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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 7000

Chapter 7000 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ruck A.; Kendall D.A.; Hill S.J., 1991: Alpha adrenoceptor and beta adrenoceptor regulation of cyclic amp accumulation in cultured rat astrocytes a comparison of primary protoplasmic and mixed fibrous protoplasmic astroglial cultures

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999001

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999002

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999003

Wannan G.; Prior C.; Marshall I.G., 1991: Alpha adrenoceptor blocking properties of vesamicol

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999005

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999006

Kaijser L., 1988: Alpha adrenoceptor influence on plasma levels of neuropeptide y like immunoreactivity and catecholamines during rest and sympathoadrenal activation in humans

Oluyomi A.O.; Hart S.L., 1990: Alpha adrenoceptor involvement in swim stress induced antinociception in the mouse

Camilion De Hurtado M.C.; Gende O.A., 1989: Alpha adrenoceptor mediated chronotropic response influence of temperature and basal spontaneous rate

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999010

Eckel J.; Gerlach Eskuchen E.; Reinauer H., 1991: Alpha adrenoceptor mediated increase in cytosolic free calcium in isolated cardiac myocytes

Aoyagi T.; Momomura S I.; Serizawa T.; IIzuka M.; Ohya T.; Sugimoto T., 1991: Alpha adrenoceptor mediated inotropism and beta adrenoceptor mediated inotropism in isolated rabbit ventricles a comparison in mechanical effects and energetic efficiency

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999013

El Attari A.; Qing W.; Ben Ishay D.; Parini A.; Dausse J P., 1989: Alpha adrenoceptor properties in rat strains sensitive or resistant to salt induced hypertension

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999015

Moura D.; Vaz Da Silva M.J.; Guimaraes S., 1990: Alpha adrenoceptor reserve in the canine cephalic vein

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999017

Ben David J.; Zipes D.P., 1990: Alpha adrenoceptor stimulation and blockade modulates cesium induced early afterdepolarizations and ventricular tachyarrhythmias in dogs

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999019

Ravens U.; Wang X L.; Wettwer E., 1989: Alpha adrenoceptor stimulation reduces outward currents in rat ventricular myocytes

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999021

Berdeaux A.; Arthaud A.; Lambert C.; Giudicelli J.F., 1991: Alpha adrenoceptor subtypes and regional myocardial blood flow distribution during coronary occlusion in dogs

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999023

Hikasa Y.; Osgasawara S.; Takase K., 1992: Alpha adrenoceptor subtypes involved in the emetic action in dogs

Michel, M. C.; Galal, O.; Stoermer, J.; Bock, K. D.; Brodde, O. E., 1989: Alpha adrenoceptors and beta adrenoceptors in hypertension ii. platelet alpha 2 adrenoceptors and lymphocyte beta 2 adrenoceptors in children of parents with essential hypertension a model for the pathogenesis of the genetically determined hypertension

Rivera L.; Benedito S.; Prieto D.; Hernandez M.; Labadia A.; Garcia Sacristan A., 1991: Alpha adrenoceptors and beta adrenoceptors in the sheep urinary bladder

Etzell B M., 1988: Alpha adrenoceptors and cold induced vasoconstriction in human finger skin

Ostenson C G.; Cattaneo A.G.; Doxey J.C.; Efendic S., 1989: Alpha adrenoceptors and insulin release from pancreatic islets of normal and diabetic rats

Chess Williams R.; Austin C.E.; O'brien H.L., 1991: Alpha adrenoceptors do not contribute to the chronotropic or inotropic responses of the avian heart to noradrenaline

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999030

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999031

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999032

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999033

Wojciechowicz D.; Lipke P.N., 1989: Alpha agglutinin expression in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999035

Adam W.; Andler S.; Heil M.; Voerckel V., 1992: Alpha alkoxyketones from the nucleophilic substitution on the peroxide bond of 3 3 disubstituted 1 2 dioxetanes by enamines

Lacerra G.; Floretti G.; De Anioletti M.; Pagano L.; Guarino E.; De Bonis C.; Viola A.; Maglione G.; Scarallo A.; Et Al, 1991: Alpha alpha 53 a novel alpha thalassemia deletion with the breakpoints in the alpha 2 globin gene and in close proximity to an alu family repeat between the phi alpha 2 and phi alpha 1 globin genes

De-Angioletti, M.; Lacerra, G.; Castaldo, C.; Cutolo, R.; De-Bonis, C.; Buonanno, G.; Carestia, C., 1992: Alpha alpha alpha alpha anti3. 7 type ii a new alpha globin gene rearrangement suggesting that the alpha globin gene duplication could be caused by intrachromosomal recombination

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999039

Rudenko G.; Bishop D.; Gottesdiener K.; Van Der Ploeg L.H.T., 1989: Alpha amanitin resistant transcription of protein coding genes in insect and bloodstream form trypanosoma brucei

Zomerdijk J.C.B.M.; Kieft R.; Shiels P.G.; Borst P., 1991: Alpha amanitin resistant transcription units in trypanosomes a comparison of promoter sequences for a vsg gene expression site and for the ribosomal rna genes

Hilsted L., 1990: Alpha amidation of gastrin is impaired by diethyldithiocarbamate

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999043

Puel J L.; Pujol R.; Ladrech S.; Eybalin M., 1991: Alpha amino 3 hydroxy 5 methyl 4 isoxazole propionic acid electrophysiological and neurotoxic effects in the guinea pig cochlea

Willins D.L.; Wallace L.J.; Miller D.D.; Uretsky N.J., 1992: Alpha amino 3 hydroxy 5 methylisoxazole 4 propionate kainate receptor antagonists in the nucleus accumbens and ventral pallidum decrease the hypermotility response to psychostimulant drugs

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999046

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999047

Stamatoyannopoulos G., 1988: Alpha amino n butyric acid stimulates fetal hemoglobin in the adult

Mawal M.R.; Deshmukh D.R., 1991: Alpha aminoadipate aminotransferase and kynurenine aminotransferase activities from rat kidney evidence for separate identity

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999050

Bols M.; Lundt I., 1991: Alpha aminopolyhydroxy acid or beta aminopolyhydroxy acid from the reaction of bromodeoxyaldonolactones with liquid ammonia

Spelhaug S., 1988: Alpha amylase activities in yeasted doughs with added surfactants

Gutierrez C.; Sanchez Monge R.; Gomez L.; Ruiz Tapiador M.; Castanera P.; Salcedo G., 1990: Alpha amylase activities of agricultural insect pests are specifically affected by different inhibitor preparations from wheat and barley endosperms

Gupta, S.; Govil, C. M., 1989: Alpha amylase activity in callus of cucumis melo l. cultivar pusa sarbati

Mares D.J.; Oettler G., 1991: Alpha amylase activity in developing triticale grains

Gawrychowski J., 1988: Alpha amylase activity in patients with malignant pulmonary tumors

Amelyushkina V.A.; Arukaevu Kh E.; Tvorogova M.G.; Raba R.; Titov V.N., 1991: Alpha amylase activity measurements with a new chromogenic substrate

Leloup V.M.; Colonna P.; Ring S.G., 1991: Alpha amylase adsorption on starch crystallites

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999059

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999060

Thevenot C.; Lauriere C.; Mayer C.; Simond Cote E.; Daussant J., 1992: Alpha amylase changes during development and germination of maize kernels

Bellavia S.L.; Sanz E.G.; Sereno R.; Vermouth N.T., 1992: Alpha amylase circadian rhythm of young rat parotid gland an endogenous rhythm with maternal coordination

Bais R.; Badenoch J.; Bayer P.M.; Foo Y.; Keller H.; Koller P.U.; Leinberger R.; Weidemann G.; Rosalki S.B., 1989: Alpha amylase determination with the reflotron reagent carrier system use of whole blood plasma and serum and effect of isoenzymes

Bornet, F. R.; Bizais, Y.; Brulley-Des-Varannes, S.; Pouliquen, B.; Delort-Laval, J.; Galmiche, J. P., 1990: Alpha amylase ec susceptibility rather than viscosity or gastric emptying rate controls plasma responses to starch in healthy humans

Park K M.; Wang N.S., 1991: Alpha amylase fermentation with bacillus amyloliquefaciens in an aqueous two phase system

Mocharla H.; Mocharla R.; Hodes M.E., 1990: Alpha amylase gene transcription in tissues of normal dog

Fekete Z.; Gol'denberg A.; Lukach I.; Korets R.; Shval'd O.; Platilova G.; Bandura A., 1990: Alpha amylase in mixed saliva of diabetics and nondiabetics on an empty stomach and during glucose tolerance test

Feng G H.; Chen M.; Kramer K.J.; Reeck G.R., 1991: Alpha amylase inhibitors from rice fractionation and selectivity toward insect mammalian and bacterial alpha amylases

Finardi Filho F., 1988: Alpha amylase inhibitors from triticale triticum x secale partial purification

Udupa S.L.; Prabhakar A.R.; Tandon S., 1989: Alpha amylase inhibitors in foodstuffs

Scheutzel P.; Gerlach U., 1991: Alpha amylase isoenzymes in serum and saliva in patients with anorexia and bulimia nervosa

Sticher L.; Jones R.L., 1992: Alpha amylase isoforms are posttranslationally modified in the endomembrane system of the barley aleurone layer

Bahl H.; Burchhardt G.; Spreinat A.; Haeckel K.; Wienecke A.; Schmidt B.; Antranikian G., 1991: Alpha amylase of clostridium thermosulfurogenes em1 nucleotide sequence of the gene processing of the enzyme and comparison to other alpha amylases

Monet R.; Gibault B., 1991: Alpha amylase polymorphism in peach a genetic study

Cheng C Y.; Yabe I.; Toda K., 1990: Alpha amylase production by bacillus caldolyticus in a cell recycling fermentor with membrane filtration

Grassano A.; Balatti A., 1991: Alpha amylase production effect of heat shock and media nutrients

Hahn Hagerdal B., 1988: Alpha amylase production with bacillus subtilis in the presence of peg and surfactants

Masojc P.; Gale M.D., 1991: Alpha amylase structural genes in rye

Chen M S.; Feng G.; Zen K.C.; Richardson M.; Valdes Rodriguez S.; Reeck G.R.; Kramer K.J., 1992: Alpha amylases from three species of stored grain coleoptera and their inhibition by wheat and corn proteinaceous inhibitors

Khan M.S.Y.; Javed K.; Khan M.H.; Shamsi M.A.; Siddiqui A.A., 1991: Alpha amyrin derivatives from corchorus depressus

Koss M.C., 1988: Alpha and alpha 2 adrenoreceptor antagonists produce opposing mydriatic effects by a central action

Rehnmark S.; Nechad M.; Herron D.; Cannon B.; Nedergaard J., 1990: Alpha and beta adrenergic induction of the expression of the uncoupling protein thermogenin in brown adipocytes differentiated in culture

Shiokawa O.; Sadoshima S.; Okada Y.; Nagao T.; Fujishima M., 1989: Alpha and beta adrenergic receptors of noradrenergic innervation modulate the lower limits of cerebral and cerebellar blood flow autoregulation in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Harik S.I.; Sromek S.M.; Kalaria R.N., 1991: Alpha and beta adrenergic receptors of the rat cerebral cortex and cerebral microvessels in aging and their response to denervation

Iwaki K.; Sukhatme V.P.; Shubeita H.E.; Chien K.R., 1990: Alpha and beta adrenergic stimulation induces distinct patterns of immediate early gene expression in neonatal rat myocardial cells fos jun expression is associated with sarcomere assembly egr 1 induction is primarily an alpha 1 mediated response

Maroto R.; Calvo S.; Sancho C.; Esquerro E., 1992: Alpha and beta adrenoceptor cross talk in the regulation of glycogenolysis in dog and guinea pig liver

Michel, M. C.; Kanczik, R.; Khamssi, M.; Knorr, A.; Siegl, H.; Beckeringh, J. J.; Brodde, O. E., 1989: Alpha and beta adrenoceptors in hypertension i. cardiac and renal alpha 1 beta and beta 2 adrenoceptors in rat models of acquired hypertension

Michel M.C.; Philipp T.; Brodde O E., 1992: Alpha and beta adrenoceptors in hypertension molecular biology and pharmacological studies

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999089

Sinitsyn M.A., 1988: Alpha and beta adrenomimetics in intensive treatment of traumatic and cardiogenic shock and their effect on circulation

Miwa I.; Murata T.; Okuda J., 1991: Alpha and beta anomeric preference of glucose induced insulin secretion at physiological and higher glucose concentrations respectively

Thornbury K.D.; Mchale N.G.; Mcgeown J.G., 1989: Alpha and beta components of the popliteal efferent lymph flow response to intra arterial catecholamine infusions in the sheep

Baldwin J.E.; Widdison W.C., 1992: Alpha and beta deuterium kinetic isotope effects on the inactivation of the general acyl coenzyme a dehydrogenase from pig kidney by 2 methylenecyclopropaneacetyl coa

Roy D.; Blanchette L.; Savoie L.; Ward P.; Chevalier P., 1992: Alpha and beta galactosidase properties of bifidobacterium infantis

Scott M.D.; Rouyer Fessard P.; Ba M.S.; Lubin B.H.; Beuzard Y., 1992: Alpha and beta haemoglobin chain induced changes in normal erythrocyte deformability comparison to beta thalassaemia intermedia and hb h disease

Flashner, Y.; Schafferman, A., 1990: Alpha and beta replication origins of plasmid r6k show similar distortions of the dna helix in vivo

Aripova S.F.; Tashkhodzhaev B., 1991: Alpha and beta scopodonnines from datura inoxia seeds

Naren, A. P.; Virupaksha, T. K., 1990: Alpha and beta setarins methionine rich proteins of italian millet setaria italica l. beauv

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999099

Peichl L., 1989: Alpha and delta ganglion cells in the rat retina

Destombes J.; Horcholle Bossavit G.; Thiesson D.; Jami L., 1992: Alpha and gamma motoneurons in the peroneal nuclei of the cat spinal cord an ultrastructural study

Clevidence B.A.; Lehmann J., 1989: Alpha and gamma tocopherol levels in lipoproteins fractionated by affinity chromatography

Mizuguchi M.; Kim S.U., 1991: Alpha antichymotrypsin supports short term survival of cerebral neurons in culture

Uibo R.; Parik J.; Maaroos H I.; Samloff I.M., 1991: Alpha antitrypsin allo and phenotypes in gastric and duodenal ulcer

Mahfouz M.O., 1988: Alpha antitrypsin alpha 1 proteinase inhibitor concentration in the patients with neoplastic disease

Malvy C., 1988: Alpha are more stable than beta anomer oligonucleotides in 3t3 cellular extracts

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999107

Goldstein S.W.; Mcdermott R.E.; Makowski M.R.; Eller C., 1991: Alpha azido acids in heterocyclic synthesis

Klemenz R.; Frohli E.; Aoyama A.; Hoffmann S.; Simpson R.J.; Moritz R.L.; Schafer R., 1991: Alpha b crystallin accumulation is a specific response to ha ras and v mos oncogene expression in mouse nih 3t3 fibroblasts

Bhat S.P.; Horwitz J.; Srinivasan A.; Ding L., 1991: Alpha b crystallin exists as an independent protein in the heart and in the lens

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999111

Klemenz R.; Frohli E.; Steiger R.H.; Schafer R.; Aoyama A., 1991: Alpha b crystallin is a small heat shock protein

Iwaki, T.; Kume-Iwaki, A.; Liem, R. K. H.; Goldman, J. E., 1989: Alpha b crystallin is expressed in non lenticular tissues and accumulates in alexander's disease brain

Renkawek K.; De Jong W.W.; Merck K.B.; Frenken C.W.G.M.; Van Workum F.P.A.; Bosman G.J.C.G.M., 1992: Alpha b crystallin is present in reactive glia in creutzfeldt jakob disease

Bhat S.P.; Nagineni C.N., 1989: Alpha b subunit of lens specific protein alpha crystallin is present in other ocular and non ocular tissues

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999116

Redman R.S.; Berry R.W., 1990: Alpha bag cell peptide inhibits bag cell adenylate cyclase via a gtp dependent mechanism

Berry R.W., 1988: Alpha bag cell peptide reduces stimulated cyclic amp levels and pro elh synthesis in bag cells

Bennardini F.; Wrzosek A.; Chiesi M., 1992: Alpha beta crystallin in cardiac tissue association with actin and desmin filaments

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999120

Rzepecki L.M.; Waite J.H., 1991: Alpha beta dehydro 3 4 dopa derivatives rate and mechanism of formation

Busetti V.; Crisma M.; Toniolo C.; Salvadori S.; Balboni G., 1992: Alpha beta dehydro amino acid residues in the design of peptide structures molecular and crystal structures of two folded dehydro peptides

Singh T.P.; Narula P.; Patel H.C., 1990: Alpha beta dehydro residues in the design of peptide and protein structures

Mcclure C.K.; Grote C.W., 1991: Alpha beta functionalization of enones via pentacovalent oxaphospholenes

Riviere I.; De Maeyer Guignard J., 1990: Alpha beta interferons fail to induce antiviral activity from within the nucleus

Delgado P.; Del Rosario Romero M.; Torres A., 1991: Alpha beta inversion of the euplotes and oxytricha tubulins

Winoto A.; Baltimore D., 1989: Alpha beta lineage specific expression of the alpha t cell receptor gene by nearby silencers

Sepkoski J.J.Jr, 1988: Alpha beta or gamma where does all the diversity go

Finkel T.H.; Marrack P.; Kappler J.W.; Kubo R.T.; Cambier J.C., 1989: Alpha beta t cell receptor and cd3 transduce different signals in immature t cells implications for selection and tolerance

Fung S.Y.; Schripsema J.; Verpoorte R., 1990: Alpha beta unsaturated gamma lactones from sedum telephium roots

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999131

Elgemeie G.H.; Elfahlam H.A.; Ibrahiem Y.R.; Elnagdi M.H., 1989: Alpha beta unsaturated nitriles in heterocyclic synthesis synthesis of several arylpyridine and arylpyridazine derivatives

Saxena V.S.; Rao P.J., 1990: Alpha bhc a potent insect growth regulator

Kadir R.; Barry B.W., 1991: Alpha bisabolol a possible safe penetration enhancer for dermal and transdermal therapeutics

Donnell R.; Lepor H., 1991: Alpha blockade for benign prostatic hyperplasia

Sanchez A.; Torres A.; Saiz J., 1989: Alpha blockade on blood pressure and on cardiac noradrenaline content in shr and doca salt rats

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999137

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999138

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999139

Kojima S.; Noumi T.; Miyata R.; Kaniwa M A.; Ikarashi Y.; Nakamura A., 1989: Alpha bromocinnamaldehyde its mutagenicity and contents in commercial products

Conti Tronconi B.M.; Diethelm B.M.; Wu X.; Tang F.; Bertazzon T.; Schroeder B.; Reinhardt Maelicke S.; Maeklicke A., 1991: Alpha bungarotoxin and the competing antibody wf6 interact with different amino acids within the same cholinergic subsite

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999142

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999143

Vernet Der Garabedian B.; Eymard B.; Bach J.F.; Morel E., 1989: Alpha bungarotoxin blocking antibodies in neonatal myasthenia gravis frequency and selectivity

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999145

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999146

Noguchi K.; Senba E.; Morita Y.; Sato M.; Tohyama M., 1990: Alpha cgrp and beta cgrp messenger rna are differentially regulated in the rat spinal cord and dorsal root ganglion

Campbell K.S.; Hager E.J.; Cambier J.C., 1991: Alpha chains of igm and igd antigen receptor complexes are differentially n glycosylated mb 1 related molecules

Rudy D.C.; Downie J.W.; Mcandrew J.D., 1991: Alpha chloralose alters autonomic reflex function of the lower urinary tract

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999150

Ishizuka S.; Sikdar S.K.; Yasui S.; Oyama Y.; Akaike N., 1989: Alpha chloralose opens the chloride channel of frog isolated sensory neurons

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999153

Schricker B.; Thirring K.; Berner H., 1992: Alpha chymotrypsin catalyzed enantioselective hydrolysis of alkenyl alpha amino acid esters

Lozano P.; Combes D., 1992: Alpha chymotrypsin in plastein synthesis effect of hydroxylated additives on enzyme activity

Lozano P.; Combes D., 1991: Alpha chymotrypsin in plastein synthesis influence of substrate concentration on enzyme activity

Le Goas R.; Laplante S.R.; Mikou A.; Delsuc M A.; Guittiet E.; Robin M.; Charpentier I.; Lallemand J Y., 1992: Alpha cobratoxin proton nmr assignments and solution structure

Uldry P.A.; Despland P.A.; Regli F., 1991: Alpha coma a retrospective study of 20 cases

Blount K.; Johnson A.; Prior C.; Marshall I.G., 1992: Alpha conotoxin gi produces tetanic fade at the rat neuromuscular junction

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999160

Mulholland T.B., 1990: Alpha contingent stimulation with binocular and monocular viewing

Komiyama, M., 1989: Alpha cyclodextrin catalyzed regioselective p o 2' cleavages of 2' 3' cyclic monophosphates of ribonucleosides

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999163

Nilsson K.G.I.; Fernandez Mayoralas A., 1991: Alpha d galactosidase catalysed synthesis of partially protected alpha linked digalactopyranosides

Do, J. H.; Joo, H. K., 1989: Alpha d glucosidase inhibitor from streptomyces sp i. identification of the strain

Do, J. H.; Joo, H. K., 1989: Alpha d glucosidase inhibitor from streptomyces sp ii. cultural conditions for the inhibitor production

Do, J. H.; Joo, H. K., 1989: Alpha d glucosidase inhibitor from streptomyces sp iii. purification and stability of the inhibitor

Lancelon Pin C.; Driguez H., 1992: Alpha d mannosyl and beta d galactosyl derivatives of cyclodextrins

Thorn W.; Mohazzeb S., 1990: Alpha d polyglucan iodine complexes

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999170

Bowlin T.L.; Rosenberger A.L.; Mckown B.J., 1989: Alpha difluoromethylornithine an inhibitor of polyamine biosynthesis augments cyclosporin a inhibition of cytolytic t lymphocyte induction

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999172

Kauppila T.; Stenberg D., 1989: Alpha difluoromethylornithine dfmo disturbed the sensorimotor functional recovery from a sciatic lesion

Hamilton S.R., 1988: Alpha difluoromethylornithine induced inhibition of growth of autochthonous experimental colonic tumors produced by azoxymethane in male f344 rats

Stern P.H.; Lucas R.C.; Seidenfield J., 1991: Alpha difluoromethylornithine inhibits bone resorption in vitro without decreasing beta glucuronidase release

Zirvi K.A.; Dasmahapatra K.S.; Atabek U.; Lyons M.A., 1989: Alpha difluoromethylornithine inhibits liver metastasis produced by intrasplenic injection of human tumor cells into nude mice

Coons T.; Hanson S.; Bitonti A.J.; Mccann P.P.; Ullman B., 1990: Alpha difluoromethylornithine resistance in leishmania donovani is associated with increased ornithine decarboxylase activity

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999178

Gagnor C.; Rayner B.; Leonetti J P.; Imbach J L.; Lebleu B., 1989: Alpha dna ix parallel annealing of alpha anomeric oligodeoxyribonucleotides to natural messenger rna is required for interference in rnase h mediated hydrolysis and reverse transcription

Paoletti J.; Bazile D.; Morvan F.; Imbach J L.; Paoletti C., 1989: Alpha dna viii thermodynamic parameters of complexes formed between the oligo alpha deoxynucleotides alpha d ggaagg and alpha d ccttcc and their complementary oligo beta deoxynucleotides beta d ccttcc and beta d ggaagg are different

Bazile D.; Gautier C.; Rayner B.; Imbach J L.; Paoletti C.; Paoletti J., 1989: Alpha dna x alpha and beta tetrathymidilates covalently linked to oxazolopyridocarbazolium opc comparative stabilization of oligo beta dt oligo beta da and oligo alpha dt oligo beta da duplexes by the intercalating agent

Kaibara K.; Sakai K.; Okamoto K.; Uemura Y.; Miyakawa K.; Kondo M., 1992: Alpha elastin coacervate as a protein liquid membrane effect of ph on transmembrane potential responses

Zieske J.D.; Bukusoglu G.; Yankauckas M.A.; Wasson M.E.; Keutmann H.T., 1992: Alpha enolase is restricted to basal cells of stratified squamous epithelium

Coppella S.J.; Dhurjati P., 1989: Alpha factor directed expression of the human epidermal growth factor in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Steube K.; Chaudhuri B.; Marki W.; Merryweather J.P.; Heim J., 1991: Alpha factor leader directed secretion of recombinant human insulin like growth factor i from saccharomyces cerevisiae precursor formation and processing in the yeast secretory pathway

Das R.C.; Shultz J.L.; Lehman D.J., 1989: Alpha factor leader sequence directed transport of escherichia coli beta galactosidase in the secretory pathway of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Harrison V.C.; Peat G.M., 1989: Alpha fetoprotein a marker for recurrent apnea of prematurity

Chakrabarty M.; Bhattacharyya M.; Mandal C., 1991: Alpha fetoprotein a sensitive avidin biotin assay

Trojan J.; Naval J.; Jusforgues H.; Uriel J., 1989: Alpha fetoprotein afp in granulomatous inflammation of the mouse

Ooi A.; Nakanishi I.; Sakamoto N.; Tsukada Y.; Takahashi Y.; Minamoto T.; Mai M., 1990: Alpha fetoprotein afp producing gastric carcinoma is it hepatoid differentiation?

Hu H., 1988: Alpha fetoprotein afp variant in diagnosis of small liver cancer

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999192

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999193

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999194

Bernuau D., 1988: Alpha fetoprotein and albumin gene transcripts are detected in distinct cell populations of the brain and kidney of the developing rat

Laborda J.; Naval J.; Calvo M.; Lampreave F.; Uriel J., 1989: Alpha fetoprotein and albumin uptake by mouse tissues during development

Wang S S.; Govindarajan S.; Lee S D.; Ashcavai M., 1989: Alpha fetoprotein and its concanavalin a affinity in acute exacerbation of chronic hepatitis b

Kovaru F., 1988: Alpha fetoprotein and phagocytosis in athymic nude mice

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999199

Kinoshita N.; Suzuki S.; Matsuda Y.; Taniguchi N., 1989: Alpha fetoprotein antibody lectin enzyme immunoassay to characterize sugar chains for the study of liver diseases

Mizejewski G.J.; Warner A.S., 1989: Alpha fetoprotein can regulate growth in the uterus of the immature and adult ovariectomized mouse

Martinek K., 1988: Alpha fetoprotein carcinoembryonic antigen and various biochemical tests in patients with tumorous and inflammatory liver diseases

Marianowski L., 1988: Alpha fetoprotein concentration in serum and amniotic fluid in the diagnosis of rh incompatibility

Szabo M.; Veress L.; Munnich A.; Papp Z., 1990: Alpha fetoprotein concentration of the amniotic fluid in normal and developmental anomaly associated pregnancies

Rabek J.P.; Hsie D.Y.; Papaconstantinou J., 1992: Alpha fetoprotein expression in fetal kidney cells does not require enhancers

Muguti G.; Tait N.; Richardson A.; Little J.M., 1992: Alpha fetoprotein expression in hepatocellular carcinoma a clinical study

Albright S.G.; Katz V.L., 1989: Alpha fetoprotein findings in a case of cystic adenomatoid malformation of the lung

Lafarge Frayssinet C.; Torres J.M.; Frain M.; Uriel J., 1989: Alpha fetoprotein gene expression in human lymphoblastoid cells and in pha stimulated normal t lymphocytes

Mengreli C.; Sarafidou E.; Petmezaki S.; Pantelakis S., 1990: Alpha fetoprotein in congenital hypothyroidism

Kobayashi M., 1988: Alpha fetoprotein in lake like dilated rough endoplasmic reticulum in human hepatocellular carcinoma light and electron microscopic immunohistochemical observation

Kawai M.; Furuhashi Y.; Kano T.; Misawa T.; Nakashima N.; Hattori S.; Okamoto Y.; Kobayashi I.; Ohta M.; Et Al, 1990: Alpha fetoprotein in malignant germ cell tumors of the ovary

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999212

Wang P Y.; Et Al, 1991: Alpha fetoprotein in non hepatocellular malignant tumors

Cote P.J.; Pohl C.; Boyd J.; Tennant B.C.; Gerin J.L., 1990: Alpha fetoprotein in the woodchuck model of hepadnavirus infection and disease immunochemical analysis of woodchuck alpha fetoprotein and measurement in serum by quantitative monoclonal radioimmunoassay

Cote P.J.; Gerin J.L.; Tennant B.C., 1990: Alpha fetoprotein in the woodchuck model of hepadnavirus infection and disease normal physiological patterns and responses to woodchuck hepatitis virus infection and hepatocellular carcinoma

Toth P.; Meszaros C.; Csaki G., 1990: Alpha fetoprotein in vaginal fluids the early diagnosis of premature rupture of membranes

Czokalo M.; Tomasiak M., 1989: Alpha fetoprotein inhibits aggregation of human platelets

Marrink J.; Sleijfer D.T.; De Vries E.G.E.; Koops H.S., 1990: Alpha fetoprotein lectin binding as a marker of tumor activity or liver damage

Crandall B.F.; Hanson F.W.; Tennant F.; Perdue S.T., 1989: Alpha fetoprotein levels in amniotic fluid between 11 and 15 weeks

Adinolfi M.; Beck S.E.; Seller M.J.; Fedor T.; Mclaren A., 1990: Alpha fetoprotein levels in different strains of mice during development

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999221

Ball D.; Rose E.; Alpert E., 1992: Alpha fetoprotein levels in normal adults

Seth P.K., 1987: Alpha fetoprotein levels in the human amniotic fluid

Torres J.M.; Anel A.; Uriel J., 1992: Alpha fetoprotein mediated uptake of fatty acids by human t lymphocytes

Cook J.R.; Chiu J F., 1990: Alpha fetoprotein messenger rna variation of half life in rat hepatoma cell lines and destabilization by sodium butyrate

Lok A.S.F.; Lai C L., 1989: Alpha fetoprotein monitoring in chinese patients with chronic hepatitis b virus infection role in the early detection of hepatocellular carcinoma

Muraoka A.; Tokiwa T.; Sato J., 1989: Alpha fetoprotein producing capacity chromosomal and morphological properties in human hepatoma cells treated with various chemotherapeutic agents

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Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999645

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Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999656

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Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999687

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Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999711

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999712

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Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999718

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Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999733

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999734

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999735

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999736

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999737

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Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999769

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999770

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Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999805

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999806

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Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999812

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Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999816

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999817

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Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999826

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Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999857

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999858

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Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999876

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999877

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Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999899

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999900

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Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999914

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999915

Section 7, Chapter 7000, Accession 006999916

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