Section 8
Chapter 7,012

An improved helium driven biolistic device

Sanford, J.C.; Devit, M.J.; Russell, J.A.; Smith, F.D.; Harpending, P.R.; Roy, M.K.; Johnston, S.A.

Technique 3(1): 3-16


Accession: 007011040

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We have developed a new helium-driven biolistic acceleration system, which represents a major advance in biolistic technology, both in terms of efficiency and range of use. This system provides greater flexibility, safety, and repeatability. It also results in less damage to target tissues, higher velocities, and better particle distribution. A special configuration of the new helium system is designed as a hand-held instrument that allows for targeting of any size intact organism. The new system markedly enhances biolistic transformation efficiency in bacteria, yeast, plant cells, cultured animal cells, and intact mouse tissue, when compared to our most advanced device previously in use.

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