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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6992

Chapter 6992 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hansell D.M.; Coleman R.; Du Bois R.M.; Carr D.H.; Goodman L.R.; Kerr O.H.; Pearson M.C.; Rubens M.B., 1991: Advanced multiple beam equalization radiography amber in the detection of diffuse lung disease

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991001

Castel V.; Sanchez De Toledo J.; Bezanilla J.L.; Ruiz Jimenez J.I.; Badal M.D., 1991: Advanced neuroblastoma induction treatment multicentric study n 1 87

Lombardi F.; Rottoli L.; Gianni C.; Gandola L.; Lattuada A.; Fossati Bellani F.; Gasparini M., 1989: Advanced neuroblastoma results of two treatment programs including sequential hemibody irradiation

Bugalho A.; Carlomagno G., 1989: Advanced non tubal ectopic pregnancy at the hospital central of maputo mozambique

Le Floch O., 1988: Advanced oropharynx carcinomas value of an induction chemotherapy before locoregional treatment study of 138 cases

Davidson N.G.P.; Khanna S.; Kirwan P.; Bircumshaw D., 1990: Advanced ovarian cancer long term results following chemotherapy and second look laparotomy

Malviya V.K.; Malone J.M.Jr; Deppe G., 1989: Advanced ovarian cancer urinary tract resection as a part of cytoreductive surgery

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991008

Altaras M.; Rosen D.; Shapira J.; Cohen I.; Bernheim J.; Ravid M., 1989: Advanced primary ovarian carcinoma in pregnancy

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991010

Kirstein M.; Brett J.; Radoff S.; Ogawa S.; Stern D.; Vlassara H., 1990: Advanced protein glycosylation induces transendothelial human monocyte chemotaxis and secretion of platelet derived growth factor role in vascular disease of diabetes and aging

Stamer C., 1989: Advanced purification of drinking water denitrification

Rydmarker S.; Horner K.C., 1990: Advanced scanning electron microscopy techniques to characterize coal minerals morphological changes of hair cell stereocilia and tectorial membrane in guinea pigs with experimentally induced hydrops

Zygarlicke C.J.; Steadman E.N., 1990: Advanced sem techniques to characterize coal minerals

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991015

Bharath A.A.; Kitney R.I., 1992: Advanced spectral estimators for detailed blood flow studies

Lawrence C.; Tessaro I.; Durgerian S.; Caputo T.; Richart R.M.; Greenwald P., 1989: Advanced stage endometrial cancer contributions of estrogen use smoking and other risk factors

Kawaida M.; Et Al, 1990: Advanced supraglottic cancer showing complete response to combination chemotherapy acp regimen report of a case

Manni C.; Proietti R.; Corte F.D.; Barelli A.; Sandroni C., 1991: Advanced techniques for differential diagnosis of cerebral coma

Masson G., 1988: Advanced techniques for preparation and characterization of small unilamellar vesicles

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991021

Fishman E.K.; Magid D.; Dregin R.A.; Brooker A.F.Jr; Scott W.J.Jr; Riley L.H., 1989: Advanced three dimensional evaluation of acetabular trauma volumetric image processing

Noureddin B.N.; Wilson Holt N.; Lavin M.; Jeffrey M.; Hitchings R.A., 1992: Advanced uncontrolled glaucoma neodymium yag cyclophotocoagulation or tube surgery

Taranger, G. L.; Stefansson, S. O.; Hansen, T., 1992: Advancement and synchronization of ovulation in atlantic salmon salmo salar l. following injections of lhrh analogue

Labbe D.; Slama M., 1989: Advancement genioplasty by miniaturized paulus plates

Aibe T.; Et Al, 1989: Advancement in the diagnosis of the gastric submucosal tumor brought about by endoscopic ultrasonography eus

Ivanov, V. B., 1989: Advancement of d.a. sabinin's ideas in the studies of root growth and morphogenesis

Macinnes C.D.; Dunn E.H.; Rusch D.H.; Cooke F.; Cooch F.G., 1990: Advancement of goose nesting dates in the hudson bay canada region 1951 1986

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991033

Ohtsuki H.; Konishi H.; Hasebe S.; Tadokoro Y.; Watanbe S.; Okano M., 1991: Advancement of the anterior portion of the superior oblique tendon in case of traumatic bilateral trochlear palsy

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991035

Cohen S.R.; Kawamoto H.K.Jr; Burstein F.; Peacock W.J., 1991: Advancement onlay an improved technique of fronto orbital remodeling in craniosynostosis

Katrinka M.; Mijatov L.; Lugovic B.; Bodiroga J., 1990: Advancements in vaccine production

Getoff N., 1989: Advancements of radiation induced degradation of pollutants in drinking and waste water

Leleshus V.L., 1990: Advances and crises in coral evolution

O'donovan M.C.; Owen M.J., 1992: Advances and retreats in the molecular genetics of major mental illness

Laas J.; Jurmann M.J.; Heinemann M.; Borst H.G., 1992: Advances in aortic arch surgery

Dobson K.S.; Beamish M.; Taylor J., 1992: Advances in behavior therapy the changing face of aabt conventions

Baker J.R.; Briggs S.A.; Gordon V.; Jones A.R.; Settle J.J.; Townshend J.R.G.; Wyatt B.K. , 1991: Advances in classification for land cover mapping using spot hrv imagery

Weiner, M. F., 1991: Advances in clinical research in alzheimer's disease

Hodde K.C.; Steeber D.A.; Albrecht R.M., 1990: Advances in corrosion casting methods

Jackson I.T., 1989: Advances in craniofacial tumor surgery

Hellmann H., 1989: Advances in determination of cation active and anion active surfactants las in sediments suspended matter and sludges

Jankowski A., 1990: Advances in diagnosis and treatment of nocturnal enuresis in children

Goldstein D.; Lewis C., 1991: Advances in drug delivery and targeting

Binkovitz L.A.; King B.F.; Corfman R.S., 1991: Advances in gynecologic imaging and intervention

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991053

Thesleff I.; Vaahtokari A.; Vainio S., 1991: Advances in histological methods open up new perspectives for craniofacial growth research

Nunnally R.L., 1992: Advances in human in vivo magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Nissanov J.; Mceachron D.L., 1991: Advances in image processing for autoradiography

Allman K.; Schwaiger M., 1992: Advances in imaging for assessment of ischemic heart disease

Zander G., 1988: Advances in interventional ultrasonography

Huffman D.L.; Egbert W.R., 1990: Advances in lean ground beef production

Levy L.M.; Sonqishe M., 1992: Advances in lymphoma treatment

Fries J.F., 1989: Advances in management of rheumatic disease 1965 to 1985

Mcneely M.D.D., 1991: Advances in medical informatics during the 1980s

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991064

Lobuglio A.F.; Saleh M.N., 1992: Advances in monoclonal antibody therapy of cancer

Kridel R.W.H.; Konior R.J.; Shumrick K.A.; Wright W.K., 1989: Advances in nasal tip surgery the lateral crural steal

Williamson S.J.; Kaufman L., 1989: Advances in neuromagnetic instrumentation and studies of spontaneous brain activity

Bradford Grieve J.M.; Lewis K.B.; Stanton B.R., 1991: Advances in new zealand oceanography 1967 1991

Grenby T.H., 1991: Advances in non caloric sweeteners with dental health advantages over sugars

Mazess R.B.; Barden H.; Vetter J.; Ettinger M., 1989: Advances in noninvasive bone measurement

Nahata M.C., 1992: Advances in paediatric pharmacotherapy

Stanley P., 1992: Advances in pediatric interventional radiology

Eskola J., 1992: Advances in pediatric vaccinations

Stelmack R.M., 1991: Advances in personality theory and research

Rui Y C., 1991: Advances in pharmacological studies of silymarin

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991076

Schuch W., 1991: Advances in plant biotechnology and their implication for forestry research

Toonkel L.M., 1991: Advances in radiation therapy for head and neck cancer

Yang Z Z., 1990: Advances in research of new antibacterial antibiotics screening

Zawel L.; Reinberg D., 1992: Advances in rna polymerase ii transcription

Graham D.; Langer S.Z., 1992: Advances in sodium ion coupled biogenic amine transporters

Begg, C. B., 1991: Advances in statistical methodology for diagnostic medicine in the 1980's

Liu Z Y., 1991: Advances in study on marine prostaglandins

Rekunen M., 1988: Advances in the breeding of oats comparative trials with historical varieties in 1977 1987

Ozols R.F., 1992: Advances in the chemotherapy of gynecologic malignancies

Groome J.M.; Martin R.; Slatter R., 1989: Advances in the control of public health insects by the application of water based ultra low volume space sprays

Sauvage L.R., 1988: Advances in the development of grafts for bypass of small caliber arteries

Badalament R.A.; Drago J.R., 1989: Advances in the diagnosis and management of bladder cancer flow cytometry intravesical bcg and systemic chemotherapy

Elias A.D., 1992: Advances in the diagnosis and management of sarcomas

Hollos I., 1992: Advances in the diagnosis of non a non b viral hepatitis

Voiculescu M.; Pop A.; Vidu D., 1991: Advances in the early diagnosis and therapy of primary liver cancer

Ceballos E.M.; Buroni J.R., 1991: Advances in the knowledge of war surgery in the argentine army

Verzele M.; Steenbeke G.; Dewaele C.; Verhagen L.C.; Strating J., 1990: Advances in the liquid chromatography of hop bitter compounds

Sainsbury A.W.; Mew J.A.; Purton P.; Eaton B.D.; Cooper J.E., 1990: Advances in the management of primates kept for biomedical research

Bauer R.; Boehm I.; Elsmann H J.; Niedecken H.W., 1991: Advances in the measurement of specific ige

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991097

Voiculescu, M., 1991: Advances in the study of proteinurias ii. quantitative and qualitative evaluation of urinary proteins

Ota H., 1991: Advances in the systematics and biology of the lizards of taiwan a critical review

Mcsherry G.; Connor E., 1992: Advances in the treatment of children with human immunodeficiency virus infection

Matsumata T.; Kanematsu T.; Shirabe K.; Takenaka K.; Kitano S.; Sugimachi K., 1990: Advances in the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma and concomitant esophageal varices

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991103

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991104

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991105

Lampe H.B.; Cramer H.M., 1991: Advances in the use of fine needle aspiration cytology in the diagnosis of palpable lesions of the head and neck

Yates S.L.; Fluhler E.N.; Lippiello P.M., 1992: Advances in the use of the fluorescent probe fura 2 for the estimation of intrasynaptosomal calcium

Verstraete M., 1992: Advances in thrombolytic therapy

Blake S.W., 1991: Advances in treatment planning dosimetry for a high energy neutron beam

Bai N., 1990: Advances of quantitative structure activity relationship qsar in environmental chemistry and its methodology

Wei S L.; Gao Z H., 1990: Advances on research of controlled and sustained release microspheres

Ziqiang, W., 1991: Advances on the permo triassic lycopods in north china i. an isoetes from the mid triassic in northern shaanxi province

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991113

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991114

Binkley S.; Mosher K., 1989: Advancing schedules and constant light produce faster resynchronization of circadian rhythms

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991116

Minowada S.; Higashihara E.; Kameyama S.; Oshi M.; Homma Y.; Aso Y., 1992: Advantage of a smaller caliber fiberscope and learning curve on transurethral lithotripsy

Shitara K.; Hanai N.; Furuya A.; Yoshida H., 1989: Advantage of cocktail use of two anti tumor monoclonal antibodies km 93 and km 231 in serum diagnosis of cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991119

Higano S.T.; Hayes D.L.; Eisinger G., 1989: Advantage of discrepant upper rate limits in a dddr pacemaker

Franco G.; Khac G.N.; Morere M.C.N., 1990: Advantage of doppler ultrasound of the lateral saphenous vein clinical discussion

Schlom J.; Molinolo A.; Simpson J.F.; Siler K.; Roselli M.; Hinkle G.; Houchens D.P.; Colcher D., 1990: Advantage of dose fractionation in monoclonal antibody targeted radioimmunotherapy

Fechter P., 1991: Advantage of ecg self recording by the patient

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991124

Barlet, V.; Zarski, J. P.; Thelu, M. A.; Seigneurin, J. M., 1991: Advantage of pcr for detecting low amounts of hbv dna in patients' sera

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991126

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991127

Billebaud T.; Villers A.; Astier L.; Boccon Gibod L.; Dauge M C.; Sibert A.; Baron J C.; Delmas V.; Baccon Gibod L., 1992: Advantage of systematic random ultrasound guided biopsies measurement of serum prostate specific antigen level and determination of prostate volume in the early diagnosis of prostate cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991129

Pataki K.; Jakab Z.; Harkanyi Z.; Vigvary Z., 1991: Advantage of transvaginal over transabdominal sonography

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991131

Larsson P G.; Platz Christensen J J.; Bergman B.; Wallstersson G., 1991: Advantage or disadvantage of episiotomy compared with spontaneous perineal laceration

D'onofrio F., 1988: Advantageous metabolic effects of pulsatile insulin delivery in non insulin dependent diabetic patients

Schechter M.D., 1988: Advantages and disadvantages of a rapid method to train drug discrimination

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991135

Ciampaglia F., 1987: Advantages and disadvantages of conservative pulmonary exeresis in bronchogenic cancer

Benes V., 1990: Advantages and disadvantages of the transcallosal approach to the iii ventricle

Maclellan C.R., 1988: Advantages and disadvantages of using pyrethroids in nova scotia canada apple orchards

Machens H G.; Senninger N.; Runkel N.; Frank G.; Von Kummer R.; Herfarth C., 1992: Advantages and disadvantages of using the hydrogen clearance technique to measure pancreatic blood flow

Tyler R.S.; Kelsay D., 1990: Advantages and disadvantages reported by some of the better cochlear implant patients

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991141

Schittich I.; Gradinger R.; Hipp E., 1990: Advantages and limitations of mri in legg calve perthes disease

Imaida K.; Tatematsu M.; Kato T.; Tsuda H.; Ito N., 1989: Advantages and limitations of stereological estimation of placental glutathione s transferase positive rat liver cell foci by computerized three dimensional reconstruction

Obergottsberger S.; Zeitlhofer J.; Mayr N.; Marschnigg E.; Deecke L., 1990: Advantages and limitations of the automatic sleep stage scoring with the oxford system

Alekseev D.O., 1989: Advantages and limitations of using the gladius in diagnosis of species and genera of the loliginidae family cephalopoda

Miglionico F., 1988: Advantages and limits of the noninvasive hemodynamic techniques in pregnancy proposal of a method of investigation

Blanchart G.; Durand M.; Barry J.L.; Bouiller Oudot M.; Jouany J.P., 1989: Advantages and limits of the semi continuous artificial rumen rusitec for the study of rumen fermentations

Sodoyez J C., 1988: Advantages and pitfalls of radioimmune and elisa of insulin antibodies

Kuz'mina L.F., 1988: Advantages and shortcomings of platelet aggregation inhibitors in the treatment of myocardial infarction

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991150

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991151

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991152

Cousins D.V.; Francis B.R.; Gow B.L., 1989: Advantages of a new agar medium in the primary isolation of mycobacterium bovis

Lippi U.; Schinella M.; Modena N.; Nicoli M.; Lippi G., 1990: Advantages of a new anticoagulant in routine hematology on the coulter counter s plus stkr analyzer

Beresford, A. P.; Caswell, K.; Chambers, R.; Kirk, I. P., 1992: Advantages of achiral h.p.l.c. as a preparative step for chiral analysis in biological samples and its use in toxicokinetic studies

Laude M.; Siessmann K.L.; Mokyr M.B.; Dray S., 1991: Advantages of adoptive chemoimmunotherapy with polyethylene glycol cultured antigen activated tumor infiltrated spleen cells for the complete eradication of lethal mopc 315 plasmacytomas

Judd R., 1991: Advantages of an immunohistochemical estrogen receptor assay

Leischik R.; Curtius J.M.; Deutsch H.J.; Arnold G.; Sander C.; De Vivie E.R.; Hilger H.H., 1990: Advantages of biplane transesophageal echocardiography

Tavernier A., 1988: Advantages of blup animal model for breeding value estimation in horses

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991160

Proctor G.B., 1988: Advantages of burst stimulation for inducing sympathetic salivary secretion in rats

Sutherland G.R.; Smyllie J.H.; Roelandt J.R.T.C., 1989: Advantages of color flow imaging in the diagnosis of left ventricular pseudoaneurysm

Bradoo B.L., 1989: Advantages of commensalism in uloborus ferokus bradoo araneae uloboridae

Bruns J.; Maas R., 1989: Advantages of diagnosing bacterial spondylitis with magnetic resonance imaging

Leeuw A.R.; Dreschler W.A., 1991: Advantages of directional hearing aid microphones related to room acoustics

Jones R.I., 1991: Advantages of diurnal vertical migrations to phytoplankton in sharply stratified humic forest lakes

Ilbawi M.N.; Deleon S.Y.; Wilson W.R.Jr; Quinones J.A.; Roberson D.A.; Husayni T.S.; Thilenius O.G.; Arcilla R.A., 1991: Advantages of early relief of subaortic stenosis in single ventricle equivalents

Carre F.; Chignon J.C., 1991: Advantages of electrocardiographic monitoring in top level athletes

Anand V.K.; Galantich P.T., 1990: Advantages of endoscopic laser arytenoidectomy using neodymium yag laser scalpel

Williams T.M.; Burlein J.E.; Ogden S.; Kricka L.J.; Kant J.A., 1989: Advantages of firefly luciferase as a reporter gene application to the interleukin 2 gene promoter

Dziki A.J.; Duncan M.D.; Harmon J.W.; Saini N.; Malthaner R.A.; Trad K.S.; Fernicola M.T.; Hakki F.; Ugarte R.M., 1991: Advantages of handsewn over stapled bowel anastomosis

Gibson S.; Pollock A.; Littley M.; Shalet S.; White A., 1989: Advantages of irma over ria in the measurement of acth

Vijayan V.; Mathai T.J.; Mhalathkar H.N.; Abbas M.S., 1992: Advantages of large meshes in midwater trawl

Fong C.K.Y.; Landry M.L., 1991: Advantages of multiple cell culture systems for detection of mixed virus infections

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991175

Hufnagel A., 1988: Advantages of nmr compared with computed tomography in the assessment of spontaneous intracerebral hematomas

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991177

Richard Y.; Jacq P., 1991: Advantages of preozonation in the upgrading of the mont valerien plant in france

Weiss K.M., 1990: Advantages of reconceptualizing schizophrenia in clinical practice

Mihancea N.; State D.; Belu M.; Ciobanu C.; Tasca M., 1990: Advantages of some agglutination and precipitation tests used in the serologic diagnosis of meningitis with haemophilus influenzae type b

Katic P., 1988: Advantages of tcbs hatcheries for the fast isolation of trout vibriosis causative agents

Blieva R.K.; Belkhodzhaeva A.A., 1991: Advantages of the cultivation of immobilized aspergillus awamori 16 culture over free mycelium

Anastasatu C.; Albu A.; Burnea D.; Didilescu C.; Girlonta V.; Mihaltan P.; Popescu N.; Savu A.; Udrea S.; Panescu E., 1989: Advantages of therapy with reprimum in pulmonary sarcoidosis and other granulomatous diseases

Yaziji-Al-Awad, M.; Bouchet, P., 1991: Advantages of thiery's test patag in the study of dermatophytes by transmission electron microscopy tem application to the study of antifungal saponins of majidea fosteri sapindaceae

Shantha N.C.; Ackman R.G., 1990: Advantages of total lipid hydrogenation prior to lipid class determination chromarods siii

Paunescu E.; Didilescu C.; Mihaltan F.; Udrea S.; Serbescu A.; Danalache Dumitrescu M.; Smarandache M.; Stoinescu M.; Zaharescu C.; Et Al, 1989: Advantages of treatment with reprimum in sarcoidosis

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991187

Shubina N.A.; Podchernyaeva R.Ya; Isachenko V.A.; Kramar L.M.; Tkachenko A.V.; Danlybaeva G.A.; Egorov B.B., 1992: Advantages of using a new porous microcarrier for cell cultivation technology

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991189

Paton R.B.; Terent'ev A.G., 1989: Advantages of z gal during selection of recombinants for lac phenotype

Butkovic V.; Sehic M.; Stanin D.; Kos J., 1990: Advantages or disadvantages of different methods of catheterization in dog arteria femoralis

Mcgurk M.D., 1988: Advection diffusion and mortality of pacific herring larvae clupea harengus pallasi in bamfield inlet british columbia canada

Hill A.E., 1991: Advection diffusion mortality solutions for investigating pelagic larval dispersal

Parslow J.S.; Gabric A.J., 1989: Advection dispersal and plankton patchiness on the great barrier reef australia

Davis T.L.O.; Lyne V.; Jenkins G.P., 1991: Advection dispersion and mortality of a patch of southern bluefin tuna larvae thunnus maccoyii in the east indian ocean

Weick, E. J.; Rouse, W. R., 1991: Advection in the coastal hudson bay lowlands canada 1. the terrestrial surface energy balance

Kaartvedt S.; Svendsen H., 1990: Advection of euphausiids in a norwegian fjord system subject to altered freshwater input by hydro electric power production

Hino I., 1988: Adventitial cyst of the popliteal artery diagnosed by us and ct a case report

Yamamoto Y.; Clower B.R.; Haining J.L.; Asari S.; Smith R.R., 1991: Adventitial red blood cells produce intimal platelet accumulation in cerebral arteries of cats following subarachnoid hemorrhage

Van Alstyne K.L., 1989: Adventitious branching as a herbivore induced defense in the intertidal brown alga fucus distichus

Floh E.I.S.; Estelita Teixeira M.E.; Handro W., 1989: Adventitious bud formation in cotyledonary tissues of pinus oocarpa physiological and structural aspects

Saito H.; Katagiri K., 1989: Adventitious bud induction in leaves isolated from winter buds of mulberry

Sidman M., 1992: Adventitious control by the location of comparison stimuli in conditional discriminations

Bhansali R.R.; Driver J.A.; Durzan D.J., 1991: Adventitious embryogenesis and plant regeneration from rescued embryos of peach prunus persica l

Tisserat B.; Galletta P.D., 1992: Adventitious juice vesicles produced from the exocarp in the citrinae aurantioidae

Seago J.L.Jr; Marsh L.C., 1989: Adventitious root development in typha glauca with emphasis on the cortex

Selby, C.; Kennedy, S. J.; Harvey, B. M. R., 1992: Adventitious root formation in hypocotyl cuttings of picea sitchensis bong. carr. the influence of plant growth regulators

Pevalek Kozlina B.; Jelaska S., 1989: Adventitious root formation in the cloned microcuttings of prunus avium

Zatyko J.M.; Molnar I., 1990: Adventitious root formation of chokeberry aronia melanocarpa elliot influenced by the ph of medium

Gonzalez, A.; Casares, A.; Sanchez, T. R.; Rodriguez, R., 1991: Adventitious root induction in corylus avellana l. cotyledon slices

Liu, J.; Mukherjee, I.; Reid, D. M., 1990: Adventitious rooting in hypocotyls of sunflower helianthus annuus seedlings iii. the role of ethylene

Vogt K.A., 1988: Adventitious rooting of four salicaceae species in response to a flooding event

Osundina M.A.; Osonubi O., 1989: Adventitious roots leaf abscission and nutrient status of flooded gmelina and tectona seedlings

Ramirez Malagon R.; Ochoa Alejo N., 1991: Adventitious shoot formation and plant regeneration from tissues of tomatillo physalis ixocarpa brot

Riemenschneider D.E., 1988: Adventitious shoot formation from embryonic explants of red pine pinus resinosa

Van Altvorst A.C.; Koehorst H.J.J.; Bruinsma T.; Jansen J.; Custers J.B.M.; De Jong J.; Dons J.J.M., 1992: Adventitious shoot formation from in vitro leaf explants of carnation dianthus caryophyllus l

Iapichino G.; Mcculloch S.; Chen T.H.H., 1992: Adventitious shoot formation from leaf explants of rhododendron

Bonga J.M.; Pond S.E., 1991: Adventitious shoot formation in cultures of 30 year old larix decidua larix leptolepis larix eurolepis and larix laricina trees

Jerzy M.; Lubomski M., 1991: Adventitious shoot formation on ex vitro derived leaf explants of gerbera jamesonii

Qureshi J.A.; Saxena P.K., 1992: Adventitious shoot induction and somatic embryogenesis with intact seedlings of several hybrid seed geranium pelargonium x hortorum bailey varieties

Wickremesinhe E.R.M.; Blackmon W.J.; Reynolds B.D., 1990: Adventitious shoot regeneration and plant production from explants of apios americana

Leblay C.; Chevreau E.; Raboin L.M., 1991: Adventitious shoot regeneration from in vitro leaves of several pear cultivars pyrus communis l

Cousineau J.C.; Donnelly D.J., 1991: Adventitious shoot regeneration from leaf explants of tissue cultured and greenhouse grown raspberry

Chevreau E.; Skirvin R.M.; Abu Qaoud H.A.; Korban S.S.; Sullivan J.G., 1989: Adventitious shoot regeneration from leaf tissue of three pear pyrus sp cultivars in vitro

Miller R.M.; Kaul V.; Hutchinson J.F.; Richards D., 1991: Adventitious shoot regeneration in carnation dianthus caryophyllus from axillary bud explants

Manzini, M. L.; Marchetti, D. B., 1988: Adventitious sicyos angulatus new record l. in modena italy

Randig W.; Brandes D., 1989: Adventitious species in trifolium resupinatum fields in lower saxony germany

Karlsson T., 1989: Adventitious species of oxalis in sweden

Song, W. S.; Oh, S. D.; Cho, H. M., 1991: Adventive embryogenesis and plant regeneration from stem and leaf segment of foeniculum vulgare gaertner 1. effect of plant growth regulators on embryogenic callus induction and adventive embryogenesis from stem and leaf segment

Song, W. S.; Oh, S. D.; Cho, H. M., 1991: Adventive embryogenesis and plant regeneration from stem and leaf segment of foeniculum vulgare gaertner 2. effect of complex addenda and sucrose on adventive embryogenesis

Song, W. S.; Oh, S. D.; Cho, H. M., 1991: Adventive embryogenesis and plant regeneration from stem and leaf segment of foeniculum vulgare gaertner 3. effect of plant growth regulators on plant regeneration from adventive embryos

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991242

Bortnyak, M. M.; Voityuk-Yu, O., 1991: Adventive species artemisia selengensis new record turcz. ex. bess. new for the ukrainian flora

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991244

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991245

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991246

Wilens T.E.; Stern T.A.; O'gara P.T., 1990: Adverse cardiac effects of combined neuroleptic ingestion and tricyclic antidepressant overdose

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991248

Orton D.I.; Gruzelier J.H., 1989: Adverse changes in mood and cognitive performance of house officers after night duty

May S.A.; Hooke R.E.; Lees P., 1991: Adverse conditions in vitro stimulate chondrocytes to produce prostaglandin e 2 and stromelysin

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991251

Van Maldergem L., 1988: Adverse cutaneous drug reactions in aids

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991253

Igea J.M.; Quirce S.; De La Hoz B.; Fraj J.; Pola J.; Gomez M.L.D., 1991: Adverse cutaneous reactions due to macrolides

Enlund H.; Vainio K.; Wallenius S.; Poston J.W., 1991: Adverse drug effects and the need for drug information

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991256

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991257

Winstanley P.A.; Irvin L.E.; Smith J.C.; Orme M.L.; Breckenridge A.M., 1989: Adverse drug reactions a hospital pharmacy based reporting scheme

Wood S.M., 1989: Adverse drug reactions online information tracking adroit development of a new computer system to support adverse drug reaction monitoring

Planells C.; Vila N.; Claramonte T.; Peiro E.; Escriva J., 1989: Adverse drug reactions that do not require hospitalization attended in hospital emergency

Perfect J.R.; Lindsay M.H.; Drew R.H., 1992: Adverse drug reactions to systemic antifungals prevention and management

Grange J.C., 1990: Adverse drugs reports in general practice one year of follow up

Swinburn C.R.; Cooper B.G.; Mould H.; Corris P.A.; Gibson G.J., 1989: Adverse effect of additional weight on exercise against gravity in patients with chronic obstructive airways disease

Ikeda T.; Hayashi S.; Kamikawaji N.; Sasazuki T.; Shigematsu N., 1992: Adverse effect of chronic tonsillitis on clinical course of sarcoidosis in relation to hla distribution

Section 7, Chapter 6992, Accession 006991265

Chen N M.; Borden J.H., 1989: Adverse effect of fenoxycarb on reproduction by the california fivespined ips ips paraconfusus lanier coleoptera scolytidae

Chahal P.P.K.; Chahal V.P.S., 1989: Adverse effect of meloidogyne incognita on the functioning of nodules produced by rhizobium spp on mungbean

Sathe A.V.; Dighe S., 1991: Adverse effect of microbial pollutants of paddy straw on the growth of paddy straw mushroom

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