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Chapter 7,188

Description of xiphinema guillaumeti new species nematoda longidoridae and measurements on six other species of xiphinema from brazilian amazonia

Germani, G.

Nematologica 35(1): 69-75


ISSN/ISBN: 0028-2596
Accession: 007187005

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Xiphinema guillaumeti sp. n. was found among seven species of Xiphinema collected in Brazilian Amazonia. This species belongs to the species-group characterized by a subequatorial vulva, equally developed female genital branches without "Z" differentiation, a spatulate posterior part and by a hemispherical tail devoid of a terminal mucro or bulges: X. guillaumeti sp. n. is close to X. clavatum and X. colombiense but differs from these species by a longer spear. The biometrical data are also given for the six other species: X. brasiliense, X. clavicaudatum, X. costaricense, X. dimidiatum, X. krugi and X. paritaliae.

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