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Concentrate grape juice as feed for fattening young bulls i. productive performances

Malossini, F.; Bartocci, S.; Settineri, D.; Romita, A.

Annali dell'Istituto Sperimentale per la Zootecnia 21(2): 179-190


Accession: 007149770

A trial was carried out on 34 Friesian young males (initial live weight 308 kg) with the aim of assessing the possibility of feeding the animals on grape juice (MUC). The animals were subdivided in 4 groups: control group fed on maize silage ad libitum (MUC-0) and groups MUC-10, MUC-20 and MUC-30, for which respectively 10%, 20% and 30% of maize silage (on DM basis) was substitued by MUC (DM). All the animals received daily 1 kg of protein-vitamin-mineral supplement. After slaughter (550 kg) the carcasses were chilled for 7 days at 2-3.degree.C and thereafter the right sides were dissected into meat, bone and fat. Average daily gain was about 1.300 kg, without significant differences among groups, but with a slightly better efficiency for group MUC-30. Also in the slaughter traits no significant differences were found. Nevertheless the groups MUC-20 and MUC-30 had always better performances expecially if meat percentage is considered (2.4% more meat in their carcasses).

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