Combining ability and some genetic characters of inbred high lysine maize lines homozygous for the gene opaque 2 i. grain yield

Ivanov, S.

Genetika i Selektsiya 24(5): 327-334


Accession: 007132321

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The combining ability and some genetic characters were studied by a system of diallel crosses in inbred high lysine maize lines, homozygous for the gene Opaque-2 in 1985 and 1986 on irrigated and non-irrigated fields. Lines III-144-O2 and C-103-O2 have high general combining ability for grain yield and could be used with success in the development of productive high lysine synthetics. Lines III-144-O2, 358-62-O2 and KT-139-O2 have high specific combining ability and could be included in hybrid combinations and diallel crosses for the purpose of selecting high yielding hybrids. The inheritance of grain yield in high lysine lines is predominantly overdominant. Line 358-62-O2 has highest number of dominant genes (about 75%), while in the remaining lines this character is controlled by about 50% dominant and 50% recessive genes. A high correlation (r = -0,82++ and r = 0.79++) exists between the sum Vr + Wr and parental line yield, i.e. the line with largest number of dominant genes would have highest grain yeild.