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Chapter 7,032

Application of a set of 14 complementary dna probes from wheat to detect restriction fragment length polymorphism rflp in barley

Liao, Y.C.; Niks, R.E.

Euphytica 53(2): 115-120


ISSN/ISBN: 0014-2336
Accession: 007031485

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A set of 14 probes from wheat cDNA clones was used to search for restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) in six barley [Hordeum vulgare] lines. The degree of polymorphism among the lines varied greatly between probes and between the various restriction enzymes. Two probes revealed a high degree of polymorphism in all probe/enzyme combinations. Seven of 14 probes did not reveal RFLP. The average level of polymorphism based on all 840 pairwise comparisons was 14.0%, which is higher than has been reported in wheat, but lower than in maize, rice, potato and lettuce. Most of the probes that detected RFLP correspond to sites on the long arms of wheat chromosomes.

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