Comparative investigations of the nitrogen balance under dactylis glomerata l. after fertilization with slurry biogas slurry and mineral fertilizer 3. communication nitrogen balance

Merz, H.U.; Troesch, W.

Wirtschaftseigene Futter 36(1): 5-20


Accession: 007135408

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Supplementary to the first communication (Dry matter yields and nitrogen withdrawal) and the second communication (Nitrate leaching and nutrient contents in the soil) this third communication reports on N-losses via denitrification and volatile ammonia losses. In addition to this, the calculation of a nitrogen (N) balance is attempted. The measurements of denitrification as carried out in a diploma thesis did not result in N-losses of relevance for the N-balance. The determination of ammonia losses had to be discontinued since impossibility to change the sites of measurement threatened to interfere with the trial. In total, ammonia losses can only be considered to be partially responsible for the low N-recoveries after fertilization with slurry. A nitrogen balance as based on the parmeters fertilization, withdrawal, leaching and accumulation in the stubbles resulted after correction for the control in a calculated recovery of the fertilizer nitrogen of 72.6% with mineral fertilization, 23.8% with untreated slurry and 25.6% with mature slurry.