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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6991

Chapter 6991 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Iniguez M.A.; Rodriguez Pena A.; Ibarrola N.; Moreale De Escobar G.; Bernal J., 1992: Adult rat brain is sensitive to thyroid hormone regulation of rc3 neurogranin mrna

Eppenberger Eberhardt M.; Riesinger I.; Messerli M.; Schwarb P.; Muller M.; Eppenberger H.M.; Wallimann T., 1991: Adult rat cardiomyocytes cultured in creatine deficient medium display large mitochondria with paracrystalline inclusions enriched for creatine kinase

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Fulton M.R., 1991: Adult recruitment as a function of juvenile growth rate in size structured plant populations

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Yamada Y.; Ichimaru M.; Shiku H., 1989: Adult t cell leukaemia cells are of cd4 positive cd w29 positive t cell origin and secrete a b cell differentiation factor

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Wilkinson M., 1991: Adult tooth crown morphology in the typhlonectidae amphibia gymnophiona a reinterpretation of variation and its significance

Bernau R.; Bredy E., 1990: Adult treatment with removable orthodontic appliances a contribution to the orthodontic prosthetic cooperation

Schillinger F.; Mahmoud M.; Montagnac R.; Collin P.; Milcent T., 1990: Adult type i primary hyperoxaluria two cases diagnosed by liver biopsy at end stage renal failure

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Odom J.V.; Vasquez R.J.; Schwartz T.L.; Linberg J.V., 1989: Adult vernier thresholds do not increase with age vernier bias does

Brecher R.; Bird A.C., 1990: Adult vitelliform macular dystrophy

Landerman R.; George L.K.; Blazer D.G., 1991: Adult vulnerability for psychiatric disorders interactive effects of negative childhood experiences and recent stress

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Mikkelsen S.L.; Ash K.O., 1988: Adulterants causing false negatives in illicit drug testing

Headley L.M.; Hardy J.K., 1992: Adulterants in whiskey detection and identification by principal component analysis

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Younes N.A., 1991: Adulteration of butterfat validity of reichert meissl polenske and iodine values

Collomb M.; Spahni M., 1991: Adulteration of milk products review of the analytical criteria for the detection of vegetable and animal fats in milk fat

Vythilingam I.; Chiang G.L.; Amatachaya C., 1992: Adulticidal effect of cyfluthrin against mosquitos of public health importance in malaysia

Turillazzi S., 1988: Adults and nest of liostenogaster vechti new species hymenoptera stenogastrinae

Chaudhuri P.K.; Bhattacharyay S.; Dutta T., 1989: Adults of orthocladiid midges of metriocnemus group diptera chironomidae from india

Riedel W.; Majecki J., 1989: Adults of the caddis flies trichoptera of the swietokrzyskie mountains poland

Siegel, R. D.; Ryan, L. M.; Antman, K. H., 1988: Adults with ewing's sarcoma an analysis of 16 patients at the dana farber cancer institute boston massachusetts usa

Morris C.A.; Leonard C.O.; Dilts C.; Demsey S.A., 1990: Adults with williams syndrome

Liben, L. S.; Golbeck, S. L., 1986: Adults' demonstration of underlying euclidean concepts in relation to task context

Zelko, F. A.; Duncan, S. W.; Barden, R. C.; Garber, J.; Masters, J. C., 1986: Adults' experiences about children's emotional responsiveness implications for the development of implicit theories of affect

Liben, L. S., 1991: Adults' performance on horizontality tasks conflicting frames of reference

Ritter, J. M.; Casey, R. J.; Langlois, J. H., 1991: Adults' responses to infants varying in appearance of age and attractiveness

Holden, G. W., 1988: Adults' thinking about a child rearing problem effects of experience parental status and gender

Bisping, R.; Steingrueber, H. J.; Oltmann, M.; Wenk, C., 1990: Adults' tolerance of cries an experimental investigation of acoustic features

Kynette, D.; Kemper, S.; Norman, S.; Cheung, H., 1990: Adults' word recall and word repetition

Glover J.A.; Krug D.; Dietzer M.; George B.W.; Hannon S.M., 1990: Advance advance organizers

Emanuel L.L.; Barry M.J.; Stoeckle J.D.; Ettelson L.M.; Emanuel E.J., 1991: Advance directives for medical care a case for greater use

Landry F.J., 1991: Advance directives implementation into clinical practice

Par A., 1990: Advance in the non a non b hepatitis research hepatitis c virus a multicenter study

Atrigas F.J.; Boerner R.E.J., 1989: Advance regeneration and seed banking of woody plants in ohio usa pine plantations implications for landscape change

Lobo-Sanahuja, F.; Garcia, I.; Vargas, G.; Barrantes, J.; Jimenez, E.; Jimenez, R., 1988: Advanced abdominal non hodgkin's lymphoma in children characteristics and response to treatment

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Romanelli, M. F.; Morris, J. C.; Ashkin, K.; Coben, L. A., 1990: Advanced alzheimer's disease is a risk factor for late onset seizures

Rosowski J.R.; Hoshaw R.W., 1988: Advanced anisogamy in chlamydomonas monadina chlorophyceae with special reference to vacuolar activity during sexuality

Chawla S.P.; Benjamin R.S.; Ayala A.G.; Carrasco C.H.; Hong W.K.; Martin R.G., 1989: Advanced basal cell carcinoma and successful treatment with chemotherapy

Field S.D.; Marks R.E.; Wojtanowicz A.K., 1991: Advanced biological treatment and separation of hazardous constituents from petrochemical sludges

Stoeckle M.; Meyenburg W.; Wellek S.; Voges G.; Gertenbach U.; Thueroff J.W.; Huber C.; Hohenfellner R., 1992: Advanced bladder cancer stages pt3b pt4a pn1 and pn2 improved survival after radical cystectomy and 3 adjuvant cycles of chemotherapy results of a controlled prospective study

Stolfi R.; Parisi A.M.; Natoli C.; Iacobelli S., 1990: Advanced breast cancer response to somatostatin

Charles G.; Marhic C.; Ponties J.E.; Meyran M., 1989: Advanced cancer of the ovary and pregnancy two case histories

Einarsson O.; Jakobsson F.; Sigurdsson G., 1989: Advanced cardiac life support in the prehospital setting the reykjavik iceland experience

Houvenaeghel G.; Rosello R.; Delpero J.R.; Resbeut M.; Jacquemier J.; Guerinel G., 1991: Advanced cervical cancer staging with endosonography prospective comparison with clinical ct mr and pathologic staging

Suggs C.L.IIi; Lee J.C.; Lewis G.C.; Derdell J.; Gefter J.W.; Davidson D.S., 1989: Advanced cervical cancer therapy concurrent radiation therapy and cisplatin chemotherapy for advanced cervical cancer a toxicity report

Kammer T.W.; Ausich W.I., 1992: Advanced cladid crinoids from the middle mississippian of the east central united states primitive grade calyces

Barone C.; Astone A.; Cassano A.; Garufi C.; Astone P.; Grieco A.; Noviello M.R.; Ricevuto E.; Albanese C.; Gambassi G., 1990: Advanced colon cancer staging and prognosis by cea test

Machiavelli M.; Leone B.A.; Romero A.; Rabinovich M.G.; Vallejo C.T.; Bianco A.; Perez J.E.; Rodriguez R.; Cuevas M.A.; Et Al, 1991: Advanced colorectal carcinoma a prospective randomized trial of sequential methotrexate 5 fluorouracil and leucovorin versus 5 fluorouracil alone

Lenert L.A.; Lurie J.; Sheiner L.B.; Coleman R.; Klostermann H.; Blaschke T.F., 1992: Advanced computer programs for drug dosing that combine pharmacokinetic and symbolic modeling of patients

Koch F., 1991: Advanced conceptions of landfill leachate treatment

Alton E.W.F.W.; Johnson M.; Turner Warwick M., 1989: Advanced cryptogenic fibrosing alveolitis preliminary report on treatment with cyclosporin a

Tummarello D.; Menichetti E.T.; Miseria S.; Torresi U.; Guidi F.; Gramazio A.; Vissani L.; Cellerino R., 1990: Advanced epithelial ovarian cancer no difference in survival rate between exploratory laparotomy and inadequate debulking surgery as treatment approach before chemotherapy

Otsuji M.; Tsukasa S.; Nishimata Y.; Yonezawa Y.; Higo K.; Et Al, 1988: Advanced esophageal cancer in which two different patterns of progression were retrospectively observed on x ray images report of two cases

Konno H.; Ida K.; Sakaguchi S.; Aoki K.; Baba S.; Ihara M., 1991: Advanced gastric cancer associated with acute myelocytic leukemia report of a case

Perasso A.; Testino G., 1991: Advanced gastric cancer of the antrum anatomic functional correlation between chief cell mass and serum pepsinogen i

Mori M.; Adachi Y.; Nakamura K.; Kuroiwa S.; Enjoji M.; Sugimachi K., 1990: Advanced gastric carcinoma simulating early gastric carcinoma

Estes N.C.; Cherian G.; Haller C.C.; Jewell W.R.; Hermreck A.S.; Thomas J.H.; Hardin C.A., 1989: Advanced gastric leiomyosarcoma

Nicholls K.; Mandel T.E., 1989: Advanced glycosylation end products in experimental murine diabetic nephropathy effect of islet isografting and of aminoguanidine

Makita Z.; Radoff S.; Rayfield E.J.; Yang Z.; Skolnik E.; Delaney V.; Friedman E.A.; Cerami A.; Vlassara H., 1991: Advanced glycosylation end products in patients with diabetic nephropathy

Macdonald E.; Lee W.K.; Hepburn S.; Bell J.; Scott P.J.W.; Dominiczak M.H., 1992: Advanced glycosylation end products in the mesenteric artery

Hogan M.; Cerami A.; Bucala R., 1992: Advanced glycosylation endproducts block the antiproliferative effect of nitric oxide role in the vascular and renal complications of diabetes mellitus

Bucala R.; Tracey K.J.; Cerami A., 1991: Advanced glycosylation products quench nitric oxide and mediate defective endothelium dependent vasodilatation in experimental diabetes

Stryker J.A.; Harvey H.A.; Houck J.R.; Manders E.K.; Bradfield J.J., 1990: Advanced head and neck cancer low dose split course radiation therapy and simultaneous infusion of 5 fluorouracil and cisplatin

Bassil S.; Pouly J.L.; Canis M.; Janny L.; Vye P.; Chapron C.; Bruhat M.A., 1991: Advanced heterotopic pregnancy after in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer with survival of both the babies and the mother

Colonna P.; Andrieu J.M.; Ghouadni R.; Zouaoui Benhadji Z.; Afiane M.; Kubisz P.; Tourani J.M.; Belhadj Merzoug K.; Krisch C.; Laugier A., 1989: Advanced hodgkin disease clinical stages iiib and iv low relapse rate after brief chemotherapy followed by high dose total lymphoid irradiation

Laga M.; Taelman H.; Van Der Stuyft P.; Bonneux L.; Vercauteren G.; Piot P., 1989: Advanced immunodeficiency as a risk factor for heterosexual transmission of hiv

Shirakusa T.; Yoshida M.; Tsutsui M.; Ikeda A.; Hayashi T.; Eimoto T.; Kusano T.; Iwasaki H., 1989: Advanced intravascular bronchioloalveolar tumor and review of reports in japan

Thessalou Legaki M., 1990: Advanced larval development of callianassa tyrrhena decapoda thalassinidea and the effect of environmental factors

Gritzmann N.; Traxler M.; Grasl M.; Pavelka R., 1989: Advanced laryngeal cancer sonographic assessment

Balducci L.; Hardy C.L., 1988: Advanced lewis lung carcinoma cured by tiazofurin as a system to study delayed hemopoietic effects of cancer

Morgenstern J.P.; Land H., 1990: Advanced mammalian gene transfer high titer retroviral vectors with multiple drug selection markers and a complementary helper free packaging cell line

Gordon D.; Milberg J.; Daling J.; Hickok D., 1991: Advanced maternal age as a risk factor for cesarean delivery

Vaitkyavichyus D.P.; Nauryatskene S.A.; Yanulaitis A.A., 1991: Advanced method for obtaining highly purified restriction enzyme preparations

Luebbert A., 1992: Advanced methods for bioreactor characterization

Ossoff R.H.; Werkhaven J.A.; Raif J.; Abraham M., 1991: Advanced microspot microslad for the carbon dioxide laser

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