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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6993

Chapter 6993 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Nakata H., 1989: Affinity chromatography of a 1 adenosine receptors of rat brain membranes

Slamova K., 1988: Affinity chromatography of beta 1 3 glucanases from trichoderma reesei on various affinity sorbents

Coelho L.C.B.B.; Hutchinson W.; Koshy A.; Robinson D.; Stirling J.L., 1992: Affinity chromatography of beta n acetylhexosaminidases of columns with mixed charge and affinity functions

Naumann M.; Reuter R.; Metz P.; Kopperschlaeger G., 1989: Affinity chromatography of bovine heart lactate dehydrogenase using dye ligands linked directly or spacer mediated to bead cellulose

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992004

Ulezlo I.V.; Ananichev A.V.; Zaprometova O.M.; Bezborodov A.M., 1990: Affinity chromatography of cephalosporium acremonium alpha galactosidase

Zarytova V.F.; Shishkina I.G., 1990: Affinity chromatography of dna fragments and p modified oligonucleotides

Abramova T.V.; Amirkhanov N.V.; Gorn V.V.; Zarytova V.F.; Frolova E.I.; Shishkina I.G., 1991: Affinity chromatography of dna fragments and phosphorus modified oligonucleotides

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992008

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992009

Dourges M.A.J.; Gulino D.; Courty J.; Badet J.; Barritault D.; Jozefonvicz J., 1990: Affinity chromatography of fibroblast growth factors on substituted polystyrene

Sviridov O.V.; Ermolenko M.N.; Pyshko E.S.; Karpova T.V.; Strel'chenok O.A., 1990: Affinity chromatography of human blood serum thyroxine binding proteins

Kibirev V.K., 1988: Affinity chromatography of human gamma thrombin on fibrin agarose

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992013

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992014

Peters K.; Fittkau S., 1990: Affinity chromatography of proteases using peptide methyl ketones as ligands

Mcentee K., 1988: Affinity chromatography of rec a protein and rec a nucleoprotein complexes on rec a protein agarose columns

Byra A.; Dworniczak K.; Mierzwinska Cybulak I.; Szumilo T., 1991: Affinity chromatography of ribitol dehydrogenase a possible new zinc enzyme from mycobacterium butyricum

Stovickova J.; Podrazky V.; Trnavsky K., 1992: Affinity chromatography of serine proteinases from the bovine intervertebral disc on bpti separon hema 1000

Pazur J.H.; Miskiel F.J.; Witham T.F.; Marchetti N., 1991: Affinity chromatography of two sets of isomeric antibodies having specificity for different oligosaccharide units of gum arabic

Stewart D.J.; Hughes P.; Lowe C.R., 1989: Affinity chromatography on triazine dyes immobilized on novel perfluorocarbon supports

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992022

Duerksen Hughes P.; Williamson M.M.; Wilkinson K.D., 1989: Affinity chromatography using protein immobilized via arginine residues purification of ubiquitin carboxyl terminal hydrolases

Bosker F.J.; Van Bussel F.J.; Thielen A.P.G.M.; Soei Yu L.; Sieswerda G.T.; Dijk J.; Tepper P.G.; Horn A.S.; Moeller W., 1989: Affinity chromatography with the immobilized agonist n 0434 yields an active and highly purified preparation of the dopamine d 2 receptor from bovine striatum

Hearn M.T.W., 1988: Affinity chromatography with triazine dyes immobilized onto activated non porous monodisperse silicas

Bayer E.A.; Grootjans J.J.; Alon R.; Wilchek M., 1990: Affinity cleavage and targeted catalysis of proteins using the avidin biotin system

Jemmerson R.; Blankenfeld R., 1989: Affinity consideration in the design of synthetic vaccines intended to elicit antibodies

Bruderer U.; Cryz S.J.Jr; Schaad U.B.; Deusinger M.; Que J.U.; Lang A.B., 1992: Affinity constants of naturally acquired and vaccine induced anti pseudomonas aeruginosa antibodies in healthy adults and cystic fibrosis patients

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992030

Herak D.C.; Merrill E.W., 1990: Affinity cross flow filtration some new aspects

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992032

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992033

Morag E.; Bayer E.A.; Lamed R., 1992: Affinity digestion for the near total recovery of purified cellulosome from clostridium thermocellum

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992035

Breborowicz J.; Mackiewicz A., 1989: Affinity electrophoresis for diagnosis of cancer and inflammatory conditions

Mackiewicz A.; Kushner I., 1989: Affinity electrophoresis for studies of mechanisms regulating glycosylation of plasma proteins

Heegaard N.H.H.; Bog Hansen T.C., 1990: Affinity electrophoresis in agarose gels theory and some applications

Ramasamy I., 1991: Affinity electrophoresis of alkaline phosphatase using polyacrylamide gels

Zarudnaya M.I.; Zheltovskii N.V., 1992: Affinity electrophoresis study on the interaction between homopolyribonucleotides and lysine ester dication

Heegaard N.H.H.; Bjerrum O.J., 1991: Affinity electrophoresis used for determination of binding constants for antibody antigen reactions

Eichmann K.; Ehrfeld A.; Falk I.; Goebel H.; Kupsch J.; Reimann A.; Zgaga Griesz A.; Saizawa K.M.; Yachelini P.; Tomonari K., 1991: Affinity enhancement and transmembrane signaling are associated with distinct epitopes on the cd8 alpha beta heterodimer

Cheong H.S.; Chang J.S.; Park J.M.; Byun S.M., 1990: Affinity enhancement of bispecific antibody against two different epitopes in the same antigen

Fassina G.; Corti A.; Cassani G., 1992: Affinity enhancement of complementary peptide recognition

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992046

Mitchell L.G.; Merril C.R., 1989: Affinity generation of single stranded dna for dideoxy sequencing following the polymerase chain reaction

Dorofeev V.I., 1990: Affinity groups and possible trends in the evolution and spread of species of the genus erysimum brassicaceae

Baneyx F.; Schmidt C.; Georgiou G., 1990: Affinity immobilization of a genetically engineered bifunctional hybrid protein

Aaviksaar A.A., 1988: Affinity immobilization of enzymes coupling of chymotrypsin with a water soluble copolymer of maleic anhydride and n vinylpyrrolidone modified with n 6 hexanoyl l phenylalanine p nitroanilide

Jauberteau M.O.; Cook J.M.; Drouet M.; Preud'homme J.L., 1990: Affinity immunoblotting detection of serum monoclonal immunoglobulins reactive with glycosphingolipids

Kaiser R., 1991: Affinity immunoblotting rapid and sensitive detection of oligoclonal igg iga and igm in unconcentrated csf by agarose isoelectric focusing

Dawson B.A.; Herman T.; Haas A.L.; Lough J.W., 1991: Affinity isolation of active murine erythroleukemia cell chromatin uniform distribution of ubiquitinated histone h2a between active and inactive fractions

Moroianu J.; Simionescu M., 1989: Affinity isolation of albumin binding proteins using nitrocellulose bound albumin

Evans D.P.; Tomasovic S.P., 1990: Affinity isolation of heat shock and other calmodulin binding proteins following hyperthermia

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992056

Penning T.M.; Abrams W.R.; Pawlowski J.E., 1991: Affinity labeling of 3 alpha hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase with 3 alpha bromoacetoxyandrosterone and 11 alpha bromoacetoxyprogesterone isolation and sequence of active site peptides containing reactive cysteines sequence confirmation using nucleotide sequence from complementary dna clone

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992058

Kobayashi M.; Miura M.; Watanabe T.; Ichishima E., 1991: Affinity labeling of a subsite of taka amylase a by the fluorescent reagent o phthalaldehyde

Mizuno T.; Okada M.; Itoh A.; Maruyama T.; Hagiwara H.; Hirose S., 1989: Affinity labeling of acth receptors in bovine adrenal cortex membranes

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992061

Wong Y S.; Lagarias J.C., 1989: Affinity labeling of avena phytochrome with atp analogs

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992063

Ozturk D.H.; Safer D.; Colman R.F., 1990: Affinity labeling of bovine liver glutamate dehydrogenase with 8 4 bromo 2 3 dioxobutylthio adp and 8 4 bromo 2 3 dioxobutylthio adp

Vaz A.D.N.; Schoellmann G., 1989: Affinity labeling of bovine opsin by trans retinoylchloromethane

Tian W X.; Wang Y S.; Hsu R.Y., 1989: Affinity labeling of chicken liver fatty acid synthase with chloroacetyl coenzyme a and bromopyruvate

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992067

Katusz R.M.; Bono B.; Colman R.F., 1992: Affinity labeling of cys 111 of glutathione s transferase isoenzyme 1 1 by s 4 bromo 2 3 dioxobutylglutathione

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992069

Anthony D.D.Jr; Kinzy T.G.; Merrick W.C., 1990: Affinity labeling of eukaryotic initiation factor 2 and elongation factor 1 alpha beta gamma with gtp analogs

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992071

Low A.; Faulhammer H.G.; Sprinzl M., 1992: Affinity labeling of gtp binding proteins in cellular extracts

Thomas J.L.; Strickler R.C.; Myers R.P.; Covey D.F., 1992: Affinity labeling of human placental 3 beta hydroxy delta 5 steroid dehydrogenase and steroid delta isomerase evidence for bifunctional catalysis by a different conformation of the same protein for each enzyme activity

Bourdon P.; Fenton J.W.II.; Maraganore J.M., 1990: Affinity labeling of lysine 149 in the anion binding exosite of human alpha thrombin with an n alpha dinitrofluorobenzylhirudin carboxyl terminal peptide

Anis Y.; Zisapel N., 1991: Affinity labeling of melatonin binding sites in the hamster brain

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992076

Bidlack J.M.; Frey D.K.; Kaplan R.A.; Seyed Mozaffari A.; Archer S., 1990: Affinity labeling of mu opioid receptors by sulfhydryl alkylating derivatives of morphine and morphinone

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992078

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992079

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992080

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992081

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992082

Koehrle, J.; Rasmussen, U. B.; Ekenbarger, D. M.; Alex, S.; Rokos, H.; Hesch, R. D.; Leonard, J. L., 1990: Affinity labeling of rat liver and kidney type 15' deiodinase identification ot the 27 kda substrate binding subunit

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992084

Miziorko H.M.; Brodt C.A.; Krieger T.J., 1990: Affinity labeling of spinach leaf phosphoribulokinase by atp analogs modification of an active site lysine

Porter M.A.; Potter M.D.; Hartman F.C., 1990: Affinity labeling of spinach phosphoribulokinase subsequent to s methylation at cys16

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992087

Gibbs B.S.; Benkovic S.J., 1991: Affinity labeling of the active site and the reactive sulfhydryl associated with activation of rat liver phenylalanine hydroxylase

Murphy A.J., 1988: Affinity labeling of the active site of the calcium atpase of sarcoplasmic reticulum

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992090

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992091

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992092

Sprinzl M., 1988: Affinity labeling of the gdp gtp binding site in thermus thermophilus elongation factor tu

Goldman D.W.; Gifford L.A.; Young R.N.; Marotti T.; Cheung M.K.L.; Goetzl E.J., 1991: Affinity labeling of the membrane protein binding component of human polymorphonuclear leukocyte receptors for leukotriene b 4

Lee Y.; Weiss R.L., 1989: Affinity labeling of the vacuolar arginine transporter in neurospora crassa

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992096

Abe I.; Bai M.; Xiao X Y.; Prestwich G.D., 1992: Affinity labeling of vertebrate oxidosqualene cyclases with a tritiated suicide substrate

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992098

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992099

Diffley J.F.X., 1988: Affinity labeling the dna polymerase alpha complex identification of subunits containing the dna polymerase active site and an important regulatory nucleotide binding site

Rylett R.J., 1988: Affinity labelling and identification of the high affinity choline carrier from synaptic membranes of torpedo electromotor nerve terminals and tritiated choline mustard

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992102

Malygin A.A.; Graifer D.M.; Zenkova M.A.; Mamaev S.M.; Karpova G.G., 1992: Affinity labelling of 80s ribosomes from human placenta with tri and hexauridylate derivatives as mrna analogs

Strangmann Diekmann M.; Klone A.; Ozyhar A.; Kreklau F.; Kiltz H H.; Hedtmann U.; Welzel P.; Pongs O., 1990: Affinity labelling of a partially purified ecdysteroid receptor with a bromoacetylated 20 hydroxyecdysone derivative

Miyazaki H.; Kondoh M.; Watanabe H.; Masuda Y.; Murakami K.; Takahashi M.; Yanagisawa M.; Kimura S.; Goto K.; Masaki T., 1990: Affinity labelling of endothelin receptor and characterization of solubilized endothelin endothelin receptor complex

Rabinkov, A. G.; Amontov, S. V., 1990: Affinity labelling of rat liver acetyl coenzyme a carboxylase by a 2' 3' dialdehyde derivative of atp

Ven'yaminova, A. G.; Vladimirov, S. N.; Dryga, S. A.; Zenkova, M. A.; Karpova, G. G.; Yamkovoi, V. I., 1988: Affinity labelling of the escherichia coli ribosomes with the 2' 3' o 4 n 2 chloroethyl n methylaminobenzylidene derivative of augu 3 within 70s initiation complexes

Reisenauer A.M., 1990: Affinity labelling of the folate binding protein in pig intestine

Mendieta J.; Johansson G., 1992: Affinity mediated modification of electrical charge on a cell surface a new approach to the affinity partitioning of biological particles

Vlasov V.V.; Kobets N.D.; Chernolovskaya E.L.; Ivanova E.M.; Subbotin V.M.; Yakubov L.A., 1989: Affinity modification of chromatin with an alkylating hexadecadeoxyribothymidylate derivative

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992111

Doronin S.V.; Nevinskii G.A.; Khomov V.V.; Lavrik O.I., 1991: Affinity modification of escherichia coli dna polymerase i and klenow fragment by imidazolides of nucleotides

Chernolovskaya E.L.; Kobets N.D.; Borissov R.G.; Abramova T.V.; Vlassov V.V., 1992: Affinity modification of human chromatin with reactive derivatives of oligonucleotides

Slepneva, I. A.; Weiner, L. M., 1989: Affinity modification of microsomal flavoproteins by nadp 2' 3' dialdehydes

Petushkova E.V.; Agafonov M.O.; Pron'ko G.M., 1989: Affinity modification of myosin with protected active centers evidence for the existence of an allosteric substrate binding site

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992116

Subkhankulova T.N.; Lyakhovich V.V.; Vainer L.M.; Reznikov V.A., 1989: Affinity modification of the membrane bound microsomal cytochrome p 450 by substrate lipophilic analogs

O'toole T.E.; Loftus J.C.; Du X.; Glass A.A.; Ruggeri Z.M.; Shattil S.J.; Plow E.F.; Ginsberg M.H., 1990: Affinity modulation of the alpha i i b beta 3 integrin platelet gpiib iiia is an intrinsic property of the receptor

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992119

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992120

Valaja T.; Mahonen A.; Pirskanen A.; Maenpaa P.H., 1990: Affinity of 22 oxa 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 for 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d receptor and its effects on the synthesis of osteocalcin in human osteosarcoma cells

Spassov V.; Danchev N., 1991: Affinity of a 1 4 benzodioxane derivative with alpha adrenolytic activity to isolated synaptic membranes from rat brain

Asano S.; Hibino Y.; Ikeda Y.; Iwakami N.; Sugano N., 1989: Affinity of a dna with highly repetitive sequence for nuclear proteins from rat liver

Hibino Y.; Nakamura K.; Asano S.; Sugano N., 1992: Affinity of a highly repetitive bent dna for nuclear scaffold proteins from rat liver

Poulsen O.M.; Hau J., 1989: Affinity of alpha fetoprotein for casein analyzed by affino immunoelectrophoresis and affinity chromatography

Section 7 , Chapter 6993, Accession 006992126

Radkowski M.; Laskus T.; Goch A.; Slusarczyk J., 1992: Affinity of anti hbs antibody after hepatitis b vaccination

Takada Y.; Greig N.H.; Vistica D.T.; Rapoport S.I.; Smith Q.R., 1991: Affinity of antineoplastic amino acid drugs for the large neutral amino acid transporter of the blood brain barrier

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992129

Asakura K.; Tanaka N.; Kanauchi T.; Matsumura S.; Yoshikawa S., 1992: Affinity of cyclodextrins to hydroperoxides

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992131

Nock B.; Giordano A.L.; Cicero T.J.; O'connor L.H., 1990: Affinity of drugs and peptides for u 69593 sensitive and insensitive kappa opiate binding sites the u 69593 insensitive site appears to be the beta endorphin specific epsilon receptor

Mizuno K., 1988: Affinity of drugs for dopa auto oxidation melanin and tyrosinase catalyzed dopa melanin in vitro

Shing Y.; Folkman J.; Weisz P.B.; Joullie M.M.; Ewing W.R., 1990: Affinity of fibroblast growth factors for beta cyclodextrin tetradecasulfate

Salvarrey M.; Rostagno A., 1989: Affinity of fibronectin for polyclonal igg

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992136

Stamatoglou S.C.; Bawumia S.; Johansson S.; Forsberg E.; Hughes R.C., 1991: Affinity of integrin alpha 1 beta 1 from liver sinusoidal membranes for type iv collagen

Tully D.B.; Cidlowski J.A., 1990: Affinity of interactions between human glucocorticoid receptors and dna at physiologic ionic strength stable binding occurs only with dnas containing partially symmetric glucocorticoid response elements

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992140

Linden T.; Bondjers G.; Camejo G.; Bergstand R.; Wilhelmsen L.; Wiklund O., 1989: Affinity of ldl to a human arterial proteoglycan among male survivors of myocardial infarction

Nishida H.I.; Kato H.; Nishida T., 1990: Affinity of lipid transfer protein for lipid and lipoprotein particles as influenced by lecithin cholesterol acyltransferase

Valaja T.; Mahonen A.; Pirskanen A.; Maenpaa P.H., 1990: Affinity of mc 903 for 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d receptor and its effects on the synthesis of osteocalcin in human osteosarcoma cells

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992144

Van Erp R.; Gribnau T.C.J.; Van Sommeren A.P.G.; Bloemers H.P.P., 1991: Affinity of monoclonal antibodies interpretation of the positive cooperative nature of anti hcg hcg interactions

Delmendo R.E.; Michel A.D.; Whiting R.L., 1989: Affinity of muscarinic receptor antagonists for three putative muscarinic receptor binding sites

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992147

Paralkar V.M.; Nandedkar A.K.N.; Reddi A.H., 1989: Affinity of osteogenin an extracellular bone matrix associated protein initiating bone differentiation for concanavalin a

Lei Y.; Li J T., 1989: Affinity of penicillin binding proteins of escherichia coli k 12 for furbenicillin and other beta lactam antibiotics

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992150

Anan'eva A.B.; Akopyan Zh I.; Melik Ogandzhanyan R.G.; Maurin'sh Yu A.; Paegle R.A.; Lidak M.Yu, 1990: Affinity of purine nucleoside phosphorylases from the kidneys of rabbits inhibiting effect of some analogs of natural substrates

Maggi C.A.; Patacchini R.; Astolfi M.; Rovero P.; Giachetti A.; Van Giersbergen P.L.M., 1992: Affinity of r 396 an nk 2 tachykinin receptor antagonist for nk 2 receptors in preparations from different species

Inaoka T.; Ishida M.; Ohtsuka E., 1989: Affinity of single or double stranded oligodeoxyribonucleotides containing a thymine photodimer for t4 endonuclease v

Lee P.P.Y.; Deng J S., 1992: Affinity of ssb la nuclear antigen to small nuclear ribonucleic acids

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992156

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992157

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992158

Niwa M.; Nozaki M.; Kobayashi M.; Tsurumi K., 1992: Affinity of z 105 to the 1 4 dihydropyridine type calcium channel and several other receptor bindings in the central nervous system

Zutautas V.; Baskeviciute B.; Pesliakas H., 1992: Affinity partitioning of enzymes in aqueous two phase systems containing dyes and their copper ii complexes bound to polyethylene glycol

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992161

Vlatakis G.; Bouriotis V., 1991: Affinity partitioning of restriction endonucleases application to the purification of eco r i and eco r v

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992163

Pecs M.; Eggert M.; Schuegerl K., 1991: Affinity precipitation of extracellular microbial enzymes

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992165

Eltze M.; Boer R.; Mutschler E.; Lambrecht G., 1989: Affinity profiles of btm 1086 and btm 1041 at muscarinic receptor subtypes and at h 1 and alpha 1 receptors

Lambrecht G.; Feifel R.; Wagner Roeder M.; Strohmann C.; Zilch H.; Tacke R.; Waelbroeck M.; Christophe J.; Boddeke H.; Mutschler E., 1989: Affinity profiles of hexahydro sila difenidol analogues at muscarinic receptor subtypes

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992168

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992169

Radjendirane V.; Bhat M.A.; Vaidyanathan C.S., 1991: Affinity purification and characterization of 2 4 dichlorophenol hydroxylase from pseudomonas cepacia

Sun S C.; Faye I., 1992: Affinity purification and characterization of cif an insect immunoresponsive factor with nf kappa b like properties

Gonzaga P.E.; Brent T.P., 1989: Affinity purification and characterization of human o 6 alkylguanine dna alkyltransferase complexed with bcnu treated synthetic oligonucleotide

Stewart D.R.; Nevins B.; Hadas E.; Vandlen R., 1991: Affinity purification and sequence determination of equine relaxin

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992175

Portnoy J.; Olson I.; Pacheco F.; Barnes C., 1990: Affinity purification of a major alternaria allergen using a monoclonal antibody

De Groot H.; Goei K.G.H.; Van Swieten P.; Aalberse R.C., 1991: Affinity purification of a major and a minor allergen from dog extract serologic activity of affinity purified can f i and of can f i depleted extract

Dupony E.; El Aoumari A.; Fromaget C.; Briand J P.; Gros D., 1991: Affinity purification of a rat brain junctional protein connexin 43

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992179

Paradis H.; Gaudreau P.; Massie B.; Lamarche N.; Guilbault C.; Gravel S.; Langelier Y., 1991: Affinity purification of active subunit 1 of herpes simplex virus type 1 ribonucleotide reductase exhibiting a protein kinase activity

Subbaramiah K.; Sharma R., 1989: Affinity purification of amylases on cyclodextrin sepharose columns

Ritter K., 1991: Affinity purification of antibodies from sera using polyvinylidene difluoride pvdf membranes as coupling matrices for antigens presented by autoantibodies to triosephosphate isomerase

Buchmann K.; Ostergaard L.; Glamann J., 1992: Affinity purification of antigen specific serum immunoglobulin from the european eel anguilla anguilla

Singh R.K.; Sani B.P.; Dawson M.I.; Shealy Y.F., 1989: Affinity purification of cellular retinoic acid binding protein on 14 carboxy 13 cis retinamide sepharose 4b

Jiang W.; Peaucellier G.; Kinsey W.H., 1989: Affinity purification of embryo proteins phosphorylated on tyrosine in vitro

Norman J.A.; Little D.; Free C.A.; Dejneka T.; Weber H.; Ryono D.E., 1989: Affinity purification of endothia protease with a novel renin inhibitor sq 32970

Hugues M.; Crane M.R.; Thomas B.R.; Robertson D.; Gazzano H.; O'hanley P.; Waldman S.A., 1992: Affinity purification of functional receptors for escherichia coli heat stable enterotoxin from rat intestine

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992188

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992189

Chiba S.; Shibuya K.; Miyazono K.; Tojo A.; Oka Y.; Miyagawa K.; Takaku F., 1990: Affinity purification of human granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor receptor alpha chain demonstration of binding by photoaffinity labeling

Stoltz J.F., 1988: Affinity purification of human plasma fibronectin on immobilized gelatin

Mercken M.; Vandermeeren M.; Lubke U.; Six J.; Boons J.; Vanmechelen E.; Van De Voorde A.; Gheuens J., 1992: Affinity purification of human tau proteins and the construction of a sensitive sandwich enzyme linked immunosorbent assay for human tau detection

Weetman, A. P.; Black, C. M.; Cohen, S. B.; Tomlinson, R.; Banga, J. P.; Reimer, C. B., 1989: Affinity purification of igg subclasses and the distribution of thyroid auto antibody reactivity in hashimoto's thyroiditis

Hartman J.; Daram P.; Frizzell R.A.; Rado T.; Benos D.J.; Sorscher E.J., 1992: Affinity purification of insoluble recombinant fusion proteins containing glutathione s transferase

Ogawa W.; Shii K.; Yonezawa K.; Baba S.; Yokono K., 1992: Affinity purification of insulin degrading enzyme and its endogenous inhibitor from rat liver

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992196

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992197

Te Booy M.P.W.M.; Riethorst W.; Faber A.; Over J.; Konig B.W., 1989: Affinity purification of plasma proteins characterization of six affinity matrices and their application for the isolation of human factor viii

Madara P.J.; Banghart L.R.; Jack L.J.W.; Neira L.M.; Mather I.H., 1990: Affinity purification of polyclonal antibodies from antigen immobilized in situ in sds polyacrylamide gels

Chapman J.M.; Curley R.W.Jr, 1990: Affinity purification of retinoic acid binding proteins using immobilized 4 2 hydroxyethoxyretinoic acid

Gite, S. U.; Shankar, V., 1992: Affinity purification of ribonuclease t1 on 5' amp sepharose

Lundeberg J.; Wahlberg J.; Uhlen M., 1990: Affinity purification of specific dna fragments using a lac repressor fusion protein

Whittaker E.; Lossky M.; Beggs J.D., 1990: Affinity purification of spliceosomes reveals that the precursor rna processing protein prp8 a protein in the u5 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein particle is a component of yeast spliceosomes

Olsen S.R.; Uhlers M.D., 1989: Affinity purification of the c a and c b isoforms of the catalytic subunit of cyclic amp dependent protein kinase

Hidaka H.; Fidge N.H., 1992: Affinity purification of the hepatic high density lipoprotein receptor identifies two acidic glycoproteins and enables further characterization of their binding properties

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992206

Krull U.J., 1988: Affinity purification of the mammalian beta 2 adrenergic receptor

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992208

Hurwitz R.; Holocombe V., 1991: Affinity purification of the photoreceptor cyclic gmp gated cation channel

James W.M.; Emerick M.C.; Agnew W.S., 1989: Affinity purification of the voltage sensitive sodium channel from electroplax with resins selective for sialic acid

Usuda Y.; Kubota A.; Berk A.J.; Handa H., 1991: Affinity purification of transcription factor iia from hela cell nuclear extracts

Reiss Y.; Hershko A., 1990: Affinity purification of ubiquitin protein ligase on immobilized protein substrates evidence for the existence of separate amino terminal binding sites on a single enzyme

Cofano F.; Moore S.K.; Tanaka S.; Yuhki N.; Landolfo S.; Appella E., 1990: Affinity purification peptide analysis and complementary dna sequence of the mouse interferon gamma receptor

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992216

Zeleznik Le N.J.; Azizkhan J.C.; Ting J.P Y., 1991: Affinity purified ccaat box binding protein yebp functionally regulates expression of a human class ii major histocompatibility complex gene and the herpes simplex virus thymidine kinase gene

Kaetzel M.A.; Dedman J.R., 1989: Affinity purified site directed antibody recognizes the entire annexin protein family

Ghaderi A.A.; Stanworth D.R., 1991: Affinity purified soluble fc epsilon rii cd23 derived from a culture supernatant of an ebv immortalized b cell line induced a monophasic fever in rabbits

Ghaderi A.A.; Jones V.M.; Stanworth D.R., 1991: Affinity purified soluble fc epsilon rii cd23 derived from rpmi 8866 cells induces histamine release from human nasal polyp mast cells through a non ige mediated mechanism

Wallen M.; Borrebaeck C.A.K., 1991: Affinity repertoire of monoclonal antibodies obtained by primary or secondary in vitro immunization

Pinelli E., 1988: Affinity repulsion chromatography principle and application to lectins

Mongini P.K.; Blessinger C.A.; Dalton J.P., 1991: Affinity requirements for induction of sequential phases of human b cell activation by membrane igm crosslinking ligands

Fujioka T.; Inoue F.; Kuriyama M., 1989: Affinity resins for the purification of opioid binding materials

Yamamoto H.; Terabayashi M.; Egawa T.; Hayashi E.; Nakamura H.; Kishimoto S., 1989: Affinity separation of human plasma gelsolin in affi gel blue

Birkenmeier G., 1988: Affinity separation of proteins in aqueous three phase systems

Margel S., 1989: Affinity separation with polyaldehyde microsphere beads

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992229

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992230

Zajac J M.; Bigeard A.; Delay Goyet P.; Roques B.P., 1990: Affinity states of rat brain opioid receptors in different tissue preparations

Galaev I.Yu; Mattiasson B., 1992: Affinity thermoprecipitation of trypsin using soybean trypsin inhibitor conjugated with a thermo reactive polymer poly n vinyl caprolactam

Kuznetsov, P. V.; Shkarenda, V. V., 1991: Affinity type polymer sorbents in the study of physiologically active substances i. determination of furocoumarins in plant drugs

Shimura K.; Ogasawara N.; Kasai K I., 1989: Affinophoresis of red blood cells surface antigen specific acceleration of electrophoresis

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Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992784

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992785

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Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992856

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992857

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992858

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Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992863

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Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992952

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992953

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Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992957

Section 7, Chapter 6993, Accession 006992958

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