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Dietary intake of a representative population sample in a district of paris area val de marne iii. mineral and vitamin intakes

Hercberg, S.; Preziosi, P.; Galan, P.; Deheeger, M.; Papoz, L.; Dupin, H.

Revue d'Epidemiologie et de Sante Publique 39(3): 245-262


ISSN/ISBN: 0398-7620
Accession: 007205741

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Mineral and vitamin intakes were assessed among 1108 subjects, aged 6 months to 97 years in 12 of 47 towns and cities in the district of Val-de-Marne (Paris area), using the telephone directory as random sampling base. Micronutrients intake was evaluated by individual interviews at home by specialized dieticians (dietary history method). Mineral and vitamin intake was found to vary widely with age. In absolute value, overall mineral and vitamin dietary intakes was higher in men than in women (except for vitamin C). Conversely, the dietary density for mineral and vitamins was higher in females. For a large part of the studied population, it would appear difficult to satisfy recommended dietary allowances for many micronutrients (iron, zinc, vit. B1, B6, C, A et E). These results bring to light possible difficulties in covering certain mineral and vitamin requirements in the French population.

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