Bembidion almasyi new species and 2 new geographic races of bembidion grandipenne schaum coleoptera carabidae

Fassati, M.

Acta Universitatis Carolinae. Biologica 34(3): 161-172


ISSN/ISBN: 0001-7124
Accession: 007052774

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Bembidion (Bembidionetolitzkya) almasyi sp. n. from the valley Naryn in Kirghisia [USSR], and two new geographical subspecies of Bembidion grandipenne Schaum, i. e. B. grandipenne olegleonidovici spp. n. (Western Caucasus) and B. grandipenne bulgardagense ssp. n. (Southern Anatolia [Turkey] are described. -Bembidion frevi Net. is related to species Bembidion grandipenne Schaum as a subspecies. -Bembidion hauseri Jedl. is considered as a synonym of B. ovalipenne ssp. infantile Net. (new synonym).