Chemical changes during the development of faba beans vicia faba l. as affected by pod and seed positions

Ziena, H.M.; Shehata, A.M.E.T.; Youssef, M.M.; El-Bary, A.A.A.

Egyptian Journal of Food Science 15(2): 147-160


Accession: 007106135

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The chemical changes during the development of faba bean seeds as affected by pod location on plant (lower, middle and upper zones) and seed position inside the lower pods (nodular, middle and terminal) were studied. Faba bean seeds were analyzed at regular intervals during development for the following constituents: Dry matter, total nitrogen, non-protein nitrogen, crude ether extract, crude fibre, water-soluble carbohydrates, ash, Ca, Mg, Na, K, Fe, Cu, Zn, Mn and total phenols. Non-protein nitrogen, water-soluble carbohydrates and total phenols decreased significantly, while the other constituents accumulated, during the seed development. The chemical changes for the three zones, exhibited the same trend but occurred at different rates. Seeds grown on the upper zone had relatively lower content of protein, crude fibre, ash and crude ether extract than those grown on L and M zones. The rate for upper zone was relatively higher than those for the two other zones. Very slight differences in chemical composition were observed among the three seed positions inside lower pods at the different stages of development. Data revealed that harvesting of dry beans should be undertaken as the seed weight per pod reaches around 80%.