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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6989

Chapter 6989 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Dauvois S.; Spinola P.G.; Labrie F., 1989: Additive inhibitory effects of bromocriptine cb 154 and medroxyprogesterone acetate mpa on dimethylbenz a anthracene dmba induced mammary tumors in the rat

West C.M.L.; Reeves S.J.; Brough W., 1990: Additive interaction between tamoxifen and rifampicin in human biliary tract carcinoma cells

Nealon W.H.; Beauchamp R.D.; Townsend C.M.Jr; Thompson J.C., 1990: Additive interactions of calcitonin gene related peptide and calcitonin on pancreatic exocrine function in conscious dogs

Buckolz E.; Alain C.; Sarrazin C., 1990: Additive latency effects of selective and nonselective restricted priming types

Kim J.D.; Kaushik S.J., 1990: Additive nature of digestible energy and relative energy values of different energy yielding nutrients in practical trout diets

Boulter D.; Edwards G.A.; Gatehouse A.M.R.; Gatehouse J.A.; Hilder V.A., 1990: Additive protective effects of different plant derived insect resistance genes in transgenic tobacco plants

Wakker, P., 1991: Additive representations on rank ordered sets i. the algebraic approach

Ross D.G.; Heaton W.A.L.; Holme S., 1989: Additive solution for the suspension and storage of deglycerolized red blood cells

Sato Y.; Fujiwara K.; Ogata I.; Tomiya T.; Oka H., 1989: Additive stimulation of hepatic putrescine production by glucagon and insulin after partial hepatectomy in rats

Simard J.; De Launoit Y.; Haagensen D.E.; Labrie F., 1992: Additive stimulatory action of glucocorticoids and androgens on basal and estrogen repressed apolipoprotein d messenger ribonucleic acid levels and secretion in human breast cancer cells

Kolly M.; Pecoud A.; Frei P.C., 1989: Additives contained in drug formulations most frequently prescribed in switzerland

Tanihara K., 1991: Additives for the separation of cesium from a strongly nitric acid medium by insoluble ferrocyanide sorbents

Takeda R.; Ryu S.Y.; Park J.H.; Nakanishi K., 1990: Additivity in cd amplitudes of p phenylbenzyl ethers and p phenylbenzoates of 2 amino sugars

Ewing D.; Guilfoil D.S., 1989: Additivity in the sensitizing effects of nitrous oxide and oxygen

Miller K.J., 1990: Additivity methods in molecular polarizability

Le Patourel G.N.J.; Tayeb E.M., 1988: Additivity of action of three organophosphorus insecticides to some pests of stored grain and the use of linear programming to identify minimum cost mixtures

Chen C C.; Wells R.L.; Elkind M.M., 1990: Additivity of cytotoxic damage due to dimethylbenz a anthracene and x rays

Singh J.; Smith C.B.; Moore Cheatum L., 1992: Additivity of protein deficiency and carbon monoxide on placental carboxyhemoglobin in mice

Furuya S.; Kaji Y., 1991: Additivity of the apparent and true ileal digestible amino acid supply in barley maize wheat or soybean meal based diets for growing pigs

Patuzzi R.; Rajan R., 1992: Additivity of threshold elevations produced by disruption of outer hair cell function

Rajan R.; Patuzzi R.B., 1992: Additivity of threshold losses produced by acute acoustic trauma

Montgomery J.C.; Solomon B.D.; Smith J.B.; Berish C.W., 1991: Addressing global climate change in nepa reviews

Curl, D. D.; Antovich, T. J., 1990: Addressing the issue of cataloging and making accessible chiropractic literature part ii. pilot software development program

Uribe V.; Harbeck K.M., 1991: Addressing the needs of lesbian gay and bisexual youth the origins of project 10 and school based intervention

Hinkley B.; Jaremko M.E., 1992: Addressing the psychosocial needs of orthopedic pain patients

Kaiser H.W.; O'keefe E.; Bennett V., 1989: Adducin calcium dependent association with sites of cell cell contact

Nehls V.; Drenckhahn D.; Joshi R.; Bennett V., 1991: Adducin in erythrocyte precursor cells of rats and humans expression and compartmentalization

Meyer T.E.; Bartsch R.G.; Cusanovich M.A., 1991: Adduct formation between sulfite and the flavin of phototrophic bacterial flavocytochromes c kinetics of sequential bleach recolor and rebleach of flavin as a function of ph

Hassan, A. M. A.; Soliman, E. M.; El-Roudi, A. M., 1990: Adduct formation by nickel ii complexes of s methyl hydrazine carbodithioate schiff bases with 2' dipyridyl and 1 10 phenanthroline

Van-Den-Eeckhout, E.; De-Bruyn, A.; Pepermans, H.; Esmans, E. L.; Vryens, I.; Claereboudt, J.; Claeys, M.; Sinsheimer, J. E., 1990: Adduct formation identification between phenyl glycidyl ether and 2' deoxyadenosine and thymidine by chromatography mass spectrometry and nmr spectroscopy

Adachi O.; Okamoto K.; Shinagawa E.; Matsushita K.; Ameyama M., 1988: Adduct formation of pyrroloquinolinequinone and amino acid

Loechler E.L., 1989: Adduct induced base shifts a mechanism by which the adducts of bulky carcinogens might induce mutations

Incorvia M.J.; Huang L.Q.; Hayes R.N., 1990: Adduct ion formation in the methane enhanced negative chemical ionization mass spectrometry of 2 alkylthio and 2 alkoxy s triazines

Bhattacharya S.; Pandey S.D.; Chandra R.; Singh G.K., 1991: Adduction contracture thumb

Gramm M.N.; Stepanaitys N.E., 1990: Adductor impressions of the early carboniferous ostracods bairdiacypris and fabalicypris

Watanabe S.; Kawahara H.; Kuramochi T., 1991: Adducts of cyclic acid anhydrides and fatty amines as anti rust additives in water based cutting fluids

Kautiainen A.; Tornqvist M.; Svensson K.; Osterman Golkar S., 1989: Adducts of malonaldehyde and a few other aldehydes to hemoglobin

Lesiak, K.; De-Clercq, E.; Torrence, P. F., 1989: Adducts of mannose 6 phosphate with 5 iodo 2' deoxyuridine and 2 5 oligoadenylate as potential antiviral agents

Nothenberg M.S.; Takeda G.K.F.; Najjar R., 1991: Adducts of nitroimidazole derivatives with rhodium ii carboxylates syntheses characterization and evaluation of antichagasic activities

Grolle, R., 1989: Adelanthus from mt. roraima

D'hondt J L., 1990: Adelascopora secunda ssp charcoti new subspecies a new cheilostomatous bryozoan microporellidae from the arctic ocean

Ishikawa S.; Matsuda O.; Kawaguchi K., 1988: Adelie penguin census in the 1984 85 breeding season near syowa station antarctica with reference to the banding effect on the population

Aiello A., 1991: Adelpha ixia leucas immature stages and position within adelpha nymphalidae

Contreras Arquieta A., 1989: Adelphicos quadrivirgatus newmanorum new record serpentes colubridae a new generic record for nuevo leon mexico

Duchene J.C., 1989: Adelphophagy and larval biology of boccardia polybranchia carazzi polychaete spionidae in subantarctic province

Perkins P.D., 1989: Adelphydraena new genus and two new species from venezuela and remarks on phylogenetic relationships within the subtribe hydraenina coleoptera hydraenidae

Guo Q.; Lu M.; Kallenbach N.R., 1992: Adenine affects the structure and stability of telomeric sequences

Cserhati T.; Szogyi M., 1988: Adenine amino acid interactions studied by charge transfer chromatography

Lamba O.P.; Becka R.; Thomas G.J.Jr, 1990: Adenine and guanine 8ch exchange in nucleic acids resolution and measurement by raman optical multichannel analysis

Angelastro J.M.; Purich D.L., 1992: Adenine and guanine nucleotide content of triton extracted cytoskeletal fractions of nonmuscle cells

Edenbrandt C.M.; Murphy S., 1990: Adenine and guanine nucleotide metabolism during platelet storage at 22 c

Kraupp M.; Marz R.; Prager G.; Kommer W.; Razavi M.; Baghestanian M.; Chiba P., 1991: Adenine and hypoxanthine transport in human erythrocytes distinct substrate effects on carrier mobility

Mosley M.J.; Pitt D.; Barnes J.C., 1989: Adenine and pyridine nucleotide levels during calcium induced conidiation in penicillium notatum

Bos C.J.; Debets A.J.M.; Kobus G.; Slakhorst S.M.; Swart K., 1989: Adenine and pyrimidine genes of aspergillus niger and evidence for a seventh linkage group

Deeley M.C., 1992: Adenine deaminase and adenine utilization in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Bell R.T.; Riemann B., 1989: Adenine incorporation into dna as a measure of microbial production in freshwaters

Fujimori N.; Ashihara H., 1990: Adenine metabolism and the synthesis of purine alkaloids in flowers of camellia

Grune T.; Siems W.; Uhlig R.; Jakstadt M., 1992: Adenine metabolism of ehrlich mouse ascites cells in proliferating and resting phases of tumor growth

Vogel P.D.; Cross R.L., 1991: Adenine nucleotide binding sites on mitochondrial f 1 atpase evidence for an adenylate kinase like orientation of catalytic and noncatalytic sites

Chernyak B.V.; Cross R.L., 1992: Adenine nucleotide binding sites on mitochondrial f 1 atpase studies of the inactive complex formed upon binding adp at a catalytic site

Smolenski R.T.; Suitters A.; Yacoub M.H., 1992: Adenine nucleotide catabolism and adenosine formation in isolated human cardiomyocytes

Zager R.A., 1991: Adenine nucleotide changes in kidney liver and small intestine during different forms of ischemic injury

Nicolau J.; Ferreira F.D., 1989: Adenine nucleotide changes in submandibular salivary glands of rats following isoproterenol or incisor tooth amputation

Cleminson W.G.; Manchester K.L.; Diesel W.J.; Margolius L.P., 1992: Adenine nucleotide concentrations and energy charge in muscle of chronic haemodialysis patients

Martinez Toledo M.V.; Gonzalez Lopez J., 1988: Adenine nucleotide content and energy charge in dry cells of azotobacter vinelandii grown in dialyzed soil medium

Jetten M.S.M.; Stams A.J.M.; Zehnder A.J.B., 1991: Adenine nucleotide content and energy charge of methanothrix soehngenii during acetate degradation

Polishchuk E.A.; Sokolov V.A.; Shumnyi V.K., 1991: Adenine nucleotide content in chloroplasts of heterotic hybrids and parental forms of peas

Starling R.C.; Hammer D.F.; Binkley P.F.; Galbraith T.A.; Howanitz E.P.; Murray K.D.; Watson K.A.; Myerowitz P.D., 1991: Adenine nucleotide content in cold preserved human donor hearts and subsequent cardiac performance after orthotopic heart transplantation

Mizuno Y.; Matsumaru A.; Ueno M.; Kobayashi K.; Ebihara Y.; Funatsu K.; Tsuchiya M., 1992: Adenine nucleotide content of thymoma derived lymphocytes

Wagenknecht B.; Lieberman M., 1991: Adenine nucleotide degradation in cultured chick heart muscle cells

Broberg S.; Sahlin K., 1989: Adenine nucleotide degradation in human skeletal muscle during prolonged exercise

Boyle J.L.; Lindsay R.C.; Stuiber D.A., 1991: Adenine nucleotide degradation in modified atmosphere chill stored fresh fish

Tullson P.C.; Whitlock D.M.; Terjung R.L., 1990: Adenine nucleotide degradation in slow twitch red muscle

Sewell D.A.; Harris R.C., 1992: Adenine nucleotide degradation in the thoroughbred horse with increasing duration

Zucchi R.; Limbruno U.; Di Vincenzo A.; Mariani M.; Ronca G., 1990: Adenine nucleotide depletion and contractile dysfunction in the stunned myocardium

Aalto T.K.; Raivio K.O., 1990: Adenine nucleotide depletion from endothelial cells exposed to xanthine oxidase

Schwanstecher M.; Loeser S.; Brandt C.; Scheffer K.; Rosenberger F.; Panten U., 1992: Adenine nucleotide induced inhibition of binding of sulphonylureas to their receptor in pancreatic islets

Usuda H., 1988: Adenine nucleotide levels the redox state of the nadp system and assimilatory force in nonaqueously purified mesophyll chloroplasts from maize leaves under different light intensities

Gazzano H.; Wu H.I.; Waldman S.A., 1991: Adenine nucleotide regulation of particulate guanylate cyclase from rat lung

Borst M.M.; Schrader J., 1991: Adenine nucleotide release from isolated perfused guinea pig hearts and extracellular formation of adenosine

Tullson P.C.; Terjung R.L., 1991: Adenine nucleotide synthesis in exercising and endurance trained skeletal muscle

Kiviluoma K.T.; Peuhkurinen K.J.; Hassinen I.E., 1989: Adenine nucleotide transport and adenosine production in isolated rat heart mitochondria during acetate metabolism

Puig J.G.; Jimenez M.L.; Mateos F.A.; Fox I.H., 1989: Adenine nucleotide turnover in hypoxanthine guanine phosphoribosyl transferase deficiency evidence for an increased contribution of urine biosynthesis de novo

Anundi I.; Kauffman F.C.; Te Koopele J.M.; Yamanaka H.; Whittaker M.; Popp J.A.; Thurman R.G., 1989: Adenine nucleotides and carbohydrates in subpopulations of hepatic nodules with normal and compromised microcirculation

Pospisil M., 1989: Adenine nucleotides and radioprotection questions and possibilities

Chinkers M.; Singh S.; Garbers D.L., 1991: Adenine nucleotides are required for activation of rat atrial natriuretic peptide receptor guanylyl cyclase expressed in a baculovirus system

Fujino Y.; Kuroda Y.; Saitoh Y., 1991: Adenine nucleotides metabolism of the canine pancreas during preservation by the two layer cold storage method

Henke W.; Jung K.; Dubiel W.; Ziegler M., 1991: Adenine nucleotides mitochondria and ischaemia biochemical aspects in organ transplantation

Nemeth E.F.; Kosz L.M., 1989: Adenine nucleotides mobilize cellular calcium and inhibit parathyroid hormone secretion

Pirotton S.; Robaye B.; Lagneau C.; Boeynaems J M., 1990: Adenine nucleotides modulate phosphatidylcholine metabolism in aortic endothelial cells

Sjaastad O.V.; Blom A.K.; Stormorken H.; Nes N., 1990: Adenine nucleotides serotonin and aggregation properties of platelets of blue foxes alopex lagopus with the chediak higashi syndrome

Kartha S.; Toback F.G., 1992: Adenine nucleotides stimulate migration in wounded cultures of kidney epithelial cells

Usenius J P.; Ruopuro M.L.; Usenius R., 1988: Adenine phosphoribosyltransferase deficiency 2 8 dihydroxyadenine urolithiasis in a 48 year old woman

Kumar S.; Joshi P.C.; Sharma N.D.; Bose S.N.; Davies R.J.H.; Takeda N.; Mccloskey J.A., 1991: Adenine photodimerization in deoxyadenylate sequences elucidation of the mechanism through structural studies of a major d apa photoproduct

Cumaraswamy A.; Henney H.R.Jr, 1989: Adenine salvage enzymes and intracellular nucleotide triphosphate content in physarum flavicomum amoebae during growth and development

Osogoe B.; Fukumoto T.; Seno S., 1989: Adenine uptake cells in the rat kidney with remarks on the expression of ia antigen

Bantel Schaal U., 1990: Adeno associated parvoviruses inhibit growth of cells derived from malignant human tumors

Mishra L.; Rose J.A., 1990: Adeno associated virus dna replication is induced by genes that are essential for hsv 1 dna synthesis

Chang L S.; Shi Y.; Shenk T., 1989: Adeno associated virus p5 promoter contains an adenovirus e1a inducible element and a binding site for the major late transcription factor

Antoni B.A.; Rabson A.B.; Miller I.L.; Trempe J.P.; Chejanovsky N.; Carter B.J., 1991: Adeno associated virus rep protein inhibits human immunodeficiency virus type 1 production in human cells

Redemann B.E.; Mendelson E.; Carter B.J., 1989: Adeno associated virus rep protein synthesis during productive infection

Owens R.A.; Trempe J.P.; Chejanovsky N.; Carter B.J., 1991: Adeno associated virus rep proteins produced in insect and mammalian expression systems wild type and dominant negative mutant proteins bind to the viral replication origin

Walz C.; Schlehofer J.R.; Flentje M.; Rudat V.; Zur Hausen H., 1992: Adeno associated virus sensitizes hela cell tumors to gamma rays

Smuda J.W.; Carter B.J., 1991: Adeno associated viruses having nonsense mutations in the capsid genes growth in mammalian cells containing an inducible amber suppressor

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Tirone G.; Dvornik G.; Madau A.; Eccher C., 1991: Adenocarcinoid of the appendix case report

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