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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6996

Chapter 6996 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Duchateau M.J., 1989: Agonistic behaviors in colonies of the bumblebee bombus terrestris

Senar J.C., 1990: Agonistic communication in social species what is communicated

Uggla C.K.; Geisberg M.; Jondal M.; Knowles R.W., 1989: Agonistic effects of anti cd2 and anti cd16 antibodies on human natural killer killing

Rivault C.; Cloarec A., 1992: Agonistic interactions and exploitation of limited food sources in blattella germanica l

Olivera P.S.; Hoelldobler B., 1991: Agonistic interactions and reproductive dominance in pachycondyla obscuricornis hymenoptera formicidae

Senar J.C.; Camerino M.; Metcalfe N.B., 1989: Agonistic interactions in siskin flocks why are dominants sometimes subordinate

Jakobson E.; Axelsson B.; Paulie S., 1992: Agonistic properties of anti b cell antibodies purified on staphylococcal protein a may be due to contaminating protein a

Olah M.; Stiles G.L., 1990: Agonists and antagonists recognize different but overlapping populations of a 1 adenosine receptors modulation of receptor number by magnesium chloride solubilization and guanine nucleotides

Moroni F., 1988: Agonists antagonists and modulators of excitatory amino acid receptors in the guinea pig myenteric plexus

Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995010

Mottram D.R., 1988: Agonists at presynaptic receptors on sympathetic nerves differentially affect two phases of the contractile response in the rat vas deferens

Broecher S.; Artola A.; Singer W., 1992: Agonists of cholinergic and noradrenergic receptors facilitate synergistically the induction of long term potentiation in slices of rat visual cortex

Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995013

Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995014

Heijerman T.; Ketelaar R., 1991: Agonum dolens in the netherlands returned or rediscovered coleoptera carabidae

Pupier R., 1991: Agonum ericeti new record panzer for the massif central france coleoptera carabidae platyninae

Burakowski B., 1989: Agonum quadripunctatum de geer a pyrophilous beetle and its immature stages coleoptera carabidae

Halfens R., 1988: Agoraphobia and locus of control

Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995019

Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995020

Waisbren S.E.; Levy H.L., 1991: Agoraphobia in phenylketonuria

Brown R.; Munjack D.; Mcdowell D., 1989: Agoraphobia with and without current panic attacks

Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995023

Lynch P.; Bakal D.; Whitelawk W.; Fung T.; Rose L., 1992: Agoraphobic avoidance and panic frequency as predictors of laboratory induced panic reactions

Liddell, A.; Acton, B., 1988: Agoraphobics' understanding of the development and maintenance of their symptoms

Williams P.; Ratajczak T.; Lee S.C.; Ringold G.M., 1991: Agp ebp lap expressed in rat hepatoma cells interacts with multiple promoter sites and is necessary for maximal glucocorticoid induction of the rat alpha 1 acid glycoprotein gene

Druks J.; Marshall J.C., 1991: Agrammatism an analysis and critique with new evidence for four hebrew speaking aphasic patients

Kolk H.; Heeschen C., 1992: Agrammatism paragrammatism and the management of language

Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995029

Vernet G.; Oules O.; Poinas Caillaud H.; Raffaillat Bonhomme D.; Monange P.; Lavarenne J., 1991: Agranulocytosis and metapramine a well known side effect without bibliographical data

Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995031

Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995032

Sumimoto S.; Kasajima Y.; Hamamoto T.; Miyanomae T.; Iwai Y.; Mayumi M.; Mikawa H., 1990: Agranulocytosis following infectious mononucleosis

Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995034

Takahashi H.; Suge H.; Jaffe M.J., 1991: Agravitropic growth and its relation to the formation of the plumular hook in etiolated shoots of the pea mutant ageotropum

Bendtsen F.; Skovgaard L.T.; Sorensen T.I.A.; Matzen P., 1990: Agreement among multiple observers on endoscopic diagnosis of esophageal varices before bleeding

De Mey C.; Matthews J.; Butzer R.; Schroeter V.; Belz G.G., 1992: Agreement and reproducibility of the estimates of cardiovascular function by impedance cardiography and m mode echocardiography in healthy subjects

Carvalho M.L.D.; Niobey F.M.L.; Miranda N.N.D.; Sabroza P.C., 1990: Agreement as to the determination of the basic cause of death among children of under one year of age in metropolitan region of rio de janeiro brazil 1986

Silverstein A.B., 1989: Agreement between a short form and the full scale as a function of the correlation between them

Anderson M.A.; Gopaldas T.; Abbi R.; Gujral S., 1990: Agreement between arm circumference weight for age and weight for height measures of malnutrition in children

Mccormack M.; Infante Rivard C.; Schick E., 1992: Agreement between clinical methods of measurement of urinary frequency and functional bladder capacity

Varma R.; Spaeth G.L.; Steinmann W.C.; Katz L.J., 1989: Agreement between clinicians and an image analyzer in estimating cup to disc ratios

Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995043

Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995044

Goodman M.T.; Nomura A.M.Y.; Wilkens L.R.; Kolonel L.N., 1990: Agreement between interview information and physician records on history of menopausal estrogen use

Cahan C.; Decker M.J.; Hoekji P.L.; Strohl K.P., 1990: Agreement between noninvasive oximetric values for oxygen saturation

Van Leeuwen F.E.; Van Duijn C.M.; Camps M.H.T.H.; Kempers B.A.M.; Mentjens M.F.M.H.; Mulder H.B.; Schouten E.G.; Zwijsen R.M.L.; Rookus M.A., 1992: Agreement between oral contraceptive users and prescribers implications for case control studies

Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995048

Verhulst, F. C.; Akkerhuis, G. W., 1989: Agreement between parents' and teachers' ratings of behavioral emotional problems of children aged 4 12

Verhulst, F. C.; Van-Der-Ende, J., 1992: Agreement between parents' reports and adolescents' self reports of problem behavior

Hare J.; Pratt C.; Nelson C., 1992: Agreement between patients and their self selected surrogates on difficult medical decisions

Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995052

Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995053

Flegal K.M., 1991: Agreement between two dietary methods in reported intake of beer wine and liquor

Hancock L.; Hennrikus D.; Henry D.A.; Sanson Fisher R.; Walsh R.; Lewis J.H., 1991: Agreement between two measures of drug use in a low prevalence population

O'hara C.M.; Rhoden D.L.; Smith P.B., 1990: Agreement between visual and automated uniscept api readings

Sokolove P.J.; Faix J.D., 1991: Agreement of intact and beta chain specific hcg assays in abnormal pregnancy

Burnett C.A.; Crouse W.E., 1989: Agreement of latest and longest occupation and industry as reported in the 1980 national health interview survey

Irwin K.L.; Wingo P.A.; Lee N.C., 1990: Agreement of self reported ovarian number following gynecologic surgery with medical record reports

Suen H.K., 1988: Agreement reliablity accuracy and validity toward a clarification

Mahony J.; Rosenthal K.; Chernesky M.; Castriciano S.; Scheid E.; Blajchman M.; Harnish D., 1989: Agreement study between two laboratories of immunofluorescence as a confirmatory test for human immunodeficiency virus type 1 antibody screening

London L., 1992: Agrichemical hazards in the south african farming sector

Balashov L.S.; Pryshchak H.I., 1989: Agricultural background dependent variations in morphometric characteristics of sown perennial grasses

Heatwole C.; Dillaha T.; Mostaghimi S., 1991: Agricultural bmps applicable to virginia usa

Roberts R.S., 1988: Agricultural chemicals and groundwater quality the political economy of policy responses

Makunina G.S., 1990: Agricultural cultivation and humus losses in soddy podzolic brown forest and gray forest soils

Service M.W., 1991: Agricultural development and arthropod borne disease a review

Schmidt E., 1988: Agricultural development and maize diversity in mexico

Van Keulen H.; Breman H., 1990: Agricultural development in the west african sahelian region a cure against land hunger

Godoy R.A.; Feaw T.C., 1991: Agricultural diversification among smallholder rattan cultivators in central kalimantan indonesia

Darmody R.G.; Jansen I.J.; Carmer S.G.; Steiner J.S., 1989: Agricultural impacts of coal mine subsidence effects on corn yields

Krummsdorf A., 1989: Agricultural industrial development disturbing interference or reasonable remaking of nature

Stueland D.; Layde P.; Lee B.C., 1991: Agricultural injuries in children in central wisconsin

Vigneaul Y., 1988: Agricultural installations in flood plains protection of fauna habitats

Eder J.E., 1991: Agricultural intensification and labor productivity in a philippine vegetable gardening community a longitudinal study

Olson T.E.; Braun C.E.; Ryder R.A., 1991: Agricultural land use and mourning doves in eastern colorado usa implications for nesting and production in the great plains

Tesitel J.; Bartos M., 1991: Agricultural landscape structure i methodological basis

Etherton J.R.; Myers J.R.; Jensen R.C.; Russell J.C.; Braddee R.W., 1991: Agricultural machine related deaths

Stock M.; Teenck G.; Grossmann M.; Lindemann J., 1992: Agricultural management plans on salt marsh islands what is the breeding bird response?

Grieshop J.I.; Winter D.M., 1989: Agricultural pesticide accidents and prevention in ecuador

Johansson L., 1990: Agricultural pests and diseases in sweden 1989

Twengstrom E.; Sigvald R.; Lindblad M., 1991: Agricultural pests and diseases in sweden 1990

Peterson L., 1988: Agricultural policy and environmental protection

Wolf R.; Briemle G., 1989: Agricultural possibilities of utilization of lately used extensified grassland

Garcia Garcia J., 1991: Agricultural prices and wages in colombia impact of the coffee boom and government expenditures

Hussey N.W., 1990: Agricultural production in the third world a challenge for natural pest control

Edmondson R.N., 1991: Agricultural response surface experiments based on four level factorial designs

Aziz F.G.; Salib H.M.; Ali S.K.M.; Kamal B.B.; Al Nashi M.R., 1989: Agricultural test of outdoor soilless culture system under iraqi conditions

Matondo H.; Miambi E., 1990: Agricultural use of household compost in brazzaville market gardening belt

Choi, C. D.; Kim, S. C.; Lee, S. K., 1988: Agricultural use of the plant growth regulator 1. controlling of rice seedling by seed soaking treatment

Choi, C. D.; Kim, S. C.; Lee, S. K., 1990: Agricultural use of the plant growth regulators 3. effect of brassinolide on reducing herbicidal phytotoxicity of rice seedling

Fedorin Yu V.; Tyulina O.V.; Gurtovaya V.N., 1989: Agricultural utilization of soil resources

Kareld L.E.; Joelsson A.; Stibe L., 1990: Agriculture and nitrogen leakage in southern halland sweden

Ingold M., 1991: Agriculture and water pollution the case of the lake of geneva

Borgegard S O., 1990: Agriculture during the viking age in malaren area central sweden

Foster E.F.; Schmidt V.; Mariga I.K.; Jones T.R.; Lovejoy R.; Lobsiger T.; Schwab P.; Scovill C., 1990: Agriculture in the classroom enhances college agricultural curriculum while benefitting community

Baudon A., 1988: Agrilus rilliardi new species coleoptera buprestidae

Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995103

Wallace B.G., 1989: Agrin induced specializations contain cytoplasmic membrane and extracellular matrix associated components of the postsynaptic apparatus

Shadiack A.M.; Nitkin R.M., 1991: Agrin induces alpha actinin filamin and vinculin to co localize with achr clusters on cultured chick myotubes

Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995106

Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995107

Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995108

Aziz P., 1987: Agro botany of sapium sebiferum a rich source of tallow and stillingia oil

Khan, A. U., 1991: Agro ecology of onion couch arrhenatherum elatius var bulbosum i. distribution of onion couch related to the source and soil texture

Khan, A. U.; Morton, A. J., 1991: Agro ecology of onion couch arrhenatherum elatius var bulbosum willd. ii. competitiveness of onion couch in the crop situation and how it influences development of onion couch or crop

Singh C.V.; Singh R.K.; Variar M.; Chauhan V.S., 1992: Agro economic assessment of production technology of upland rice oryza sativa

Eyog Matig O., 1988: Agro forestry studies in north cameroon

Khalil I.A.; Durrani F.R., 1990: Agro industrial byproducts as supplemental energy and protein sources in dairy cattle and poultry production

Jauhri K.S.; Gupta M.; Sadasivam K.V., 1989: Agro industrial wastes as carriers for bacterial inoculants

Matsuda, Y.; Matsuoka, N.; Shiga, K.; Tsuji, O., 1991: Agro meteorological information systems in the tokachi district 1. the present condition of agro meteorological information systems

Francisco, P. B. Jr ; Maeda, K., 1989: Agro physiological studies on the yield performance of mungbean i. cultivar differences in earliness in flowering and their relationships with growth and seed yield

Francisco, P. B. Jr ; Maeda, K., 1989: Agro physiological studies on the yield performance of mungbean ii. cultivar differences in dry matter production partitioning and yield components and their relationships with earliness in flowering

Creissen G.; Smith C.; Francis R.; Reynolds H.; Mullineaux P., 1990: Agrobacterium and microprojectile mediated viral dna delivery into barley microspore derived cultures

Liu, W.; Parrott, W. A.; Hildebrand, D. F.; Collins, G. B.; Williams, E. G., 1990: Agrobacterium induced gall formation in bell pepper capsicum annuum l. and formation of shoot like structures expressing introduced genes

Atkinson R.G.; Candy C.J.; Gardner R.C., 1990: Agrobacterium infection of five new zealand fruit crops

Srinivasan; Mohapatra T.; Sharma R.P., 1991: Agrobacterium mediated genetic transformation of chickpea cicer arietinum l

Suessmuth J.; Dressler K.; Hess D., 1991: Agrobacterium mediated transfer of the gus gene into pollen of petunia

Miljus Djukic J.; Neskovic M.; Ninkovic S.; Crkvenjakov R., 1992: Agrobacterium mediated transformation and plant regeneration of buckwheat fagopyrum esculentum moench

Hidaka T.; Omura M.; Ugaki M.; Tomiyama M.; Kato A.; Ohshima M.; Motoyoshi F., 1990: Agrobacterium mediated transformation and regeneration of citrus spp from suspension cells

Arokiaraj P.; Rahaman W Y.W.A., 1991: Agrobacterium mediated transformation of hevea cells derived from in vitro and in vivo seedling cultures

Conner A.J.; Williams M.K.; Gardner R.C.; Deroles S.C.; Shaw M.L.; Lancaster J.E., 1991: Agrobacterium mediated transformation of new zealand potato cultivars

Scorza, R.; Morgens, P. H.; Cordts, J. M.; Mante, S.; Callahan, A. M., 1990: Agrobacterium mediated transformation of peach prunus persica l. batsch leaf segments immature embryos and long term embryogenic callus

Newell, C. A.; Rozman, R.; Hinchee, M. A.; Lawson, E. C.; Haley, L.; Sanders, P.; Kaniewski, W.; Tumer, N. E.; Horsch, R. B.; Fraley, R. T., 1991: Agrobacterium mediated transformation of solanum tuberosum l. cultivar russet burbank

Nehra N.S.; Chibbar R.N.; Kartha K.K.; Datla R.S.S.; Crosby W.L.; Stushnoff C., 1990: Agrobacterium mediated transformation of strawberry calli and recovery of transgenic plants

James, D. J.; Passey, A. J.; Barbara, D. J., 1990: Agrobacterium mediated transformation of the cultivated strawberry fragaria ananassa duch. using disarmed binary vectors

Hayman G.T.; Farrand S.K., 1990: Agrobacterium plasmids encode structurally and functionally different loci for catabolism of agrocinopine type opines

Jones D.A.; Kerr A., 1989: Agrobacterium radiobacter strain k1026 a genetically engineered derivative of strain k84 for biological control of crown gall

Huang Y.; Diner A.M.; Karnosky D.F., 1991: Agrobacterium rhizogenes mediated genetic transformation and regeneration of a conifer larix decidua

Guellec V.; David C.; Branchard M.; Tempe J., 1990: Agrobacterium rhizogenes mediated transformation of grapevine vitis vinifera l

Davey M.R., 1988: Agrobacterium rhizogenes mediated transformation of the wild soybeans glycine canescens and glycine clandestina production of transgenic plants of glycine canescens

Hansen G.; Larribe M.; Vaubert D.; Tempe J.; Biermann B.J.; Montoya A.L.; Chilton M D.; Brevet J., 1991: Agrobacterium rhizogenes pri 8196 transferred dna mapping and dna sequence of functions involved in mannopine synthesis and hairy root differentiation

Tinland B.; Huss B.; Paulus F.; Bonnard G.; Otten L., 1989: Agrobacterium tumefaciens 6b genes are strain specific and affect the activity of auxin as well as cytokinin genes

Deng W Y.; Lin X Y.; Shao Q Q., 1990: Agrobacterium tumefaciens can transform triticum aestivum and hordeum vulgare of gramineae

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Warkentin, T. D.; Mchughen, A., 1992: Agrobacterium tumefaciens mediated beta glucuronidase gus gene expression in lentil lens culinaris medik. tissue

De-Kathen, A.; Jacobsen, H. J., 1990: Agrobacterium tumefaciens mediated transformation of pisum sativum l. using binary and cointegrate vectors

Chang, H. H.; Chan, M. T., 1991: Agrobacterium tumefaciens mediated transformation of soybean glycine max l. merr. is promoted by the inclusion of potato suspension culture

Li K.G.; Andrianov V.M.; Piruzyan E.S., 1990: Agrobacterium tumefaciens nopaline type ti megaplasmid c58 vird locus is positively regulated

Tinland B.; Rohfritsch O.; Michler P.; Otten L., 1990: Agrobacterium tumefaciens t dna gene 6b stimulates rol induced root formation permits growth at high auxin concentrations and increases root size

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Mulitze D.K., 1990: Agrobase 4 a microcomputer database management and analysis system for plant breeding and agronomy

Presolska P., 1990: Agrobiological characteristics of self pollinated line maize a 632

Presolska P., 1990: Agrobiological characteristics of self pollinated line maize mo 17

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Kulyukin A.N.; Deryugin I.D.; Amerguzhin Kh A.; Chernyshov A.P., 1990: Agrochemical evaluation of long acting phosphorus containing fertilizers on medium loamy soddy podzolic soil

Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995169

Agaev N.A., 1989: Agrochemical grouping of soils of the lesser caucasus ussr according to trace element content and their effect on potato yield

Dubrovina I.V., 1991: Agrochemical parameters of soil fertility and production the opolye area of the vladimir oblast russian sfsr ussr

Kochetov I.S., 1991: Agrochemical properties of soddy podzolic medium eroded soil after antierosion treatment and fertilization in a grain grass crop rotation

Navalusic J., 1988: Agrochemical properties of the soil and chemical properties of the leaf of a pear cultivar grown in the locality of beska the fruska gora mountain yugoslavia

Reizvikh O.N., 1989: Agroclimatic basis of the phytomelioration of uzbekistan pastures ussr

Beinhauer R., 1989: Agroclimatic consequences of man made alteration of plant covers

Lee J T.; Yun S H.; Seino H., 1990: Agroclimatic evaluation for net primary production of natural vegetation and biomass production of rice crop in korea

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Mechlia, N. B.; Carroll, J. J., 1989: Agroclimatic modeling for the simulation of phenology yield and quality of crop production ii. citrus model implementation and verification

Garcia V.J.; Reichardt K., 1989: Agroclimatic multiple linear regression model for upland crop productivity forecast

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Diniz, A. C.; De-Matos, G. C., 1988: Agroecological zone map of the vegetation of the cape verde islands north atlantic ocean iv. boa vista island

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Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995233

Elliott H.A.; Dempsey B.A., 1991: Agronomic effects of land application of water treatment sludges

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Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995236

Peltonen Sainio P.; Karjalainen R., 1991: Agronomic evaluation of growing oat cultivar mixtures under various stress conditions in finland

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Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995241

Paiva, W. O. D.; Menezes, J. M. T., 1989: Agronomic evaluation of the performance of indian spinach basella alba l. synonym basella rubra in ouro preto d'oeste rondonia brazil

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Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995818

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Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995837

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Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995870

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Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995872

Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995873

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Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995882

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Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995910

Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995911

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Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995940

Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995941

Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995942

Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995943

Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995944

Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995945

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Section 7, Chapter 6996, Accession 006995983

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