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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6995

Chapter 6995 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Tyukhtin G.M., 1990:
Age related features of the effect of insulin on the secretory activity of adrenocortical cells

Aizman R.I.; Terner A.Ya, 1989:
Age related features of the ion regulating function of the kidneys

Bulyakova N.V., 1990:
Age related features of the regeneration of skeletal muscle in guinea pigs

Il'nitskii V.I.; Tsipak L.A.; Il'nitskii O.V., 1988:
Age related features of the structural and functional state of the left ventricle of the heart in young athletes with various specializations

Triplet P., 1989:
Age related food selection in the oystercatcher haematopus ostralegus feeding on nereis diversicolor in the baie de somme france

Pham Delegue M.H.; L.M.tayer M.; Douault P.; Masson C., 1990:
Age related foraging behavior in honey bees under artificial conditions

Grishina R.A., 1989:
Age related hemodynamic differences in diabetes mellitus patients

Singh S.K., 1987:
Age related histochemical studies on seminal vesicles of guinea pig

Swisshelm K.; Disteche C.M.; Thorvaldsen J.; Nelson A.; Salk D., 1990:
Age related increase in methylation of ribosomal genes and inactivation of chromosome specific ribosomal rna gene clusters in mouse

Madar I.; Sildan N.; Ilonca A., 1988:
Age related insulin effect on glucose uptake by isolated aorta of normal and hydrocortisone injected white rats

Konoplya E.V.; Fil'chenkov G.N., 1989:
Age related interactions of corticosteroids and blood transport proteins

Petrovic Z.; Radovic M.; Nikolic A., 1990:
Age related intestinal parasite infection in schoolchildren in guca yugoslavia and surrounding areas

Hockey P.A.R.; Ryan P.G.; Bosman A.L., 1989:
Age related intraspecific kleptoparasitism and foraging success of kelp gulls larus dominicanus

Viarengo A.; Canesi L.; Pertica M.; Livingstone D.R.; Orunesu M., 1991:
Age related lipid peroxidation in the digestive gland of mussels the role of the antioxidant defence systems

Erdo S.L.; Wolff J.R., 1989:
Age related loss of sulfur 35 tert butylbicyclophosphorothionate binding to the gamma aminobutyric acid a receptor coupled chloride ionophore in rat cerebral cortex

Vinding T., 1989:
Age related macular degeneration macular changes prevalance and sex ratio an epidemiological study of 1000 aged individuals

Yuzawa M.; Yao M.; Takahashi Y.; Takamizawa H.; Matsui M., 1990:
Age related macular pathologies

Moriguchi E.H.; Fusegawa Y.; Tamachi H.; Goto Y., 1990:
Age related modification in high density lipoprotein particle size and chemical composition effects of reduction in hepatic lipase activity with aging

Tarasov D.I.; Fastovskii Y.A.; Ul'yanov Y.P.; Itkin G.A., 1990:
Age related modification of the surgical approach to the antrum

Pati, A.K.; Saini, S.K., 1992:
Age related modulation of circadian time structure of blood, plasma and tissue variables in male domestic fowls

Akimov I.A.; Piletskaya I.V.; Yastrebtsov A.V., 1988:
Age related morpho functional changes in the reproductive system of female varroa jacobsoni

Shaposhnikov V.M., 1989:
Age related morphofunctional features of adrenal gland cortical substance in acth administration

Yokoyama T.; Igarashi H.; Yoshida A., 1991:
Age related morphological changes in the corneal endothelium of the rat

Bobylev A.K., 1988:
Age related morphological changes in the digestive organs of geese

Okuma M.; Yamasaki A.; Nagata M.; Tamai A., 1991:
Age related morphological changes in the rat lens epithelium

Hill D.W.; Lanigan L.P.; Clark C.V., 1991:
Age related normal tolerance intervals for retinal vascular response to systemic autonomic nerve stimulation

Hirano K.; Awaya S.; Kobayashi M.; Hoshino T., 1989:
Age related occurrence of long spacing collagen in the human corneal stroma

Sukhanov S.G.; Vazilo V.E., 1990:
Age related pathomorphology of the human thyroid in northern europe

Sharav T.; Landau H.; Zadik Z.; Einarson T.R., 1991:
Age related patterns of tsh response to trh stimulation in down syndrome

Christoffel K.K.; Anzinger N.K.; Merrill D.A., 1989:
Age related patterns of violent death cook county illinois usa 1977 through 1982

Stupina A.S.; Kvitnitskaya Ryzhova T.Yu; Mezhiborskaya N.A.; Terman A.K.; Berezhkov N.V., 1989:
Age related peculiarities in the ultrastructure of various cells in related acute hypoxia

Sokolov V.V.; Kaplunova O.A.; Khananashvili Y.A.; Markevich A.V.; Kharlamov E.V., 1989:
Age related peculiarities of angioarchitectonics of some organs in normal rats and those with arterial hypertension

Sagach V.F.; Frol'kis I.V.; Kovalenko T.N.; Dibrova V.A., 1991:
Age related peculiarities of endothelium participation in responses of vessel smooth muscles to hormonal effects role of ultrastructural changes

Bobin V.V.; Lupyr' V.M.; Kulish A.S.; Ol'khovskii V.A.; Gullyeva A.M., 1989:
Age related peculiarities of myeloarchitectonics in some peripheral nerves

Gorban' E.N., 1991:
Age related peculiarities of the effect of alpha adrenomimetics and beta adrenomimetics on glucocorticoid function of adrenals

Babenko N.A.; Nikitin V.N., 1990:
Age related peculiarities of the effect of periodic low calorie diet on the lipid composition of liver small intestine and adipose tissue cells and blood serum in white rats

Babenko N.A.; Filonenko N.S.; Klyukovich V.A.; Nikitin V.N., 1989:
Age related peculiarities of the effect of thyroid hormone on the activity of phospholipases a in albino rat liver cells

Kandefer Szerszen M., 1988:
Age related production of spotted suslik spermophilus suslicus interferon

Bron B., 1990:
Age related psychopathological features of endogenous and neurotic reactive depression in late life

Hiddeman W.; Aul C.; Maschmeyer G.; Lathan B.; Koeppler H.; Hoffmann R.; Grueneisen T.; Donhuijsen Ant R.; Ludwig W.D.; E.A., 1989:
Age related randomized comparison of sequentially applied high dose versus intermediate dose cytosine arabinoside in combination with mitoxantrone s ham in the treatment of relapsed and refractory acute myeloid leukemia study design and preliminary results

Hardy J.D.; Tacha T.C., 1989:
Age related recruitment of canada geese from the mississippi valley usa population

Amano M.; Imataka K.; Suzuki K.; Nakaoka H.; Fujii J., 1989:
Age related reduction in the number of rabbit erythrocyte sodium potassium atpase

Petrenko A.G., 1989:
Age related regional distribution of total water in the human brain

Kozlova I.I.; Kalganova L.Ya; Nemerovskii L.I.; Chingina Y.A., 1988:
Age related regularities in the distribution of regional pulmonary ventilation in essentially healthy subjects

Oreshkina N.Ya; Zlotnikova I.F., 1991:
Age related regulation of the absorption of charged luminescent probes by tissue culture cells

Forslund P.; Larsson K., 1992:
Age related reproductive success in the barnacle goose

Thompson P.S.; Hale W.G., 1991:
Age related reproductive variation in the redshank tringa totanus

Carr L.J.; Vanderwerf Q.M.; Anderson S.E.; Kost G.J., 1992:
Age related response of rabbit heart to normothermic ischemia a phosphorus 31 mrs study

Okuda K.; Ishimoto C.; Ohishi H.; Maekawa N.; Sato K., 1991:
Age related responses of serum testosterone to human chorionic gonadotropin in the stallion

Kamiya S.; Tsukushi M.; Tajika T.; Amasaki H.; Yamano S.; Daigo M., 1988:
Age related sclerotic changes in bovine oviductal arteries

Nagasawa H.; Koshimizu U.; Naito T.; Ohbayashi R.; Mori T., 1991:
Age related structural changes of ovary mammary gland and uterus in two strains of mice with different potentials for mammary tumorigenesis and uterine adenomyosis

Tolpysheva T.Yu; Perov N.A.; Matskevich N.V.; Petrova M.M., 1989:
Age related structural changes on the surface of cladonia stellaris opiz pouzar and vezda

Singh S.K.; Nath A., 1990:
Age related studies on nuclei in seminal vesicles of guinea pig

Kiran, R.; Varma, M.N., 1990:
Age related toxic effects of endosulfan on certain enzymes of rat erythrocytes

Heitkemper M.M.; Bond E.F., 1990:
Age related variations in jejunum and distal colon contractile response to trh in vitro

Vinuela J.; Ferrer M.; Recio F., 1991:
Age related variations in plasma levels of alkaline phosphatase calcium and inorganic phosphorus in chicks of two species of raptors

Nikolaev A.V.; Timofeeva S.S.; Arzumanyan E.A.; Lazarenko V.N., 1989:
Age related variations in the chemical composition of the bone tissue of the extremities and tail vertebra in cattle

Yao H.; Sadoshima S.; Ooboshi H.; Sato Y.; Uchimura H.; Fujishima M., 1991:
Age related vulnerability to cerebral ischemia in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Kloosterman, A.; Ploeger, H.W.; Frankena, K., 1991:
Age resistance in calves to Ostertagia ostertagi and Cooperia oncophora

Koch, H.T.; Kambeva, L.; Norval, R.A.; Ocama, J.G.; Masaka, S.; Munatswa, F.C.; Honhold, N.; Irvin, A.D., 1990:
Age resistance to Theileria parva bovis infection in calves

Shephard, R.J.; Prien, E.P.; Hughes, G.L., 1988:
Age restriction on bus driver selection

Montalvo Valdenegro H.; Juarez Lozano A.; Sanchez F.; Figueroa G., 1991:
Age season adjustment of lactations for goat selection programs in mexico

Lazaridou Dimitriadou M.; Kaloyianni M., 1989:
Age seasonal and diel variations of the uricolytic enzymatic system in the snails xeropicta arenosa ziegler and cernuella virgata da costa

Skinner, T.L.; Peretz, B., 1989:
Age sensitivity of osmoregulation and of its neural correlates in Aplysia

Gonzalez D.R.vera J.L.; D.L.s Cuevas C.; Gracia Marco R.; Henry Benitez M.; Rodriguez Pulido F.; Monterrey A.L., 1991:
Age sex and marital status differences in minor psychiatric morbidity

Kollmeier, H.; Seemann, J.W.; Rothe, G.; Müller, K.M.; Wittig, P., 1990:
Age, sex, and region adjusted concentrations of chromium and nickel in lung tissue

Rockett I.R.H.; Lieberman E.S.; Hollinshead W.H.; Putnam S.L.; Thode H.C., 1990:
Age sex and road use patterns of motor vehicular trauma in rhode island usa a population based hospital emergency department study

Wiener, R.; Utiger, R.D.; Lew, R.; Emerson, C.H., 1991:
Age, sex, and serum thyrotropin concentrations in primary hypothyroidism

Indech, G.D.; Sanjeev; Jit, I.; Johnston, F.E., 1991:
Age, sex and socioeconomic correlates of fat patterning among adults from the Chandigarh zone of northwest India

Lindesay J., 1989:
Age sex and suicide rates within birth cohorts in england and wales uk

Kuhlman J.S.; Beitel P.A., 1989:
Age sex experience possible explanations of differences in anticipation of coincidence

Agustin Ozamiz J.; Duffy J., 1992:
Age sex marital status and social class in affective disorders treated in the basque country a case register study

Dhillon, A.P.; Williams, R.A.; Rode, J., 1992:
Age, site and distribution of subepithelial neurosecretory cells in the appendix

Hibbard J.H., 1988 :
Age social ties and health behaviors an exploratory study

Vikhert, A.M.; Zhdanov, V.S., 1988:
Age specific and adaptative changes in the vascular wall their role in atherogenesis in the light of i. v. davydovsky's theory of atherosclerosis

Hamer K.C.; Furness R.W., 1991:
Age specific breeding performance and reproductive effort in great skuas catharacta skua

Moser T.J.; Rusch D.H., 1989:
Age specific breeding rates of female interior canada geese

Hugues F.C.; L.J.unne C.; Munera Y., 1991:
Age specific cardiovascular responses to passive and active orthostatism in healthy subjects

Henderson I.G.; Hart P.J.B., 1991:
Age specific differences in the winter foraging strategies of rooks corvus frugilegus

Tokar' A.V.; Ena L.M.; Negare A.I., 1990:
Age specific features of the prostaglandin system in healthy subjects and hypertensives essential hypertension and systolic atherosclerotic hypertension

Lebedev V.P., 1989:
Age specific gastric secretion in healthy men

Brooks, S.E.H.; Wolff, C., 1991:
Age specific incidence of cancer in kingston and st. andrew jamaica part i. 1979 1982

Brooks, S.E.H.; Wolff, C., 1991:
Age specific incidence of cancer in kingston and st. andrew jamaica part ii. 1983 1987

Huber H.R.; Rovetta A.C.; Fry L.A.; Johnson S., 1991:
Age specific natality of northern elephant seals at the south farallon islands california usa

Ziegan J.B.; Sager G., 1990:
Age specific numbers of the normal human skeletal musculature a mathematical description of the postnatal growth in skeletal muscles

Volkl W.; Mackauer M., 1990:
Age specific pattern of host discrimination by the aphid parasitoid ephedrus californicus baker hymenoptera aphididae

Day, K.P.; Grenfell, B.; Spark, R.; Kazura, J.W.; Alpers, M.P., 1991:
Age specific patterns of change in the dynamics of Wuchereria bancrofti infection in Papua New Guinea

Reid W.V., 1988:
Age specific patterns of reproduction in the glaucous winged gull increased effort with age

Jackson, W.M.; Wood, C.S.; Rohwer, S., 1992:
Age specific plumage characters and annual molt schedules of hermit warblers and townsend's warblers

Bakir T.M.F., 1992:
Age specific prevalence of antibody to hepatitis c virus hcv among the saudi population

Van D.V.rg L.L.; Herrington D.A.; Boslego J.; Lindberg A.A.; Levine M.M., 1992:
Age specific prevalence of serum antibodies to the invasion plasmid and lipopolysaccharide antigens of shigella spp in chilean and north american populations

Ahmad Z.; Berger P.J.; Healey M.H., 1992:
Age specific probabilities of culling under different culling criteria in nili ravi buffalo

Wadleigh R.W.; Koehler P.G.; Patterson R.S., 1991:
Age specific reduction in german cockroach blattoidea blattellidae populations exposed to diflubenzuron

Sherry T.W.; Holmes R.T., 1989:
Age specific social dominance affects habitat use by breeding american redstarts setophaga ruticilla a removal experiment

Borzenko B.G.; Bukhtaeva O.V.; Glavion Sh; Gorbachev A.A.; Shevchenko V.V.; Sheplyakov M.N., 1988:
Age specific time course of the activities of adenosine metabolism enzymes in healthy subjects and oncologic patients

Sydeman W.J.; Huber H.R.; Emslie S.D.; Ribic C.A.; Nur N., 1991:
Age specific weaning success of northern elephant seals in relation to previous breeding experience

Tanaka Y., 1990:
Age specificity of inbreeding depression during a life cycle of callosobruchus chinensis coleoptera bruchidae

Kol'tover V.K.; Gerasimovich N.V.; Kirilyuk A.P.; Milyutin A.A.; Romanov S.A., 1989:
Age specificity of lipid fluidity in rat heart sarcoplasmic reticulum membranes

Andersson A.; Sundman I.; Marcusson J., 1992:
Age stability of human brain 5 ht terminals studied with tritiated paroxetine binding

Lindacher R.; Pietschmann M., 1990:
Age stages of moss rich vegetation on castanea sativa on elba mediterranean sea

Holla T.A.; Knowles P., 1988:
Age structure analysis of a virgin white pine pinus strobus population

Bown, D.N.; Rodríguez, M.H.; Arredondo-Jiménez, J.I.; Loyola, E.G.; Rodríguez, M.C., 1991:
Age structure and abundance levels in the entomological evaluation of an insecticide used in the control of Anopheles albimanus in southern Mexico

Armesto J.J.; Casassa I.; Dollenz O., 1992:
Age structure and dynamics of patagonian beech forests in torres del paine national park chile

Nadokhovskaya, G.A.; Reva, E.V., 1990:
Age structure and productivity of species of rosa l. cenopopulations in tomsk oblast russian sfsr ussr

Suzuki E.; Susukida J., 1989:
Age structure and regeneration process of temperate coniferous stands in the segire river basin yakushima island japan

Dzieciolowski R.M.; Clarke C.M.H., 1989:
Age structure and sex ratio in a population of harvested feral pigs in new zealand

Williams C.E.; Johnson W.C., 1990:
Age structure and the maintenance of pinus pungens in pine oak forests of southwestern virginia usa

Tuljapurkar, S., 1990:
Age structure, environmental fluctuations, and hermaphroditic sex allocation

Takatsuki S.; Miura S.; Suzuki K.; Ito Sakamoto K., 1991:
Age structure in mass mortality in the sika deer cervus nippon population on kinkazan island northern japan

Aprahamian, M.W., 1988:
Age structure of eel anguilla anguilla l. populations in the river severn england and the river dee wales uk

Illesova D., 1989:
Age structure of larvae and number of generations in the populations of odagmia monticola friedrichs 1920 odagmia argyreata meigen 1838 and odagmia variegata meigen 1818 diptera simuliidae in velka fatra mountains czechoslovakia

Dawson T.E.; King E.J.; Ehleringer J.R., 1990 :
Age structure of phoradendron juniperinum viscaceae a xylem tapping mistletoe inferences from a non destructive morphological index of age

Brosalina E.B.; Demchenko E.N.; Gaidul' K.V.; Tsyrlova I.G.; Vlasov V.V.; Kozov V.A., 1988:
Age structure of stem hemopoietic cells in mice cellular oncogene expression

Lindeque M., 1991:
Age structure of the elephant population in the etosha national park namibia

Zharikova T.I.; Izyumova N.A., 1990:
Age structure of the population of dactylogyrus chranilowi monogenea a parasite of abramis ballerus pisces

Timoshok, E.E.; Sivtsova, S.A.; Parshina, N.V., 1991:
Age structure of vaccinium myrtillus l. cenopopulations in western siberia russian sfsr ussr

Skoglund J.; Verwijst T., 1989:
Age structure of woody species populations in relation to seed rain germination and establishment along the river dalalven sweden

Wilson M.V., 1991:
Age structure patterns in abies amabilis stands of the cascade mountains usa

Magnussen S., 1989:
Age to age correlations in growth processes with fixed and random effects

Blanchard, R.; Hucker, S.J., 1991:
Age, transvestism, bondage, and concurrent paraphilic activities in 117 fatal cases of autoerotic asphyxia

Otegbeye G.O., 1991:
Age trends in the genetic control of stem diameter of eucalyptus tereticornis and the implication for selection

Hall D.L., 1991:
Age validation and aging methods for stunted brook trout

Levichev I.G., 1990:
Age variability and hybridization in some gagea liliaceae species

Gladysheva O.S.; Troitskaya V.T., 1989:
Age variation in the olfactory sensitivity of laboratory mice

Morioka, I.; Shiraishi, T.; Nishimura, K.; Kuroda, M.; Kuriyama, Y.; Matsui, K.; Matsumoto, K.; Takeda, S., 1990:
Age variation in the upper limit of hearing and amplitude of eye accommodation in childhood and adolescence

Bobylev A.K., 1990:
Age variations in secretion of pancreatic juice in geese

Frie R.V.; Anderson J.K.; Larson M.J., 1989:
Age verification of walleyes from lake of the woods minnesota usa

Cahan, S.; Cohen, N., 1989:
Age versus schooling effects on intelligence development

Young L.G.; King G.J.; Walton J.S.; Mcmillan I.; Klevorick M., 1990:
Age weight backfat and time on mating effects on performance of gilts

Grunwald J.; Segall Y.; Shirin E.; Waysbort D.; Steinberg N.; Silman I.; Ashani Y., 1989:
Aged and non aged pyrenebutyl containing organophosphoryl conjugates of chymotrypsin preparation and comparison by phosphorus 31 nmr spectroscopy

Chen, M., 1988:
Aged smokers and lung function

Diederen J.H.B.; Peppelenbosch M.P.; Vullings H.G.B., 1992:
Ageing adipokinetic cells in locusta migratoria an ultrastructural morphometric study

Moksness E.; Wespestad V., 1989:
Ageing and back calculating growth rates of pacific herring clupea pallasii larvae by reading daily otolith increments

Lipski, P.S.; Bennett, M.K.; Kelly, P.J.; James, O.F., 1992:
Ageing and duodenal morphometry

Klag J., 1990:
Ageing and immortality of the germ line

Dell'aquila A.; Tritto V., 1990:
Ageing and osmotic priming in wheat seeds effects upon certain components of seed quality

Rae R.; Marquiss M., 1989:
Ageing and sexing of snow buntings wintering on the aberdeenshire coast scotland uk their biometrics and sex ratio

Roberts, N.A.; Barton, R.N.; Horan, M.A., 1990:
Ageing and the sensitivity of the adrenal gland to physiological doses of ACTH in man

Rother P.; Krug H.; Jahn W.; Forriol F.C.; Muehl Benninghaus D., 1989:
Ageing changes of functional swelling of nuclei and nuclei classes in human hepatocytes

Taylor, L.D.; Daniels, C.K.; Schmucker, D.L., 1992:
Ageing compromises gastrointestinal mucosal immune response in the rhesus monkey

Messi, E.; Zanisi, M.; Martini, L., 1990:
Ageing does not influence the ultrashort feedback control of GnRH secretion in vitro

Ivy, J.L.; Young, J.C.; Craig, B.W.; Kohrt, W.M.; Holloszy, J.O., 1991:
Ageing, exercise and food restriction: effects on skeletal muscle glucose uptake

Gargallo G., 1992:
Ageing in the dartford warblers sylvia undata

Pandey D.K., 1989:
Ageing of french bean seeds at ambient temperature in relation to vigor and viability

Hrabe V.; Zejda J.; Horakova M., 1989:
Ageing of sika deer cervus nippon

Hemenger, R.P.; Occhipinti, J.R.; Mosier, M.A., 1989:
Ageing parameters of the ocular lens by scanning fluorophotometry

Metcalfe Smith J.L.; Green R.H., 1992:
Ageing studies on three species of freshwater mussels from a metal polluted watershed in nova scotia canada

Ishida, K.; Ishibashi, M.; Shigemori, H.; Sasaki, T.; Kobayashi, J., 1992:
Agelasine G, a new antileukemic alkaloid from the Okinawan marine sponge Agelas sp

Hagiwara K.; Inui T.; Nakajima K.; Kimura T.; Kitada C.; Fujino M.; Sakakibara S.; Nakajima T., 1991:
Agelenin a spider neurotoxin determination of the c terminus as amide form and investigation of the disulfide bond arrangement

Rotter N.S.; Dollinger S.J.; Cunningham J.A., 1991:
Agency communion in affective sexual memories

Yebenes Diaz M.L.; Pimental Alvarez C.; D.L.T.rre Alonso D.; Garcia Perez M.; Madrigal Parrilla J.A., 1990:
Agenesia of the right hepatic lobe presentation of two cases

Dominguez, C.; Boronat, F.; Cunat, E.; Broseta, E.; Martinez, R.; Moreno, B.; Jimenez-Cruz, J.F., 1991:
Agenesis of seminal vesicles in infertile males: ultrasonic diagnosis

Harjeet; Jit I., 1989:
Agenesis of superior cornua of thyroid cartilage in northwest indians

Palma, V.; Guadagnino, M.; Mosca, F.; Serra, F.P., 1989:
Agenesis of the cerebellar vermis: otoneurological report in one patient

Dobyns, W.B., 1989:
Agenesis of the corpus callosum and gyral malformations are frequent manifestations of nonketotic hyperglycinemia

Muente T.F.; Heinze H.J., 1991:
Agenesis of the corpus callosum interhemispheric integration of semantic information

Rodriguez Nunez A.; Eiris J.; Alonso A.; Fernandez Lorenzo J.R.; Martinez Soto I.; Fraga J.M.; Castro Gago M., 1989:
Agenesis of the corpus callosum retrospective study of 20 cases

Sousa Escandon A.; Rodriguez Garcia J.; Sanchez Ibanez J.; Gayoso Garcia R.; Ghanime Saide G.; Rodriguez Perez H., 1989:
Agenesis of the gallbladder statistical review of the spanish literature and report of a new observation

Hage J.J.; Hendrickx E.J.; Karim R.B.; Lens J.; Mahabier C., 1992:
Agenesis of the gallbladder the preoperative diagnosis

Bennion, R.S.; Thompson, J.E.; Tompkins, R.K., 1988:
Agenesis of the gallbladder without extrahepatic biliary atresia

Wahis R., 1990:
Agenioideus fascinubecula new record wolf 1986 a new pompilid for the french fauna hymenoptera pomilidae pompilinae

Lemoine N.R.; Mayall E.S.; Williams E.D.; Thurston V.; Wynford Thomas D., 1988:
Agent specific ras oncogene activation in rat thyroid tumors

Murti, V.A.; Bhandari, K.; Jain, P.C.; Anand, N., 1989:
Agents acting on cns part xxxv. 1 benzofuran 2 3 yl 2 3 aminoalkan 1 ones and 1 ols

Abraham, G.; Roeder, P.L.; Zewdu, R., 1992:
Agents associated with neonatal diarrhoea in Ethiopian dairy calves

Guy A.P.; Gardner C.R., 1990:
Agents enhancing gamma aminobutyric acid receptor coupled chloride ionophore function effects in a social interaction model of anxiety in the rat

Take, K.; Okumura, K.; Takimoto, K.; Ohtsuka, M.; Shiokawa, Y., 1992:
Agents for the treatment of overactive detrusor ii. synthesis and inhibitory activity on detrusor contraction of 1 1' biphenyl 2 6 dicarboxylic acid diesters with an aminoalkyl group in the ester function

Wayne, L.G.; Sramek, H.A., 1992:
Agents of newly recognized or infrequently encountered mycobacterial diseases

Mcconkey D.J.; Orrenius S.; Jondal M., 1990:
Agents that elevate cyclic amp stimulate dna fragmentation in thymocytes

Nishimura, H.; Rosenblum, W.I.; Nelson, G.H.; Boynton, S., 1991:
Agents that modify EDRF formation alter antiplatelet properties of brain arteriolar endothelium in vivo

Kelley L.L.; Blackmore P.F.; Graber S.E.; Stewart S.J., 1990:
Agents that raise cyclic amp in human t lymphocytes release an intracellular pool of calcium in the absence of inositol phosphate production

Horio M.; Lovelace E.; Pastan I.; Gottesman M.M., 1991:
Agents which reverse multidrug resistance are inhibitors of tritiated vinblastine transport by isolated vesicles

Turner B.L., 1990:
Ageratina henzium new species asteraceae eupatorieae from northwestern mexico

Turner B.L., 1990:
Ageratina moorei new species asteraceae eupatorieae a new species from the state of mexico mexico

Ladeira, A.M.; Zaidan, L.B.P.; Figueiredo-Ribeiro, R.D.C.L., 1987:
Ageratum conyzoides l. compositae germination flowering and occurrence of phenolic derivatives at different stages of development

Mohiuddin S.; Khan M.A.; Qureshi R.A.; Kapadia Z.; Qureshi S.A., 1990:
Ageratum houstonianum a plant with insectistatic potential

Nieuwhof G.J.; Powell R.L.; Norman H.D., 1989:
Ages at calving and calving intervals for dairy cattle in the usa

Arizawa M.; Suehara N.; Imai S.; Kidoguchi K.; Hayashi A.; Takemura T., 1989:
Ages of the mothers and obstetric abnormalities

Szabo B.J., 1990:
Ages of travertine deposits in eastern grand canyon national park arizona usa

Kawashima Y.; Fude C.; Takeuchi H.; Niwa T.; Hino T.; Kihara H., 1991:
Agglomeration behavior and modification of spherical crystallization process of pharmaceuticals by the emulsion solvent diffusion method and proposed closed circuit batch system

Usteri M.; Leuenberger H., 1989:
Agglomeration of binary mixtures in a high speed mixer

Morlotti E.; Kuhnt W., 1992:
Agglutinated deep water foraminifera of the eocene monte piano formation northern apennines italy

Obi C.L., 1992:
Agglutinating antibody responses and phagocytic indices of rabbits orally and intravenously infected with representative strains of campylobacter jejuni isolated in lagos nigeria

Scheuble T.L.; Kondo J.K.; Salih M.A., 1989:
Agglutination behavior of lactic streptococci

Gobert E.; Hartmann J.F.; Bougle D.; Demelier J.F.; Beaufils F., 1988:
Agglutination of intravenous fat emulsions by acute inflammation phase proteins

Timoshenko A.V.; Cherenkevich S.N., 1989:
Agglutination of rat thymocytes induced by aggregated concanavalin a

Olafsen, J.A.; Fletcher, T.C.; Grant, P.T., 1992:
Agglutinin activity in Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) hemolymph following in vivo Vibrio anguillarum challenge

Drif L.; Brehelin M., 1989:
Agglutinin mediated immune recognition in locusta migratoria insecta

Itoh T., 1992:
Aggravating effects of changes in defending system against active oxygen species on hepatic injury in rats

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Aggravation of accompanying bronchial asthma in myocardial infarction patients

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Aggravation of cholesterol induced hyperlipidemia by chronic vitamin C deficiency: experimental study in guinea pigs

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Aggravation of subclinical diabetes insipidus during pregnancy

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Aggravation with monogenic hereditary pathology in the population of ashkhabad city of the turkmen ssr

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Aggrecan core protein is expressed in membranous bone of the chick embryo. Molecular and biomechanical studies of normal and nanomelia embryos

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Aggregability of freshwater planktonic algae with their horizontal distribution

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Aggregata dobelli new species and aggregata millerorum new species apicomplexa aggregatidae from two species of octopus mollusca octopodidae from the eastern north pacific ocean

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Aggregate formation by clostridium butyricum

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Aggregate resistance of solonetz soil dispersion systems

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Aggregate source receptor relations for economic analysis of ambient regulations

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Aggregate stability in the palouse region of washington usa effect of landscape position

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Aggregate stability of human oxyhemoglobin in aqueous media in the presence of mercury ii compounds

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Aggregated distribution of infective spots composed of Leptotrombidium pallidum, highly prevalent with Rickettsia tsutsugamushi, demonstrated by sentinel voles, Microtus montebelli, on the ground

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Aggregated platelets enhance adherence of Candida yeasts to endothelium

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Aggregates of modified low density lipoproteins induced the accumulation of lipids in human aortic intimal cells in vitro

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Aggregates of spilomena sp hymenoptera sphecidae pemphredoninae nests in the ribeirao preto region brazil

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Aggregating human platelets in carotid sinus of rabbits decrease sensitivity of baroreceptors

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Aggregating tendency in rice grasshopper hieroglyphus banian fabricius in response to interaction of some abiotic factors and gravity

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Aggregation activity of red blood cells with different acid resistance

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Aggregation and degradation of tobacco mosaic virus in the intracellular space of sensitive and supersensitive tobacco leaves

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Aggregation and feeding behavior of serinetha augur fabr. heteroptera coreidae

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Aggregation and organization of pardaxin in phospholipid membranes. A fluorescence energy transfer study

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Aggregation and orientation of human red blood cells in whole blood and blood suspensions treated with diamide and glutaraldehyde

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Aggregation and secondary structure of synthetic amyloid beta A4 peptides of Alzheimer's disease

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Aggregation and structural changes in the l2 phase in the system water soybean oil sunflower oil monoglycerides

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Aggregation behavior of a willow flea beetle altica subplicata coleoptera chrysomelidae

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Aggregation behavior of alpha omega type nonionic surfactant in aqueous solution

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Aggregation behavior of blood granulocytes in patients with periodontal disease

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Aggregation in azospirillum brasilense cd conditions and factors involved in cell to cell adhesion

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Aggregation in model ecosystems ii. approximate aggregation

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Aggregation in overall farm calculations using physical criteria

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Aggregation in soils with small amounts of swelling clays i. aggregate stability

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Aggregation in soils with small amounts of swelling clays ii. chemistry and surface properties of sodium resin stable soil aggregates

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Aggregation of 27 oral bacteria by human whole saliva. Influence of culture medium, calcium, and bacterial cell concentration, and interference by autoaggregation

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Aggregation of a leafminer cameraria new species davis consequences and causes

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Aggregation of Actinomyces strains by extracellular vesicles produced by Bacteroides gingivalis

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Aggregation of amphiphilic derivatives of glycine esters by epr

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Aggregation of antibodies into complexes during their interaction with immobilized antigens

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Aggregation of blood platelets and their energy status in acute arterial hypertension

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Aggregation of denaturated membrane proteins precedes acid hemolysis

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Aggregation of embryonic cells of the loach misgurnus fossilis in vivo and in vitro sigma agonist of opiate receptors as a modulator of aggregation

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Aggregation of fish through variable diffusivity

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Aggregation of group A streptococci by human saliva and effect of saliva on streptococcal adherence to host cells

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Aggregation of human granulocytes by Staphylococcus aureus lipase

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Aggregation of human plasma low density lipoproteins by means of poly(ethylene glycol)

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Aggregation of influenza virus haemagglutinin in the presence of detergents

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Aggregation of isolated myofibrils stimulated by their contraction i. origin of the second phase of optical density changes at myofibril contraction

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Aggregation of lady beetles at the baltic sea coast coleoptera coccinellidae

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Aggregation of membrane proteins of escherichia coli cells caused by singlet oxygen

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Aggregation of microspheres in blood flow measurements

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Aggregation of oral streptococci selected by growth on human saliva from different glands

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Aggregation of pollen grains in melilotus indica

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Aggregation of subclinical autonomic nervous system dysfunction and autoantibodies in families with type I diabetes

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Aggregation of tandems in coenagrion pulchellum van der linden 1825 during oviposition odonata coenagrionidae

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Aggregation patterns of ciliates from natural assemblages in response to different prey

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Aggregation properties of semisynthetic gm1 ganglioside containing an acetyl group as acyl moiety

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Aggregation size and foraging behavior of white storks ciconia ciconia during the breeding season

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Aggregation substance of Enterococcus faecalis mediates adhesion to cultured renal tubular cells

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Aggregations of berried lobsters homarus americanus in shallow waters off grand manan eastern canada

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Aggregations of larus ridibundus linnaeus charadriiformes laridae in coincidence with swarmings of the ant lasius flavus fabricius hymenoptera formicidae

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Aggregative adherence fimbriae i on enteroaggregative escherichia coli mediate adherence to hep 2 cells and hemagglutination of human erythrocytes

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Aggregative Escherichia coli, Salmonella, and Shigella are associated with increasing duration of diarrhea

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Aggression and social withdrawal as viewed by children's peers: conceptual issues in assessment and implications for intervention

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Aggression consistent inconsistent and irrelevant priming effects on selective exposure to media violence

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Aggression hyperactivity and inattention immaturity behavior dimensions associated with peer rejection in elementary school boys

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Aggression, hyperactivity and platelet imipramine binding

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Aggression in tilapia affects immunocompetent leukocytes

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Aggression incubation behavior and egg loss in macaroni penguins eudyptes chrysolophus at south georgia south atlantic

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Aggression of red backed shrike lanius collurio against a stuffed male

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Aggression: the dominant psychological response in children with malignant disease

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Aggressive and nonaggressive behavior as a function of alcohol intoxication and frustration in women

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Aggressive behavior evaluation of a non seclusion policy of a district psychiatric service

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Aggressive behaviour in elderly psychiatric inpatients

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Aggressive chemotherapy for acute leukemia relapsed after bone marrow transplantation: a second chance?

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Aggressive communication by larus glaucescens part vii. the role of the intruder

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Aggressive display and territoriality of the bateleur terathopius ecaudatus

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Aggressive dynamics in the practitioner patient relationship preliminary results of a study on a sample general practitioners

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Aggressive evaluation for atypical squamous cells in Papanicolaou smears

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Aggressive factors or altered protective capacity of the gastric mucosa in chronic liver disease

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Aggressive fibromatosis

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Aggressive fibromatosis a problem disease in surgery

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Aggressive granulomatosis from polyethylene failure in an uncemented knee replacement

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Aggressive granulomatous lesions after hip arthroplasty

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Aggressive granulomatous lesions associated with hip arthroplasty. Immunopathological studies

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Aggressive granulomatous lesions in cementless total hip arthroplasty

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Aggressive hydration during continuous positive pressure ventilation restores atrial transmural pressure plasma atrial natriuretic peptide concentrations and renal function

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Aggressive insulinoma with bone metastases

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Aggressive intensive care treatment of very elderly patients with tetanus is justified

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Aggressive interactions and intermale spacing in choruses of the leaf folding frog afrixalus delicatus

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Aggressive interactions in the psychotherapeutic relationship during inpatient treatment considerations derived from case reviews

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Aggressive intranasal carcinoma mimicking infection or inflammation

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Aggressive mimicry prey specific predatory behavior and predator recognition in the predator prey interactions of portia fimbriata and euryattus spp jumping spiders from queensland australia

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Aggressive natural killer cell leukemia lymphoma report of four cases and review of the literature possible existence of a new clinical entity originating from the third lineage of lymphoid cells

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Aggressive node dissection for esophageal cancer

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Aggressive non Hodgkin lymphoma in the elderly. A retrospective study of 72 patients with clinical features and treatment

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Aggressive non hodgkin's lymphomas in aids the university of colorado denver colorado usa experience

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Aggressive oligodendroglioma: a chemosensitive tumor

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Aggressive oral fibromatosis in children

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Aggressive osteoblastoma. A case previously reported as a recurrent osteoid osteoma

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Aggressive osteoblastoma of the temporal bone: a case report

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Aggressive peritoneal dialysis for treatment of acute kidney failure after neonatal heart transplantation

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Aggressive physiologic monitoring of pediatric head trauma patients with elevated intracranial pressure

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Aggressive surgery for carcinoma of the gallbladder

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Aggressive thoughts and behavior: another symptom of panic disorder?

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Aggressiveness and fungal host ranges of mycoparasitic pythium spp

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Aggressiveness and the foraging behavior of young of the year brook charr salvelinus fontinalis

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Aggressiveness and thematic apperception test tat

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Aggressiveness between females and mother pup separation in the southern sea lion in chubut argentina

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Aggressiveness of fusarium spp with a view to cultivars and lines of triticale

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Aggressiveness of gibberella fujikuroi fusarium moniliforme isolates to grain sorghum under greenhouse conditions

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Aggressiveness of isolates of pyrenophora tritici repentis obtained from wheat in the northern great plains

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Aggressiveness of meloidogyne incognita host races on white clover

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Aggressiveness of papaya ringspot virus watermelon strains on watermelon cultivars

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Aggressiveness of pyrenophora tritici repentis isolated from grass and barley hosts

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Aggressiveness of strains of pseudomonas solanacearum from the french west indies martinique and guadeloupe on tomato

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Aggressiveness of two males facing one conspecific female in a cave beetle speonomus delarouzeei coleoptera catopidae

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Aggressivity and hysterical personality

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Aging: altered responsiveness of gastric mucosa to epidermal growth factor

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Aging alters opiate inhibition of potassium stimulated dopamine release from the corpus striatum of male rats

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Aging alters ornithine decarboxylase and decreases polyamines in regenerating rat liver but putrescine replacement has no effect

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Aging and Alzheimer's disease. Altered cortical serotonergic binding

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Aging and cerebral amyloid: early detection of amyloid in the human brain using biochemical extraction and immunostain

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Aging and consonant errors in reverberation and noise

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Aging and drug metabolism: alteration of liver drug metabolizing ability in male rats. Is it functional deterioration or feminization of the liver?

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Aging and exocrine pancreatic function

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Aging and exocrine pancreatic function evaluated by the recently standardized secretin test

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Aging and gastrin production: changes in serum and antral gastrin concentrations in the rat

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Aging and heat tolerance at rest or during work

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Aging and krypton esophageal transit study

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Aging and lung antioxidant enzymes, glutathione, and lipid peroxidation in the rat

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Aging and memory for action events the role of familiarity

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Aging and nasal mucosal hypersensitivity and reactivity

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Aging and physical activity determine cardiac structure and function in the older athlete

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Aging and social adaptability of adult individuals with down's syndrome

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Aging and temperature effects on the tumor development in drosophila melanogaster females

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Aging and terminal changes in Rorschach responses among the Japanese elderly

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Aging and the fitness of fire fighters: the complex issues involved in abolishing mandatory retirement ages

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Aging and the influence of contextual contrast on vowel identification

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Aging and the priming of newly learned associations

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Aging and the trophic effects of cholecystokinin, bombesin and pentagastrin on the rat pancreas

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Aging and thymus induced differential regulation of beta 1 and beta 2 adrenoceptors of mouse brain cortex

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Aging and thyroid function the incidence of positive anti thyroid antibodies in healthy subjects and the serum concentrations of thyroxine binding globulin tbg triiodothyronine t3 thyroxine t4 and thyroid stimulating hormone tsh evaluated in carefully selected healthy subjects with special reference to aging

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Aging as a cause of raised serum ferritin in the absence of disease

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Aging associated 5 kb deletion in human liver mitochondrial dna

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Aging associated changes in serotoninergic and dopaminergic presynaptic and postsynaptic neurochemical markers in the rat brain

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Aging associated intrinsic defects in iga production by murine peyer's patch b cells stimulated by autoreactive peyer's t cell hybridoma derived b cell stimulatory factors bsf

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Aging associated thiol loss in bacterionema matruchotii

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Aging, autonomic function, and the perception of angina

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Aging brain effect of acetyl l carnitine treatment on rat brain energy and phospholipid metabolism a study by phosphorus 31 and proton nmr spectroscopy

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Aging but not arousal influences the effect of environmental noise on the span of attention

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Aging but not estrogen alters regional tritiated 5 ht binding in the cns of female fischer 344 rats

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Aging catharus thrushes by rectrix shape

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Aging cerebral palsy and older persons with mental retardation

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Aging changes in accommodation

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Aging changes in astigmatism

Kimball K.A.; Cornett L.E.; Seifen E.; Kennedy R.H., 1991:
Aging changes in cardiac alpha adrenoceptor responsiveness and expression

Kanai A., 1989:
Aging changes in peripheral corneal endothelial cells

Zhang Z.; Ren H.; H.H., 1991:
Aging changes in the tyrosine hydroxylase immunoreactivity in the rat hypothalamus

Wang G.; Zhang K.; Zhang Z.; E.A., 1990:
Aging changes in tyrosine hydroxylase immunoreactive neurons in the locus coeruleus of the rat

Narita A.; Ishida K., 1989:
Aging changes of mice in the size of oocytes nuclei and nucleoli

Nishida S., 1990:
Aging changes of ocular tissues and their influences on accommodative functions

Morrison, J.C.; Cork, L.C.; Dunkelberger, G.R.; Brown, A.; Quigley, H.A., 1990:
Aging changes of the rhesus monkey optic nerve

Yoshitoshi T., 1989:
Aging changes of uric acid and ascorbic acid in mouse lenses

Sanada N.; Shioji I., 1991:
Aging characteristics observed in subcellular distribution and isozymes of liver got in senescence accelerated mice sam

Takayama K., 1988:
Aging characteristics of the arteries in placental stem villi and umbilical cord

Everman B.W.; Koblin D.D., 1992:
Aging chronic administration of ethanol and acute exposure to nitrous oxide effects of vitamin b 12 and folate status in rats

Dohi Y.; Luscher T.F., 1990:
Aging differentially affect direct and indirect actions of endothelin 1 in perfused mesenteric arteries of the rat

Walters, T.J.; Sweeney, H.L.; Farrar, R.P., 1990:
Aging does not affect contractile properties of type IIb FDL muscle in Fischer 344 rats

Ueda M.; Kawashima S.; Adachi Usami E.; Kyu N., 1990:
Aging effect in visual acuity after cataract surgery

Horne, D.W.; Patterson, D.; Said, H.M., 1989:
Aging: effect on hepatic metabolism and transport of folate in the rat

Takishima, T.; Shindoh, C.; Kikuchi, Y.; Hida, W.; Inoue, H., 1990:
Aging effect on oxygen consumption of respiratory muscles in humans

Yamazaki H.; Adachi Usami E., 1988:
Aging effects of spatial frequency characteristics measured by vecps

Costa, P.; Benna, P.; Bianco, C.; Ferrero, P.; Bergamasco, B., 1990:
Aging effects on brainstem auditory evoked potentials

Sano, N.; Adachi-Usami, E., 1990:
Aging effects on upper and lower half visual fields by VECPs and automated static perimetry

Casad, R.C.; Adelman, R.C., 1992:
Aging enhances inhibitory action of somatostatin in rat pancreas

Tanabe, S.; Buñag, R.D., 1991:
Aging escalates baroreceptor reflex suppression by the posterior hypothalamus in rats

Herremans M., 1990:
Aging hawfinches coccothraustes coccothraustes on plumage feathers

Karelus, K.; Nelson, J.F., 1992:
Aging impairs estrogenic suppression of hypothalamic proopiomelanocortin messenger ribonucleic acid in the mouse

Pieri C.; Moroni F.; Recchioni R.; Marcheselli F.; Falasca M.; Antonicelli R.; Damjanovich S., 1992:
Aging impairs membrane potential responsiveness as well as opening of voltage and ligand gated sodium channels in human lymphocytes

Pavy F., 1989:
Aging in building industries consequences on the crane driver population

Bordoni A.; Biagi P.L.; Turchetto E.; Hrelia S., 1988:
Aging influence of delta 6 desaturase activity and fatty acid composition of rat liver microsomes

Nyborg N.C.B., 1991:
Aging is associated with increased 5 ht 2 receptor affinity and decreased receptor reserve in rat isolated coronary arteries

Gilmore M.M.; Murphy C., 1989:
Aging is associated with increased weber ratios for caffeine but not sucrose

Beyer H.S.; Sherman R.; Zieve L., 1991:
Aging is associated with reduced liver regeneration and diminished thymidine kinase messenger rna content and enzyme activity in the rat

Deyoung C.A., 1989:
Aging live white tailed deer on southern usa ranges

Katayama, S., 1992:
Aging mechanism associated with a function of biowater

Holland C.A.; Rabbit P.M.A., 1991:
Aging memory use versus impairment

Fabbri G.; Petraglia F.; Stacca R.; Benatti L.; Monzani A.; Montanini V.; Genazzani A.D.; Alessandrini G.; Genazzani A.R., 1989:
Aging modifies the hormonal responses in women

Kimura, K., 1991:
Aging of bone density in the second metacarpal

Archer, F.J.; Kaye, R., 1989:
Aging of diabetic and nondiabetic skin fibroblasts in vitro: life span and sequential growth curves

Levran, D.; Ben-Shlomo, I.; Dor, J.; Ben-Rafael, Z.; Nebel, L.; Mashiach, S., 1991:
Aging of endometrium and oocytes: observations on conception and abortion rates in an egg donation model

Wang T.P.; Kagan J., 1989:
Aging of human erythrocytes effect on photosensitized hemolysis

Kapitanov A.B.; Aksenov M.Yu, 1990:
Aging of procaryotes acholeplasma laidlawii as an object for cell aging studies a brief note

Moscona Amir E.; Henis Y.I.; Sokolovsky M., 1989:
Aging of rat heart myocytes disrupts muscarinic receptor coupling that leads to inhibition of cyclic amp accumulation and alters the pathway of muscarinic stimulated phosphoinositide hydrolysis

Poisetti, P.; Bergonzi, G.; Ballocchi, S.; Fontana, F.; Scarpioni, L., 1991:
Aging of silastic peritoneal catheters

Caskey, C.I.; Zerhouni, E.A.; Fishman, E.K.; Rahmouni, A.D., 1989:
Aging of the diaphragm: a CT study

Gao, H.; Hollyfield, J.G., 1992:
Aging of the human retina. Differential loss of neurons and retinal pigment epithelial cells

Theodoropolous T.J.; Pappolla M.A., 1990:
Aging of the neuroendocrine system impaired neuropeptide control of tsh

Nougarede, A.; Rembur, J.; Francis, D.; Rondet, P., 1989:
Aging of the silene coeli rosa l. shoot apex under non inductive conditions changes in morphology mitotic index and polypeptide composition

Robert C.; Lesty C.; Robert A.M., 1988:
Aging of the skin study of elastic fiber network modifications by computerized image analysis

Hiss, J.; Hirshberg, A.; Dayan, D.F.; Bubis, J.J.; Wolman, M., 1988:
Aging of wound healing in an experimental model in mice

Kennedy R.H.; Seifen E., 1989:
Aging ouabain sensitive rubidium 86 uptake rate and responsiveness to digoxin in rat left atrial muscle

Seltzer, M.M.; Krauss, M.W., 1989:
Aging parents with adult mentally retarded children: family risk factors and sources of support

Engelmann G.; Leutert G., 1989:
Aging processes of the arytenoid cartilage

Itoh, H.; Buñag, R.D., 1992:
Aging reduces cardiovascular and sympathetic responses to NTS injections of serotonin in rats

Concas A.; Pepitoni S.; Atsoggiu T.; Toffano G.; Biggio G., 1988:
Aging reduces the gaba dependent chlorine 36 ion flux in rat brain membrane vesicles

Maaskant M.; Haveman M., 1989:
Aging residents in sheltered homes for persons with mental handicap in the netherlands

Duke N.C.; Pinzon M.Z.S., 1992:
Aging rhizophora seedlings from leaf scar nodes a technique for studying recruitment and growth in mangrove forests

Parkin A.J.; Walter B.M., 1991:
Aging short term memory and frontal dysfunction

Bombardelli E.; Spelta M.; Della Loggia R.; Sosa S.; Tubaro A., 1991:
Aging skin protective effect of silymarin phytosome

Ruch S.; I.W.B.; Kennedy R.H.; Seifen E.; Akera T., 1991:
Aging stimulation rate on cardiac intracellular sodium activity and developed tension

Ottenweller, J.E.; Tapp, W.N.; Creighton, D.; Natelson, B.H., 1988:
Aging, stress, and chronic disease interact to suppress plasma testosterone in Syrian hamsters

Sakato K.; Tanaka H.; Shibata S.; Kuratsu Y., 1992:
Agitation-aeration studies on coenzyme Q10 production using Rhodopseudomonas spheroides

Lawlor, B.A.; Tsuboyama, G.; Ryan, T.; Mohs, R.C.; Davis, B.M.; Davidson, M.; Gabriel, S.; Davis, K.L., 1992:
Agitation and postdexamethasone cortisol levels in Alzheimer's disease

Brooke, M.M.; Questad, K.A.; Patterson, D.R.; Bashak, K.J., 1992:
Agitation and restlessness after closed head injury: a prospective study of 100 consecutive admissions

Marx, M.S.; Werner, P.; Cohen-Mansfield, J., 1989:
Agitation and touch in the nursing home

Huang J.; Dhulster P.; Thomas D.; Barbotin J N., 1990:
Agitation rate effects on plasmid stability in immobilized and free cell continuous cultures of recombinant escherichia coli

Boo S.M.; Lee I.K.; Rueness J.; Yoshida T., 1991:
Aglaothamnion callophyllidicola new combination yamada ceramiaceae rhodophyta

Maggs C.A.; Guiry M.D.; Rueness J., 1991:
Aglaothamnion priceanum new species ceramiaceae rhodophyta from the northeastern atlantic morphology and life history of parasporangial plants

Rueness J.; L'hardy Halos M T., 1991:
Aglaothamnion westbrookiae new species rhodophyta a species previously confused under the name callithamnion byssoides

Zinova S.A.; Ulanova K.P.; Ul'kina Z.I.; Glebko L.I., 1988:
Aglycones of triterpene glycosides of some pulsatilla spp from the soviet far east

Zimmerman E.C.; Perrault G.H., 1989:
Aglycyderidae of the society islands south pacific ocean coleoptera curculionoidea

Resende C.M.; Vanin S.A., 1991:
Aglymbus bimaculatus new species a new bromeliadicolous beetle from the atlantic forest brazil coleoptera dytiscidae

Mcfarland H.I.; Bigley N.J., 1990:
Agm1 positive spleen cells contain gamma interferon ifn gamma gene transcripts in the early sex dependent production of ifn gamma after picornavirus infection

Luceno M.; Castrovijo S., 1991:
Agmatoploidy in carex laevigata cyperaceae fusion and fission of chromosomes as the mechanism of cytogenetic evolution in iberian populations

Harada K., 1989:
Agml its causes and clinical aspects

Persutte W.H.; Yeasting R.A.; Kurczynski T.W.; Lenke R.R.; Robinson H., 1990:
Agnathia malformation complex associated with a cystic distention of the oral cavity and hydrencephaly

Constantino R., 1990:
Agnathotermes crassinasus new species new species of termite from the amazon basin brazil isoptera termitidae nasutitermitinae

Mallouh, A.A.; Sa'di, A.R., 1992:
Agnogenic myeloid metaplasia in children

Mauri, F.A.; Ferrero, S.; Barbareschi, M.; Scampini, S.; Muscarà, M.; Motta, M.; Pignataro, L., 1990:
AgNOR distribution in normal and dysplastic laryngeal mucosa and in laryngeal epidermoid carcinomas

Mauri F.A.; Scampini S.; Aldovini D.; Ferrero S.; Barbareschi M.; Dalla Palma P., 1990 :
Agnor distribution in serous tumors of the ovary

Nagatani, T.; Iemoto, G.; Miyakawa, K.; Ichiyama, S.; Takahashi, Y.; Uchiyama, M.; Nakajima, H., 1991:
AgNOR (nucleolar organizer regions) staining in malignant melanoma

Beer T.W.; Rowlands D.C.; Crocker J., 1992:
Agnor silver nor counts and determination of malignancy in stromal tumours of the stomach and small intestine

Qiu, B.S.; Xu, L.Z.; Kong, J.C.; Chen, H.L.; Tao, L.D., 1992:
AGNORS in skin lesions of cutaneous malignant lymphomas and pseudolymphomas

Ahlberg P., 1989:
Agnostid trilobites from the lower ordovician komstad limestone formation of killerod scania sweden

Ahlberg P., 1988:
Agnostid trilobites from the ordovician of jamtland sweden

Ahlberg P., 1990:
Agnostid trilobites from the ordovician of the siljan district sweden

Ahlberg P., 1989:
Agnostid trilobites from the upper ordovician of sweden and bornholm denmark

D'Alessandro, A.M.; Stratta, R.J.; Southard, J.H.; Kalayoglu, M.; Belzer, F.O., 1989:
Agonal hepatic arterial vasospasm

Craft, R.M.; Dykstra, L.A., 1992:
Agonist and antagonist activity of kappa opioids in the squirrel monkey 1. antinociception and urine output

Craft, R.M.; Dykstra, L.A., 1992 :
Agonist and antagonist activity of kappa opioids in the squirrel monkey: II. Effect of chronic morphine treatment

Yamamoto T.; Walker E.A.; Woods J.H., 1991:
Agonist and antagonist properties of serotonergic compounds in pigeons trained to discriminate either quipazine or levo 5 hydroxytryptophan

Lee J.H.; Frand G.B., 1989:
Agonist antagonist effects of buprenorphine on action potentials of frog sciatic nerve fibers

Czajkowski, C.; Karlin, A., 1991:
Agonist binding site of Torpedo electric tissue nicotinic acetylcholine receptor. A negatively charged region of the delta subunit within 0.9 nm of the alpha subunit binding site disulfide

Missiaen L.; Declerck I.; Droogmans G.; Plessers L.; D.S.edt H.; Raeymaeker L.; Casteels R., 1990:
Agonist dependent calcium ion manganese ion entry dependent on state of filling of calcium stores in aortic smooth muscle cells of the rat

Milligan G.; Carr C.; Gould G.W.; Mullaney I.; Lavan B.E., 1991:
Agonist dependent cholera toxin catalyzed adp ribosylation of pertussis toxin sensitive g proteins following transfection of the human alpha 2 c10 adrenergic receptor into rat 1 fibroblasts evidence for the direct interaction of a single receptor with two pertussis toxin sensitive g proteins g i2 and g i3

Stauderman K.A.; Murawsky M.M.; Pruss R.M., 1990:
Agonist dependent patterns of cytosolic calcium ion changes in single bovine adrenal chromaffin cells relationship to catecholamine release

Haga K.; Haga T., 1989:
Agonist dependent phosphorylation of cerebral and atrial muscarinic receptors blockade of the phosphorylation by gtp binding regulatory proteins and its reversal by guanine nucleotides

Boddeke H.W.G.M.; Kalkman H.O., 1992:
Agonist effects at putative central 5 ht 4 receptors in rat hippocampus by r dextro and s levo zacopride no evidence for stereoselectivity

Kimura M.; Gardner J.P.; Aviv A., 1990:
Agonist evoked alkaline shift in the cytosolic ph set point for activation of sodium proton antiport in human platelets the role of cytosolic calcium and protein kinase

Manganel M.; Turner R.J., 1990:
Agonist induced activation of sodium ion and proton exchange in rat parotid acinar cells is dependent on calcium but not on protein kinase c

Manganel M.; Turner R.J., 1989:
Agonist induced activation of sodium proton exchange in rat parotid acinar cells

Alonso M.T.; Alvarez J.; Montero M.; Sanchez A.; Garcia Sancho J., 1991:
Agonist induced calcium influx into human platelets is secondary to the emptying of intracellular calcium stores

Montero M.; Alvarez J.; Garcia Sancho J., 1991:
Agonist induced calcium ion influx in human neutrophils is secondary to the emptying of intracellular calcium stores

Melvin J.E.; O'connell A.C.; Koek L.; Bowen W.H., 1991:
Agonist induced calcium mobilization in the rat submandibular gland during aging and subsequent to chronic propranolol treatment

Iredale P.A.; Martin K.F.; Hill S.J.; Kendall D.A., 1992:
Agonist induced changes in intracellular calcium in n1e 115 cells differential effects of bradykinin and carbachol

Martin M.W.; Harden T.K., 1989:
Agonist induced desensitization of a p 2y purinergic receptor regulated phospholipase

Orr G.L.; Hollingworth R.M., 1990:
Agonist induced desensitization of an octopamine receptor

Hadcock J.R.; Wang H Y.; Malbon C.C., 1989:
Agonist induced destabilization of beta adrenergic receptor messenger rna attenuation of glucocorticoid induced up regulation of beta adrenergic receptors

Atta A.H., 1988:
Agonist induced endothelium dependent relaxation of histamine contracted bovine carotid artery

Crawford K.M.; Stuenkel E.L.; Ernst S.A., 1991:
Agonist induced frequency modulation calcium oscillations in salt gland secretory cells

Blatter L.A.; Wier W.G., 1992:
Agonist induced intracellular calcium concentration waves and calcium induced calcium release in mammalian vascular smooth muscle cells

Atakhanova L.E.; Mazurov A.V.; Katsenovich E.R.; Repin V.S., 1990:
Agonist induced platelet adhesion application in patients with myocardial infarction

Barnes J.M.; Barnes N.M.; Costall B.; Jagger S.M.; Naylor R.J.; Robertson D.W.; Roe S.Y., 1992:
Agonist interactions with 5 ht 3 receptors recognition sites in the rat entorhinal cortex labelled by structurally diverse radioligands

Zhao H.; Khademazad M.; Muallem S., 1990:
Agonist mediated calcium ion release in permeabilized umr 106 01 cells transport properties and generation of inositol 1 4 5 trisphosphate

Schmieden, V.; Kuhse, J.; Betz, H., 1992:
Agonist pharmacology of neonatal and adult glycine receptor alpha subunits: identification of amino acid residues involved in taurine activation

Rozental, R.; Aracava, Y.; Scoble, G.T.; Swanson, K.L.; Wonnacott, S.; Albuquerque, E.X., 1989:
Agonist recognition site of the peripheral acetylcholine receptor ion channel complex differentiates the enantiomers of nicotine

Hadcock J.R.; Ross M.; Malbon C.C., 1989:
Agonist regulation of beta adrenergic receptor messenger rna analysis in s49 mouse lymphoma mutants

Yu, D.Y.; Alder, V.A.; Su, E.N.; Mele, E.M.; Cringle, S.J.; Morgan, W.H., 1992:
Agonist response of human isolated posterior ciliary artery

Wong, Y.H.; Demoliou-Mason, C.D.; Hanley, M.R.; Barnard, E.A., 1990:
Agonist selective protection of the opioid receptor coupled g proteins from inactivation by 5' p fluorosulfonylbenzoylguanosine

Muallem S.; Loessberg P.; Sachs G.; Wheeler L.A., 1991:
Agonist sensitive and insensitive intracellular calcium pools separate calcium releasing mechanisms revealed by manoalide and benzohydroquinone

Wang X L.; Van Tits L.J.H.; Deighton N.M., 1991:
Agonist specific and non specific in vitro desensitization of human lymphocyte beta 2 adrenoceptors

Gerritsen M.E.; Perry C.A.; Moatter T.; Cragoe E.J.Jr; Medow M.S., 1989:
Agonist specific role for sodium proton antiport in prostaglandin release from microvessel endothelium

Homma T.; Burns K.D.; Harris R.C., 1990:
Agonist stimulation of sodium ion potassium ion chloride ion cotransport in rat glomerular mesangial cells evidence for protein kinase c dependent and calcium ion calmodulin dependent pathways

Goetz, C.G.; Shannon, K.M.; Tanner, C.M.; Carroll, V.S.; Klawans, H.L., 1989:
Agonist substitution in advanced Parkinson's disease

Carmeliet E.; Tytgat J., 1991:
Agonistic and antagonistic effects of r 56865 on the sodium channel in cardiac cells

Kupiec-Weglinski, J.W.; Tilney, N.L.; Stunkel, K.G.; Grutzmann, R.; van der Meide, P.H.; D.S.efano, R.; Diamantstein, T., 1989:
Agonistic and antagonistic interactions of anti-interleukin 2 receptor monoclonal antibodies in rat recipients of cardiac allografts

Korytko A.I.; Vessey S.H., 1991:
Agonistic and spacing behaviour in white footed mice peromyscus leucopus

Yarden, Y., 1990:
Agonistic antibodies stimulate the kinase encoded by the neu protooncogene in living cells but the oncogenic mutant is constitutively active

S.N.Y.; Haverty M.I., 1991:
Agonistic behavior among colonies of the formosan subterranean termite coptotermes formosanus shiraki isoptera rhinotermitidae from florida usa and hawaii lack of correlation with cuticular hydrocarbon composition

Ducey P.K., 1989:
Agonistic behavior and biting during intraspecific encounters in ambystoma salamanders

Greene H.W., 1989:
Agonistic behavior by three toed sloths bradypus variegatus

Black J.M.; Owen M., 1989:
Agonistic behavior in barnacle goose flocks assessment investment and reproductive success

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