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Chapter 7,022

Annual changes of vitamin e intake and effects of life conditions on vitamin e intake on the basis of the national nutrition survey

Hirahara, F.; Tomioka, K.; Otani, Y.; Ishii, K.

Vitamins 65(7): 315-322


Accession: 007021683

Annual changes of vitamin E intake per capita per day were calculated on the basis of the results of the National nutrition survey from 1983 to 1988 using the Weighted average tables of vitamin E in foods, previously reported. In addition, the investigation proposed to clarify the influencing factors on vitamin E intake, such as food life, family members and environmental factors. The mean values of the daily vitamin E' which has been revised in 1989 by the Committee for Nutrition Allowances in Japan. Analysis of food life, family size, and environmental factors, with respect to vitamin E intake, showed that intake of protein, fats/oils and energy reflected to the daily vitamin E intake. Individually, many persons who took in undesirable balanced diets, also took small amount of vitamin E diet. From this survey it is clear that nutritional guidance to improve vitamin E status will be required for the persons with unbalanced diets.

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