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Continuous measurement of the mixed venous oxygen saturation in critically ill patients monitoring of oxygen delivery oxygen consumption

Linge, C.; Kuckelt, W.; Brase, R.; Boehmert, F.

Intensivbehandlung 14(4): 162-167


ISSN/ISBN: 0341-3063
Accession: 007156245

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Multiorgan failure represents one of the main problems of intensive-care medicine. Hypoxidosis, resulting from a prolongated lack of oxygen delivered to the tissue, is the reason for the loss of cellular integrity, and therefore can explain the increasing insufficiency of the organ systems in multiorgan failure. Oxygen consumption (VO2) as well as oxygen delivery (DO2) have got direct influence in the mixed-venous oxygen saturation (S.hivin.vO2). Therefore continuous measurement of S.hivin.vO2 provides the possibility of monitoring the balance of VO2 and DO2. Clinical case reports emphasize the importance of S.hivin.vO2-measurement, as an adequate DO2 is necessary for the recovery of critically ill patients.

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