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Chapter 7,026

Antibodies elicited by a biosynthetic peptide related to a major immunogenic area of FMDV A12

Borca, M.V.; Moore, D.M.; Srikumaran, S.; Morgan, D.O.

Viral Immunology 3(2): 147-160


ISSN/ISBN: 0882-8245
PMID: 1694429
DOI: 10.1089/vim.1990.3.147
Accession: 007025166

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Foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) capsid contains 60 copies each of four structural proteins, virus proteins 1-4. Virus protein 1 (VP1) plays an important immunogenic role, being the only VP that is immunogenic as an isolated protein. Even peptides representing a partial amino acid (AA) sequence of VP1 can induce protective immunity in experimental hosts. A 32 AA residue, in a tandem repeat configuration (32dimer), of sero/subtype A-12 Lp ab VP1 (AA 132-168) was highly immunogenic for its homologous subtype and partially protective for FMDV serotype A strain A24 (1). This cross-reactivity was further demonstrable in the ELISA and mouse protection tests. Three different antibody populations were isolated by affinity chromatography (AFC) from the serum of a steer immunized with the 32dimer. Each population seems to recognize a different epitope on the 32dimer peptide since each fraction was defined as unique by its reactivity with different subtypes of FMDV virus in RIA, ELISA, neutralization and competition assays. Considering the neutralizing activity of each of the antibody populations the pattern of neutralization of the 32dimer elicited antiserum can be described. Two of the three epitopes were mapped by competition assays using synthetic peptides.

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