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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6998

Chapter 6998 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Shefer S.I., 1988:
Alimentary conditioned reflexes of dogs during the activation and blockade of the amygdalar cholinoreactive system

Galan Munoz F.; Martinez Valverde A., 1991:
Alimentary habits in an adolescent population in malaga

Nowakowska M.; Matras J.; Bartoszcze M.; Palec S., 1991:
Alimentary intoxication of chinchillas caused by clostridium perfringens enterotoxin

Rondinone R.; Rigon P.; Macri I., 1988:
Alimentary investigation by computerized method results on 450 subjects

Lenskaya E.G.; Tazhibaev S.S.; Karsybekova N.M.; Alekseeva N.R.; Sarbaev V.T., 1991:
Alimentary means for maintaining superoxide dismutase activity in rat tissues under the conditions of tumor transplant growth and exposure to carminomycin

Palczewski S.; Zmyslowski P., 1990:
Alimentary methemoglobinemia in newborns in the patients of the pediatric department of the plock hospital in the period 1982 1986 poland

Santini B.; Ivaldi A.P.; Maffeis P.; Ansaldi N., 1990:
Alimentary prophylaxis of gut diseases

Leopoldo E Silva R.; Correa F.M.A.; Curi P.R., 1990:
Alimentary requirements of virgins and mated triatoma infestans klug 1834 hemiptera reduviidae triatominae in laboratory conditions

Trigo M.; Roncada M.J.; Stewien G.T.D.M.; Pereira I.M.T.B., 1989:
Alimentary taboos in the north region of brazil

Pintér, A.B.; Schubert, W.; Szemlédy, F.; Göbel, P.; Schäfer, J.; Kustos, G., 1992:
Alimentary tract duplications in infants and children

Taylor, A.J.; Dodds, W.J.; Stewart, E.T., 1989:
Alimentary tract lesions in Cowden's disease

Imamura, M.; Yamauchi, H.; Kakizaki, K., 1991:
Alimentary tract reconstruction following pancreatoduodenectomy: a new method with improvements in the nutritional state and gastrointestinal hormone release in dogs

Weuffen W.; Blohm H.; Thuerkow B., 1990:
Alimentary uptake by young cattle of thiocyanate and its presence in some organs body fluids and digestive tract

Melgar J.; Cid C.; Astiasaran I.; Bello J., 1991:
Alimentation influence in the characteristics of compounds related to fat of ham from iberic pigs

Lang U.; Streller I.; Walland A., 1989:
Alinidine antagonizes the myocardial effects of adenosine

Ferro, G.; Spinelli, L.; Duilio, C.; Spadafora, M.; Cinquegrana, G.; Condorelli, M., 1990:
Alinidine in chronic stable angina: the effect on diastolic perfusion time

Ditter H.; Mueller K D.; Bahavar H.; Schlepper M., 1991:
Alinidine in patients with multivessel coronary artery disease reduction of ischemic stress reaction

Uprichard A.C.G.; Chi L.; Lynch J.J.; Driscoll E.M.; Frye J.W.; Lucchesi B.R., 1989 :
Alinidine reduces the incidence of ischemic ventricular fibrillation in conscious canine model a protective effect antagonized by overdrive atrial pacing

Lang U.; Walland A., 1989:
Alinidine reverses the descending staircase of isolated rat atria by an antimuscarinic action

Stepuro I.I.; Zavodnik I.B.; Piletskaya T.P.; Artsukevich A.N., 1990:
Aliphatic aldehyde induced lysis of human erythrocytes

Avato P.; Bianchi G.; Murelli C., 1990:
Aliphatic and cyclic lipid components of sorghum plant organs

Serrazanetti G.P.; Conte L.S.; Cattani O., 1989:
Aliphatic hydrocarbon and sterol content of zooplankton of the emilia romagna coast northern adriatic

Misra T.N.; Singh R.S.; Pandey H.S.; Sharma S.C., 1989:
Aliphatic hydroxyketones from adenocalymma alliaceum leaves

Traylor T.G.; Hill K.W.; Fann W P.; Tsuchiya S.; Dunlap B.E., 1992:
Aliphatic hydroxylation catalyzed by iron iii porphyrins

Jeromin G.E.; Scheidt A., 1991:
Aliphatic optically active alcohols by enzyme aided syntheses

Matsuzaki S.; Hamana K.; Okada M.; Niitsu M.; Samejima K., 1990:
Aliphatic pentaamines found in canavalia gladiata

Andrianarison R.H.; Tixier M.; Beneytout J.L., 1991:
Aliphatic triene formation during the lupinus albus lipoxygenase catalyzed reaction comparison with double dioxygenation of arachidonic acid by soybean lipoxygenase 1

Franco, C.M.; Maurya, R.; Vijayakumar, E.K.; Chatterjee, S.; Blumbach, J.; Ganguli, B.N., 1991:
Alisamycin, a new antibiotic of the manumycin group. I. Taxonomy, production, isolation and biological activity

Duval Destin M.; Menu J P.; Gastinel D., 1990:
Alix vision support system for natural world perception

Gil Lemus M.A.; Trueba A., 1989:
Alizapride a new antiemetic in chemotherapy?

Cantanna R.; Risuglia S.; Morini M.; Dalla Pozza P.G., 1991:
Alizapride in prevention and treatment of vomiting in middle ear surgery

Dejonckheere M.; Deloof T.; Dustin N.; Ewalenko P., 1990:
Alizapride in the prevention of post thyroidectomy emetic sequelae

Bonchev S.; Ibrishimov N.; Tsachev K.; Panova A.; Chernev D.; Dragnev K., 1989:
Alkali acid metabolism in ewes in different physiological conditions

Raphael E.; Joshua C.P.; Koshy L., 1989:
Alkali catalyzed thermal cyclization of 1 substituted and 1 6 disubstituted 2 5 dithiobiureas formation of 1 2 4 triazolidine 3 5 dithiones and or 1 3 4 thiadiazoline 5 thiones

Randle J.C.R.; Oliet S.H.R.; Renaud J F., 1991:
Alkali cation permeability and cesium blockade of cromakalim activated current in guinea pig ventricular myocytes

Hauser, W.; Frick, J.; Kunit, G., 1990:
Alkali citrate for preventing recurrence of calcium oxalate stones

Mistry A.H.; Eckhoff S.R., 1992:
Alkali debranning of corn to obtain corn bran

Mistry A.H.; Schmidt S.J.; Eckhoff S.R.; Sutherland J.W., 1992:
Alkali extraction of starch from corn flour

Wootton M.; H.P., 1989:
Alkali gelatinization of wheat starch

Gabrielsen B.C.; Vogel K.P.; Anderson B.E.; Ward J.K., 1990:
Alkali labile cell wall phenolics and forage quality in switch grasses selected for differing digestibility

Ochiai Y.; Handa A.; Watabe S.; Hashimoto K., 1990:
Alkali light chains are involved in stabilization of myosin head

Kim J.N.; Chung K.H.; Ryu E.K., 1991:
Alkali metal fluoride promoted generation of nitrile oxides from hydroximoyl chlorides

Zacharias, D.; Janssen, C.; Brandes, D., 1988:
Alkali rich molinia litter meadows of molinietum caeruleae w. koch 1926 their fallow stages and their most important contact communities in southeastern lower saxony west germany

Canale C.J.; Abrams S.M.; Varga G.A.; Muller L.D., 1990:
Alkali treated orchardgrass and alfalfa composition and in situ digestion of dry matter and cell wall components

X.S.; Ekern A.; M.M.; Sundstol F., 1991:
Alkali treated straw as feed for ruminants digestibility of treated straw in sheep and voluntary intake and growth of heifers fed on treated straw

Verma K.K.; Tyagi P.; Sanghi S.K., 1988:
Alkalimetric determination of mercury by use of its reaction with 1 mercaptopropane 2 3 diol

Weinberg, R.A.; Zusman, D.R., 1990:
Alkaline, acid, and neutral phosphatase activities are induced during development in Myxococcus xanthus

Chakrabarti R.; Goswami M., 1989:
Alkaline and acid phosphatase activity in the gonads of rats in experimental lathyrism

Gruber, H.E.; Marshall, G.J.; Nolasco, L.M.; Kirchen, M.E.; Rimoin, D.L., 1988:
Alkaline and acid phosphatase demonstration in human bone and cartilage: effects of fixation interval and methacrylate embedments

Bylund J.E.; Dyer J.K.; Feely D.E.; Martin E.L., 1990:
Alkaline and acid phosphatases from the extensively halotolerant bacterium halomonas elongata

Sidik A.S.; Sugita H.; Paat S.; Deguchi Y., 1990:
Alkaline and acid phosphatases in a tank water rearing carp cyprinus carpio

Matsushima E.; Minami Y.; Azuma R.; Yoshida K I.; Umeno Y.; Marunaka T., 1989:
Alkaline and neutral degradation of cefodizime thr 221 and structural elucidation of the products ii

Kon Y.; E.A., 1990:
Alkaline battery foreign body in the ear report of a case

Ito S.; Shikata S.; Ozaki K.; Kawai S.; Okamoto K.; Inoue S.; Takei A.; Ohta Y I.; Satoh T., 1989:
Alkaline cellulase for laundry detergents production by bacillus sp ksm 635 and enzymatic properties

Shikata S.; Saeki K.; Okoshi H.; Yoshimatsu T.; Ozaki K.; Kawai S.; Ito S., 1990:
Alkaline cellulases for laundry detergents production by alkalophilic strains of bacillus and some properties of the crude enzymes

Berg, C., 1990:
Alkaline citrate in prevention of recurrent calcium oxalate stones

Wölwer-Rieck, U.; Glombitza, K.W., 1990:
Alkaline Cleavage of Polymeric Phenols from Sargassum muticum and Pelvetia canaliculata

Hanninen, K.; Niemela, K., 1992:
Alkaline degradation of peat humic acids part ii. identification of hydrophilic products

Hori J., 1992:
Alkaline denaturation of bovine serum albumin iii effect of palmitic acid

Furihata, C.; Hatta, A.; Sato, Y.; Matsushima, T., 1989:
Alkaline elution of DNA from stomach pyloric mucosa of rats treated with glyoxal

Benitez Bribiesca L.; Villalobos M.; Castorena G.; Vazquez E., 1988:
Alkaline erythrosin b staining of sperm heads its possible significance and potential use

Bas F.J.; Stern M.D.; Fahey G.C.Jr, 1989:
Alkaline hydrogen peroxide treated wheat straw as a source of energy for ruminal bacteria in continuous culture

Okubo T.; Ohyama Y., 1989:
Alkaline hydrolyses of ester linked detergents in the solution phase and at the air water interface as studied by surface tension measurements

Shija R.; Sunderland V.B.; Mcdonald C., 1992:
Alkaline hydrolysis of methyl ethyl and n propyl 4 hydroxybenzoate esters in the liquid and frozen states

Hernandez Mendez J.; Carabias Martinez R.; Rodriguez Gonzalo E.; Perez Trancon J., 1990:
Alkaline hydrolysis of paraoxon in flow systems amperometric determination in the presence of parathion

Bingham, R.J.; Hall, K.S.; Slonczewski, J.L., 1990:
Alkaline induction of a novel gene locus, alx, in Escherichia coli

Levitskii D.I.; Nikolaeva O.P.; Kalmykov P.V.; Golitsyna N.L.; Khotchenkov V.P.; Poglazov B.F., 1991:
Alkaline light chain a1 is responsible for the aggregation of active filaments decorated with myosin subfragment 1

Young L.J.; Siegel L.M., 1990:
Alkaline low spin form of sulfite reductase hemeprotein subunit

Vaingankar N.M.; Kulkarni P.R., 1988:
Alkaline oxidation value as indicator of adulteration of scented basmati rice with non scented rice varieties

Regassa, L.B.; Betley, M.J., 1992:
Alkaline pH decreases expression of the accessory gene regulator (agr) in Staphylococcus aureus

Jezek P.; Houstek J.; Drahota Z., 1988:
Alkaline ph membrane potential and magnesium cations are negative modulators of purine nucleotide inhibition of proton and chloride transport through the uncoupling protein of brown adipose tissue mitochondria

Edelson, J.D.; Shannon, J.M.; Mason, R.J., 1988:
Alkaline phosphatase: a marker of alveolar type II cell differentiation

Ohshima, M.; Kuwata, F.; Otsuka, K.; Saito, R.; Sato, K.; Shioji, S.; Suzuki, K., 1988:
Alkaline phosphatase activities of cultured human periodontal ligament cells

Elkina N.I., 1988:
Alkaline phosphatase activity in blood serum of dogs exposed to a mixture of external gamma radiation and internal alpha radiation

Stepanova L.G.; Zgurskii A.A.; Alekseev S.B., 1989:
Alkaline phosphatase activity in cultured human fibroblasts related to the culture proliferative status

Ogawa, H.; Mink, J.; Hardison, W.G.; Miyai, K., 1990:
Alkaline phosphatase activity in hepatic tissue and serum correlates with amount and type of bile acid load

Kovalszky, I.; Kralovánszky, J.; Jeney, A.; Lapis, K.; Karácsonyi, S.; Széchény, A., 1991:
Alkaline phosphatase activity in human and rat liver tumors

Boni L.; Carpene E.; Wynne D.; Reti M., 1989:
Alkaline phosphatase activity in protogonyaulax tamarensis

Verhaert, P.D.; Walgraeve, H.R.; Downer, R.G., 1990:
Alkaline phosphatase activity in the brain of the American cockroach Periplaneta americana L

Singh N.; Pandey R.S., 1987:
Alkaline phosphatase activity in the life cycle stages of dysdercus koenigii f

Nakamura, Y.; Tanaka, T.; Wakimoto, Y.; Noda, K.; Kuwahara, Y., 1991:
Alkaline phosphatase activity in the osteoclasts induced by experimental tooth movement

Cimmino, M.A.; Buffrini, L.; Barisone, G.; Bruzzone, M.; Accardo, S., 1990:
Alkaline phosphatase activity in the serum of patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Kasyapa C.S.S.; Ramanadham M., 1992:
Alkaline phosphatase activity is expressed only on b lymphocytes committed to proliferation

Okamoto T.; Tsukamoto Y., 1990:
Alkaline phosphatase activity of human dental pulpal fibroblasts

Donachy J.E.; Watabe N.; Showman R.M., 1990:
Alkaline phosphatase and carbonic anhydrase activity associated with arm regeneration in the sea star asterias forbesi

Grim, M.; Carlson, B.M., 1990:
Alkaline phosphatase and dipeptidylpeptidase IV staining of tissue components of skeletal muscle: a comparative study

Profirov Y.; Vojnova R.; Toncheva E., 1988:
Alkaline phosphatase and leucine aminopeptidase activity in microvilli membranes of enterocytes of pigs receiving saccharose in diet

Terletskaya L.M., 1989:
Alkaline phosphatase and myeloperoxidase of granulocytes in patients with coronary heart disease

Uchida T., 1992:
Alkaline phosphatase and nitrate reductase activities in prorocentrum micans ehrenberg

Libbin R.M.; Hirschman A.; Person P.; Blumenthal N.C., 1992:
Alkaline phosphatase and peptidase levels in invertebrate cartilage

Kawamura K.; Yamamoto T.; Sugino Y.M.; Fujiwara S., 1992:
Alkaline phosphatase and peroxidase activities of blood cells in the polystyelid ascidian polyandrocarpa misakiensis

Hammond K.D.; Mohamed E.; Gregor R.T., 1990:
Alkaline phosphatase and phosphoamino acid phosphatases in normal and cancerous tissues of the human larynx

Millan J.L., 1992:
Alkaline phosphatase as a reporter of cancerous transformation

Hampel R.; Rose H J.; Jahreis G.; Krabbe S.; Meng W.; Hesse V., 1990:
Alkaline phosphatase bone isoenzyme as activity indicator of acromegaly

Husson, M.O.; Mielcarek, C.; Izard, D.; Leclerc, H., 1989:
Alkaline phosphatase capture test for the rapid identification of Escherichia coli and Shigella species based on a specific monoclonal antibody

Bianco, P.; Boyde, A., 1989:
Alkaline phosphatase cytochemistry in confocal scanning light microscopy for imaging the bone marrow stroma

Xu, Y.; Cruz, T.F.; Pritzker, K.P., 1991:
Alkaline phosphatase dissolves calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate crystals

Tokiwa, T.; Endo, A.; Sato, J., 1989:
Alkaline phosphatase expression in human cell lines derived from primary hepatomas

Murdoch A.; Jenkinson E.J.; Johnson G.D.; Owen J.J.T., 1990:
Alkaline phosphatase fast red a new fluorescent label application in double labelling for cell surface antigen and cell cycle analysis

Tardivel, S.; Dupuis, Y.; Fournier, P.; Zelazowska, E.; Graboń, W.; Porembska, Z., 1990:
Alkaline phosphatase from adult rat femur

Say J.C.; Ciuffi K.; Furriel R.P.M.; Ciancaglini P.; Leone F.A., 1991:
Alkaline phosphatase from rat osseous plates purification and biochemical characterization of a soluble form

Olsen R.L.; Overbo K.; Myrnes B., 1991:
Alkaline phosphatase from the hepatopancreas of shrimp pandalus borealis a dimeric enzyme with catalytically active subunits

Barondess J.J.; Carson M.; Verduzco L.M.G.; Beckwith J., 1991:
Alkaline phosphatase fusions in the study of cell division genes

Martin-Gallardo, A.; Deich, R.A.; Fien, K.A.; Metcalf, B.J.; Anilionis, A.; Paradiso, P.R., 1989:
Alkaline phosphatase fusions to the respiratory syncytial virus F protein as an approach to analyze its membrane topology

Elsafi, M.E.; Holmberg, J.T.; Hultberg, B.; Hägerstrand, I.; Isaksson, A.; Joelsson, B.; Melen, K., 1989:
Alkaline phosphatase in cholestatic and cirrhotic rats. A biochemical and histochemical study

Nametkin S.P.; Kabanov A.V.; Klyachko N.L.; Levashov A.V., 1991:
Alkaline phosphatase in reversed micelles of surfactants in organic solvents

Lutsik B.D.; Makusenkova N.I., 1989:
Alkaline phosphatase in the diagnosis of purulent and serous meningitides

Beertsen, W.; Van den Bos, T., 1991:
Alkaline phosphatase induces the deposition of calcified layers in relation to dentin: an in vitro study to mimic the formation of afibrillar acellular cementum

Beertsen, W.; van den Bos, T., 1992:
Alkaline phosphatase induces the mineralization of sheets of collagen implanted subcutaneously in the rat

Palombi, F.; D.C.rlo, C., 1988:
Alkaline phosphatase is a marker for myoid cells in cultures of rat peritubular and tubular tissue

Tibi, L.; Patrick, A.W.; Leslie, P.; Toft, A.D.; Smith, A.F., 1989:
Alkaline phosphatase isoenzymes in plasma in hyperthyroidism

Raymond F.; Datta H.; Moss D., 1991:
Alkaline phosphatase isoforms in bile and serum and their generation from cells in vitro

Hofmann, M.C.; Jeltsch, W.; Brecher, J.; Walt, H., 1989:
Alkaline phosphatase isozymes in human testicular germ cell tumors, their precancerous stage, and three related cell lines

Okada N.; Azuma M.; Eguchi M., 1989:
Alkaline phosphatase isozymes in the midgut of silkworm purification of high ph stable microvillus and labile cytosolic enzymes

Takeda S.; Azuma M.; Eguchi M., 1990:
Alkaline phosphatase isozymes of the silkworm midgut polymorphism in the enzyme activity antigen and electrophoretogram

Sato M.; Koseki Y.; Yoshida M.; Furiya K., 1990:
Alkaline phosphatase linked immunoglobulin m found in serum of a patient with rheumatoid arthritis

Kucharzewski M.; Srodka D.; Skrzypek J.; Brodziak A., 1988:
Alkaline phosphatase of granulocytes in patients before and after operations for neutral goiter

Feldbush, T.L.; Lafrenz, D., 1991:
Alkaline phosphatase on activated B cells characterization of the expression of alkaline phosphatase on activated B cells. Kinetics and membrane anchor

Ceriotti F., 1991:
Alkaline phosphatase reference values obtained using n methylglucamine as buffer

Agatova A.I.; Lapina N.M.; Sapozhnikov V.V., 1991:
Alkaline phosphatase suspension activity as an intensity index of production destruction processes of sea coast marine ecosystems

Messeri G.; Tozzi P.; Quercioli M.; Cataliotti L.; Cardona G., 1990:
Alkaline phosphatases and steroid receptors in human breast cancer

Fröhlander, N.; Millán, J.L., 1991:
Alkaline phosphatases as reporters of developmental and cancerous events

Sousa M.; Azevedo C., 1990:
Alkaline phosphate and peroxidase activities in starfish cortical vesicles before and after cortical reaction

Patterson J.W.; Boice R.E.; Marani D., 1991:
Alkaline precipitation and aging of copper from dilute cupric nitrate solution

Masci E.; Testoni P.A.; Fanti L.; Guslandi M.; Zuin M.; Ronchi G.; Tittobello A., 1990:
Alkaline reflux gastritis after partial gastrectomy evidence for a pathogenetic role of deoxycholic acid

Bridén, S.; Flemström, G., 1989:
Alkaline secretion by Necturus proximal duodenal mucosa

Kristjansson, M.M.; Kinsella, J.E., 1990:
Alkaline serine proteinase from Thermomonospora fusca YX. Stability to heat and denaturants

Moya Quiles M.R.; Villalba Sanchez J.; Munoz Delgado E.; Vidal C.J., 1992:
Alkaline treatment of muscle microsomes releases amphiphilic and hydrophilic forms of acetylcholinesterase

Delor C.P.; Rock N.M.S., 1991:
Alkaline ultramafic lamprophyre dykes from the vestfold hills princess elizabeth land east antarctica primitive magmas of deep mantle origin

Stauffer R.E., 1990:
Alkalinities of maine usa lakes are they really changing

Davis R.B.; Anderson D.S.; Whiting M.C.; Smol J.P.; Dixit S.S., 1990:
Alkalinity and ph of three lakes in northern new england usa over the past 300 years

Stauffer, R.E.; Wittchen, B.D., 1992:
Alkalinity regulation in maine headwater lakes terrestrial vs. lacustrine contributions in summer

Ackerman W.E.; Denson D.D.; Juneja M.M.; Herold J.; Sweeney N.J.; Nicholson C.J., 1990:
Alkalinization of chloroprocaine for epidural anesthesia effects of carbon dioxide partial pressure at constant ph

Tetzlaff, J.E.; Yoon, H.J.; O'Hara, J.; Reaney, J.; Stein, D.; Grimes-Rice, M., 1990:
Alkalinization of mepivacaine accelerates onset of interscalene block for shoulder surgery

Quinlan, J.J.; Oleksey, K.; Murphy, F.L., 1992:
Alkalinization of mepivacaine for axillary block

Buettner J.; Klose R., 1991:
Alkalinization of mepivacaine for axillary block using a catheter technique

Jiang, L.W.; Maher, V.M.; McCormick, J.J.; Schindler, M., 1990:
Alkalinization of the lysosomes is correlated with ras transformation of murine and human fibroblasts

Missiaen L.; Droogmans G.; D.S.edt H.; Wuytack F.; Raeymaekers L.; Casteels R., 1989:
Alkalinization stimulates the purified plasma membrane calcium pump by increasing its calcium affinity

Jacquinot P.; Jorrot J.C.; Dailland P.; Lirzin J.D.; Conseiller C., 1990:
Alkalization of bupivacaine fentanyl mixture for extradural analgesia during labor

Geiler W.; Otto J.; Muecke H., 1989:
Alkalization of peracetic acid for surface disinfection to comply with occupational hygiene limit values of room air

Endo, T.; Hamaguchi, N.; Eriksson, T.; Yamada, Y., 1991:
Alkaloid biosynthesis in somatic hybrids of Duboisia leichhardtii F. Muell. and Nicotiana tabacum L

Sisson V.A.; Severson R.F., 1990:
Alkaloid composition of the nicotiana spp

Petricic J.; Osmak M.; Hadzija M.; Kalodera Z.; Slijepcevic M., 1991:
Alkaloid concentrate from doronicum austriacum inhibits the growth of mouse fibroblasts in vitro and the growth of mouse mammary carcinoma in vivo

Chawla A.S.; Sood A.; Kumar M.; Jackson A.H., 1992:
Alkaloid constituents from erythrina x bidwillii flowers

Sadykov-Yu, D.; Khozhimatov, M., 1988:
Alkaloid content in ungernia victoris vved. tadzhik ssr russian sfsr ussr

Duynisveld, G.W.; Slominski, B.A.; Wittenberg, K.M.; Campbell, L.D., 1990:
Alkaloid content of reed canarygrass phalaris arundinacea l. as determined by gas liquid chromatography

Hertel S.C.; Schmauder H P.; Hieke M.; Groeger D., 1988:
Alkaloid formation and biosynthesis of aromatic amino acids in cell suspension cultures of ruta graveolens l

Buzuk G.N.; Lovkova M.Ya; Kliment'eva N.I., 1988:
Alkaloid metabolism at early developmental stages of lupinus polyphyllus l

Suau R.; Gomez A.I.; Rico R.; Vazquez Tato M.P.; Castedo L.; Riguera R., 1988:
Alkaloid n oxides of amaryllidaceae

Greinwald, R.; Schultze, W.; Czygan, F.C., 1990:
Alkaloid patterns of the overground parts of laburnum watereri kirchn. dipp

Panda, A.K.; Bisaria, V.S.; Mishra, S., 1992:
Alkaloid production by plant cell cultures of holarrhena antidysenterica ii. effect of precursor feeding and cultivation

Panda, A.K.; Mishra, S.; Bisaria, V.S., 1992:
Alkaloid production by plant cell suspension cultures of Holarrhena antidysenterica: I. Effect of major nutrients

Hamill, J.D.; Robins, R.J.; Rhodes, M.J., 1989:
Alkaloid Production by Transformed Root Cultures of Cinchona ledgeriana

Sierra, M.I.; van der Heijden, R.; Schripsema, J.; Verpoorte, R., 1991:
Alkaloid Production in Relation to Differentiation in Cell and Tissue Cultures of Tabernaemontana pandacaqui

Ralphs M.H.; Williams C., 1988:
Alkaloid response to defoliation of velvet lupine lupinus leucophyllus

Chommadov B.Ch, 1991:
Alkaloid specioseine from colchicum speciosum

Mehta G.; Reddy S.; Radhakrishnan R.; Manjuyla M.V.; Viswamitra M.A., 1991:
Alkaloid synthesis stereoselective approach towards fawcettimine serratinine group of lycopodium alkaloids

Cordero C.M.; Gil Serrano A.M.; Ayuso Gonzalez M.J., 1991:
Alkaloid variations in retama sphaerocarpa boissier

Lemaire, M.; Lange, C.; Bazire, M.; Cassier, P.; Clément, J.L.; Escoubas, P.; Basselier, J.J., 1988:
Alkaloid venom of European ants in the genus Monomorium. Site of synthesis, identification and quantification

Chawla A.S.; Reddy R.R.; Jackson A.H., 1989:
Alkaloidal constituents of erythrina suberosa flowers

Chawla, A.S.; Krishnan, T.R.; Jackson, A.H.; Scalabrin, D.A., 1988:
Alkaloidal constituents of Erythrina variegata bark

Kihara, M.; Konishi, K.; Xu, L.; Kobayashi, S., 1991:
Alkaloidal constituents of the flowers of lycoris radiata herb. amaryllidaceae

Hilal, S.H.; Aboutabl, E.A.; Youssef, S.A.H.; Shalaby, M.A.; Sokkar, N.M., 1989:
Alkaloidal content and certain pharmacological activities of fumaria parviflora lam. growing in egypt

Weber J F.; L.R.y A M.; Bruneton J.; Fournet A., 1989:
Alkaloidal content of four berberis species structure of berberilaurine a new bisbenzyltetrahydroisoquinoline

Kite G.C.; Fellows L.E.; Lees D.C.; Kitchen D.; Monteith G.B., 1991:
Alkaloidal glycosidase inhibitors in nocturnal and diurnal uraniine moths and their respective foodplant genera endospermum and omphalea

Klamann J D.; Fugmann B.; Steglich W., 1989:
Alkaloidal pigments from lactarius necator and lactarius atroviridis

Raynie D.E.; Nelson D.R.; Harper K.T., 1991:
Alkaloidal relationships in the genus arctomecon papaveraceae and herbivory in a arctomecon humulis

Davis A.R., 1991:
Alkaloids and ascidian chemical defense evidence for the ecological role of natural products from eudistoma olivaceum

Huang S C.; Chen M T.; W.T.S., 1989 :
Alkaloids and coumarins from stem bark of citrus grandis

W.T S., 1988:
Alkaloids and coumarins of citrus grandis O.L.; Franco J.; Seminario G.; Delle Monache F.; Millan B.; Ubillas Sanchez R.P.; Schlemper E.O.; Tempesta M.S., 1990:
Alkaloids and diterpenoids from werneria decora

Benkrief, R.; Brum-Bousquet, M.; Tillequin, F.; Koch, M., 1990:
Alkaloids and flavonoid from aerial parts of Hammada articulata ssp. scoparia

Wink M., 1991:
Alkaloids and genes studies on secondary metabolism in plant and animal and on gene expression in plant cell cultures

Abd-El-Kawy, M.A.; El-Kashoury, E.A.; El-Fishawy, A.M.; Atta, A.H.; Soliman, F.M., 1989:
Alkaloids and lignans of haplophyllum tuberculatum forssk. a. juss

Quader A.; But P.P H.; Gray A.I.; Hartley T.G.; H.Y.J.; Waterman P.G., 1990:
Alkaloids and limonoids of tetradium trichotomum chemotaxonomic significance

Bhakuni R.S.; Shukla Y.N.; Thakur R.S., 1990:
Alkaloids and lipid constituents of echinops niveus

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All e 12' apozeaxanthinol persicaxanthins and persicachromes

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All internal promoter elements of neurospora crassa 5s ribosomal rna and transfer rna genes including the a boxes are functionally gene specific

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All or nothing calcium mobilization from the intracellular stores of single histamine stimulated hela cells

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All terrain vehicle mortality in wisconsin usa a case study in injury control

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All that glistens water connotations in surface finishes

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All the observed universe has contributed to life

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All the year round sericulture by using an aseptic rearing system of silkworms on an artificial diet thirty six rearings per annum

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Allapinin pharmacokinetics in a single intravenous infusion

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Allele frequency change in a class structured population

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Allele frequency of gliadin coding loci as a factor of breeding conditions

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Allelic associations of multiple RFLPs of the gene encoding complement protein C2

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Allelic diversification at the class II DQB locus of the mammalian major histocompatibility complex

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'Allelic' forms of immunoglobulin V genes in different strains of mice

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Allergens in hymenoptera venom xxii. comparison of venoms from two species of imported fire ants solenopsis invicta and solenopsis richteri

Hoffman, D.R.; Jacobson, R.S.; Schmidt, M.; Smith, A.M., 1991:
Allergens in Hymenoptera venoms. XXIII. Venom content of imported fire ant whole body extracts

Franke, D.; Maasch, H.J.; Wahl, R.; Schultze-Werninghaus, G.; Bretting, H., 1990:
Allergens of horse epithelium. I. Physicochemical and immunochemical characterization of five different horse epithelium raw materials used for allergen extract preparation

Huang J.; Wang X P., 1988:
Allergic actions of three inorganic antimony compounds on animals

Magnussen H.; Joerres R.; Von Nieding G.; Wagner H.M., 1989:
Allergic airway diseases and environmental pollutants comparison between airway reactivity after inhalation of sulfur dioxide or histamine in patients with bronchial asthma

Jespersen, T.W.; Christensen, S.; Lenler-Petersen, P., 1988:
Allergic alveolitis (farmer's lung) caused by looking after a furnace fired with straw

Rask-Andersen, A., 1989:
Allergic alveolitis in Swedish farmers

Stevens, H.E., 1991:
Allergic and inflammatory aspects of chronic rhinosinusitis

Heese, A.; van Hintzenstern, J.; Peters, K.P.; Koch, H.U.; Hornstein, O.P., 1991:
Allergic and irritant reactions to rubber gloves in medical health services. Spectrum, diagnostic approach, and therapy

Cusano F.; Capozzi M.; Errico A.; Errico G., 1991:
Allergic and photoallergic contact dermatitis from ketoprofen

Haas C.; Geneau C.; Odinot J.M.; D.J.eger C.; Lavner M.; Lowenstein W.; Choubrac P.; Durand H., 1991:
Allergic angiitis and granulomatosis churg strauss syndrome retrospective study of 16 cases

van Lent, P.L.; Dekker, C.; Mosterd, J.; van den Bersselaar, L.; van den Berg, W.B., 1989:
Allergic arthritis induced by cationic proteins: role of molecular weight

Gourley, D.S.; Whisman, B.A.; Jorgensen, N.L.; Martin, M.E.; Reid, M.J., 1990:
Allergic Bipolaris sinusitis: clinical and immunopathologic characteristics

Attapattu, M.C., 1991:
Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis among asthmatics

Geller, M., 1989:
Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis does exist in Brazil

Pinel C.; Grobon V.; Grillot R.; Gout J.P., 1989:
Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis interest of immunoenzymatic methods elisa and elieda for the serodiagnosis

Homma Y.; Suga K.; Hirose T.; E.A., 1990:
Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis report of two cases

Lake, F.R.; Froudist, J.H.; McAleer, R.; Gillon, R.L.; Tribe, A.E.; Thompson, P.J., 1991:
Allergic bronchopulmonary fungal disease caused by Bipolaris and Curvularia

Anggelutsa, P.A.; Brizinskiĭ, M.A.; Ter-Vartan'ian, S.Kh., 1989:
Allergic complications in patients with rheumatism

Berdy G.J.; Abelson M.B.; George M.A.; Smith L.M.; Giovanoni R.L., 1991:
Allergic conjunctivitis a survey of new antihistamines

Subiza, J.; Subiza, J.L.; Alonso, M.; Hinojosa, M.; Garcia, R.; Jerez, M.; Subiza, E., 1990:
Allergic conjunctivitis to chamomile tea

Remaut K.; Thune P., 1992:
Allergic contact dermatitis caused by cosmetic products frequency

Bruhn, J.N.; Soderberg, M.D., 1991:
Allergic contact dermatitis caused by mushrooms. A case report and literature review

Kanerva, L.; Estlander, T.; Jolanki, R., 1989:
Allergic contact dermatitis from dental composite resins due to aromatic epoxy acrylates and aliphatic acrylates

Tomb R.R., 1991:
Allergic contact dermatitis from eosin

Kubo Y.; Nonaka S.; Yoshida H., 1990:
Allergic contact dermatitis from gardenia fruit

Fowler, J.F., 1989:
Allergic contact dermatitis from glutaraldehyde exposure

Kraus A.L.; Stotts J.; Altringer L.A.; Allgood G.S., 1990:
Allergic contact dermatitis from propyl gallate dose response comparison using various application methods

Foulds I.S.; Koh D., 1992:
Allergic contact dermatitis from resin hardeners during the manufacture of thermosetting coating paints

Meding, B.; Ringdahl, A., 1992:
Allergic contact dermatitis from the earmolds of hearing aids

Damstra R.J.; Van Vloten W.A.; Van Ginkel C.J.W., 1992:
Allergic contact dermatitis from the preservative 1 2 benzisothiazolin 3 one 1 2 bit proxel a case report its prevalence in those occupationally at risk and in the general dermatological population and its relationship to allergy to its analogue kathon cg

D.G.oot A.C.; Berretty P.J.M.; Van Ginkel C.J.W.; Den Hengst C.W.; Ulsen J.V.; Weyland J.W., 1991:
Allergic contact dermatitis from tocopheryl acetate in cosmetic creams

Rivara G.; Tomb R.R.; Foussereau J., 1989:
Allergic contact dermatitis from topical corticosteroids

Kuiters, G.R.; Smitt, J.H.; Cohen, E.B.; Bos, J.D., 1989:
Allergic contact dermatitis in children and young adults

Ueda, A.; Obama, K.; Aoyama, K.; Ueda, T.; Xu, B.H.; Li, Q.; Huang, J.; Kitano, T.; Inaoka, T., 1992:
Allergic contact dermatitis in shiitake (Lentinus edodes (Berk) Sing) growers

Amichai, B.; Miodownik, C.; Halevy, S., 1992:
Allergic contact dermatitis in the Negev

Harris G.L.; Maibach H.I., 1989:
Allergic contact dermatitis potential of 3 pyridostigmine bromide transdermal drug delivery formulations

Pigatto, P.D.; Bigardi, A.; Legori, A.; Altomare, G.; Troiano, L., 1991:
Allergic contact dermatitis prevalence in patients with otitis externa

Senff, H.; Tholen, S.; Stieler, W.; Reinel, D.; Hausen, B.M., 1989:
Allergic contact dermatitis to naftifine. Report of two cases

Cohen, P.R.; Cardullo, A.C.; Ruszkowski, A.M.; DeLeo, V.A., 1990:
Allergic contact dermatitis to nickel in children with atopic dermatitis

Komamura H.; Kozuka T.; Ishii M.; Yoshikawa K.; Iyoda M., 1989:
Allergic contact sensitivity to quinophthalone

Ford R.A.; Api A.M.; Suskind R.R., 1988:
Allergic contact sensitization potential of hydroxycitronellal in humans

Mancuso G.; Errani A.; Staffa M.; Berdondini R.M.; Caponeri G.M., 1988:
Allergic dermatitis due to contact with phenylephrine

Lyashenko I.N.; Lutsyuk N.B.; Otkalenko A.K.; Odnorogov Y.V., 1989:
Allergic dermatitis induced by pyrogenic silica aerosil

Bival'kevich V.G., 1990:
Allergic diathesis in infants under 12 months of age

Gavura, V.V., 1988:
Allergic diseases in patients with viral hepatitis B

Aberg, N.; Engström, I.; Lindberg, U., 1989:
Allergic diseases in Swedish school children

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Allergic fungal sinusitis. Report of three cases associated with dematiaceous fungi

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Allergic granulomatosis churg strauss syndrome concerning an unusual case

Masuda, S.; Urisu, A.; Kondo, Y.; Ichikawa, Y.; Horiba, F.; Tsuruta, M.; Yasaki, T.; Ishihara, M.; Iwata, S.; Suetsugu, S., 1990:
Allergic individuals to Japanese cedar or orchard grass consist of two subgroups based on the sensitization to Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus

Chihara J.; Yamamoto T.; Kurachi D.; Tanaka A.; Nakajima H.; Oishi M.; Nakajima S., 1992:
Allergic inflammatory cells in relation to stress

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Allergic mechanisms of skin injuries in chronic urticaria and quincke's edema

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Allergic ocular disorders: a spectrum of diseases

Salyi, G.; Etter, L.; Balogh, J.; Karacsony, I.; Glavits, R., 1991:
Allergic pneumonia exogenic allergic alveolitis farmer's lung in a large scale cattle stock

Pelekanos, J.; Camfield, P.; Camfield, C.; Gordon, K., 1991:
Allergic rash due to antiepileptic drugs: clinical features and management

Rihoux, J.P., 1990:
Allergic reaction and vascular permeability

Bettenay F.; D.C.mpo J., 1989:
Allergic reaction following micturating cystourethrography

Bruserud, O., 1990:
Allergic reactions during streptokinase therapy

Crowe, S.E.; Sestini, P.; Perdue, M.H., 1990:
Allergic reactions of rat jejunal mucosa. Ion transport responses to luminal antigen and inflammatory mediators

Fraj Lazaro J.; Sainz Martin T., 1991:
Allergic reactions to antibiotics in infancy their diagnosis

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Allergic reactions to long term benzathine penicillin prophylaxis for rheumatic fever

Turjanmaa, K.; Reunala, T., 1989:
Allergic reactions to rubber condoms

Gauci, M.; Loh, R.K.; Stone, B.F.; Thong, Y.H., 1989:
Allergic reactions to the Australian paralysis tick, Ixodes holocyclus: diagnostic evaluation by skin test and radioimmunoassay

Wedner H.J.; Wilson P.; Lewis W.H., 1989:
Allergic reactivity to parthenium hysterophorus pollen an elisa study of 582 sera from the usa gulf coast

Blainey, A.D.; Topping, M.D.; Ollier, S.; Davies, R.J., 1989:
Allergic respiratory disease in grain workers: the role of storage mites

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Allergic response to birch and alder pollen allergens influenced by geographical location of allergic subjects

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Allergic rhinitis due to chironomidae

Takahashi, N.; Aramaki, Y.; Tsuchiya, S., 1990:
Allergic rhinitis model with Brown Norway rat and evaluation of antiallergic drugs

Kumar, P.; Elston, R.; Black, D.; Gilhotra, S.; DeGuzman, N.; Cambre, K., 1991 :
Allergic rhinoconjunctivitis and contact lens intolerance

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Allergic sensitization in elderly patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

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Allergic sinusitis and bronchial asthma in children

Simon, G.E.; Katon, W.J.; Sparks, P.J., 1990:
Allergic to life: psychological factors in environmental illness

Grunwald, M.H.; Halevy, S.; Livni, E., 1989:
Allergic vasculitis induced by hydrochlorothiazide: confirmation by mast cell degranulation test

Rakoski J., 1989:
Allergies to substance from the asteraceae family

Huang, J.; Wang, X.P.; Ueda, A.; Aoyama, K.; Chen, B.M.; Matsushita, T., 1991:
Allergologic evaluation for workers exposed to toluene diisocyanate

Poryadin G.V.; Petrova S.V., 1990:
Allergologic tests to detect the role of mites in colpitis of unknown etiology

Vieluf D.; Ring J., 1991:
Allergological diagnosis of intolerance reactions to drugs

Ogura, H.; Ogura, Y.; Tomoda, T.; Zushi, N.; Kurashige, T., 1989:
Allergological study of breast feeding, ovalbumin and specific IgG, IgM and IgA antibodies to ovalbumin in human milk

Okudaira, H.; Nakagawa, T., 1988 :
Allergological study of intractable bronchial asthma

Miciora R.; Miciora V.; Deac I.; Gamentzy Z.; Laszlo B., 1991:
Allergometric observations in cattle sensitized experimentally with mycobacteria

Gassner Bachmann M., 1989:
Allergy and environment allergies and sensitivity in country school children and their regional environmental conditions

Neumann Y., 1991:
Allergy and quality of life

Tarvainen K.; Kanerva L.; Tupasela O.; Grenquist Norden B.; Jolanki R.; Estlander T.; Keskinen H., 1991:
Allergy from cellulase and xylanase enzymes

Kessler M.; Moneret Vautrin A D.; Mariot A.; Huu T.C.; Chanliu J.; Gueant J.L.; Nicolas J.P., 1990:
Allergy in hemodialysis results of a study performed in 138 patients

Savolainen S., 1989:
Allergy in patients with acute maxillary sinusitis

Gerritsen J.; Koeter G.H.; D.M.nchy J.G.R.; Knol K., 1990:
Allergy in subjects with asthma from childhood to adulthood

Woloszyn S., 1987:
Allergy in trichophytosis of cattle

Viskum B.; Hasle H., 1989:
Allergy induced by parents among children in nursery schools and day care in relation to the conditions of care

Hurst, D.S., 1990:
Allergy management of refractory serous otitis media

Kowalska S.; Sulkowski W.; Gielec L., 1991:
Allergy of the upper respiratory airways in patients with occupational bronchial asthma

Schoen F., 1988:
Allergy problems associated with wearing gloves

Rizzi V.; Costantini M.; Englaro G.C., 1988:
Allergy screening mixtures of single allergens? preliminary evaluation of a select number of cases

Mosimann B.; Peitrequin R.; Blanc C.; Pecoud A., 1992:
Allergy to cockroaches in a swiss population with chronic asthma and rhinitis

Cantani A., 1990:
Allergy to dermatophagoides importance of environmental controls

Röckel, A.; Klinke, B.; Hertel, J.; Baur, X.; Thiel, C.; Abdelhamid, S.; Fiegel, P.; Walb, D., 1989:
Allergy to dialysis materials

Drouet M.; L.P.bic F.; L.S.llin J.; Bonneau J.C.; Sabbah A., 1992:
Allergy to heparin special problems of pregnant women

Helbling, A.; Peter, C.; Berchtold, E.; Bogdanov, S.; Müller, U., 1992:
Allergy to honey: relation to pollen and honey bee allergy

Ohman J.L.Jr; Malkiel S.; Lewis S.; Lorusso J.R., 1990:
Allergy to human seminal fluid characterization of the allergen and experience with immunotherapy

Dore P.; Breuil K.; Meurice J.C.; Veron O.; Underner M.; Patte F., 1990:
Allergy to kiwi a poorly understood allergy

Grande G.; Dorigo N.; Cirla A.M., 1990:
Allergy to kiwi fruit clinical study of 30 cases

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Allergy to laboratory animals: an epidemiological study

Ado A.D.; Chervinskaya T.A.; Bondareva G.P.; Shustova V.I., 1988:
Allergy to mosquitoes

Cavelier C.; Foussereau J.; Gille P.; Zissu D., 1989:
Allergy to nickel or cobalt tolerance to nickel and cobalt samples in man and in the guinea pig allergic or sensitized to these metals

Surtees, S.J.; Stockton, M.G.; Gietzen, T.W., 1991:
Allergy to penicillin: fable or fact?

Galán, C.; Infante, F.; Ruiz de Clavijo, E.; Guerra, F.; Miguel, R.; Domínguez, E., 1989:
Allergy to pollen grains from Amaranthaceae and Chenopodiaceae in Cordoba, Spain. Annual and daily variation of pollen concentration

Stanworth D.R.; Jones V.M.; Lewin I.V.; Nayyar S., 1990:
Allergy treatment with a peptide vaccine

Bjorck S.; Digerfeldt G., 1991:
Allerod younger dryas sea level changes in southwestern sweden and their relation to the baltic ice lake development

Bhatnagar S.C.; Andy O.J., 1989:
Alleviation of acquired stuttering with human center median thalamic stimulation

Alva A.K.; Sumner M.E., 1989:
Alleviation of aluminum toxicity to soybeans by phosphogypsum or calcium sulfate in dilute nutrient solutions

Aggarwal N.; Dabas S.; Sheoran I.S.; Swaraj K., 1991:
Alleviation of dark induced effects of nodule functioning by sucrose and succinic acid spray in cicer arietinum l

Dhingra, H.R., 1991:
Alleviation of deleterious effects of sodium salts on the pollen of datura metel l. by growth retardants

Katz, I.R.; Thorbecke, G.J.; Zucker, M.B., 1992:
Alleviation of immunosuppression in vitro by recombinant platelet factor 4

Takeshita, S.; Nagatomi, H.; Ando, K., 1992:
Alleviation of intestinal lesions by combined treatment with a 5 fluoro 2' deoxyuridine fudr derivative and alpha difluoromethylornithine dmfo in tumor bearing mice

Lind, B.; Hoel, T.M., 1989:
Alleviation of labor pain in Norway. An interview investigation in 1969 and 1986

Ezekiel R.; Perumal N.K.; Sukumaran N.P., 1990:
Alleviation of mid day stress in potato solanum tuberosum l

Westlin, W.; Mullane, K.M., 1989:
Alleviation of myocardial stunning by leukocyte and platelet depletion

Srivastava S.K.; Srivastava A.; Katiyar S.S.; Jyotsna; Behari J.R.; Srivasta R.C., 1991:
Alleviation of nickel mediated biochemical alterations by cyclic and linear tetramines

Smith, F.G.; Houk, R.S., 1990:
Alleviation of polyatomic ion interferences for determination of chlorine isotope ratios by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry

Goodale, I.L.; Domar, A.D.; Benson, H., 1990:
Alleviation of premenstrual syndrome symptoms with the relaxation response

Quartermain D.; Leo P., 1988:
Alleviation of scopolamine amnesia by retrieval enhancing treatments

Miller J.S.; Jagielo J.A.; Spear N.E., 1990:
Alleviation of short term forgetting effects of the nonreinforced stimulus and other conditioning elements in prior cueing or as context during test

Hulugalle N.R., 1990:
Alleviation of soil constraints to crop growth in the upland alfisols and associated soil groups of the west african sudan savannah by tied ridges

Upadhyaya A.; Davis T.D.; Walser R.H., 1991:
Alleviation of sulfur dioxide induced phytotoxicity in cucumber plants by uniconazole

O'connor Cox E.S.C.; Ingledew W.M., 1991:
Alleviation of the effects of nitrogen limitation in high gravity worts through increased inoculation rates

Chen Y.S.; Kang B.T.; Caveness F.E., 1989:
Alley cropping vegetable crops with leucaena in southern nigeria

Siaw, D.E.K.A.; Kang, B.T.; Okali, D.U.U., 1991:
Alley cropping with leucaena leucocephala lam. de wit and acioa barteri hook.f. engl

Atta Krah A.N., 1990:
Alley farming with leucaena effect of short grazed fallows on soil fertility and crop yields

Indow T., 1988:
Alleys on an apparent frontoparallel plane

Ekman J., 1990:
Alliances in winter flocks of willow tits effects of rank on survival and reproductive success in male female associations

Koch, J.; Berger, L.; Vieregge-Reiter, C., 1989:
Allicin in garlic allium sativum l. and garlic preparations quantitative determination using headspace gas chromatography

Julien M.H.; Bourne A.S., 1988:
Alligator weed is spreading in australia

Rana R.S., 1990:
Alligatorine teeth from the deccan intertrappean beds near rangapur andhra pradesh india further evidence of laurasiatic elements

Shoop C.R.; Ruckdeschel C.A., 1990:
Alligators as predators on terrestrial mammals

Palmer, B.D.; Guillette, L.J., 1992:
Alligators provide evidence for the evolution of an archosaurian mode of oviparity

Kollman F.; Von Bothmer R., 1989:
Allium affine ledeb taxonomy and karyotype

Boscher, J.; Auger, J., 1991:
Allium ampeloprasum var bulbilliferum lloyd from the ile d'yeu vendee is chemically a garlic and not a leek

Erkamo V., 1989:
Allium angulosum new record and artemisia laciniata new record two casual eastern plant species in eastern fennoscandia

Tzanoudakis D.; Kollmann F., 1990:
Allium chalkii new species liliaceae a new species from the eastern aegean island of chalki greece

Hanelt, P.; Fritsch, R.; Kruse, J.; Maass, H.; Ohle, H.; Pistrick, K., 1989:
Allium l. section porphyroprason ekberg characters and taxonomic relationship

Ploaie, G.H., 1990:
Allium obliquum l. in paring mountain

Frost, L.C.; Houston, L.; Lovatt, C.M.; Beckett, A., 1991:
Allium sphaerocephalon l. and introduced allium carinatum l. allium roseum l. and nectaroscordum siculum ucria lindley on st vincent's rocks avon gorge bristol

al-Sabti, K., 1989:
Allium test for air and water borne pollution control

Wierzbicka M.; Antosiewicz D., 1988:
Allium test some questions

You, W.C.; Blot, W.J.; Chang, Y.S.; Ershow, A.; Yang, Z.T.; An, Q.; Henderson, B.E.; Fraumeni, J.F.; Wang, T.G., 1989:
Allium vegetables and reduced risk of stomach cancer

Balercia G.; Sbarbati A.; Franceschini F.; Bravo Cuellar A.; Osculati A.; Accordini C.; Orbach Arbouys S., 1990:
Allo activated cd4 positive and cd8 positive lymphocyte subsets new ultrastructural findings based on computer assisted image analysis

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