Differential staining of mitotic chromosomes of zea mays l. by actinomycin d dapi and restrictase giemsa technique

Khuong, N.T.; Schubert, I.

Biologisches Zentralblatt 109(4): 271-277


ISSN/ISBN: 0006-3304
Accession: 007211543

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Bands of bright fluorescence occurred after actinomycin D plus DAPI staining of chromosomes of the double cross BEKOS 251 at positions similar to those of Giemsa bands. Varying the duration of Ba(OH)2 pretreatment, knob and centromeric heterochromatin could be revealed separately. Sixteen restriction endonucleases were tested as to their ability to evoke a differentiation pattern after digestion of maize chromosomes in situ. Some of the enzymes were ineffective, others gave no clear-cut results, but some produced bands comparable to those observed after conventional Giemsa banding. However, in many cases control treatments with digestion buffers led to bands too.