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Control of thrips megaleurothrips distalis karny and pod borers viz. euchrysops cnejus fabricius and maruca testulalis geyer infesting green gram vigna radiata l. wilczek

Chander, S.; Singh, Y.

Indian Journal of Entomology 51(2): 131-135


ISSN/ISBN: 0367-8288
Accession: 007159811

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Foliar application with monocrotophos (0.04 per cent) proved most effective against thrips, Megaleurothrips distalis (Karny) on mungbean as it annihilated the pest for 4 days in comparison to foliar application of dimethoate (0.03 per cent) and chloropyriphos (0.05 per cent), which gave complete mortality for two days only. Spraying with monocrotophos (0.04 per cent), dimethoate (0.03 per cent) and chlorpyriphos (0.05 per cent) at flowering reduced the level of infestation of pod borers infesting mungbeam. It was inferred that seed treatment or foliar application with insecticides during initial vegetative phase of crop growth did not reduce the intensity of pod borer infestation.

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