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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 7167

Chapter 7167 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Laroche G.; Dufourc E.J.; Pezolet M.; Dufourcq J., 1990:
Coupled changes between lipid order and polypeptide conformation at the membrane surface a deuterium nmr and raman study of polylysine phosphatidic acid systems

Rizzi, A.M., 1990:
Coupled column chromatography in chiral separations i. enantiomeric separation on swollen microcrystalline cellulose triacetate columns after a preseparation on a non chiral alkylsilica column

Rizzi A.M.; Plank C., 1991:
Coupled column chromatography in chiral separations systems employing beta cyclodextrin phases for chiral separation

Ahmad, A.R.; Nye, P.H., 1990:
Coupled diffusion and oxidation of ferrous iron in soils i. kinetics of oxygenation of ferrous iron in soil suspension

Kirk, G.J.D.; Ahmad, A.R.; Nye, P.H., 1990:
Coupled diffusion and oxidation of ferrous iron in soils ii. a model of the diffusion and reaction of oxygen iron ii ion hydrogen ion and bicarbonate ion in soils and a sensitivity analysis of the model

Kletzin, A., 1989:
Coupled enzymatic production of sulfite, thiosulfate, and hydrogen sulfide from sulfur: purification and properties of a sulfur oxygenase reductase from the facultatively anaerobic archaebacterium Desulfurolobus ambivalens

Keleti, T.; Berni, R.; Vas, M.; Mozzarelli, A.; Rossi, G.L., 1989:
Coupled enzymatic reactions measured in a single protein crystal from myogen A

Hussain A.; Lewis D.; Sumbilla C.; Lai L C.; Melera P.W.; Inesi G., 1992:
Coupled expression of calcium transport atpase and a dihydrofolate reductase selectable marker in a mammalian cell system

Castellani L.; Goretti G.; Neri B.; Russo M.V.; Zacchei P., 1992:
Coupled in series microcapillary gas chromatographic columns betel extract analysis

Blum H.; Balschi J.A.; Johnson R.G.Jr, 1991:
Coupled in vivo activity of creatine phosphokinase and the membrane bound sodium potassium atpase in the resting and stimulated electric organ of the electric fish narcine brasiliensis

Barcarolo R., 1990:
Coupled lc gc a new method for the on line analysis of organochlorine pesticide residues in fat

Grob K.; Kaelin I.; Artho A., 1991:
Coupled lc gc the capacity of silica gel hplc columns for retaining fat

Pratt L.M.; Force E.R.; Pomerol B., 1991:
Coupled manganese and carbon isotopic events in marine carbonates at the cenomanian turonian boundary

Petersen S.O.; Henriksen K.; Blackburn T.H., 1991:
Coupled nitrification denitrification associated with liquid manure in a gel stabilized model system

Grob K.Jr; L.Z., 1989:
Coupled reversed phase liquid chromatography capillary gas chromatography for the determination of atrazine in water

Kobayashi E.; Fujiwara M., 1989:
Coupled skin grafting for use in the studies of the rejection mechanism

Urita S.; Ohta T.; Sugiura M.; Kikkawa M., 1989 :
Coupled transport of amino acid ions through cellulose acetate plasticizer membranes made from mulberry xylem

Inui K I., 1988:
Coupled transport of drugs in the intestine and renal tubule

Green, R.; Giebisch, G.; Unwin, R.; Weinstein, A.M., 1991:
Coupled water transport by rat proximal tubule

Catalan, J.; Hawton, K.; Day, A., 1990:
Couples referred to a sexual dysfunction clinic. Psychological and physical morbidity

Ericsson, S.A.; Ericsson, R.J., 1992:
Couples with exclusively female offspring have an increased probability of a male child after using male sex preselection

Pagé, M.; Thibeault, D.; Noël, C.; Dumas, L., 1990:
Coupling a preactivated daunorubicin derivative to antibody. A new approach

Honeyman B.D.; Santschi P.H., 1991:
Coupling adsorption and particle aggregation laboratory studies of colloidal pumping using iron 59 labeled hematite

Pepper, M.S.; Montesano, R.; el Aoumari, A.; Gros, D.; Orci, L.; Meda, P., 1992:
Coupling and connexin 43 expression in microvascular and large vessel endothelial cells

Jham G.N.; Cover R.E.; Kovacs J., 1990:
Coupling and racemization rate constants of alanine active and glycylalanine active esters

Sciandra A., 1991:
Coupling and uncoupling between nitrate uptake and growth rate in prorocentrum minimum dinophyceae under different frequencies of pulsed nitrate supply

Kirby, R.L.; MacLeod, D.A.; Marble, A.E., 1989:
Coupling between cardiac and locomotor rhythms: the phase lag between heart beats and pedal thrusts

Ireton, K.; Grossman, A.D., 1992:
Coupling between gene expression and DNA synthesis early during development in Bacillus subtilis

Angel I.; Taranger M A., 1989:
Coupling between hypothalamic alpha 2 adrenoceptors and tritiated mazindol binding site in response to several hyperglycemic stimuli in mice

Mason M.J.; Garcia Rodriguez C.; Grinstein S., 1991:
Coupling between intracellular calcium stores and the calcium permeability of the plasma membrane comparison of the effects of thapsigargin 2 5 di tert butyl 1 4 hydroquinone and cyclopiazonic acid in rat thymic lymphocytes

Kholodenko B.N., 1992:
Coupling between proton or and sodium transport and atp synthesis kinetic models of the proton sodium atpases of the f 0f 1 type

Kawahara, K.; Kumagai, S.; Nakazono, Y.; Miyamoto, Y., 1989:
Coupling between respiratory and stepping rhythms during locomotion in decerebrate cats

Deschamps, C.; Rodarte, J.R.; Wilson, T.A., 1988:
Coupling between rib cage and abdominal compartments of the relaxed chest wall

Wada M.; Kogure K.; Ohwada K.; Simidu U., 1992:
Coupling between the respiratory chain and the luminescent system of vibrio harveyi

Karpe P.; Persin M.; Durand G., 1989:
Coupling capillary gas chromatography with solvent extraction pulse column for preconcentration step application to pesticides analysis in water

Thibeault D.; Page M., 1990:
Coupling daunorubicin to monoclonal antialphafoetoprotein with a new activated derivative

Ernst T.; Hennig J., 1991:
Coupling effects in volume selective proton spectroscopy of major brain metabolites

Young, J.D.; Huang, A.S.; Ariel, N.; Bruins, J.B.; Ng, D.; Stevens, R.L., 1990:
Coupling efficiencies of amino acids in the solid phase synthesis of peptides

Tuttas Doerschug R.; Hanstein W.G., 1989:
Coupling factor 1 from escherichia coli lacking subunits delta and epsilon preparation and specific binding to depleted membranes mediated by subunits of 7d or epsilon

Cruse H.; Knauth A., 1989:
Coupling mechanisms between the contralateral legs of a walking insect carausius morosus

Salomonsson B.A C.; Theander O., 1992:
Coupling of 1 aminododecane to starch by bromine oxidation and reductive amination

Montero Lomeli M.; Martins O.B.; Dreyfus G., 1989:
Coupling of atp hydrolysis to phosphate uptake in rhodospirillum rubrum chromatophores under the influence of calcium ion and magnesium ion

Kirsch G.E.; Codina J.; Birnbaumer L.; Brown A.M., 1990:
Coupling of atp sensitive potassium channels to a 1 receptors by g proteins in rat ventricular myocytes

Haedge D., 1990:
Coupling of bovine igg to carbonochloridate activated bead cellulose cyanogen bromide activated sepharose cl 4b and sodium periodate oxidized sepharose 6b as well as using of the coupling products for immunoaffinity chromatography

Kirby, R.L.; Nugent, S.T.; Marlow, R.W.; MacLeod, D.A.; Marble, A.E., 1989:
Coupling of cardiac and locomotor rhythms

Matozaki T.; Sakamoto C.; Nagao M.; Nishisaki H.; Konda Y.; Nakano O.; Baba S., 1990:
Coupling of cholecystokinin receptors to phospholipase c by a guanine nucleotide binding protein in guinea pig gastric chief cells

Vreeken R.J.; Van Dongen W.D.; Ghijsen R.T.; G.J.; Lingeman H.; Brinkman U.A.T.; Van Leuken R.G.J.; Kwakkenbos G.T.C.; Deelder R.S., 1992:
Coupling of column liquid chromatography and thermospray mass spectrometry via phase system switching with an ion exchange trapping column

Chazot J.A.; Strange P.G., 1992:
Coupling of d 2 dopamine receptors to g proteins in solubilized preparation of bovine caudate nucleus

Verillon F.; Qian F., 1991:
Coupling of dialysis with liquid chromatography for automated analysis of complex samples

Chiaramello, A.E.; Zyskind, J.W., 1990:
Coupling of DNA replication to growth rate in Escherichia coli: a possible role for guanosine tetraphosphate

Lee C B.; Yoon J.K.; Lee H.H.; Park S.D., 1989:
Coupling of dna single strand breaks and replication inhibition in chinese hamster ovary cells treated with methyl methanesulfonate

Ignar-Trowbridge, D.M.; Nelson, K.G.; Bidwell, M.C.; Curtis, S.W.; Washburn, T.F.; McLachlan, J.A.; Korach, K.S., 1992:
Coupling of dual signaling pathways: epidermal growth factor action involves the estrogen receptor

Moriarty T.M.; Sealfon S.C.; Carty D.J.; Roberts J.L.; Iyengar R.; Landau E.M., 1989:
Coupling of exogenous receptors to phospholipase c in xenopus oocytes through pertussis toxin sensitive and toxin insensitive pathways cross talk through heterotrimeric g proteins

Baser, I.; Johnson, T.R.; Paine, L.L., 1992:
Coupling of fetal movement and fetal heart rate accelerations as an indicator of fetal health

Kopun, J.G.; Stelmachowicz, P.G.; Carney, E.; Schulte, L., 1992:
Coupling of FM systems to individuals with unilateral hearing loss

Muller M.; Pons M N., 1991:
Coupling of gas membrane smooth pervaporation and alcoholic fermentation

Tzamarias D.; Roussou I.; Thireos G., 1989:
Coupling of gcn 4 messenger rna translational activation with decreased rates of polypeptide chain initiation

Holopainen I.; Louve M.; Enkvist M.O.K.; Akerman K.E.O., 1990:
Coupling of glutamatergic receptors to changes in intracellular calcium in rat cerebellar granule cells in primary culture

Garrity, M.J.; Reed, M.M.; Brass, E.P., 1989:
Coupling of hepatic prostaglandin receptors to adenylate cyclase through a pertussis toxin sensitive guanine nucleotide regulatory protein

Fryklund J.; Gedda K.; Scott D.; Sachs G.; Wallmark B., 1990:
Coupling of hydrogen ion potassium ion atpase activity and glucose oxidation in gastric glands

Nagao, M.; Sakamoto, C.; Matozaki, T.; Nishizaki, H.; Konda, Y.; Nakano, O.; Baba, S., 1989:
Coupling of inhibitory GTP binding protein to somatostatin receptors on rat cerebrocortical membranes

Pearce, B.D.; Potter, L.T., 1991:
Coupling of m1 muscarinic receptors to G protein in Alzheimer disease

McKee, E.E.; Grier, B.L.; Thompson, G.S.; Leung, A.C.; McCourt, J.D., 1990:
Coupling of mitochondrial metabolism and protein synthesis in heart mitochondria

Higashida H.; Noda M.; Kimura Y.; Hashii M., 1991:
Coupling of muscarinic acetylcholine receptors m1 m3 and m2 m4 to phosphoinositide metabolism and calcium channels in dna transfected ng 108 15 cells

Wojcikiewicz R.J.; Safrany S.T.; Challiss R.A.J.; Strupish J.; Nahorski S.R., 1990:
Coupling of muscarinic receptors to the mobilization of intracellular calcium ion stores in permeabilized sh sy5y human neuroblastoma cells

Vagabova O.I.; Kats E.Yu; Shkuropatov A.Ya; Kuz'min A.I.; Shuvalov V.A., 1989:
Coupling of photoinduced separation of changes in the reaction centers of photosynthetic bacteria with electron transfer to a chemically modified electrode

Laver D.R., 1990:
Coupling of potassium gating and permeation with calcium block in the calcium activated potassium channel in chara australis

Fujiki, M.; Verner, K., 1991:
Coupling of protein synthesis and mitochondrial import in a homologous yeast in vitro system

Bockaert, J., 1991:
Coupling of receptors to G proteins, pharmacological implications

Rentzeperis, D.; Kharakoz, D.P.; Marky, L.A., 1991:
Coupling of sequential transitions in a DNA double hairpin: energetics, ion binding, and hydration

Helbig H.; Korbmacher C.; Erb C.; Nawrath M.; Knuuttila K G.; Wistrand P.; Wiederholt M., 1989:
Coupling of sodium 22 and chlorine 36 uptake in cultured pigmented ciliary epithelial cells a proposed role for the isoenzymes of carbonic anhydrase

Khan N.A.; Masson I.; Quemener V.; Moulinoux P.J., 1990:
Coupling of sodium ion with the spermidine transporter protein in nih balb c 3t3 cells

Ehlert, F.J.; Delen, F.M.; Yun, S.H.; Friedman, D.J.; Self, D.W., 1989:
Coupling of subtypes of the muscarinic receptor to adenylate cyclase in the corpus striatum and heart

Craescu, C.T.; Mispelter, J.; Blouquit, Y., 1990:
Coupling of tertiary and quaternary changes in human hemoglobin a 1d and 2d nmr study of hemoglobin st. mande beta n102y

Khan, L.A.; Raj, M.; Amin, M., 1989:
Coupling of the enzymic activities of myosin ATPase and creatine kinase and its role in muscular contraction

Marvalin O.; Alevy L.; Hartmann H.J., 1989:
Coupling of the seasonal patterns of bacterioplankton and phytoplankton in a eutrophic lake

Abdel Moety E.M.; Moustafa A.A.; Ismaiel S.A.; Bebers M.S., 1988:
Coupling of tlc and uv spectrophotometry for quantification of methyl nicotinate and diethylamine salicylate in ointments

Sandmann, J.; Peralta, E.G.; Wurtman, R.J., 1991:
Coupling of transfected muscarinic acetylcholine receptor subtypes to phospholipase D

Aramori, I.; Nakanishi, S., 1992:
Coupling of two endothelin receptor subtypes to differing signal transduction in transfected Chinese hamster ovary cells

Andersen S.O.; Jacobsen J.P.; Roepstorff P., 1992:
Coupling reactions between amino compounds and n acetyldopamine catalyzed by cuticular enzymes

Neidlein R.; Johmann A.A., 1991:
Coupling reactions of diazonium betaines with 1 6 methano 10 annulene derivatives and their cyclization reactions to heterocycles

Takada Y.; Fukunaga N.; Sasaki S., 1989:
Coupling site of the respiration dependent sodium pump in a psychrophilic bacterium vibrio sp strain abe 1

Kawahara Y.; Tanaka T.; Ikeda S.; Sone N., 1988:
Coupling sites of the respiratory chain of brevibacterium lactofermentum

Busch K.L., 1992:
Coupling thin layer chromatography with mass spectrometry

Laskus, T.; Slusarczyk, J.; Lupa, E.; Cianciara, J., 1991:
Course and outcome of acute type B hepatitis in heavy alcohol abusers

Braendli O.; Langloh P.; Plangger M.; Dreher D., 1988:
Course and prognosis of copd over 5 and 10 years

Carbone L.; D'agati V.; Cheng J T.; Appel G.B., 1989:
Course and prognosis of human immunodeficiency virus associated nephropathy

Kaschke, O., 1991:
Course and prognosis of meniere's disease

Rischmüller, B.; Meiring, J.H., 1991:
Course and relationships of the arteria maxillaris

Waldmann K H., 1990:
Course and treatment of leptospirosis on a pig farm

Sánchez-Guerrero, J.; Alarcón-Segovia, D., 1992:
Course of antiphospholipid antibodies in patients with primary antiphospholipid syndrome before, during and after pregnancy treated with low dose aspirin. Relationship of antibody levels to outcome in 7 patients

Wessel J.; Lichtenegger W.; Gerold W.; Schoenegg W., 1992:
Course of birth in the case of intrauterine foetal death

Tattersall, R.; Gregory, R.; Selby, C.; Kerr, D.; Heller, S., 1991:
Course of brittle diabetes: 12 year follow up

Kleiser, B.; Widder, B., 1992:
Course of carotid artery occlusions with impaired cerebrovascular reactivity

Hara T.; Kimura M.; Araie M., 1992:
Course of central visual field following trabeculectomy for advanced glaucoma

Metochis C.; Orphanos P.I., 1990:
Course of chloride concentration in tobacco leaves through the harvesting season

Mel'man N.Ya; Pyrig L.A.; Chernyakova I.A.; Taran E.I., 1988:
Course of chronic glomerulonephritis and pyelonephritis in pregnant women

Kitagawa K.; Ogino N.; Matsumura M.; Ido W.; Kato K.; Negi A.; Nishiwaki K.; Ichioka H.; Ichioka I.; E.A., 1992:
Course of diabetic retinopathy after cataract surgery

Pollack, A.; Dotan, S.; Oliver, M., 1991:
Course of diabetic retinopathy following cataract surgery

Mutz N.; Neumann M.; Hormann C.; Koller W.; Putensen C.; Putz G.; Benzer H., 1990:
Course of extravascular lung water evlw in icu patients with multiple injuries with and without thoracic trauma

Kanecka P., 1992:
Course of formation of pupal eye in larvae of false spruce webworm cephalcia abietis l

Feher G., 1989:
Course of hatching in goose and duck

Bondke H.; Witte J.; Specht F K.; Weber D.; Von Knorre G.H., 1991:
Course of his bundle ablation in cases of medication resistant supraventricular tachycardia

Lehmann M.; Merkelbach H.; Gastmann U.; Keul J., 1988:
Course of hypertension stage i in 48 athletes with and without drug therapy

Wang A.G.; Pirchner F., 1992:
Course of inbreeding and its effects on feed efficiency and reproductive traits in layer hens

Yates, J.A.; Saliba, E.K.; Yates, K.L.; Schmitz, K.; Othman, M.; Higashi, G.I., 1989:
Course of infection and humoral response to Leishmania major in inbred Meriones unguiculatus

Zivná, H.; Zivný, P.; Cech, K.; Pekárek, J.; Simek, J., 1989:
Course of liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy in rats treated with dialysates obtained 17 hours after partial hepatectomy

Zivná, H.; Zivný, P.; Pekárek, J.; Cech, K.; Simek, J., 1989:
Course of liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy in rats treated with dialysates of intact organs

Nechaeva O.B., 1991:
Course of lung cancer in subjects exposed to industrial dust

Nakai, Y., 1990:
Course of meniere's disease a long term follow up and pathology

Wirz Justice A.; Haug H J., 1991:
Course of mood over six years in a patient with seasonal affective disorder

Mange, K.C.; Marino, R.J.; Gregory, P.C.; Herbison, G.J.; Ditunno, J.F., 1992:
Course of motor recovery in the zone of partial preservation in spinal cord injury

Allegrini, P.R.; Wachsmuth, E.D., 1990:
Course of murine leukemia retrovirus infection determined in vivo by magnetic resonance imaging

Jacob D.; Elze K., 1989:
Course of ovulation embryonic development and oocyte degeneration in swine related to spontaneous estrus or following synchronized heat and ovulation

Gerbershagen H U., 1991:
Course of pain studied with electronic diaries real time measurements and sequential analysis

Osmundson, P.J.; O'Fallon, W.M.; Zimmerman, B.R.; Kazmier, F.J.; Langworthy, A.L.; Palumbo, P.J., 1990:
Course of peripheral occlusive arterial disease in diabetes. Vascular laboratory assessment

Freeman, E.W.; Rickels, K.; Sondheimer, S.J., 1992:
Course of premenstrual syndrome symptom severity after treatment

Stoimenov A.; Zlatkov N., 1988:
Course of psoriasis in childhood

Robert, P.; Merdji, Y.; Touari, M.; Bensmail, M.; Souetre, E.; Darcourt, G., 1989:
Course of psychosis in Algeria and in France: about 342 cases observed from 1975 to 1985

del Rio Vega, J.M.; Ayuso-Gutierrez, J.L., 1990 :
Course of schizoaffective psychosis: a retrospective study

del Rio Vega, J.M.; Ayuso-Gutierrez, J.L., 1992:
Course of schizoaffective psychosis: further data from a retrospective study

Averbakh M.M.; Apt A.S., 1991:
Course of staphylococcus aureus experimental sepsis in opposite mouse strains and f 1 hybrids

Fiser A.; Hajkova J., 1990:
Course of temperatures and humidity of the air in a large scale barn for heifer rearing during the summer

Casabona J.; Salas T.; Segura A., 1989:
Course of the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome epidemic in catalonia spain a descriptive analysis of the case registry

Tschabitscher, M.; Fuss, F.K.; Matula, C.; Klimpel, S., 1991:
Course of the arteria vertebralis in its segment V1 from the origin to its entry into the foramen processus transversi

Vallejo G.A.; Marinkelle C.J.; Guhl F.; Sanchez N.D., 1988:
Course of the infection and morphological differentiation between trypanosoma cruzi and trypanosoma rangeli in the intestine of the vector rhodnius prolixus

Gwizdek S., 1988:
Course of the photosynthesis and respiration intensity in lines and hybrids of maize

Morishima, N.; Niikura, H.; Kamikawadoko, S.; Yamada, A.; Kamata, K.; Tokoro, T., 1989:
Course of threshold perimetry in harada's disease

Saller, B.; Hoermann, R.; Ritter, M.M.; Morell, R.; Kreisig, T.; Mann, K., 1991:
Course of thyroid iodine concentration during treatment of endemic goitre with iodine and a combination of iodine and levothyroxine

Makker, S.P.; Kanalas, J.J., 1989:
Course of transplanted Heymann nephritis kidney in normal host. Implications for mechanism of proteinuria in membranous glomerulonephropathy

Romaniuk K.; Bobrzecki J.; Sokol R.; Witkiewicz W., 1991:
Course of varroa jacobsoni invasion in the honey bee colonies with queens of different races

Kozaki J.; Terauchi H.; Okudaira A.; Negi A.; Nagata M.; Tanihara H.; Takeuchi A., 1990:
Course of visual field after trabeculotomy for glaucoma

Bashina V.M.; Simashkova N.V., 1989:
Course patterns of childhood schizophrenia with respect to long term follow up

Leshchinskii L.A.; Pimenov L.T.; Kalinina S.A.; Kolodkin D.A., 1990:
Course therapy with solcoseryl in the multimodality treatment and hospital rehabilitation of patients with myocardial infarction

Tange T.; Matsumoto Y.; Mashimo Y.; Sakura T., 1989:
Courses of height growth of cryptomeria japonica trees planted on a slope comparison among the near ridge the mid slope and the near bottom in the tokyo university forest in chiba japan

Rosenfeld B.D., 1992:
Court ordered treatment of spouse abuse

Lovvorn J.R., 1990:
Courtship and aggression in canvasbacks influence of sex and pair bonding

Sordillo C.M.O.; D.A.meida J.R., 1988:
Courtship and copulation behavior of triatoma pseudomaculata correa and spinola 1964 hemiptera reduviidae in laboratory conditions

Reitz S.R.; Adler P.H., 1991:
Courtship and mating behavior of eucelatoria bryani diptera tachinidae a larval parasitoid of heliothis spp lepidoptera noctuidae

D'entreves P.P.; Fessile C., 1991:
Courtship and mating behavior of scythris flaviventrella scythrididae

Veeranna, G.; Nirmala, M.R., 1989:
Courtship and mating behavior of the uzi fly tricholyga bombycis beck. diptera tachinidae

Coyle F.A.; O'shields T.C., 1990:
Courtship and mating behavior of thelechoris karschi araneae dipluridae an african funnelweb spider

Carter D.B., 1990:
Courtship and mating in wild varanus varius varanidae australia

Kofron C.P., 1991:
Courtship and mating of the nile crocodile crocodylus niloticus

Rymzhanov T.S.; Shileiko A.A., 1991:
Courtship and mechanism of copulation in deroceras caucasicum simroth gastropoda pulmonata in zailijskii range area

Ridgway M.S.; Goff G.P.; Keenleyside M.H.A., 1989:
Courtship and spawning behavior in smallmouth bass micropterus dolomieui

Krebs, R.A., 1990:
Courtship behavior and control of reproductive isolation in Drosophila mojavensis: genetic analysis of population hybrids

Heady S.E.; Madden L.V.; Nault L.R., 1989:
Courtship behavior and experimental asymmetrical hybridization in dalbulus leafhoppers homoptera cicadellidae with evolutionary inferences

Steffan A.W., 1990:
Courtship behavior and possible pheromone spread by hindleg raising in sexual females of aphids homoptera aphidinea

Fritz, U., 1990:
Courtship behavior and systematics in the subtribe nectemydina 1. the genus trachemys especially trachemys scripta callirostris gray 1855

Cutler B., 1988:
Courtship behavior in habronattus captiosus araneae salticidae

Perez Higareda G.; Smith H.M., 1988:
Courtship behavior in rhinoclemmys areolata from western tabasco mexico testudines emydidae

Stocker, R.F.; Gendre, N., 1989:
Courtship behavior of Drosophila genetically or surgically deprived of basiconic sensilla

Cibrian-Tovar, J.; Mitchell, E.R., 1991:
Courtship behavior of heliothis subflexa gn. lepidoptera noctuidae and associated backcross insects obtained from hybridization with heliothis virescens f

Jachmann H., 1987:
Courtship behavior of nasonia vitripennis some brief notes on pheromone production

Schmieder-Wenzel, C.; Schruft, G., 1990:
Courtship behavior of the european grape berry moth eupoecilia ambiguella hb. lepidoptera tortricidae in regard to pheromonal and tactile stimuli

Nagata Y.; Yoshimura T.; Mori S., 1988:
Courtship behavior of the freshwater three spined stickleback gasterosteus aculeatus f leiurus in japan

Goldsmith S.K., 1988:
Courtship behavior of the rough green snake opheodrys aestivus colubridae serpentes

Mcwilliams S.R., 1992:
Courtship behavior of the small mouthed salamander ambystoma texanum the effects of conspecific males on male mating tactics

Zheng, G.; Yin, R.; Zhang, Z.; Liu, Z.; Zhou, H., 1989:
Courtship display behavior of cabot's tragopan

Kaufmann S.A.; Lynch J.D., 1991:
Courtship eggs and development of the plains topminnow in nebraska usa actinopterygii fundulidae

Cobb M.; Burnet B.; Blizard R.; Jallon J M., 1989:
Courtship in drosophila sechellia its structure functional aspects and relationship to those of other members of the drosophila melanogaster species subgroup

Jackson C.L.; Hartwell L.H., 1990:
Courtship in saccharomyces cerevisiae both cell types choose mating partners by responding to the strongest pheromone signal

Propper C.R., 1991:
Courtship in the rough skinned newt taricha granulosa

Miller B.J.; Anderson S.H., 1989:
Courtship patterns in induced estrous and natural estrous domestic ferrets mustela putorius furo

Loefstedt C.; Vickers N.J.; Baker T.C., 1990:
Courtship pheromone titer and determination of the male mating success in the oriental fruit moth grapholita molesta lepidoptera tortricidae

Zhang Z T.; Yin B T.; Chen L Y.; Saxena R.C., 1991:
Courtship signals and mating behavior of rice brown planthopper nilaparvata lugens stal

Takhtadzhyan A.L.; Tamanyan K.G., 1988:
Cousinia gabrieljaniae new species asteraceae from the armenian ssr ussr

Kindt J.T.; Woods A.; Martin B.M.; Cotter R.J.; Osawa Y., 1992:
Covalent alteration of the prosthetic heme of human hemoglobin by bromotrichloromethane cross linking of heme to cysteine residue 93

Mitina V.Kh; Kleshchevnikova N.E.; Filippova L.M.; Klyashchitskii B.A., 1991:
Covalent and non covalent complexes of porphyrins and human placental serum albumin

Morham, S.G.; Shuman, S., 1992:
Covalent and noncovalent DNA binding by mutants of vaccinia DNA topoisomerase I

Chobert J M.; Sitohy M.Z.; Whitaker J.R., 1989:
Covalent attachment of phosphate and amino acids to zein functional and nutritional properties

Alldrick A.J.; Lutz W.K., 1989:
Covalent binding of 2 carbon 14 2 amino 3 8 dimethylimidazo 4 5 f quinoxaline meiqx to mouse dna in vivo

Bar-Zvi, D.; Bar, I.; Yoshida, M.; Shavit, N., 1992:
Covalent binding of 3' o 4 benzoylbenzoyladenosine 5' triphosphate bzatp to the isolated alpha and beta subunits and the alpha 3 beta 3 core complex of tf 1 covalent binding of bzatp prevents association of alpha and beta subunits and induces dissociation of the alpha 3 beta 3 core complex

Lecomte, M.; Lecocq, R.; Dumont, J.E.; Boeynaems, J.M., 1990:
Covalent binding of arachidonic acid metabolites to human platelet proteins. Identification of prostaglandin H synthase as one of the modified substrates

Kim, Y.U.; Carroll, M.C.; Isenman, D.E.; Nonaka, M.; Pramoonjago, P.; Takeda, J.; Inoue, K.; Kinoshita, T., 1992:
Covalent binding of C3b to C4b within the classical complement pathway C5 convertase. Determination of amino acid residues involved in ester linkage formation

Short C.R.; Joseph M.; Hardy M.L., 1989:
Covalent binding of carbon 14 2 6 dimethylaniline to dna of rat liver and ethmoid turbinate

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Covalent binding of diflunisal and probenecid to plasma protein in humans: persistence of the adducts in the circulation

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Covalent binding of enzymes to synthetic membranes containing acrylamide units, using formaldehyde

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Covalent binding of glycosyl residues to bovine casein effects on solubility and viscosity

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Covalent binding of hexachlorobutadiene metabolites to renal and hepatic mitochondrial DNA

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Covalent binding of inhaled formaldehyde to dna in the nasal mucosa of fischer 344 rats analysis of formaldehyde and dna by high performance liquid chromatography and provisional pharmacokinetic interpretation

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Covalent binding of oxidative biotransformation intermediates is associated with halothane hepatotoxicity in guinea pigs

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Covalent binding of protamine by glutaraldehyde to bioprosthetic tissue: characterization and anticalcification effect

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Covalent binding of zomepirac glucuronide to proteins: evidence for a Schiff base mechanism

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Covalent binding to alpha macroglobulins of a protein with free sulfhydryl groups produced by activated b cells blocking by d penicillamine and gold compounds

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Covalent coupling of doxorubicin in protein microspheres is a major determinant of tumor drug disposition

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Covalent couplings of yeast cells to modified hydroxyalkyl methacrylate gels

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Covalent dna damage in tissues of cigarette smokers as determined by phosphorus 32 labelled postlabeling assay

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Covalent immobilization of aminated silica of beta galactosidase from aspergillus fonsecaeus

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Covalent immobilization of biomolecules onto polystyrene MicroWells for use in biospecific assays

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Covalent immobilization of cholinesterases in polyacrylamide hydrogels

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Covalent immobilization of corn cellulose derivative of beta galactosidase from aspergillus fonsecaeus comparison with beta galactosidase from aspergillus oryzae

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Covalent immobilization of proteinases on polymeric carriers with epoxy groups

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Covalent immobilization of proteins on light sensitive nylon 6 membranes for solid phase immunoassay

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Covalent incorporation of 3 nitrotyrosine into polypeptides in enzymatic hydrolysis of egg albumin in the presence of 3 nitrotyrosine methylester

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Covalent labeling of the cytoplasmic or luminal domains of the sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium atpase with fluorescent azido dyes

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Covalent labeling of the somatostatin receptor in rat anterior pituitary membranes

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Covalent labelling of bovine lens multicatalytic proteinase complex with tritiated dfp

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Covalent labelling of the klenow fragment of escherichia coli dna polymerase i

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Covalent modification and metabolic control analysis modification to the theorems and their applications to metabolic systems containing covalently modifiable enzymes

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Covalent modification of g actin by pyridoxal 5' phosphate polymerization properties and interaction with dnase i and interaction with dnase i and myosin subfragment 1

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Covalent modification of guanine bases in double stranded dna the 1.2a z dna structure of dcgcgcg in the presence of copper chloride

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Covalent modification of hepatic microsomal lipids of rats by carbon tetrachloride

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Covalent modification of platelet proteins by palmitate

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Covalent nucleoside adducts of aspidosperma alkaloids

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Covalent nucleoside adducts of benzo a pyrene 7 8 diol 9 10 epoxides structural reinvestigation and characterization of a novel adenosine adduct on the ribose moiety

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Covalent reaction of cerulenin at the active site of acyl coenzyme a reductase of photobacterium phosphoreum

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Covalent structure, disulfide bonding, and identification of reactive surface and active site residues of human prostatic acid phosphatase

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Covalent structure of two novel neutrophil leukocyte derived proteins of porcine and human origin neutrophil elastase homologues with strong monocyte and fibroblast chemotactic activities

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Covalently bonded and adventitious glycans in germin

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Covalently bound fatty acids in the gastrointestinal epithelial cell membrane

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Covalently bound phosphate residues in bovine milk xanthine oxidase and in glucose oxidase from Aspergillus niger: a reevaluation

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Covalently cyclized agonist and antagonist analogues of bombesin and related peptides

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Covalently linked peptides for elisa

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Covalently linked tyrosine pyropheophorbide a and tryptophan pyropheophorbide a compounds synthesis and photo induced cross coupling with 1 4 benzoquinone

Stone, P.J.; Lucey, E.C.; Noskova, D.; Digenis, G.A.; Snider, G.L., 1992:
Covalently linking a peptidyl carbamate elastase inhibitor to a hydrophilic polymer increases its effectiveness in preventing emphysema and secretory cell metaplasia in the hamster

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Covariability of dissolved oxygen with physical processes in the summertime chesapeake bay usa

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Covariance adjustment of survival curves based on Cox's proportional hazards regression model

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Covariance analysis of chlorophyll distribution in the sundays river estuary eastern cape

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Covariance between haploid species hybrid and tuberosum x haploid species hybrid in 4x 2x crosses of solanum tuberosum l

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Covariance in parasite burdens: the effect of predisposition to infection

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Covariance of adult size and development time in the parasitoid wasp aphidius ervi in relation to the size of its host acyrthosiphon pisum

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Covariance of lowered capacity to induce interferon in human leukocytes and temperature sensitivity of type 3 poliovirus

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Covariance of oxygen and hydrogen isotopic compositions in plant water species effects

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Covariances between diploid parent and tetraploid offspring in tetraploid diploid crosses of solanum tuberosum l P.; Merckelbach H., 1991:
Covariation bias and electrodermal responding in spider phobics before and after behavioral treatment

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Covariation of asymmetries in metric and nonmetric tooth crown characters

Mizoguchi Y., 1991:
Covariations in craniofacial measurements caused by artificial deformations of the cranial vault

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Cover and use of travel routes by female townsend's voles in a laboratory arena

Mateu J.; Laurent B.; Rouif M.; Ballon G.; Greco J.M., 1991:
Cover of ischial pressure sores by means of a modified griffith fasciocutaneous flap from the posterior surface of the thigh after mattressing with the biceps femoris report of eleven cases

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Cover of stipa neesiana trin. and rupr. chilean needle grass on agricultural and pastoral land near lake grassmere marlborough new zealand

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Cover seeking behavior and ecdysis in red spitting cobras naja pallida

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Coverage gaps in seat belt use laws

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Coverage of public oral health services for young children in Finland

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Covered orienting of spatial attention

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Covered smut ustilago hordei pers lagerheim of barley production of node galls, E.H.; Young, A.W.; Newcombe, F., 1991:
Covert and overt recognition in prosopagnosia

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Covert attention and eye movements during reading

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Covert bacteriuria: long term follow up

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Covert multiple personality underlying eating disorders

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Covert orienting attention in Parkinson's disease

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Covert psychiatric disturbance in patients with globus pharyngis

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Covert sensitization alternative treatment procedures for alcoholism

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Covert solutions to computerized mathematics problems as a function of visibility of the numbers and rate of digit presentation

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Cow calf production and economic returns from yearlong continuous deferred rotation and rotational grazing treatments

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Cow dung, rock salt, and medical innovation in the Hindu Kush of Pakistan: the cultural transformation of neonatal tetanus and iodine deficiency

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Cow milk feeding in infancy: further observations on blood loss from the gastrointestinal tract

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Cow milk protein content variations herd differences in pays de loire france area

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Cow's milk based formula human milk and soy feeds in acute infantile diarrhea a therapeutic trial

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Cows' milk sensitive enteropathy in cystic fibrosis

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Cowden's disease and Down syndrome. An exceptional association

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Cowden's disease multiple hamartoma and neoplasia syndrome

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Cowdria ruminantium is recognized by a monoclonal antibody directed against the major outer membrane protein of Chlamydia trachomatis

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Cowichan river british columbia canada assessment 1987 the influence of river discharge on sidechannel fish habitats

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Cowpea antixenosis to the pod sucking bug clavigralla tomentosicollis stal. hemiptera coreidae

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Cowpea mild mottle virus could not be detected by elisa in soybean and groundnut seeds in indonesia

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Cowpea mosaic virus middle component RNA contains a sequence that allows internal binding of ribosomes and that requires eukaryotic initiation factor 4F for optimal translation

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Cowpea mosaic virus rna replication in crude membrane fractions from infected cowpea and chenopodium amaranticolor

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Cowpea plant architecture in relation to infestation and damage by the legume pod borer maruca testulalis geyer lepidoptera pyralidae i. effect of canopy structure and pod position

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Cowpea seed treatment with carbosulfan potential for control of seedling pests

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Cowpea varieties used for pluvial cultivation in gourma mali

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Cowpea vigna unguiculata control in soybean glycine max with acifluorfen chlorimuron and thiameturon

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Cowper's glands syrigoceles in children

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Cowshed diagnosis of subclinical mastitis using portable unit for measurement of electrical conductivity of cow milk

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Cox regression model analysis of influence of the transitional mucosa adjacent to rectal carcinoma on anastomotic recurrence after anterior resection

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Cox's model limits and extensions

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COX10 codes for a protein homologous to the ORF1 product of Paracoccus denitrificans and is required for the synthesis of yeast cytochrome oxidase

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Coxarthrosis and physical work load

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Coxarthrosis due to idiopathic necrosis of femoral head diagnostic methods and operative results

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Coxarthrosis of ballet dancers an occupational disease

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Coxarthrosis on the island of Gotland. Increased prevalence in a rural population

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Coxiella burnetii a serological study on cattle of the community of madrid spain

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Coxiella burnetii superoxide dismutase gene: cloning, sequencing, and expression in Escherichia coli

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Coxsackie a viral infections

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Coxsackie b enteroviral infection in astrakhan oblast

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Coxsackie b virus infection in patient with suspected viral myocarditis

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Coxsackie b virus infections of nervous system in infants and adults

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Coxsackievirus a 24 variant as the etiological agent of the acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis epidemic at vellore india in 1986

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Coxsackievirus b1 induced changes in cell membrane associated functions are not responsible for altered sensitivity to bacterial invasiveness

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Coxsackievirus B4 infection of the mouse pancreas: acute and persistent infection

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Coxsackievirus b4 infection of the mouse pancreas i. detection of virus specific rna in the pancreas by in situ hybridization

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Coxsackievirus b4 viral myocarditis causing ventricular aneurysm

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Coxsackievirus induced disease cd4 positive cells initiate both myocarditis and pancreatitis in dba 2 mice

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Coyote canis latrans ecology in a rural urban environment

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Coyote diets associated with seasonal mule deer activities in california usa

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Coyote space use in relation to prey abundance

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Cp 70030 and cp 75998 the first non peptide antagonists of bombesin and gastrin releasing peptide

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Cp g methylation of viral dna in ebv associated tumors

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Cpap function evaluation in the bio mc ic 5 ventilator

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CPF1, a yeast protein which functions in centromeres and promoters

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Cpg island features and distribution in the genomes of vertebrates

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CpG island in the region of an autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease locus defines the 5' end of a gene encoding a putative proton channel

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CpG islands of the X chromosome are gene associated

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CpG methylated minichromosomes become inaccessible for V(D)J recombination after undergoing replication

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Cpg methylation of the cyclic amp responsive enhancer promoter sequence tgacgtca abolishes specific factor binding as well as transcriptional activation

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Cpg mutations in the reactive site of human activated c1 inhibitor

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Cpg suppression in dna v. the fossil dna methylation in drosophila

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Cpg suppression in dna vi. methylation of mitochondrial and chloroplast genes

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CPITN application in regular dental practice

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CPITN assessment of periodontal disease in diabetic patients

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Cpmas carbon 13 nmr study of lignin preparations from wheat straw transformed by five lignocellulose degrading fungi

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Cppu influences mcintosh apple crop load and fruit characteristics

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Cpt cyclic amp and okadaic acid enhance phosphatidylcholine catabolism in choline deficient rat hepatocytes

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CR leads in cardiac emergencies. A preliminary study

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CR1, the C3b receptor, mediates binding of infective Leishmania major metacyclic promastigotes to human macrophages

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CR2 ligands modulate human B cell activation

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Crab death assemblages from laguna madre and vicinity texas usa

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Crab fauna of bangladesh part i. some marine crabs from the bay of bengal

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Crab louse infestation in the eyelashes in a child

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Crab spiders of the family philodromidae aranei from east siberia

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Crabs from the mariana archipelago north pacific ocean bothromaia griffini new genus new species brachyura majidae and remarks on poupinia hirsuta guinot homoloidea poupiniidae

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Crabs of the family homolodromiidae ii. dicranodromia felderi new species from the western atlantic with notes on the type series of dicranodromia ovata a. milne edwards 1880

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Crabs of the family leucosiidae subfamily philyrinae leucosiinae collected in the tropical waters of the indian and the pacific oceans

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Crack and cocaine use in south london great britain uk drug addicts 1987 1989

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Crack cocaine burns of the larynx

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Crack cocaine use: a review of prevalence and adverse effects

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Crack users: the new AIDS risk group?

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Cracking index fracture plasma and distributions on the fruit surface of several sweet cherry cultivars

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Cracking patterns bypass flow and nitrate leaching in greek irrigated soils

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Crackles in interstitial lung disease. Comparison of sarcoidosis and fibrosing alveolitis

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Crackles in patients with fibrosing alveolitis, bronchiectasis, COPD, and heart failure

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Crambe crambe abyssinica tolerance to herbicides

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Crambe maritima in hordaland western norway

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Crambe tuberosa new species demospongiae poecilosclerida a new mediterranean poecilosclerid with lithisyid affinities

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Crane flies diptera limoniidae of the swietokrzyskie mountains part. ii. limoniidae of the lysogory chain

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Cranial and sacral dural arteriovenous fistulas as a cause of myelopathy

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Cranial base and the growth of the cranial vault: an experimental study on the rabbit

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Cranial base angulation and prognathism related to cranial and general skeletal maturation in human fetuses

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Cranial characters of grey ukrainian livestock and of its banteng hybrids

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Cranial computed tomography findings in late paraphrenia with and without first rank symptoms

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Cranial CT artifacts and gantry angulation

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Cranial dermoid and epidermoid cysts

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Cranial electrical stimulation as a new nondrug method of the treatment of the initial stage of essential hypertension

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Cranial electrostimulation in the treatment of patients with the initial stage of essential hypertension and signs of masked depression

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Cranial hemihypertrophy and neurodevelopmental prognosis

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Cranial imaging in autosomal recessive osteopetrosis. Part II. Skull base and brain

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Cranial infraspecific differentiation in proechimys iheringi thomas rodentia echimyidae

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Cranial intradural abscess management of 641 patients during the 35 years from 1952 to 1986

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Cranial lateralization of tinnitus measurement of directional ability by self recording device

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Cranial magnetic resonance imaging in chronic demyelinating polyneuropathy

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Cranial magnetic resonance imaging in patients with tuberous sclerosis and normal intellect

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Cranial metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma associated with chronic epidural hematoma case report

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Cranial metric and discrete trait variation and biological differentiation in the terminal late archaic of ohio usa the duff site cemetery

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Creating a supportive environment using staff psychoeducation in a supervised residence

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Creating risk maps for the demonstration forest rosalia austria

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Creation and breeding of diploid populations in potato solanum tuberosum l

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Creation of a chimeric periodontium in the rat by isotopic tooth germ transplantation

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Creation of a computer assisted hydrobiological information system

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Creation of a feline model of obstructive uropathy

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Creation of a study group for precancerous lesions of the digestive tract at usl n.8 bassa friulana

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Creation of a weight bearing leg stump and limb fitting

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Creation of an artificially produced fracture zone to prevent contaminated ground water migration

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Creation of anastomoses between an extracardiac artery and the coronary circulation. Proof that myocardial angiogenesis occurs and can provide nutritional blood flow to the myocardium

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Creation of genetic strains of brewer's yeast

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Creation of mutants through tissue culture of edible chrysanthemum chrysanthemum morifolium ram. ii. especially an attempt to create chromosome reduced plants by treatment with pfp on agar medium

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Creation of natural ecosystem on the waterside space through inhabitant environment of dragonflies a case of honmoku public park in yokohama city japan

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Creation of synthetic allopolyploid forms in genus lavandula l. and their morphobiological peculiarities

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Creation of targets for proteolytic cleavage in the lamb protein of escherichia coli k12 by genetic insertion of foreign sequences implications for topological studies

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Creation of the ukrainian flora data bank

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Creation of transgenic nicotiana tabacum plants resistant to potato virus x

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Creative achievement and psychopathology: comparison among professions

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Creative kinase activity in sickle cell disease

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Creative novation behaviour therapy as a prophylactic treatment for cancer and coronary heart disease: Part I--Description of treatment

Eysenck, H.J.; Grossarth-Maticek, R., 1991:
Creative novation behaviour therapy as a prophylactic treatment for cancer and coronary heart disease: Part II--Effects of treatment

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Creative personality in schizophreniform disorder

Masten W.G., 1989:
Creative self perceptions of mexican american children

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Creative thinking in mentally retarded deaf adolescents

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Creative thought in neurosurgical research: the value of citation analysis

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Creative way of living

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Creativity and schizotypal traits. Creativity test scores and perceptual aberration, magical ideation, and impulsive nonconformity

Creatsas G.C., 1991:
Creatsas modification of williams vaginoplasty

Sheng M.; Thompson M.A.; Greenberg M.E., 1991:
Creb a calcium regulated transcription factor phosphorylated by calmodulin dependent kinases

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