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Analysis of eosinophil predominant colonies formed by human hemopoietic precursor cells in the presence of purified interleukin 5

Analysis of eosinophil predominant colonies formed by human hemopoietic precursor cells in the presence of purified interleukin 5

Acta Haematologica Japonica 53(4): 688-698

Using clonal culture and liquid culture systems, we showed that recombinant(r) IL-5 was able to preferentially support eosinophil differentiation of human bone marrow cells. In a serum-containing culture system, a significant dose-response relationship between the number of eosinophil-containing colonies and the concentration of IL-5 was observed. All colonies formed by IL-5 alone were eosinophil-containing colonies, but no pure eosinophil colonies were observed and the proportion of eosinophils was different in each colony, ranging from 61% to 99%. The percentages of eosinophils in individual colonies formed in the serum-free culture condition were not different from those of the serum-containing culture system, and a small number of neutrophils and macrophages were observed in eosinophil-predominant colonies. In contrast, G-CSF did not support any eosinophil-containing colonies, but supported neutrophil/macrophage colonies. However, by the addition of IL-5 to the dish containing G-CSF, the total number of colonies increased and a low percentage of eosinophil-containing colonies appeared. This finding indicates the presence of precursor cells which are able to respond to both G-CSF and IL-5 and form trilineage (neutrophils, macrophages and eosinophils) colonies. In a liquid culture system of human non-phagocytic bone marrow cells, approximately 50% of the viable cells were mature eosinophils after 14 days of incubation with IL-5. From these findings, the differentiation of eosinophils may be supported not only by IL-5 as a lineage-specific hemopoietic factor but also by the interaction of IL-5 and other hemopoietic factors.

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