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Chapter 7,006

Amyloodiniosis in cultured hybrid striped bass morone saxatilis x morone chrysops in north carolina

Noga, E.J.; Smith, S.A.; Landsberg, J.H.

Journal of Aquatic Animal Health 3(4): 294-297


ISSN/ISBN: 0899-7659
Accession: 007005162

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An outbreak of amyloodiniosis in pond-cultured hybrid striped bass .times. white bass (female Morone saxatilis .times. male M. chrysops) is the northernmost documented outbreak caused by an endemic source in fish of the western Atlantic. Dinospores produced by this isolate of Amyloodinium ocellatum were anteroposteriorly flattened, as contrasted with the gymnodinoid dinospores of the A. ocellatum-type species, suggesting that more than one strain or species of A. ocellatum may exist.

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