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Beetle communities in leaf litter in the state natural reserve kopac at bratislava czechoslovakia

Drdul, J.

Acta Facultatis Rerum Naturalium Universitatis Comenianae Zoologia 31: 65-73


Accession: 007051314

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The beetle fauna of leaf litter in the State Natural Reserve Kopac at Bratislava was examined in the period 1981-1983 at monthly intervals. A total of 384 soil samples examined contained 745 beetle specimens belonging to 98 species in 17 families. As to qualitative representation, the most rich were Staphylinidae (36 species, 36.73%), followed by Carabidae (21 species, 21.42%) and Curculionidae (18 species, 18.36%). The other families were represented by 1-2 species. As to quantitative representation, Staphylinidae (237 specimens, 31.81%) were followed by Lathridiidae (212 specimens, 28.45%) and Carabidae (138 specimens, 18.52%). The highest abundance values were reached by Enicmus minutus, Microlestes maurus and Omalium rivulare (203, 47 and 44 specimens per m2, respectively). There were two abundance maxima, one in the spring and the other in autumn.

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