Distribution of zinc copper manganese and iron forms in soil as influenced by different cropping systems

Singh, J.P.; Narwal, R.P.; Singh, M.

Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science 38(2): 213-217


Accession: 007222140

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The effect of different cropping systems like berseem-rice (Br), sugarcane-sugarcane (SS) and maize-wheat (MW) was studied on the various chemical pools viz., exchangeable (EX), carbonates (CARB), organic (OM), Mn oxide (MnOX), amorphous Fe oxide (AFeOX), crystalline Fe oxide (CFeOX) and residual (RES) of Zn, Cu, Mn and Fe. The BR system had a pronounced effect on the distribution of Zn, Cu, Mn and Fe chemical pools than the SS or MW system. The BR system resulted in lowering of Zn in CFeOX fractions with a concomitant increase in AFeOX and MnOX fractions followed by OM and EX fractions as compared to SS or MW system. The BR system lowered the Cu in DFeOX fraction and raised Cu in AFeOX fraction. Manganese and Fe in CFeOX fraction were lower, whereas EX, CARB, OM and AFeOX fractions were higher in BR system than SS or MW system. Thus BR system resulted in the release of Zn, Mn and Fe from crystalline oxide surfaces to exchangeable organic and amorphous oxides fractions.