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Chapter 7,061

Biological control of decay in creosote treated distribution poles iii. control of decay in poles by immunizing commensal fungi after extended incubation periods

Bruce, A.; Fairnington, A.; King, B.

Material und Organismen 25(1): 15-28


ISSN/ISBN: 0025-5270
Accession: 007060515

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Creosote treated distribution poles were inoculated with either, Trichoderma, Lentinus lepideus or a combination of both to examine whether biological control could be used to protect pole interiors from decay. Poles were extensively sectioned six years after inoculation with the control and decay fungi to monitor the development of the organisms. While Trichoderma was still viable in the poles after extended incubation it had failed to colonise much of the pole interiors. The incidence of the decay fungus was only very slightly reduced by prophylactic application of Trichoderma species but extensive decay was present in many of the poles. Some of the factors influencing the level of decay achieved are discussed.

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