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Band application of fertilizer with machine transplanter in paddy field 4. effect of slow releasing fertilizer for band application on the growth and grain yield of rice plant

Oh, Y.B.; Kim, B.H.; Yun, Y.D.; Oh, Y.J.; Park, R.K.

Research Reports of the Rural Development Administration 33(2 RICE): 24-33


Accession: 007049797

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In order to get an optimum amount and split method of slow releasing fertilizer at the band application with machine transplanting in paddy field, this experiment was carried out in different soil series, 1989, with infant rice seedling, 1990, and in yield trial at farmers field, 1990. Tiller number per hill at band application of fertilizer was more than that at whole layer application from 20 days after transplanting in both soil series. The difference of tiller number at the Gangseo series was higher than that at the Sinhung series, however yield was not significantly differences between Sinhung and Gangseo series. Grain yield of infant rice at band application was a little higher than that at conventional cultivation and this was due to less tiller at conventional method. Grain quality was deteriorated with increasing fertilizer level at basal application and in the application of nitrogen fertilizer at panicle initiation stage. In the yield trial at farmers field, the amount of nitrogen fertilizer and the labors in transplanting and fertilizing at band application could be saved 26% and 76% respectively compared with those in the conventional method, however there was no difference in grain yield between two fertilizing methods.

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