Analysis of the genomic constitution of xizang wheat triticum aestivum ssp tibetanum shao using double ditelosomics of triticum aestivum cultivar chinese spring

Chen, P.; Huang, L.; Liu, D.

Acta Genetica Sinica 18(1): 39-43


Accession: 007017954

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Meiotic analysis of PMCs as MI was conducted on the whole set of twenty-one hybrids of Xizang wheat (Triticum aestivum ssp. tibetanum Shao) with double ditelosomics of Chinese Spring (CS ddt). In the hybrid of CS ddt 7B with Xizang wheat, the PMCs with (t', tl'') amounted to 87.3% and it was found that 7BS of CS always failed to pair with its counterpart in Xizang wheat. It is consequently suggested that substantial differentiation might have occured on this arm. Both arms of eight chromosomes (3A, 7A, 2D-7D) of CS could pair readily with their corresponding ones in Xizang wheat, forming heteromorphic trivalents (ttl'''), which explains that differentiation has rarely occurred between these eight chromosomes of Xizang wheat and Chinese Spring. In the hybrids involving the remaining 12 chromosomes, the frequencies of PMCs with (ttl'''), (t', tl'') and (t', t') were 42.3-72.6%, 21.9-55.5% and 0-8% respectively, showing that only slight differentiation or changes have happened with some chromosome arms of Xizang wheat. In general, Xizang wheat shows a basically similar chromosome constitution with Chinese Spring.