Band application of fertilizer with machine transplanter in paddy field 2. effect of nitrogen fertilizer application method on the growth and grain yield of rice plant

Oh, Y.B.; Ahn, J.K.; Park, R.K.; Park, S.H.

Research Reports of the Rural Development Administration 32(1 RICE): 16-20


Accession: 007049796

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Band application of basal fertilizer at the same time with machine transplanting in paddy field was conducted in Crop Experiment Station in 1988 to investigate the nitrogen fertilizer application method. Increase in amount of fertilizer at basal application increased plant height and tiller number per hill at early growth stage but no differences were observed at late growth stage. Percent of effective tiller decreased with increasing fertilizer at basal application due to higher tiller number at early growth stage. Internode of lower part of clum elongated with increasing fertilizer at basal and 14 days after transplanting. Number of primary branch in a panicle increased with increasing fertilizer at basal application but number of secondary branch and spikelet were increased by top dressing at 14 days after transplanting. Grain yield was not significantly differences between fertilizer application method but head rice recovery increased with decreasing fertilizer at basal application and omitted at 14 days after transplanting.