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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6990

Chapter 6990 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Wennberg A.; Orstavik D., 1990: Adhesion of root canal sealers to bovine dentin and gutta percha

Matranga V.; Di Ferro D.; Cervello M.; Zito F.; Nakano E., 1991: Adhesion of sea urchin embryonic cells to substrata coated with cell adhesion molecules

Guhathakurta B.; Sasmal D.; Datta A., 1992: Adhesion of shigella dysenteriae type 1 and shigella flexneri to guinea pig colonic epithelial cells in vitro

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Evans E., 1990: Adhesion of surfactant membrane covered droplets special features and curvature elasticity effects

Facchini P.J.; Neumann A.W.; Dicosmo F., 1989: Adhesion of suspension cultured catharanthus roseus cells to surfaces effect of ph ionic strength and cation valency

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Brady H.R.; Serhan C.N., 1992: Adhesion promotes transcellular leukotriene biosynthesis during neutrophil glomerular endothelial cell interactions inhibition by antibodies against cd18 and l selectin

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Nezhat C.R.; Nezhat F.R.; Metzger D.A.; Luciano A.A., 1990: Adhesion reformation after reproductive surgery by videolaseroscopy

Diamond M.P.; Linsky C.B.; Cunningham T.; Kamp L.; Pines E.; Decherney A.H.; Dizerega G.S., 1991: Adhesion reformation reduction by the use of interceed tc7 plus heparin

Cannella B.; Cross A.H.; Raine C.S., 1991: Adhesion related molecules in the central nervous system upregulation correlates with inflammatory cell influx during relapsing experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis

Vernon R.B.; Lane T.F.; Angello J.C.; Sage H., 1991: Adhesion shape proliferation and gene expression of mouse leydig cells are influenced by extracellular matrix in vitro

Opas M.; Dziak E., 1991: Adhesion spreading and proliferation of cells on protein carpets effects of stability of a carpet

Urzi C.; Lisi S.; Criseo G.; Pernice A., 1991: Adhesion to and degradation of marble by a micrococcus strain isolated from it

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Konkel M.E.; Joens L.A., 1989: Adhesion to and invasion of hep 2 cells by campylobacter spp

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Mitra S.B., 1991: Adhesion to dentin and physical properties of a light cured glass ionomer liner base

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Miceli M.C.; Von Hoegen P.; Parnes J.R., 1991: Adhesion versus coreceptor function of cd4 and cd8 role of the cytoplasmic tail in coreceptor activity

Littlefield, W. G.; Strickland, J. W., 1992: Adhesions between muscle and bone after forearm fracture mimicking mild volkmann's ischemic contracture

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Parke W.W.; Watanabe R., 1990: Adhesions of the ventral lumbar dura an adjunct source of discogenic pain?

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Chen W G.; Hwang G.C C., 1992: Adhesive and in vitro release characteristics of propranolol bioadhesive disc system

Doroszewski J.; Nowak Wyrzykowska M.; Waleszczyk W., 1989: Adhesive and motile properties of lewis lung carcinoma ll 2 lines

Ishihara K.; Nakabayashi N., 1989: Adhesive bone cement both to bone and metals 4 meta in mma initiated with tri n butyl borane

Ishihara K.; Arai H.; Nakabayashi N.; Morita S.; Furuya K., 1992: Adhesive bone cement containing hydroxyapatite particle as bone compatible filler

Buth K.; Fodi J.; Kersten G., 1991: Adhesive bridge and marginal periodontium results of a prospective study after a period of wear of 2 3 years

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Xie H.; Gibbons R.J.; Hay D.I., 1991: Adhesive properties of strains of fusobacterium nucleatum of the subspecies fusobacterium nucleatum ssp nucleatum fusobacterium nucleatum ssp vincentii and fusobacterium nucleatum ssp polymorphum

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