylaxis

Principi N.; Marchisio P.; Tornaghi R.; Onorato J.; Massironi E.; Picco P., 1991: Acute otitis media in human immunodeficiency virus infected children

Arcand P.; Cerat J.; Spenard J R., 1989: Acute otomastoiditis in the leukemic child

Clerici W.J.; Ross B.Jr; Fechter L.D., 1991: Acute ototoxicity of trialkyltins in the guinea pig

Schelegle E.S.; Gunther R.A.; Parsons G.H.; Colbert S.R.; Yousef M.A.A.; Cross C.E., 1990: Acute ozone exposure increases bronchial blood flow in conscious sheep

Schelege E.S.; Adams W.C.; Giri S.N.; Siefkin A.D., 1989: Acute ozone exposure increases plasma prostaglandin f 2 alpha in ozone sensitive human subjects

Kleeberger S.R.; Hudak B.B., 1992: Acute ozone induced change in airway permeability role of infiltrating leukocytes

Pino M.V.; Stovall M.Y.; Levin J.R.; Devlin R.B.; Koren H.S.; Hyde D.M., 1992: Acute ozone induced lung injury in neutrophil depleted rats

Kishimoto W.; Nakao A.; Takagi H.; Hayakawa T., 1989: Acute pancreatitis after transcatheter arterial embolization tae for hepatocellular carcinoma

Ratia Gimenez T.; Escribano Vera J.; Vicent Granell J.; Lomas Espadas M., 1991: Acute pancreatitis and afferent loop obstruction

Merkord J.; Hennighausen G., 1989: Acute pancreatitis and bile duct lesions in rat induced by dibutyltin dichloride

Goncalez Y.; Coelho A.M.D.M.; Sampietri S.N.; Machado M.C.C.; Bettarello A.; Pinotti H.W., 1989: Acute pancreatitis and hyperlipidic diet an experimental study in rats

Clavien P A.; Robert J.; Meyer P.; Borst F.; Hauser H.; Herrmann F.; Dunand V.; Rohner A., 1989: Acute pancreatitis and normoamylasemia not an uncommon combination

Murthy K.R.K.; Medh J.D.; Dave B.N.; Vakil Y.E.; Billimoria F.R., 1989: Acute pancreatitis and reduction of hydrogen ion concentration in gastric secretions in experimental acute myocarditis produced by indian red scorpion buthus tamulus venom

Nankivell B.J.; Gillies A.H.B., 1991: Acute pancreatitis and rhabdomyolysis a new association

Medianu D., 1988: Acute pancreatitis apparently of a non biliary origin

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986076

Ecmegian O., 1988: Acute pancreatitis clinicotherapeutical study

Lee K.H.; Lee J.S.; Kim S.H., 1989: Acute pancreatitis in a case of multiple myeloma with hypercalcemia

Fan S T.; Choi T K.; Lai E.C.S., 1989: Acute pancreatitis in hong kong an analysis of 226 patients

Bernard P.; Lopez J.F.; Kitmacher P.; Doublier C.; Peyretou C., 1990: Acute pancreatitis in pregnancy a recent case history

Rodriquez S.; Del Villar V.; Carnicero R.M.; Ladron E.; Redondo M.J.; Osta P.; Almendral M.L.; Gonzalez M.; Aquise M.; Alonso P., 1989: Acute pancreatitis in the elderly incidence and prognosis at present

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986083

Novaes G.; Cabral A.P.G.; Falco C.N.M.L.D.; Queiroz A.C.D., 1989: Acute pancreatitis induced by scorpion toxin tityustoxin histopathological study in rats

Delaby, J.; Rieux, D.; Coppo, B.; Delhumeau, A.; Boyer, J.; Ronceray, J.; Plane, P., 1990: Acute pancreatitis prognostic value of early contrast enhanced computerized tomography in combination with ranson's score

Kursawe R.; Luening M.; Wolff H., 1990: Acute pancreatitis the utility of the quantitative computer assisted tomography analysis of necrosis

Perez C.; Llauger J.; Andreu J.; Palmer J.; Puig J., 1990: Acute pancreatitis value of ct as a predictor of outcome

Balthazar E.J.; Robinson D.L.; Megibow A.J.; Ranson J.H.C., 1990: Acute pancreatitis value of ct in establishing prognosis

Andersen J.; Larsen B.; Christensen P., 1989: Acute pancreatitis with few symptoms complicated by segmentary colitis

Feldman E.L.; Bromberg M.B.; Blaivas M.; Junck L., 1991: Acute pandysautonomic neuropathy

Abe Y., 1989: Acute paralysis of larvae of the common cutworm spodoptera litura infected with a microsporidium nosema mesnili microsporida nosematidae

Ohno M., 1988: Acute paranasal sinusitis in intensive care unit patients a report of four cases

Jeske J.; Schaedlich H J.; Sandmann J.; Karbe H.; Haupt W.F.; Karenberg A., 1991: Acute paraparesis in chronic hepatic disease

Nagano T., 1988: Acute paraquat poisoning report of 7 autopsy cases

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986095

Gunther R.; Abbas H.K.; Mirocha C.J., 1989: Acute pathological effects on rats of orally administered wortmannin containing preparations and purified wortmannin from fusarium oxysporum

Green M.M.; Vicario S.J.; Sanfilippo J.S.; Lochhead S.A., 1991: Acute pelvic inflammatory disease after surgical sterilization

Simpson W.G.; Depriest P.D.; Conover W.B., 1989: Acute pericarditis complicated by cardiac tamponade during pregnancy

Ilan Y.; Oren R.; Ben Chetrit E., 1991: Acute pericarditis etiology treatment and prognosis a study of 115 patients

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986100

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986101

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986102

Signorile G.; Sena G., 1991: Acute pesticide poisoning in apulia italy from 1978 to 1988

Noe D.A.; Murphy P.A.; Bell W.R.; Siegel J.N., 1989: Acute phase behavior of factor viii procoagulant and other acute phase reactants in rabbits

Congleton J.L.; Wagner E.J., 1991: Acute phase hypoferremic response to lipopolysaccharide in rainbow trout oncorhynchus mykiss

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986106

Zahedi K.; Whitehead A.S., 1989: Acute phase induction of mouse serum amyloid p component correlation with other parameters of inflammation

Potter J., 1988: Acute phase insulin release in response to glucose in elderly diabetic and non diabetic subjects

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986109

Mackiewicz A.; Dewey M.J.; Berger F.G.; Baumann H., 1991: Acute phase mediated change in glycosylation of rat alpha 1 acid glycoprotein in transgenic mice

Sibraa P.D.; Reinhardt R.A.; Dyer J.K.; Dubois L.M., 1991: Acute phase protein detection and quantification in gingival crevicular fluid by direct and indirect immunodot

El Hassan B.S.; Peak J.D.; Whicher J.T.; Shepherd J.P., 1990: Acute phase protein levels as an index of severity of physical injury

Shainkin Kestenbaum R.; Berlyne G.; Zimlichman S.; Sorin H.R.; Nyska M.; Danon A., 1991: Acute phase protein serum amyloid a inhibits il 1 induced and tnf induced fever and hypothalamic pge 2 in mice

Kurdowska A.; Travis J., 1990: Acute phase protein stimulation by alpha 1 antichymotrypsin cathepsin g complexes evidence for the involvement of interleukin 6

Raynes J.G.; Eagling S.; Mcadam K.P.W.J., 1991: Acute phase protein synthesis in human hepatoma cells differential regulation of serum amyloid a saa and haptoglobin by interleukin 1 and interleukin 6

Gannushkina I.V.; Komel'kova L.V.; Mossakovski M.; Rafalovska Ya; Kraevskii S.Ya, 1990: Acute phase proteins and immunoglobulin g in the blood serum and brain tissue of ischemic stroke patients

Saito T.; Kuwahara A.; Shimoda K.; Kinoshita T.; Sato K.; Miyahara M.; Kobayashi M., 1991: Acute phase proteins and infectious complications after surgery for esophageal cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986118

Kudlackova M.; Andel M.; Hajkova H.; Novakova J., 1990: Acute phase proteins and prognostic inflammatory and nutritional index pini in moderately burned children aged up to 3 years

Kimber I.; Ward R.K.; Shepherd C.J.; Smith M.N.; Mcadam K.P.W.J.; Raynes J.G., 1989: Acute phase proteins and the serological evaluation of experimental contact sensitivity in the mouse

Rozemuller, J. M.; Stam, F. C.; Eikelenboom, P., 1990: Acute phase proteins are present in amorphous plaques in the cerebral but not in the cerebellar cortex of patients with alzheimer's disease

Rozemuller J.M.; Bots G.T.A.M.; Roos R.A.C.; Eikelenboom P., 1992: Acute phase proteins but not activated microglial cells are present in parenchymal beta a4 deposits in the brains of patients with hereditary cerebral hemorrhage with amyloidosis dutch type

Cortesi E.; Bosi M., 1990: Acute phase proteins during antimycobacterial therapy in a group of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

Honkanen E.; Gronhagen Riska C.; Teppo A M.; Maury C.P.J.; Meri S., 1991: Acute phase proteins during hemodialysis correlations with serum interleukin 1 beta levels and different dialysis membranes

Baker R.D.; Long S., 1990: Acute phase proteins in neonatal rabbits diminished c reactive protein response

Karmazsin L., 1988: Acute phase proteins in patients with chronic periapical granuloma before and after surgical treatment

Clayman G.L.; Liu F.J.; Savage H.E.; Taylor D.L.; Lavedan P.; Buchsbaum R.M.; Pellegrino C.; Trujillo J.M.; Young G.; Schantz S.P., 1992: Acute phase proteins in patients with head and neck cancer treated with interleukin 2 interferon alfa

Bosi M.; Cortesi E., 1989: Acute phase proteins in pulmonary tuberculosis some remarks

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986131

Chirkin V.V., 1988: Acute phase proteins in the assessment of nonspecific ulcerous colitis treatment

Krecicki T.; Leluk M., 1992: Acute phase reactant proteins an aid to monitoring surgical treatment of laryngeal carcinoma

Del Beccaro M.A.; Mendelman P.M.; Inglis A.F.; Richardson M.A.; Duncan N.O.; Shugerman R.P., 1992: Acute phase reactants and acute bacterial otitis media

Dobryszycka W.; Gerber J.; Zuwala Jagiello J.; Ujec M., 1991: Acute phase reactants and circulating immune complexes in patients with ovarian carcinoma

Hogevolk H.E.; Kierulf P.; Ovstebo R.; Reikeras O., 1992: Acute phase reactants and interleukin 6 after total hip replacement effects of high dose corticosteroids

Lembo R.M.; Marchant C.D., 1991: Acute phase reactants and risk of bacterial meningitis among febrile infants and children

Knee T.S.; Osband M.S.; Carpinito G.A.; Seder R.E.; Nordin A.; Oh S K., 1991: Acute phase reactants and suppressive e receptor factor in various groups of patients receiving autolymphocyte therapy

Baeza Salcedo J., 1988: Acute phase reactants haptoglobin transferrin and alpha 1 antitrypsin in colorectal cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986140

Dubost J.J.; Ristori J.M.; Soubrier M.; Ruivard M.; Sauvezie B., 1991: Acute phase reactants in monoclonal gammapathies

Mashige, F.; Mikami, Y.; Ohkubo, S.; Ohkubo, A.; Wada, H.; Iijima, S.; Shimizu, T.; Hoshino, N., 1992: Acute phase reactants including alpha 1 antichymotrypsin in serum and cerebrospinal fluid in patients with alzheimer's disease or other neurological diseases

Milroy R.; Shapiro D.; Shenkin A.; Banham S.W., 1989: Acute phase reaction during chemotherapy in small cell lung cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986144

Hirschelmann R.; Schade R.; Bekemeier H., 1990: Acute phase reaction in rats independent change of acute phase protein plasma concentration and macroscopic inflammation in primary rat adjuvant inflammation

Goedl I.; Mueller C.; Wolf H.; Eibl M.M., 1990: Acute phase reaction in viral hepatitis

Hattori M.; Abraham L.J.; Northemann W.; Fey G.H., 1990: Acute phase reaction induces a specific complex between hepatic nuclear proteins and the interleukin 6 response element of the rat alpha 2 macroglobulin gene

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986148

Douglas T.A., 1988: Acute phase response in calves following infection with pasteurella haemolytica haemolytica ostertagia ostertagi and endotoxin administration

Syrjanen J.; Teppo A M.; Valtonen V.V.; IIvanainen M.; Maury C.P., 1989: Acute phase response in cerebral infarction

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986151

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986152

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986153

Syrjala H.; Lahdevirta J.; Ruutu P.; Jokipii L.; Jokipii A.M.M.; Ruutu T., 1990: Acute phase response in pneumocystis carinii pneumonia

Conner J.; Vallet Collom I.; Daveau M.; Delers F.; Hiron M.; Lebreton J P.; Guillouzo A., 1990: Acute phase response induction in rat hepatocytes co cultured with rat liver epithelial cells

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986156

Castell J.V.; Gomez Lechon M.J.; David M.; Fabra R.; Trullenque R.; Heinrich P.C., 1990: Acute phase response of human hepatocytes regulation of acute phase protein synthesis by interleukin 6

Sinohara H., 1988: Acute phase response of plasma proteins in analbuminemic rats

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986159

Martin L.W.; Deeter L.B.; Lipton J.M., 1989: Acute phase response to endogenous pyrogen in rabbit effects of age and route of administration

Martin L.W.; Lipton J.M., 1990: Acute phase response to endotoxin rise in plasma alpha msh and effects of alpha msh injection

Rokita H.; Mackiewicz M.; Koj A., 1989: Acute phase response to recombinant interleukin 6 and macrophage and fibroblast derived crude cytokine preparations in primary cultures of mouse hepatocytes

Sevaljevic L.; Petrovic M.; Bogojevic D.; Savic J.; Pantelic D., 1989: Acute phase response to scalding changes in serum properties and acute phase protein concentrations

Cornell R.P., 1990: Acute phase responses after acute liver injury by partial hepatectomy in rats as indicators of cytokine release

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986165

Paylor R.; Rudy J.W.; Wehner J.M., 1991: Acute phorbol ester treatment improves spatial learning performance in rats

Almeida A.R.P.; Wetzels J.F.M.; Bunnachak D.; Burke T.J.; Chaimovitz C.; Hammond W.S.; Schrier R.W., 1992: Acute phosphate depletion and in vitro rat proximal tubule injury protection by glycine and acidosis

Green J.; Kleeman C.R.; Schotland S.; Chaimovitz C., 1991: Acute phosphate depletion dissociates hormonal stimulated second messengers in osteoblast like cells

Davenport R.; Spacie A., 1991: Acute phototoxicity of harbor and tributary sediments from lower lake michigan usa

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986170

Bhambani Y.; Clarkson H., 1989: Acute physiologic and perceptual responses during three modes of ambulation walking axillary crutch walking and running

Bonser R.S.; Fragomeni L.S.; Harris K.; Edwards B.J.; Fischel R.J.; Rotenberg D.; Jamieson S.W.; Kaye M.P., 1990: Acute physiologic changes after extended pulmonary preservation

Karlsen S.J.; Smevik B.; Stenstrom J.; Berg K.J., 1990: Acute physiological changes in canine kidneys following exposure to extracorporeal shock waves

Janz D.M.; Farrell A.P.; Morgan J.D.; Vigers G.A., 1991: Acute physiological stress responses of juvenile coho salmon oncorhynchus kisutch to sublethal concentrations of garlon 4 garlon 3a and vision herbicides

Niskanen M.; Kari A.; Nikki P.; IIsalo E.; Kaukinen L.; Rauhala V.; Saarela E.; Halinen M., 1991: Acute physiology and chronic health evaluation apache ii and glasgow coma scores as predictors of outcome from intensive care after cardiac arrest

Rutledge R.; Fakhry S.M.; Rutherford E.J.; Muakkassa F.; Baker C.C.; Koruda M.; Meyer A.A., 1991: Acute physiology and chronic health evaluation apache ii score and outcome in the surgical intensive care unit an analysis of multiple intervention and outcome variables in 1238 patients

Turner J.S.; Mudaliar Y.M.; Chang R.W.S.; Morgan C.J., 1991: Acute physiology and chronic health evaluation apache ii scoring in a cardiothoracic intensive care unit

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986178

Bronner F.; Bosco J.J.; Stein W.D., 1989: Acute plasma calcium regulation in rats effect of vitamin d deficiency

Gerhardt R.E.; Ntoso K.A.; Koethe J.D.; Lodge S.; Wolf C.J., 1992: Acute plasma separation with hemodialysis equipment

Gordon L.; Beaton W.; Thomas T.; Mulbry L.W., 1991: Acute plastic deformation of the ulna in a skeletally mature individual

Wasseermann K.; Pothoff G.; Heitz W.; Kirn E.; Krueger G.R.F.; Diehl V.; Eckert G.; Hilger H.H., 1990: Acute pneumocystis pneumonia associated with multiple chemotherapy by the macop b protocol

Butenko G.E.; Ivanova D.I.; Gankevich D.E.; Besarabchik I.P., 1989: Acute pneumonia in persons with residual tuberculous lesions

Vladyko N.V., 1991: Acute pneumonia in workers exposed to chemicals that affect the respiratory tract

Ikeogu M.O., 1988: Acute pneumonia in zimbabwe bacterial isolates by lung aspiration

Hampl V.; Herget J., 1992: Acute pneumonia reversibly inhibits hypoxic vasoconstriction in isolated rat lungs

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986187

Teglia Serra O.F.; Colombo Berra A.; Asef S.; Zuccalli B.; Gennero V.; Elias G.; Libman R., 1991: Acute pneumopathy affecting a risk community group

Forgittoni R.; Vecchiarelli P.; Lepri F.; Casagrande G.C.; Quadrani G.; Meletti M., 1992: Acute poisoning cases in the intensive care unit of the ospedale grande in viterho from october 1 1979 to december 31 1989

Yagi H.; El Hind A.M.; Khalil S.I., 1991: Acute poisoning from hair dye

Jawad A.M., 1988: Acute poisoning in adults a 4 year retrospective study of patients admitted to basrah al jumhori hospital iraq

Scavenius M., 1991: Acute poisoning in childhood a review of 607 patients admitted to a danish university department of pediatrics

Roncevic N.; Konstantinidis G., 1991: Acute poisoning in children in voivodina yugoslavia

Leykin Y.; Halpern P.; Silbiger A.; Sorkin P.; Niv D.; Rudick V.; Geller E., 1989: Acute poisoning treated in the intensive care unit a case series

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986195

Koeppel C.; Thomsen T.; Heinemeyer G.; Roots I., 1991: Acute poisoning with bromophos methyl bromophos

Bonitenko Yu Yu; Kutsenko S.A.; Koposov E.S.; Bonitenko E.Yu, 1990: Acute poisoning with ethylene glycol ethers

Woolf A.D.; Gren J.M., 1990: Acute poisonings among adolescents and young adults with anorexia nervosa

Deivanayagam N.; Nedunchelian K., 1991: Acute poliomyelitis in children comparison of epidemiological and clinical features among immunized partially immunized and unimmunized

Hawkes C.H.; Thorpe J.W., 1992: Acute polyneuropathy due to lightning injury

Messa J.B.L.; Garcia A., 1990: Acute polyneuropathy in critically ill patients

Huber R.; Tezzon F.; De Giorgis A., 1989: Acute polyradiculitis by herpes zoster

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986203

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986204

Lee J P.; Lui T N.; Chang C N., 1991: Acute post traumatic intraventricular hemorrhage analysis of 25 patients with emphasis on final outcome

Reed R.K., 1988: Acute postburn edema role of strongly negative interstitial fluid pressure

Regan P.J.; Roberts J.O.; Bailey B.N., 1991: Acute posterior interosseous nerve palsy caused by bleeding from an arteriovenous malformation

Charteris D.G.; Khanna V.; Dhillon B., 1989: Acute posterior multifocal placoid pigment epitheliopathy complicated by central retinal vein occlusion

Losiance D.Y.; Lordez J.M.; Deleuze P.H.; Dubois Rande J L.; Lellouche D.; Cachera J P., 1991: Acute postinfarction septal rupture long term results

Golden W.E.; Lavender R.C.; Metzer W.S., 1989: Acute postoperative confusion and hallucinations in parkinson disease

Badia Perez J.M.; Valverde Sintas J.; Franch Arcas G.; Pla Comos J.; Sitges Serra A., 1989: Acute postoperative diverticulitis

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986212

Matsell D.G.; Baldree L.A.; Disessa T.G.; Gaber L.S.; Stapleton F.B., 1990: Acute poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis and acute rheumatic fever occurrence in the same patient

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986214

Smith C.H., 1988: Acute pregnancy associated hypertension treated with hypnosis a case report

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986216

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986217

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986218

Boldt J.; Kling D.; Bormann B.V.; Hempelmann G., 1989: Acute preoperative hemodilution and new techniques in cardiac surgery influence on lung water content

Boldt J.; King D.; Zickmann B.; Jacobi M.; Dapper F.; Hempelmann G., 1990: Acute preoperative plasmapheresis and established blood conservation techniques

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986221

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986222

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986223

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986224

Tsuchihashi N.; O Uchi T.; Ogawa K.; Kunihiro T.; Ogawa S.; Ikeda S.; Kanzaki J., 1990: Acute profound deafness related to immunological impairments

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986226

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986227

Kern B C.; Rudolph K H.; Patt S.; Brock M., 1990: Acute progressive paresis due to an intraneural ganglion a neurosurgical emergency

Brown D.M.; Kimura A.E.; Ossoinig K.C.; Weiner G.J., 1992: Acute promyelocytic infiltration of the optic nerve treated by oral trans retinoic acid

Feldman E.J.; Arlin Z.A.; Ahmed T.; Mittelman A.; Ascensao J.L.; Puccio C.A.; Coombe N.; Baskind P., 1989: Acute promyelocytic leukemia a 5 year experience with new antileukemic agents and a new approach to preventing fatal hemorrhage

Atkins H.; Drouin J.; Izaguirre C.A.; Sengar D.S., 1989: Acute promyelocytic leukemia associated with a paraprotein that reacts with leukemic cells

Humphries J.E.; Hess C.E.; Stewart F.M., 1990: Acute promyelocytic leukemia impact of hemorrhagic complications on response to induction chemotherapy and survival

De Salvo L.; Weir Medina J.; Gomez Sanchez O.; De Baena E.D.; De Ramos B.U.; Guevara J.; Luengo Vero J.; De Vizcaino M.A.; Sanchez H.; Et Al, 1989: Acute promyelocytic leukemia in western venezuela

Cunningham I.; Gee T.S.; Reich L.M.; Kempin S.J.; Naval A.N.; Clarkson B.D., 1989: Acute promyelocytic leukemia treatment results during a decade at memorial hospital new york usa

Sanchez Fayos J.; Outeirino J.; De Villalobos E.; Prieto E.; Bernacer M.; Calabuig T.; Benitez J.; Perez Saenz M.A.; Rodriguez C.; Et Al, 1990: Acute promyelocytic leukemias clinico biological aspects prognostic factors treatment response and curation possibilities of 34 cases 1979 1988

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986236

Becopoulos T.; Georgoulias D.; Constantinides C.; Stathakis H.; Kosmidis J., 1990: Acute prostatitis which antibiotic to use first

Nakamura H., 1989: Acute protein loading in patients with diabetic nephropathy

Baleotti Rizoli S.; Mantovani M., 1990: Acute pseudo obstruction of the colon after trauma

Besson G.; Bogousslavsky J.; Regli F.; Maeder P., 1991: Acute pseudobulbar or suprabulbar palsy

Geelhoed G.W., 1988: Acute pseudogout following parathyroidectomy

Rabins P.V.; Nicholson M.C., 1991: Acute psychiatric hospitalization for patients with irreversible dementia

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Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986244

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Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986504

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Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986576

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Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986585

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Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986628

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Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986666

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Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986684

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Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986687

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Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986692

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Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986695

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Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986731

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986732

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Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986738

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986739

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986740

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986741

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Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986752

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986753

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986754

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Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986762

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986763

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986764

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986765

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986766

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Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986776

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Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986798

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986799

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986802

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Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986807

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Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986812

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986813

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Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986828

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986829

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986830

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986831

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986832

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986833

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986834

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986835

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986836

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986837

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986838

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986839

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986840

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986841

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986842

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986843

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986844

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986845

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986846

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986847

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Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986851

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986852

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Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986878

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Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986914

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986915

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Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986918

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Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986920

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986921

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986922

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Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986927

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986929

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Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986935

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986936

Munford R.S.; Hunter J.P., 1992: Acyloxyacyl hydrolase a leukocyte enzyme that deacylates bacterial lipopolysaccharides has phospholipase lysophospholipase diacylglycerol lipase and acyltransferase activities in vitro

Section 7 , Chapter 6987, Accession 006986938

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Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986944

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986945

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Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986947

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986949

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986950

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986951

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Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986960

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Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986978

Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986979

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Section 7, Chapter 6987, Accession 006986998

Barron J.E., 1990: Adaptation and stability of different bean materials in eastern mexico

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