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Chapter 7,222

Distribution of pasteuria penetrans a parasite of nematodes in iran

Barooti, S.

Iranian Journal of Plant Pathology 25(1-4): 9-10


Accession: 007221426

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During a six-year survey of plant parasitic nematodes, over 700 soil samples were collected throughout the country. In only 12 samples, plant ectoparasitic nematodes were observed, to be parasitized by a bacterium. The bacterium was assigned to the genus Pasteuria as P. penetrans. The bacterium was found in 1.5% of the soil samples parasitizing 3 to 47% of the nematodes. Pasteuria penetrans (Bacillus penetrans) was already reported by STURHAN (1985) from Iran for the first time. In this paper the distribution, host plants and nematodes as a host of bacterium are shown.

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