Analysis of the cytogenetic effects of gamma radiation and neutron radiation in human lymphocyte culture at g 0 and g 1 stages of the mitotic cycle structural and functional approach

Bogatykh, B.A.

Radiobiologiya 31(1): 65-70


Accession: 007017767

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A study was made of the dose-dependence of the chromosome aberration frequency in human lymphocytes exposed to 60Co-.gamma.-radiation and neutrons (mean energy of 0.85 MeV) at the G0-stage and in different periods of the G1- and G1/S-stages of the cycle. With .gamma.-irradiation the dose-dependence for cells at the G1- and G1/S-stages was at a higher level than that for cells at the G0-stage, whereas the opposite picture was observed for cells exposed to neutron-radiation. The difference was also noted in the time-response curves where .gamma.-radiation increased and neutrons, on the contary, decreased the aberration yield in the cells that passed from G0- to G1-stage. The experimental data obtained are attributed to activation of repair system at the G1-stage which is mainly conditioned by chromatin decondensation; the activating, that is, the functional factor influences the aberration induction with .gamma.-irradiation, while the decondensation, that is, the structural factor, with neutron irradiation.