Detection of halofuginone in feed supplements mineral vitamin concentrates and feed mixtures

Frgalova, K.; Valova, J.; Hera, A.

Biologizace a Chemizace Zivocisne Vyroby - Veterinaria 24(5): 407-413


Accession: 007189914

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There are descriptions of the method of determining the content of the halofuginone anticoccidical using high-performance liquid chromatography and of the method of detecting the presence of the chemical by thin-layer chromatography. The methods were verified with the use of feed supplements containing 300 mg of the chemical per 1 kg, in mineral and vitamin concentrates with 60 mg per 1 kg, and in feed mixtures with 3 mg per 1 kg. The procedure of determining halofuginone content by liquid chromatography includes extraction from feed, removal of ballast substances from water extract by transferring into chloroform, followed by thickening, and the analysis itself. The recovery rate is 90.sbd.95%, the sensitivity of the method is 0.2 mg per 1 kg. The thin-layer chromatographic method for detecting the presence of halofuginone uses the chloroform- .lambda. methanol.sbd.diethylamine (50 + 40 + 2) developing system with Silufol UV254, with UV254 detection. The sensitivity of the TLC method is 1 .mu.g.