Automated enzyme immunoassay for lutropin with the Abbott IMx analyzer

Ford, K.A.; Baker, H.N.; Baar, J.G.; Balay, D.; Marlewski, D.; Venetucci, M.; Ogunro, E.A.

Clinical Chemistry 35(12): 2333-2335


ISSN/ISBN: 0009-9147
PMID: 2686863
Accession: 007045538

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An automated enzyme immunoassay for human lutropin for use with the Abbott IMx analyzer is described. The assay provides results in approximately 40 min with a sensitivity of 0.25 int. units of LH per liter for up to 23 serum or plasma samples. Cross-reactivity with follitropin (2000 int. units/L) and thyrotropin (2 int. units/L) was negligible; it was 0.016% with human choriogonadotropin (1 X 10(6) int. units/L). There was no interference by high concentrations of bilirubin (0.5 g/L), hemoglobin (7.50 g/L), or triglycerides (13.5 g/L). Intra-, inter-, and total assay CVs were less than or equal to 3.75%, less than or equal to 7.1%, and less than or equal to 7.94%, respectively. Values obtained with the IMx correlated well (r = 0.98, n = 194) with values obtained with Diagnostic Products' LH Double Antibody RIA, and Serono's LH MAIAclone assay. This assay should be useful for small to medium-size laboratories involved in the clinical diagnosis of reproductive pathology.