Section 8
Chapter 7,222

Distribution of myosin, desmin and vimentin in smooth muscle cells of human embryonic vessels

Nanaev, A.K.; Shirinskiĭ, V.P.; Biriukov, K.G.; Rukosuev, V.S.

Biulleten' Eksperimental'noi Biologii i Meditsiny 110(8): 213-215


ISSN/ISBN: 0365-9615
PMID: 2291977
Accession: 007221275

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Immunofluorescent study of embryonal vessels of man using antibodies to myosin, desmin and vimentin showed heterogeneity of smooth muscle cells. It is supposed that the use of desmin as a marker of cell differentiation can increase the role of modified phenotypes in the development of the pathological process in the vascular wall.

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