Carid shrimp of cuba west indies prionalpheus gomezi new species decapoda alpheidae prionalpheus new record for the atlantic ocean

Martinez Iglesias, J.C.; Carvacho, A.

Crustaceana (Leiden) 60(1): 84-89


ISSN/ISBN: 0011-216X
Accession: 007082060

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Prionalpheus gomezi n. sp. is described; this forms the first Atlantic record of the otherwise Indopacific genus. The species is easily distinguished from the remaining four known species [fissipes, trituberculatus, brachytomeus, and sulu] of the genus by the contiguous location of the eyes, the shape of the rostrum, the presence of ischial spines on P4 and P5, the two pairs of dorsal spines on the telson and the presence of four articles in the carpus of P2. The holotype was collected on a coral reef in S. W. Cuba.