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Comparison of the effects of nicardipine and metoprolol on lipid and glycidic metabolism in hypertensive subjects

De Cesaris, R.; Ranieri, G.; Filitti, V.; Bonfantino, M.V.; Dentamaro, M.; Andriani, A.

International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology Research 11(6): 275-282


ISSN/ISBN: 0251-1649
PMID: 1823085
Accession: 007143255

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Various aspects of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism have been studied in two groups of patients with mild hypertension before and after six months of treatment with either nicardipine (n = 10) or metoprolol (n = 10). A significant reduction of the arterial blood pressure was seen with both treatment regimens. Circulating plasma glucose, insulin, C peptide and triglyceride concentrations were measured at hourly intervals from 08 h 00 to 17 h 00, in patients on an isocaloric diet (35 kcalth/k g/die). Plasma glucose concentrations were unchanged and insulin and C peptide concentrations were higher in association with metoprolol treatment. In contrast, nicardipine-treated patients had similar plasma insulin, but lower plasma glucose, C peptide and triglyceride concentrations after treatment. The changes in day-long plasma glucose and insulin-stimulated glucose uptake had increased in association with metoprolol treatment and decreased following nicardipine. Finally plasma cholesterol concentration did not change following metoprolol therapy, whereas plasma high density lipoprotein cholesterol increased in association with nicardipine treatment. The data seem to indicate that the negative effect of nicardipine on secretion of insulin is balanced by an improvement in glucose uptake.

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