Section 8
Chapter 7,127

Cloning of the hyphantria cunea nuclear polyhedrosis virus partial ecori genome dna fragments in plasmid vectors puc8 and pbr322

Lee H H.; Kim J W.; Kim H K.; Park S S.; Lee Y C.; Ok D C.

Kon Kuk Journal of Genetic Engineering 4: 66-72


Accession: 007126481

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The complete genome of Hyphantria cunea nuclear polyhedrosis virus (HcNPV), which was isolated from tissue culture cells infected with the virus, was digested with EcoR I and cloned in Escherichia coli using the plasmid vector pBR322 and pUC8. The EcoR I enzyme digest-ed the HcNPV gemone DNA into 24 fragments with the molecular sizes ranging from 0.81 to 13.24 kilobases. Thirteen EcoRI DNA fragments were cloned and identified by digestion of the recombinant DNAs with EcoR I enzyme by comparison of the their electophoretic mobilities in agarose gels with that of somilarly digested uncloned DNAs. The coloned HcNPV DNA showed the same migration pattern as the corresponding fragments from the restricted uncioned DNAs, indicating that no major insertions or deletions occurred during cloning and plasmid propagation. Hind III enzyme cleaved HcNPV genome DNA into 24 fragments.

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