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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6994

Chapter 6994 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Marty G.D.; Nunez J.M.; Lauren D.J.; Hinton D.E., 1990:
Age dependent changes in toxicity of n nitroso compounds to japanese medaka oryzias latipes embryos

Baranyiova E.; Holub A.; Standara S., 1990:
Age dependent changes of amino acid concentration of the blood plasma of early weaned piglets

Holub A.; Baranyiova E.; Ponizilova E., 1989:
Age dependent changes of the chemical and energy carcass composition in ducks during the first eight post hatching weeks

Rakhimov K.R.; Shinder D.A.; Likhovid L.V., 1991:
Age dependent changes of the dipeptide hydrolase activity in different portions of the small intestine after hydrocortisone administration in rats

Schulze Bonhage A.A.W., 1990:
Age dependent changes of ultrastructure and tsh immunoreactivity in the pars tuberalis of the rat

Lobanok L.M.; Kirienkov A.E., 1988:
Age dependent characteristics of the adrenergic regulation of the contractile function of the rat heart in hypoxia

Pfeiffer D.; Schubert Fritschle G.; Meier W.; Scheidel P.; Hepp H., 1992:
Age dependent differences and changes in the clinical pattern and course of cervical carcinoma since 1973

Fleck C.; Braunlich H., 1990:
Age dependent differences in stimulation and compensation of renal and biliary transport processes correlation to the physicochemical properties of the excreted substances

Plewka D.; Plewka A.; Kaminski M., 1990:
Age dependent effect of benzene on the activity of the hepatic mono oxygenase system of the female rats

Sun L Z.; Farmanfarmaian A., 1992:
Age dependent effects of growth hormone on striped bass hybrids

Frolkis V.V.; Frolkis R.A.; Mkhitarian L.S.; Fraifeld V.E., 1991:
Age dependent effects of ischemia and reperfusion on cardiac function and calcium transport in myocardium

Bazhora Y.I.; Buiko V.P., 1990:
Age dependent features of the activity of phagocytizing leukocytes in norm and in infectious pathology

Pabst M.A.; Crailsheim K.; Moritz B., 1988:
Age dependent histochemical changes in the peritrophic membranes of the honeybee apis mellifera hymenoptera apidae

Miller D.W.; Tessel R.E., 1991:
Age dependent hyperresponsiveness of spontaneously hypertensive rats to the pressor effects of intravenous neuropeptide y npy role of mode of peptide administration and plasma npy like immunoreactivity

Konoshenko S.V., 1990:
Age dependent isoelectric heterogeneity and oxygen affinity to hemoglobin of chicken

Shepoval'nikov A.N.; Tsitseroshin M.N.; Levinchenko N.V., 1991:
Age dependent minimization of brain areas participating in the system wide support of mental functions arguments pro and con

Ragusa N.; Turpeenoja L.; Magri G.; Lahdesmaki P.; Stella A.M.G., 1989:
Age dependent modifications of mitochondrial protein in cerebral cortex and striatum of rat brain

Kamnev A.N.; Zolotukhina E.Yu; Voskoboinikov G.M.; Burdin K.S., 1989:
Age dependent morphofunctional changes in phylloids of the brown alga sargassum pallidum

Risse M.; Weiler G., 1990:
Age dependent morphologic findings in thyroid glands in cases of sudden infant death syndrome sids

Villani M.G.; Nyrop J.P., 1991:
Age dependent movement patterns of japanese beetle and european chafer coleoptera scarabeidae grubs in soil turfgrass microcosms

Borzenko B.V., 1990:
Age dependent peculiarities of dna precursor metabolism in healthy women in patients with mastopathy and with breast cancer

Potapenko R.I.; Sabko V.E.; Bogatskaya L.N., 1990:
Age dependent peculiarities of lipid composition and properties of synaptic membranes of rat cerebral cortex

Contag C.H.; Plagemann P.G.W., 1989:
Age dependent poliomyelitis of mice expression of endogenous retrovirus correlates with cytocidal replication of lactate dehydrogenase elevating in motor neurons

Castagnino C.G.; Berria M.I., 1990:
Age dependent relationship of cultured astrocytes with pericellular fibronectin

Goltzsch W.; Clauss T., 1990:
Age dependent reproductive performance of the shoe wist rat

Sanchez D.J.menez E.; Vargas M.; Aguilar R.; Jimenez E., 1988:
Age dependent responsiveness to cell differentiation stimulus in maize callus culture

Simon H U.; Reipert B.; Haroske D.; Forner K.; Storz H., 1990:
Age dependent sensitivity of human lymphocytes to the immunomodulatory activity of bovine and human diacetylsplenopentin

Makarov V.G.; Timofeeva V.M., 1991:
Age dependent state of the antioxidative system in rat tissues after short term vibration

Hof P.R.; Celio M.R.; Magistretti P.J., 1989:
Age dependent supersensitivity to the glycogenolytic effect of potassium in the cerebral cortex of the spontaneously epileptic quaking mouse mutant

Bradley J.S.; Wooller R.D.; Skira I.J.; Serventy D.L., 1989:
Age dependent survival of breeding short tailed shearwaters puffinus tenuirostris

Wang A.; Zhou G.; H.Y.; Tang M., 1989:
Age dependent variation of serum lipid peroxide level

Basaglia F., 1989:
Age dependent variations in the composition of crystallins in the eye lens of the gilt head bream sparus aurata l

Sharma S.P.; Puri G.; Bains J.S.; Kakar R., 1989:
Age dependent variations of phosphatases in two bruchid species

Korkusko O.V.; Satilo V.B.; Jarosenke J.T.; Satilo T.V., 1989:
Age depending peculiarities of the regulation of the cardiac rhythm on dosed exercise

L.G.; Zheng S.; Song S., 1990:
Age determination age structure in a sand badger population

Lin J.; Zhang Y.; Zhang L., 1989:
Age determination and composition in a population of citellus undulatus

Fabre N.N.; Cousseau M.B., 1990:
Age determination and growth of a flatfish paralichthys isosceles by applying back calculation

Liu C C.; Yeh S Y., 1991:
Age determination and growth of red emperor snapper lutjanus sebae in the arafura sea off north australia

Zeiler J.T., 1988:
Age determination based on epiphyseal fusion in post cranial bones and tooth wear in otters lutra lutra

Y.S.P.; Howard W.E.; Lin Y S., 1992:
Age determination body mass growth pattern and the life history of the red bellied tree squirrel

Grosskopf B., 1990:
Age determination by counting incremental lines in dental cementum of burial human teeth

Ando A.; Yamada F.; Taniguchi A.; Shiraishi S., 1992:
Age determination by the eye lens weight in the japanese hare lepus brachyurus brachyurus and its application to two local populations

Lee Y C.; Yeh S Y., 1989:
Age determination by using scale ring reading for the lizard fish saurida undosquamis from the southern taiwan strait

Lee Y C.; Liu H C., 1992:
Age determination by vertebra reading in indian albacore thunnus alalunga bonnaterre

Drusini A.; Businaro F.; Volpe A., 1989:
Age determination from root dentin transparency of intact human teeth

Watson J.P.; Skinner J.D.; Erasmus B.H.; Dott H.M., 1991:
Age determination from skull growth in blesbok

Anwar N.A.; Richardson C.A.; Seed R., 1990:
Age determination growth rate and population structure of the horse mussel modiolus modiolus

Morales Nin B., 1988:
Age determination in a tropical fish lethrinus nebulosus forskal 1775 teleostei lethrinidae by means of otolith interpretation

Gil'manov T.G.; Ivashchenko A.I., 1988:
Age determination in citellus pygmaeus mammalia rodentia by multivariable statistical analysis of morphometrical characteristics

Pascal M.; Damange J P.; Douville P.; Guedon G., 1988:
Age determination in pine vole pitymys duodecimcostatus de selys longchamps 1839

Moreira F.; Costa J.L.; Almeida P.R.; Assis C.; Costa M.J., 1991:
Age determination in pomatoschistus minutus pallas and pomatoschistus microps kroyer pisces gobiidae from the upper tagus estuary portugal

Van-Laere, G.; Boutin, J.M.; Gaillard, J.M., 1989:
Age determination in roe deer capreolus capreolus l. by tooth wear assessment of validity on marked animals

Masahiko N., 1990:
Age determination in the alpine accentor prunella collaris by discriminant analysis of morphological measurements

Catling P.C.; Corbett L.K.; Westcott M., 1991:
Age determination in the dingo and crossbreeds

Mahapatro N.N.; Begum K.A.; Behera H.N.; Patnaik B.K., 1989:
Age determination in the lizard psammophilus dorsalis gray

Puzachenko Y.A., 1991:
Age determination in the mole rat spalax microphthalmus rodentia spalacidae

Wall R.; Langley P.A.; Stevens J.; Clarke G.M., 1990:
Age determination in the old world screw worm fly chrysomya bezziana by pteridine fluorescence

Godawa J., 1989:
Age determination in the red deer cervus elaphus

Pascal M.; Delattre P.; Damange J.P.; Haffner P.; Poser S., 1990:
Age determination in weasel mustela nivalis populations

Quere, J.P.; Vincent, J.P., 1989:
Age determination in wood mice apodemus sylvaticus l. 1758 by dry weight of the lens

Smallwood J.A., 1989:
Age determination of american kestrels a revised key

Kristofferson K.; Klemetsen A., 1991:
Age determination of arctic charr salvelinus alpinus from surface and cross section of otoliths related to otolith growth

Dietz R.; Heide Jorgensen M P.; Harkonen T.; Teilmann J.; Valentin N., 1991:
Age determination of european harbour seal phoca vitulina l

Zhu X.; Xiao H.; W.J., 1992:
Age determination of goitred gazelle

Norgaard N.; Larsen B.H., 1991:
Age determination of harbour seals phoca vitulina by cementum growth layers x ray of teeth and body length

Hartman G., 1992:
Age determination of live beaver by dental x ray

Mashkin V.I.; Kolesnikov V.V., 1990:
Age determination of marmots marmota sciuridae by the pattern of the wearing down of the chewing surface of teeth

Nedreaas K., 1990:
Age determination of northeast atlantic sebastes spp

Fenton G.E.; Short S.A.; Ritz D.A., 1991:
Age determination of orange roughy hoplostethus atlanticus pisces trachichthyidae using lead 210 radium 226 disequilibria

Loubens G.; Panfili J., 1992:
Age determination of prochilodus nigricans teleostei prochilodidae in beni bolivia setting of a procedure and application

Taylor R.D., 1988:
Age determination of the african buffalo syncerus caffer sparrman in zimbabwe

Kauhala K.; Helle E., 1990:
Age determination of the raccoon dog in finland

L.F.ll D.; Brichet E.; Reyss J.L.; Lalou C.; Latrouite D., 1989:
Age determination of the spider crab maja squinado and the european lobster homarus gammarus by thorium 228 radium 228 chronology possible extension to other crustaceans

Ohtaishi N.; Kaji K.; Miura S.; W.J., 1990:
Age determination of the white lipped deer cervus albirostris by dental cementum and molar wear

Spidso T.K.; Stuen O.H., 1991:
Age determination of young capercaillie tetrao urogallus chicks

Smith R.D., 1992 :
Age determination wing feather colour and wing length change in snow buntings plectrophenax nivalis

Castellani C.; Petkov V.V.; Kehayov R.; Panusheva N., 1989:
Age determined changes in the effects of a newly synthesized cholinesterase inhibitor on exploratory behavior memory and striatal cholinesterase activity in rats

Kosslyn S.M.; Margolis J.A.; Barrett A.M.; Goldknopf E.J.; Daly P.F., 1990:
Age difference in imagery abilities

McCrae, R.R., 1989:
Age differences and changes in the use of coping mechanisms

Theodorakis, Y.; Doganis, G.; Bagiatis, K., 1991:
Age differences and structural validity for the Greek version of the Body Cathexis Scale

Gimelfarb, A.; Bottini, E., 1989:
Age differences between distributions of genotypes among pregnant women: evidence of fertility selection

Gavin, L.A.; Furman, W., 1989:
Age differences in adolescents' perceptions of their peer groups

Tallgren, A.; Solow, B., 1991:
Age differences in adult dentoalveolar heights

Ross, M.J.; Tait, R.C.; Grossberg, G.T.; Handal, P.J.; Brandeberry, L.; Nakra, R., 1989:
Age differences in body consciousness

Harrison, D.W.; Kelly, P.L., 1989:
Age differences in cardiovascular and cognitive performance under noise conditions

Burger J.; Gochfeld M. , 1989:
Age differences in cattle egrets bubulcus ibis foraging with wild ungulates in kenya

Bukowski, W.M., 1990:
Age differences in children's memory of information about aggressive, socially withdrawn, and prosociable boys and girls

Lander, J.; Fowler-Kerry, S., 1991:
Age differences in children's pain

Hertzog C.; Rypma B., 1991:
Age differences in components of mental rotation task performance

Loewen, E.R.; Shaw, R.J.; Craik, F.I., 1990:
Age differences in components of metamemory

Polse, K.A.; Brand, R.; Mandell, R.; Vastine, D.; Demartini, D.; Flom, R., 1989:
Age differences in corneal hydration control

Ponds, R.W.; Brouwer, W.H.; van Wolffelaar, P.C., 1988:
Age differences in divided attention in a simulated driving task

Puglisi, J.T.; Park, D.C.; Smith, A.D.; Dudley, W.N., 1988:
Age differences in encoding specificity

Molander, B.; Bäckman, L., 1989:
Age differences in heart rate patterns during concentration in a precision sport: implications for attentional functioning

Siemens L.; Guttentag R.E.; Mcintyre M., 1989:
Age differences in memory for item identity and occupied location information

Foos, P.W., 1989:
Age differences in memory for two common objects

Jacob, J.M.; Robbins, N., 1990:
Age differences in morphology of reinnervation of partially denervated mouse muscle

DiZio, P.; Lackner, J.R., 1990:
Age differences in oculomotor responses to step changes in body velocity and visual surround velocity

Otani, H.; Leonard, S.D.; Ashford, V.L.; Bushroe, M.; Reeder, G., 1992:
Age differences in perception of risk

Chagnon, J.; McKelvie, S.J., 1992:
Age differences in performance at concentration: a pilot study

Allen, P.A.; Coyne, A.C., 1988:
Age differences in primary organization or processing variability? Part I: An examination of age and primary organization

Allen, P.A.; Coyne, A.C., 1988:
Age differences in primary organization or processing variability? Part II: Evidence for processing variability

Stine, E.A.; Wingfield, A.; Myers, S.D., 1990:
Age differences in processing information from television news: the effects of bisensory augmentation

Herzog, A.R.; Kahn, R.L.; Morgan, J.N.; Jackson, J.S.; Antonucci, T.C., 1989:
Age differences in productive activities

Depaulo B.M.; Tang J.; Webb W.; Hoover C.; Marsh K.; Litowitz C., 1989:
Age differences in reactions to help in a peer tutoring context

Kawanaka K., 1989:
Age differences in social interactions of young males in a chimpanzee unit group at the mahale mountains national park tanzania

Molander, B.; Bäckman, L., 1990:
Age differences in the effects of background noise on motor and memory performance in a precision sport

Caterino, M.C., 1991:
Age differences in the performance of basketball dribbling by elementary school boys

Kline, D.W.; Scialfa, C.T.; Lyman, B.J.; Schieber, F., 1990:
Age differences in the temporal continuity of gratings as a function of their spatial frequency

Cherlin V.A., 1989:
Age differences in the thermobiological characteristics of some lizards

Kohtani, K., 1991:
Age differences in the ultrastructure of the myocardium of thyroxine treated rat

Flicker, C.; Ferris, S.H.; Crook, T.; Bartus, R.T., 1989:
Age differences in the vulnerability of facial recognition memory to proactive interference

Williams K., 1989:
Age differences in timing and coordination of the forward roll

Morris, R.G.; Craik, F.I.; Gick, M.L., 1990:
Age differences in working memory tasks: the role of secondary memory and the central executive system

Ninomiya Y., 1989:
Age differences of feeding drinking wheel running and body weight in female rats to food deprivation

Maruyama Y., 1989 :
Age differences of platelet aggregation plasma levels of prostanoid cyclic nucleotide and lipid in japanese

Tsvelykh A.N.; Goroshko O.A., 1991:
Age dimorphism in the wing shape of hirundo rustica

Lantz S.W., 1989:
Age distribution and cultural affiliation of raccoon notched point varieties in western pennsylvania and western new york usa

Houe H., 1992:
Age distribution of animals persistently infected with bovine virus diarrhea in twenty two danish dairy herds

Boyd I.L.; Lunn N.J.; Rothery P.; Croxall J.P., 1990:
Age distribution of breeding female antarctic fur seals in relation to changes in population growth rate

Desheng, L.; Zhixin, C.; Bolun, W., 1992:
Age distribution of diarrhoeal and healthy children infected with Campylobacter jejuni

Lurie, S., 1990:
Age distribution of erythrocyte population in late pregnancy

Volkov V.A.; Vikhert A.M.; Zhdanov V.S.; Mitrofanov M.P.; Galakhov I.E., 1990:
Age dynamics of aortal atherosclerosis in males living in riga latvian ssr ussr

Gudev D., 1989:
Age dynamics of cortisol and testosterone in rams synthetic crossbreds of dairy type

Kondakov I.K.; Tararak E.M., 1989:
Age dynamics of prelipid changes and lipidosis spread in the human aortic intima

Debruyne, F.; Tyberghein, J., 1989:
Age effect in speech audiometry and in brainstem electric response audiometry

Penrod, L.E.; Hegde, S.K.; Ditunno, J.F., 1990:
Age effect on prognosis for functional recovery in acute, traumatic central cord syndrome

Cothran E.G.; Haines C.K.; Vandeberg J.L., 1990:
Age effects of hematologic and serum chemical values in gray short tailed opossums monodelphis domestica

Moriya, S.; Sugiyama, T.; Miyashita, Y.; Sugazawa, J.; Utsumi, T., 1992:
Age effects of topical tyramine and cocaine on the pupil

Kandarian, S.C.; Schulte, L.M.; Esser, K.A., 1992:
Age effects on myosin subunit and biochemical alterations with skeletal muscle hypertrophy

Steffen, J.M.; Fell, R.D.; Geoghegan, T.E.; Ringel, L.C.; Musacchia, X.J., 1990:
Age effects on rat hindlimb muscle atrophy during suspension unloading

Ismail A.M.A.; Khalifa F.M.; Babiker A.G.T., 1990:
Age environmental factors germination and seedling emergence of ocimum basilicum l

Kalb H.J.; Zug G.R., 1990:
Age estimates for a population of american toads bufo americanus salientia bufonidae in northern virginia usa

Galbraith D.A.; Brooks R.J., 1989:
Age estimates for snapping turtles

Coleman J.S.; Fraser J.D., 1989:
Age estimation and growth of black and turkey vultures

Delaney R.; De'ath G., 1990:
Age estimation and growth rates of captive and wild pouch young of petrogale assimilis

Barrera Oro E.R.; Casaux R.J., 1992:
Age estimation for juvenile notothenia rossii from potter cove south shetland islands

Takahashi M.; Saito K.; Nagai T.; Watanabe T.; Miyakawa G.; Kamiyama S., 1988:
Age estimation from hard tissues in a murder and abandonment case

L.C.; E.A., 1991:
Age estimation from molar by means of the average of the attrition degrees

Nishimura M., 1990:
Age estimation of habu trimeresurus flavoviridis viperidae using growth bands in angulares

Close R.L.; Bell J.N., 1990:
Age estimation of pouch young of the allied rock wallaby petrogale assimilis in captivity

Rose R.W., 1989:
Age estimation of the tasmanian bettong bettongia gaimardi marsupialia potoroidae

Ohtani, S.; Yamamoto, K., 1991:
Age estimation using the racemization of amino acid in human dentin

Chou Y H.; Hsu C P., 1991:
Age factor in compensatory hypertrophy of the kidney evaluated by technetium 99m dtpa renography

Jackson M.L.; Martin D.F., 1988:
Age factors versus land characteristics in understanding heart and colorectal cancer death rates among florida usa counties

Bryant J.D., 1991 :
Age frequency profiles of micromammals and population dynamics of proheteromys floridanus rodentia from the early miocene thomas farm site florida usa

Stelmach, G.E.; Phillips, J.; DiFabio, R.P.; Teasdale, N., 1989:
Age, functional postural reflexes, and voluntary sway

Mckenna A.B.; Singh H., 1991:
Age gelation in uht processed reconstituted concentrated skim milk

Inoue, M., 1988:
Age gradations in vocalization and body weight in Japanese monkeys (Macaca fuscata)

Trautner, H.M.; Lohaus, A.; Sahm, W.B.; Helbing, N., 1989:
Age graded judgments of children's drawings by children and adults

Toetz D.; Muoneke M.; Windell J., 1991:
Age growth and condition of brook trout salvelinus fontinalis from an unexploited alpine lake

Daoulas C.; Economidis P., 1989:
Age growth and feeding of barbus albanicus steindachner in the kremasta reservoir greece

Cerny, J., 1992:
Age growth and index of production of pike esox lucius l. from the danube arm trstena na ostrove

Johal M.S.; Kingra J.S.; Chahal J.S., 1989:
Age growth and length weight relationship of colisa fasciata perciformes belontidae trichogasterinae

Francillon Viellot H.; Arntzen J.W.; Geraudie J., 1990:
Age growth and longevity of sympatric triturus cristatus triturus marmoratus and their hybrids amphibia urodela a skeletochronological comparison

Karacam, H.; Duzgunes, E., 1990:
Age growth and meat yield of the european anchovy engraulis encrasicholus l. 1758 in the black sea

Ross S.W., 1988:
Age growth and mortality of atlantic croaker in north carolina usa with comments on population dynamics

Ross S.W., 1988:
Age growth and mortality of the banded drum larimus fasciatus sciaenidae in north carolina usa

Anderson P.J., 1991:
Age growth and mortality of the northern shrimp pandalus borealis kroyer in pavlof bay alaska

Vassilopoulou V.; Papaconstantinou C., 1992:
Age growth and mortality of the red porgy pagrus pagrus in the eastern mediterranean sea dodecanese greece

Andrade J.P., 1992:
Age growth and population structure of solea senegalensis kaup 1858 pisces soleidae in the ria formosa algarve portugal

Pearson D.E.; Hightower J.E.; Chan J.T.H., 1991:
Age growth and potential yield for shortbelly rockfish sebastes jordani

Fernandez-Delgado, C.; Hernando, J.A.; Herrera, M.; Bellido, M., 1988:
Age growth and reproduction of aphanius iberus cuv. and val. 1846 in the lower reaches of the guadalquivir river south west spain

Cockcroft V.G.; Ross G.J.B., 1990:
Age growth and reproduction of bottlenose dolphins tursiops truncatus from the east coast of southern africa

Bullock L.H.; Murphy M.D.; Godcharles M.F.; Mitchell M.E., 1992:
Age growth and reproduction of jewfish epinephelus itajara in the eastern gulf of mexico

Herrera M.; Hernando J.A.; Fernandez Delgado C.; Bellido M., 1988:
Age growth and reproduction of the barbel barbus sclateri gunther 1868 in a first order stream in southern spain

Armstrong M.P.; Musick J.A.; Colvocoresses J.A., 1992:
Age growth and reproduction of the goosefish lophius americanus pisces lophiiformes

Sturm M.G.D.L.; Salter P., 1990:
Age growth and reproduction of the king mackerel scomberomorus cavalla cuvier in trinidad and tobago west indies waters

Barbieri G.; Barbieri M.C., 1988:
Age growth and reproduction of tilapia rendalli boulenger 1896 osteichthyes cichlidae in the monjolinho reservoir sao paulo state brazil

Gordo L.S., 1989:
Age growth and sexuality of sea bass dicentrarchus labrax linnaeus 1758 perciformes moronidae from aveiro lagoon portugal

Ferreira B.P.; Vooren C.M., 1991:
Age growth and structure of vertebra in the school shark galeorhinus galeus linnaeus 1758 from southern brazil

Brown L.R., 1990:
Age growth feeding and behavior of sacramento squawfish ptychocheilus grandis in bear creek colusa county california usa

Jenkins G.P.; Davis T.L.O., 1990:
Age growth rate and growth trajectory determined from otolith microstructure of southern bluefin tuna thunnus maccoyii larvae

Lemmens, H.J.; Bovill, J.G.; Hennis, P.J.; Burm, A.G., 1988:
Age has no effect on the pharmacodynamics of alfentanil

Imaizumi T.; Takeshita A.; Suzuki S.; Yoshida M.; Ando S.; Nakamura M., 1990:
Age independent forearm vasodilatation by acetylcholine and atp in humans

Maciel L.M.Z.; Polikar R.; Rohrer D.; Popovich B.K.; Dillmann W.H., 1990:
Age induced decreases in the messenger rna coding for the sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium atpase of the rat heart

Moraes C.R.; Rodrigues J.V.; Tenorio E.; Gomes C.; Marinucci L.; Bouwmann R.; Coehlo T.C.; Temporal M.L.; Brito G.; E.A., 1989:
Age influence on morbidity and mortality of coronary artery surgery

Serrano Garijo P.; Ramirez Sebastian J.M.; Trivino Casado A., 1991:
Age influence on the vision in aphakic patients

Wanstall, J.C.; O'Donnell, S.R., 1989:
Age influences responses of rat isolated aorta and pulmonary artery to the calcium channel agonist, Bay K 8664, and to potassium and calcium

Coambs, R.B.; Li, S.; Kozlowski, L.T., 1992:
Age interacts with heaviness of smoking in predicting success in cessation of smoking

Rogstad, K.E.; Bignell, C.J., 1991:
Age is no bar to sexually acquired infection

Solak K., 1989:
Age length and age weight distribution of barbus capito capito guldenstadt 1773 inhabiting some streams of the coruh and the arax basins turkey

Solak K., 1989:
Age length and age weight relations of barbus plebejus escherichi steindachner 1897 cyprinidae pisces inhabiting some streams of the coruh basin turkey

Banks M.A.; Holt G.J.; Wakeman J.M., 1991:
Age linked changes in salinity tolerance of larval spotted seatrout cynoscion nebulosus cuvier

Duraes M.C.; Keown J.F., 1991:
Age month factors mature equivalent factors for three yield traits for non registered and registered cattle

Beacham T.D.; Murray C.B.; Withler R.E., 1988:
Age morphology developmental biology and biochemical genetic variation of yukon river fall chum salmon oncorhynchus keta and comparisons with british columbia canada populations

Buydens-Branchey, L.; Branchey, M.H.; Noumair, D., 1989:
Age of alcoholism onset. I. Relationship to psychopathology

Buydens-Branchey, L.; Branchey, M.H.; Noumair, D.; Lieber, C.S., 1989:
Age of alcoholism onset. II. Relationship to susceptibility to serotonin precursor availability

North A.W., 1988:
Age of antarctic fish validation of the timing of annuli formation in otoliths and scales

Lubritz, D.L.; Forrest, K.; Robison, O.W., 1989:
Age of cow and age of dam effects on milk production of Hereford cows

Zachwieja A., 1991:
Age of cows and the quality of colostrum and the level of serum proteins in calves

Euclides Filho K.; Nobre P.R.C.; Rosa A.D.N., 1991:
Age of dam and its relationship with ranch sire and sex

Wolfe, F., 1989:
Age of death of parents of patients with rheumatoid arthritis: data from a middle class sample

Reh, T.A.; Kljavin, I.J., 1989:
Age of differentiation determines rat retinal germinal cell phenotype: induction of differentiation by dissociation

Folnegovic Smalc V.; Folnegovic Z.; Kulcar Z., 1990:
Age of disease onset in croatia yugoslavia hospitalized schizophrenics

Nielsen O.K., 1990:
Age of first breeding and site fidelity of gyrfalcons

Newton I.; Davis P.E.; Davis J.E., 1989:
Age of first breeding dispersal and survival of red kites milvus milvus in wales uk

Hawthorne, B.T., 1990:
Age of fruit at harvest influences incidence of fungal storage rots on fruit of cucurbita maxima d. hybrid delica

Glover E.D.; Laflin M.; Edwards S.W., 1989:
Age of initiation and switching patterns between smokeless tobacco and cigarettes among college students in the usa

Begin C.; Filion L., 1988:
Age of landslides along the grande riviere de la baleine estuary eastern coast of hudson bay quebec canada

Rao B.K.; Ahmed M.M.; Janardhana M.R., 1989:
Age of manganiferous laterite of uttar kannada district karnataka india

Jeletzky J.A., 1989:
Age of neuburg formation bavaria west germany and its correlation with the subboreal volgian and mediterranean tithonian

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Age, pattern of consultation, and functional disability in elderly patients in one general practice

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Age preference in sexual choice and the basic reproduction number of hiv aids

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Age provoked variability and wool yield genetic parameters in sheep from the trakiiska fine wool breed of stara zagora type

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Age related and breed features of the natural resistance of cattle bred in the armenian ssr ussr

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Age related anisotropic changes in the fiber orientation of the human blood vessel an attempt at the application of the molecular orientation analyzer for the measurement of human tissue

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Age related aspects of hemodynamics in patients with ischemic stroke

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Age related asynchrony of knowledge and action

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Age related changes in midgut ultrastructure and trypsin activity in the honey bee apis mellifera

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Age related changes in naive and memory cd4 positive t cells in healthy human children

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Age related changes in opioid peptide concentrations in brain and pituitary of spontaneously hypertensive rats effect of antihypertensive drugs and comparison with deoxycorticosterone acetate and salt hypertension

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Age related changes in ovarian morphology of the south american tamarin saguinus fuscicollis callitrichidae

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Age related changes in the cell proliferation of atpc positive mouse ascites tumour

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Age related changes in the crystallinity degree of human bone hydroxyapatite

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Age related changes in the cytochrome system in fish and the characteristics of its structure in fish

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Age related changes in the diameter of each type of muscle fiber in the mouse masseter muscle

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Age related changes in the expression of cytochrome p 450 b plus e gene in the rat after phenobarbitone administration

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Age related changes in the expression of the glutamate transporter from rat cerebral cortical polyadenylated messenger rna in xenopus laevis oocytes

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Age related changes in the fibronectin content of eye outflow drainage system

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Age related changes in the food composition and diurnal feeding rhythm of nototheniops tchizh in the lena bank area indian ocean sector of the southern ocean

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Age related changes in the h1 and h1o histone variants in murine tissues

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Age related changes in the immune function of hiv 1 seropositive adults

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Age related changes in the inhibitory effect of clonidine on high potassium evoked noradrenaline release from brain slices of rats

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Age related changes in the metabolism of dopamine and its derivatives application to pervasive developmental disorders

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Age related changes in the mineral content in the lower limb bones of a healthy person

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Age related changes in the molecular mechanisms for the hormonal regulation of renal function

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Age related changes in the neuromodulatory effect of opioid peptides on sympathetic nerve terminals

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Age related changes in the normal visual field

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Age related changes in the number and intensity of the fluorescence of small intensely fluorescent cells of rat autonomic ganglia

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Age related changes in the number of mitochondria in mouse oocytes

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Age related changes in the properties of batters made from flour milled from freshly harvested soft wheat

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Age related changes in the response of the black sea large mullet liza aurata to low temperatures

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Age related changes in the sensitivity of various mosquito species to ddt

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Age related changes in the shape of astrocyte nuclei

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Age related changes in the size of the corpus callosum magnetic resonance imaging

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Age related changes in the skull of the red tailed libyan jird

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Age related changes in the sodium potassium atpase activity in plasma membranes of kidney and erythrocytes in spontaneously hypertensive and normotensive rats

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Age related changes in the tensile properties of human articular cartilage a comparative study between the femoral head of the hip joint the talus of the ankle joint

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Age related changes in the turnover of proteoglycans from explants of bovine articular cartilage

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Age related changes in the ultrastructure of the macular region in humans

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Age related changes in the vestibular folds of the human larynx a histomorphometric study

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Age related changes in total and mitochondrial proteins in caryedon serratus oliver coleoptera bruchidae

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Age related changes in tritiated ouabain binding to synaptic plasma membranes isolated from mouse brains

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Age related changes in tritiated prazosin binding and phosphoinositide hydrolysis in rat ventricular myocardium

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Age related changes in uptake and release on tritiated l noradrenaline in brain slices of senescence accelerated mouse

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Age related changes in volumes of the ventricles sulci and periventricular hyperintensity area a quantitative study using magnetic resonance imaging

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Age related changes of immune reactivities and antitumor effects in spontaneously hypertensive rats shr and t cell depression

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Age related changes of muscle sympathetic nerve activity in relation to ambulatory blood pressure variation in the elderly

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Age related changes of the cardiovascular system in patients with chronic obstructive bronchitis

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Age related changes of the cellularity and acid mucopolysaccharides in the trabecular meshwork of normal korean

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Age related changes of the mossy fiber system in rat hippocampus effect of long term acetyl l carnitine treatment

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Age related changes of the walking cycle during fastest walking in healthy male subjects

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Age related changes of tuberoinfundibular dopaminergic system and paraventricular infundibular phi system fluorescence histochemistry and immunocytochemistry

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Age related characteristics of adrenergic regulation of cardiac contractility and pumping function

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Age related characteristics of brain electrical activity organization in schoolchildren aged 7 14 with neuroses at different functional states

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Age related characteristics of stromal parenchymatous relations in the human thymus

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Age related characteristics of the architectonics of renal arterial vessels

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Age related characteristics of the body's endocrine and immune systems in melanoma

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Age related characteristics of the effect of implanting human apoa1 gene on the development of dyslipoproteinemias in experimental animals

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Age related characteristics of the effect of vasopressin on the smooth muscle of human brain vessels

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Age related characteristics of the response of the lysosomal system in peripheral blood neutrophilic leukocytes to immobilization

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Age related characteristics of transport atpase activity in the plasma membranes of enterocytes in the small intestine

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Age related clinical features of the initial stage of alzheimer's disease

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Age related concentrations of glycosaminoglycans in random urine a contribution to the laboratory detection of mucopolysaccharidoses

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Age related correlation between epiphyseal effects and central dopaminergic mechanisms in rats

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Age related decline in cerebral blood flow and brain atrophy

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Age related decline in rat striatial dopamine metabolism is regionally homogeneous

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Age related decline in striated d 2 dopamine receptors is subject to economic correction

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Age related decrease in an early step of dna repair of normal human lymphocytes exposed to uv irradation

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Age related decrease of carbon 11 labeled n methylspiperone in vivo binding to human striatum detected by pet

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Age related decrease of galanin immunoreactivity in discrete forebrain areas of the male rat assessed by semiquantitative immunocytochemistry

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Age related decreases in the thyrotropin tsh responsiveness to thyrotropin releasing hormone trh stimulation and to the inhibitory effect of triiodothyronine t 3 in vitro study on superfused rat pituitaries

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Age related decrement in cytotoxic t lymphocyte ctl activity is associated with decreased levels of messenger rna encoded by two ctl associated serine esterase genes and the perforin gene in mice

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Age related defects in murine allergic contact hypersensitivity

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Age related deficit in beta receptor stimulation of cyclic amp binding in blood vessels

Hinsull S.M., 1990:
Age related degeneration of the rat stomach

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Age related determination of the basal and calmodulin stimulated human rbc calcium atpase activity

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Age related development and biological productivity of chosenietum associations in the south of the magadan oblast russian sfsr ussr

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Age related difference in bioenergetics of lung and heart mitochondria from rats exposed to ozone

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Age related differences in children's perceptions of social deviance changes in behavior or in perspective

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Age related differences in children's understanding of shyness

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Age related differences in dna synthesis suppression in the livers of rats of various age by proliferation inhibitors of chalone type

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Age related differences in machiavellianism in an adult sample

Dai S., 1990:
Age related differences in the cardiovascular responses to hemorrhagic shock in rats

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Age related differences in the depressor responses to sodium nitroprusside and nifedipine in anesthetized rats

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Age related differences in the organization of children's knowledge of illness

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Age related differences in the spontaneous and trh stimulated release of prolactin and thyrotropin in ovariectomized rats

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Age related dna modification i compounds modulation by physiological and pathological processes

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Age related dominance in male dark eyed juncos effects of plumage and prior residence

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Age related down regulation of hepatic cytochrome p 1 450 p 3 450 catalase and copper zinc superoxide dismutase rna

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Age related dynamics and conditions of the formation of male homosexuality

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Age related dynamics of different variants of absentia epileptica in children and adolescents

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Age related dynamics of heart rate regulation in schoolchildren with varying physical activity

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