Section 8
Chapter 7,183

Delayed release of young baltic salmon salmo salar l. in the baltic area comparative releases of salmon from different salmon river stocks

Eriksson, C.

Nordic Journal of Freshwater Research 65: 88-98


Accession: 007182370

In the Baltic area, releases of yound tagged salmon from the southern stocks in their home rivers give a higher yield in survival and growth in the sea than young salmon of the northern stocks released in home rivers. In the present study, young salmon of five different stocks, ranging from the most southern to the most northern ones, were reared in the same locality and released simultaneously into the Baltic Main Basin. The main factor influencing survival after release and mean weight at catch was found to be individual length at release. No evidence could be found for an assumption that delayed release of salmon from the southernmost stock should give better results than salmon of the northern stocks. On the contrary, the results, when related to mean length at release, were poorest with salmon of the southernmost stock. It is thus proposed that the differences obtained with releases in home rivers are dependent on climatic factors. It was also found that young Baltic salmon, kept in net-pens during the summer and released in the autumn, ought to reach a length of at least 22 cm when released in order to obtain a reasonable rate of survival.

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